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Bar Stools, Neon Signs And Old Milwaukee: Goodbye Owen Mays.


On Wednesday July 22nd in the early morning hours my music loving friend Owen Mays was called to Hillbilly Heaven. I’m pretty damn sure he was greeted by the same Country Music Legends that he and I often talked about for so many years. In a roundabout sort of way, I’m envious of what he is currently witnessing as I write this, wondering.

He was born November 1st, 1982 ten years and 28 days after me and yet our studies were reversed in that he knew the older obscure Country artists from the older Starday Era and I knew the older obscure artists from the “Outlaw” era, and many many times we exchanged facts and dates.

I remember one time at Muddy Roots Music Festival in 2014 I was having a conversation with Richie Owens from the band Farm Bureau in a merch tent about Riley Puckett and both of us were stumped on who wrote the song “Mountain Dew” and up walks Mr. Owen who says “Lamar Lunsford” and proceeds to tell us about the two versions he wrote. So we included him and had a three way nerd fest of things from Gid Tanner to Tracy Pitcox. He and I went through our favorite George Jones albums chronologically by year and discussed our favorite songs and how much we enjoyed George Riddle and Weldon Myrick’s steel guitar style.

Even though we did not talk as often as most, when we did talk if was always a hallowing experience filled with many facts and places..I looked forward to it. I longed to know more and so did he, we enjoyed being around one another because we both had a passion for preserving Traditional Country Music. Oftentimes we stood there and watched people like Bobby Bare perform and enjoyed each others company without exchanging a single word.

He once told me the moment he became infatuated with what I knew was when I pointed out the fact that Hank 3 didn’t originally record “You’re The Reason” it was instead Bobby Edwards and later Hank Locklin and interestingly enough Kayton Roberts played steel guitar on two different versions of the same song. He rubbed his hands together and smiled and said “Deud tell me more stuff like that”..

He also loved to eat and had a large and vast appetite for eating at diners all over the Country. He knew how to smoke pork butts better than anybody I knew rivaling only my friend Mr. Chris Warrick. And I’m quite sure he admired Mr. Chris food like I do. He loved the food that was served in the venues that he performed in for a living with his friends Amanda and Eric Bestul, both of whom are talented beyond measure. And I have done many an article on them at times.

You can find more information on services and sign the guestbook HERE.

He accepted me and admired me for who I am and never once judged me by my appearance or my faults. And instead he led me to meet many others whom I admire and support to this day. I met my buddy Mr. Dan Swan from Jane Rose and the Deadend boys through Owen Mays. I met Jimmy Swope through Owen Mays and many many more. I am certainly going to miss his wit and his humor and the fact I could ask him for advice on things like the graphics program I use to run this website…he showed me that too.

So tonight as I rest from some bad medical issues it is with great sadness I say goodbye Mr. Owen and I’m sure you are pestering half the population of Heaven learning things I can only dream of learning.

PLEASE Do Not Do This At Music Festivals!


Folks this was reported to me this morning at a music festival in British Columbia that happened over the weekend and has organizers literally go from profits to loss in a matter of hours. THIS IS SOMEONES PROPERTY that was kind enough to rent it out to the organizers for this event.

I’m not going to mention the music involved because it DOES NOT MATTER this isn’t meant to “bash” any genre or festival directly but it makes me VERY angry to have a phone call from organizers in tears. I myself had several instances where I took part in major clean up of unspeakable filth at MANY festivals all across the United States. I had one instance where someone left feces in a cooler…..HOW WOULD YOU LIKE THAT ON YOUR LAWN?

This kind of behavior is what makes ticket prices go up as venue owners and festival organizers are forced to pay clean up crews to come and perform their services. TRUST ME this festival just went up in price by at least 50 dollars next year (if they even continue it). What makes matter worse there were PLENTY of trash receptacles provided for patrons MANY LEFT EMPTY!

Folks I’m NOT here to say Kenny Chesney fans are unruly slobs or Rap Music is foul and filthy I’m here to simply ask you to PLEASE BE COURTEOUS to others! Don’t bring your concealed weapons or fireworks to festivals most of them have armed security for our safety. DO BE CAREFUL of people walking on the lawn areas while driving at night and PLEASE be helpful to handicapped patrons.

We can sit on the couch and complain about how shitty music is destroying “the scene” or “our music” or whatever YOU choose to call it or choose to like but the fact of the matter is if we don’t RESPECT each other and ANY TYPE of music festival it SHALL INDEED be WILL disappear. And I for one don’t want that, I honestly and with all my spirit LOVE to attend live music festivals. I WANT THEM to profit and make a few bucks off ME as a consumer, and as a FRIEND! I WANT the bands to make a living and be able to feed their family on MY contributions to their profession and it will not maintain that possibility if WE do not take a few moments to clean up trash.

A Whole BUNCH Of New Release Albums In One Article!

Hello there folks listen up I had some medical issues I needed to take care of and I had a personal cookout for my friends so I had little time lately to run my website with the precise accuracy I enjoy putting into it. So with that being said I shall tell you about several albums that are new releases all summed into one article. This year I might…MIGHT..issues a “top 50 albums” of 2015. I do not like to do that because I don’t like to “follow suit” and be like “other websites”, I like to do my own thing…I’m an outlaw. Well, not really with all the crazy stuff going on right now I thought it was funny.



Pete Berwick: The Legend Of Tyler Doohan.

The folks out there in Kansas City at Little Class Records have once again released a well recorded album along with Punk and Country Music performer Pete Berwick. The man burns up the Illinois roads doing an incredible amount of shows and brings his songs of real life issues with him. In this new album you can really see the punk influences he has with his new batch of songs. Right now I’m listening to his funny story about raunchy motels for 29 bucks “Keep Your Socks On And Don’t Look Down”.

One of the best songs on the entire album is “The Proof Is In The Whiskey” it is a well written song and I am quite convinced Pete Berwick has released one of his best albums yet. “See You In Hell” is another great toe tapping song about drinking beer in hell, I mean how much better can it get? There are so many good lines in these songs and I keep finding more every time I listen to this album.

“Ain’t Going Back To Memphis” was a song I remembered from the Wayne Mills benefit a few years ago back when the Outlaw Music Association was around. I admired that song back then and I still admire it today, there were only two songs I didn’t really care for..the album is really good and well recorded. Mr. Drew Burrasco did a great job producing this album as he did for Joshua Morningstar.

I spoke with Mr. Pete via Facebook and he told me this about the album:
very proud of this one–a couple of these songs go all the way back to 1980 in a dark and depressing apartment in Dallas after my first nasty divorce–re-written through the decades, could never quite get them right–until SEE YOU IN HELL and LOVE IS BLOOD finally were born—lots of blood and Jack Daniels all over this one… clarify–it WAS Love is Blood until it became AIN’T GOIN’ BACK TO MEMPHIS–every one of these songs is a true story I either wrote in the middle of the hell of it, or sometime later.

This album is a thirteen track wild ride through the creative world of Pete Berwick and trust me you’ll need a seat belt and a jet lag pill when you are done….TRUST ME…The proof is in the whiskey.


Whitey Morgan And The 78’s: Sonic Ranch

Allow me to start out by saying this is probably one of my top 3 albums of 2015 so far, and it’s going to have to be a REALLY damn good Country album to knock it from it’s spot! This album is BY FAR Whitey’s BEST offering yet in both the music and choice of songs on the album. The ironic thing is there’s only ten songs on the album so for being so short it amazes me that it was such a groundbreaking album…but it EVERY way!

I think his steel guitarist Brett Robinson is without a doubt one of the finest steel guitarists on the road right now when it comes to local and independent music, PERIOD. The steel guitar work on Sonic Ranch is absolutely flawless and it more than compliments the album in every way. On many occasions the steel guitar overpowers the song and that’s not a bad thing in any way, in fact ninety percent of today’s mainstream Country Music lacks that.

One of the cover songs on the album is the Scott H Biram song “Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue” and honestly I like his version just as much as I like Biram’s. I was amazed that he recorded a song from a Bloodshot Records artist as Whitey himself was formerly on Bloodshot Records roster and this album was recorded in Texas.

The first single that was released off this album was called “Waitin Round To Die” and he made a video for it. It knocked my socks off, and I was not wanting to take this album out my vehicle. I am beyond impressed with this new album. Another great cover song on this album was a song Bobby Bare made famous called ‘That’s How I Got To Memphis” which was written by Tom T. Hall. Very good job on that song.

My personal favorite song on the entire album was a song called “Ain’t Gonna Take It Anymore” it is a very well written fast paced song about rebellion and running wild on your wife. Every man’s dream party song. One thing about this album that I enjoyed is every song on the album is over three and half minutes, and you don’t see that on Country Music records anymore.


Kacey Musgraves: Pageant Material

Ummmm..Where do I start? Oh yes, Paul Franklin on steel guitar. Enough said? Yes. No, ok honestly this album was in my opinion NOT her best album because it just didn’t have enough twang in it HOWEVER IT DOES have her best song of her tenure so far called ‘Good Ol’ Boys Club”. Basically it’s a big middle finger to corporate Nashville mainstream acts like everyone wants to be classified with nowadays. She’s NOT afraid to be ignored by major ‘Country” radio and without assistance from radio her album (like a few more I’ll cover) has been on the top Billboard charts and THAT is truly a thorn in the side of the suits and ties. This is NOT to say I didn’t like this album..I enjoy it.

“Dime Store Cowgirl” is a really good song and thanks to a whole lot of Country Music Legends this album really is not bad in it’s own right, I just thought it would have more guitar twang. Another great positive song on the album was the first single from it called “Biscuits”. I think it’s one of her most inventive and well written songs she’s ever done and she used a bunch of her personal friends to help on this song. It’s just a fun song and it’s catchy melody is well worth buying this album for those three songs alone.

She has a truly fine collection of albums under her belt and I think despite the fact mainstream “Country” everything pretty much ignores her is a sure fire sign of her talent and ability to deliver COUNTRY music! The title track of the album “Pageant Material” is a song mainstream radio needs to embrace rather than shun because it’s pretty much what sums up true Country never was meant to pageant material. It wasn’t meant to have all these cutesy tight jeans and ball caps with tribal tattoos and wallet chains.

Another thirteen track album of awesome Country Music and it’s defiantly a must have for your collection even though like I said it’s not the certainly does not fail.


Lonesome Wyatt And Rachel Brooke: Bad Omen

This is the second offering from this pair of artists of Lonesome Wyatt (from the Holy Spooks and Those Poor Bastards) and underground Country Music queen Rachel Brooke. I think Rachel Brooke has one of the most unique and pretty voices in music…period. I loved her with Justin Wells and Fifth On The Floor in their song, “Wine”.

My personal favorite song on this album was “Ice Cold Betrayal” it is a slow and haunting song about love gone wrong. Honestly they both have such different voices and the accommodate each other really well and I enjoyed all twelve songs on this album.

“Don’t Leave Me’ was one of the longest songs on the album and along with ‘If The Beasts Should Hunt Us” both songs were surely different in their own right. I wouldn’t even know how to totally describe this album under any genre accept it’s their own style and if you liked this duo’s first album this album won’t disappoint. It was well recorded under the Tribulation label and the sound is really good.


Merle Haggard And Willie Nelson: Django And Jimmie

This album is the sixth collaboration album between these two Country Music icons and at 78 and 82 they still posses an elaborate amount of songwriting talent and vocal feeling. This whole album was recorded in three days by Legendary producer and songwriter Buddy Cannon who also had a huge role in the new Kacey Musgraves album.

Many of the songs were co written by them while on the phone from their buses and the the first single was also wrote with Jamey Johnson and features Bobby Bare and it’s called “It’s all Going To Pot”. And it was released on 4-20 day during the SXSW convention. VERY clever marketing technique by these two guys.

The title track is a tribute to Jimmie Rodgers Django Reinhardt and it was written by Bubbdy Cannon and given to Merle and Willie on separate occasions as they had speculated for some time of doing another collaboration album. They sat on the song for over eighteen months until doing this project.

You’ll get one heck of an interesting history lesson on the song “Missing O’l Johnny Cash”, where they exchange stories about the partying wild escapades of Cash and many others roasting hot dogs in limousines with ice cream sticks. Roy Nichols and Rose Maddox were involved in that story as well.

“Live This Long” was a good choice of songs for this album and was written by Shawn Camp and Marvin Green. It’s truly believable and you can easily see them both writing this song for themselves. Basically regretting not taking better care of themselves if they knew they’d have lived this long. All in All I am pretty positive this earns my number one spot for 2015 new album simply because the feeling in their voices is STILL THERE after all these years, and their signature guitars are both evident and present on this album. Merle’s legendary telecaster and Willie’s acoustic guitar “Trigger” are just over the top iconic. ALL fourteen tracks are quality Country Music.


Rex Hobart And The Misery Boys: Long Shot Of Hard Stuff

I been a really deep lover of underground music since 2006, and it was started by Myspace and other media outlets. I began with Wayne Hancock and Dale Watson and these guys from Bloodshot Records called Rex Hobart And The Misery Boys, whom I haven’t heard from since forever! I became familiar with his contributions to the Pine Valley Cosmonauts and many other underground bands and I’m quite certain their latest offering was 2005.

Leave it to my friend Jody Hendrix out in Kansas City at Little Class Records (who I mentioned above) in the Pete Berwick article to resurrect these iconic underground Legends in early April. Solomon Hofer is a steel guitar WIZARD on the title track “Long Shot Of Hard Stuff”. Folks, this album isn’t screwing around and it’s NOT for pantywaist “country” music lovers…this is hardcore Honky Tonk music.

I’ll be honest there are eleven songs on this album and NOT ONE is bad at all, this album outdid every one in this article accept Django And Jimmie and I think with songs like “Jones’n For Merle Haggard To Sing Me Back Home” they will not mind me saying that. The steel intros and sound on this album are beyond incredible and Little Class is slowly becoming my favorite underground label.

“Here In Hell” and “Aint No Bras In Austin” are two damn fine songs in their own right and they only negative thing I can say is they don’t tour right now. You can read more about this band is the April edition of American Roots Magazine which is a very valuable resource to a guy like me!


Chris Stapleton: Traveller

You know I had high hopes for this album amidst all the talk about it, and to be honest it along with Strugill Simpson are single-handedly proving that Traditional Country Music IS wanted and making a comeback. WHY? Because with NO radio airplay or media attention they both are selling MILLIONS of albums.

They have another common thread to their albums and music and that is Steel Guitar Legend Robby Turner. A former guitarist for Waylon Jennings Robby Turner does some damn fine work on this album in songs like “Was It 26” which I related to REALLY well, and “Outlaw State Of Mind”.

I honestly didn’t care for his cover of the Classic Coe song “Tennessee Whiskey” (wrote by Dean Dillon) but that’s JUST MY opinion..I wouldn’t scoff at you for liking it. Chris wrote twelve out of the fourteen songs on the album and it is released on Mercury like the above mentioned Kacey Musgraves album.

Honestly this album contains some of the best songwriting and lines in songs since Jamey Johnson and Whitey Morgan of albums to date. And it completely exceeds it’s hype on social media, and his live shows are quickly becoming MUST SEE!


SERIOUSLY WHO DOESN’T like Alan Jackson? I been waiting for this album for a LONG time..I can sum it up in one sentence. Honest raw COUNTRY with fiddle and steel guitar. Ten songs of solid country greatness from a man who celebrates his 25th year in Country Music.

The man doesn’t need to have fancy stage lights and blow stuff up, he comes out in a cowboy hat and just stands in one place and sings. Strikingly crazy concept?

From the very first song (which starts out slow) “You Can Always Come Home” is a sure fire JAM and the whole album makes you want to fire up the truck and JUST DRIVE! It is a staple album in my rotation now and will be for quite some time now. “Angels And Alcohol” is a truly good well written song in it’s own right and even though I am quite sure this album will be ignored by the radio and that is a red flag meaning it’s GREAT!

The song “jim And Jack And Hank” was the least of my favorites because the song concept has been done by so many artists before but honestly the melody bears a striking resemblance to a Billy Ray Cyrus song I don’t care for. So even though it’s a good song, it didn’t do much for me like the song “When God Paints” did. Now THAT SONG was truly a sure to be Alan Jackson Classic.

All in All this is one of his finest album offering to date and it’s not his BEST but it’s pretty darn close! Another wonderful slow classic song is “I Leave A Light On” now THAT will become a show stopper for Alan Jackson and I have the utmost respect for him with his constant Opry contributions and his precise attention to preservation of Traditional Country Music for all these years.


Dwight Yoakam: Second Hand Heart

Another ten song offering in 2015 I been waiting for, and this album isn’t as good as “If There Was A Way” BUT it is a worthy piece to your Dwight collection! I highly suggest you get this album. Now this one isn’t as twangy as his older albums and with his signature west coast “Bakersfield” sound, it doesn’t surface full throttle until the song “off Your Mind”.

However the title track song “Second Hand Heart” is indeed a good song and songs like “In Another World” and “Liar” are worthy additions to this album, I hope he includes many of these songs in his live set because I plan to see him in concert VERY SOON!

Much like Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakam is for sure earning his “Legend” status in Country Music. he’s one of the ones that USED to be embraced by ‘Country” radio and is no longer fully wanted by them. That’s not always a bad thing because people like me can always come though with a darn good article telling you about the album. This album was self produced and is well recorded sound wise.

So there you have it folks I been working on this article all week and I enjoyed listening to all these NEW albums in 2015. My list is already overflowing with GREAT albums, and now it’s time to prepare for festivals! I’m constantly working to bring you GREAT REAL MUSIC in today’s pig pen of rubbish on mainstream websites and radio stations.

2015 Music Festivals: Ink N Iron.

Americana Fest
Ruckus In the Boonies
Outer Banks Island Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival

Well folks IT IS TIME to catch up with 2015 music festivals. Sadly music festival attendance has been low this year and I truly think that people don’t go out and do stuff anymore. Social media has pretty much ruined local music shows and it’s a bother to invite friends over nowadays. You cannot ask people to pay 10 bucks for a cover for a band or offer FREE FOOD they are NOT responsive.

This summer the city of Nashville is getting two BIG MAJOR festivals and this one Ink N Iron Nashville is coming from the California area. This year they are running a six stage outdoor festival which will commence on august 6-9th 2015. Folks I’m not going to lie this is a big big deal here with Merle Haggard headlining along with metal bands and MORE! I know it’s not country but I’ll add links for ALL the acts on here for my readers that like more than country…like I do. This is the very first time they have come to Nashville and I heard they are intending to make this an annual event.


NOW before I go into the lineups or stage itineraries I will copy several things from their website that is NOT ALLOWED! Folks this isn’t your small local friendly field like other festivals this is big time corporate stuff:
Rain or Shine. * Line-up subject to change. * All patrons subject to search. * STUDS WILL BE ALLOWED. NO SPIKES or sharp edges, cans or bottles, alcoholic beverages, coolers or food or drinks, weapon(with or without a permit) sticks, balls, bats, chains or clubs, blow horns, balloons, bikes, skateboards, pens, markers, umbrellas, lawn chairs, small stadium seat or low back chairs!, No video equipment, squirt or water guns, unauthorized vending, concessions, merchandise, literature of promotions, no animals. (so if you act like one, we will kick you out)

*Please note lineup is subject to change. Tickets cannot be refunded due to artist change/cancellation.

So folks let’s talk about the lineups and I have the stage schedules for you, this will be a challenge for me to cover multiple stages at once. So my plan is to study the lineup and layout of the stages and see how quick I can flip from one act to another quickly. I might be able to partially cover two acts that play simultaneously together.



Now Thursday night is the pre-show evening, where Merle Haggard will perform for two hours and also tell stories. This portion of the event will be held in Bicentennial Mall Park in downtown Nashville. Also performing on the Thursday bill is
Hayes Carll
Asleep At The Wheel
The Quebe Sisters

On the Friday portion of the show Merle Haggard will once again perform an allotted one hour set along with (see above schedule for performance times):

Reverend Horton Heat
Shooter Jennings And Waymore’s Outlaws
Sonny Burgess And The Legendary Pacers
W.S. “Fluke” Holland
Stan Perkins
Strung Like A Horse
Cigar Store Indians
Danny B Harvey
Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies
The Melody Joy Bakers
Laura Benitez And The Heartache
The Tremors
Randall Clay
Duane Mark
Chantilly Lace Vincent
Rob Snyder
The Reverend Red
Eight O Five Jive
Ray Collins Hot Club
Si Cranstoun
Stompy Jones
Slim Jenkins
Straight 8’s



The Saturday portion of the festival is one with more heavy metal than Country but like I said I shall include the links for the entire festival here (See above schedule for performance times):

Suicidal Tendencies
Nashville Pussy
Mariachie El Bronx
Sonny Burgess And The Legendary Pacers
Sleepy Labeef
Carl Mann
W.S. “Fluke” Holland
Rayburn Anthony
Stan Perkins
Alton And Jimmy
The 69 Cats
Koffin Kats
Hola Ghost
Alex Vargas
Jinx Jones
Los High Tops
Justin Gee
Miss Lonely Hearts
Josh Hi Fi Sorheim
A Man Called Stu
Sarah Gayle Meech
Shawn James And The Shapeshifters
The Strumms
Hot Rod Walt And The Psycho Devilles
Lara Hope And The Ark Tones
Peace Love And Stuff

I MUST ADMIT there are so many bands on these lists I have heard of and NEVER heard of and one really good thing is this event is from the west coast. What makes that good is that they are bringing quite a few of the west coast bands over to my area, the west coast boasts bands like Three Bad Jacks and Big Sandy And The Fly Rite I’m excited about this happening.



The last day of the event will be Sunday (See above schedule for performance times).

Wanda Jackson
Jim Lauderdale
Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears
Billy Joe Shaver
J.M. Van Eaton
The Bronx
J C Brooks And The Uptown Sound
Hopeless Jack And The Handsome Devils
The Hot Club
The Hubcap Stealers
Kiti Gartner
The Red Honey
Doug C And The Blacklisted
Three Times Bad
The Punknecks
Rayburn Anthony
Carl Mann
Sleepy Labeef
Switchblade 3
Son Little
Lindi Ortega
Georgia English
Hillbilly Mardi Gras
Caleb Warren And The Perfect Gentlemen

OK SO NOW you want the damage report on ticket prices right? Well I’ll tell you what this one is pretty dern reasonable to be honest. HERE is your link to your options and your choices. General admission lawn spots are 35 a day and 130 for the whole weekend (which is what I bought). I’d rather go backstage during a smaller setting show and meet people.

There are OVER 6,000 parking spots in Nashville and over 500 hotels in the Nashville area and I didn’t think I needed to post that portion of the usual information. However if I find any deals I’ll post updates to this one! Right now I’m just busy trying to figure out HOW I’ll cover all this…SEE YOU DOWN THERE!

Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame Inducts Dallas Wayne And Tracy Byrd.


On August 8th the Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame will honor it’s 2015 inductee Tracy Byrd and Dallas Wayne will be inducted into the Disc Jockey Hall Of Fame. The 18th annual awards show will be held August 8th at the Carthage Texas Civic Center and it will be emceed by Hall Of Fame member Neal McCoy. There will be several people performing in this event and honestly the Dallas Wayne portion of this event truly grabbed my attention.

Tracy has more than 30 hit singles in his 9 album career and is semi retired within Country Music since 2009. He recently stated he was waiting until his kids were older to make a return to Country Music. I honestly haven’t been actively keeping up with his activity.

BUT Dallas Wayne? Yes I have enjoyed his work on XM Radio as a Disc Jockey. Now he did indeed have several albums released on labels and they aren’t bad I have several of them. But his best contributions to Country Music can be found on Sirius XM Outlaw Radio and Willie’s Roadhouse.

–Georgette Jones, daughter of George Jones & Tammy Wynette
–Robyn Young, son of Faron Young
–George Hamilton V, son of George Hamilton IV
–Jett Williams, daughter of Hank Williams
–Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr. – son of Hawkshaw Hawkins
–Melissa Luman, daughter of Bob Luman
–Riley Scott, daughter of Linda Davis and Lang Scott
–Shelly West, daughter of Dottie West
–Also, the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Band

Here is how to pre order tickets to this event CLICK HERE.

Remembering Jon Hensley : The Last Mogul.


Last night in Powderly Kentucky at the Merle Travis Music Center several of us gathered for a first ever July 4rth performance from Shooter Jennings in honor of his manager and brother “Colonel” Jon Hensley. This show included special shirts only available last night at the show and some TRULY wonderful artwork by my good friend Kenneth Marr. Everything was donated to help the family pay for the final expenses for his services that took place several weeks ago.

The Merle Travis Music Center is really a beautiful place to see live music, the seats were SO comfortable and the venue was gorgeous. It had a large stage with good sound, and even though it only seats about 300 people it is still a truly good venue. I’ll warn you up front if you are a drinker during live music you won’t find any here, this county is dry. The venue doesn’t serve any alcohol but it did have food, which was donated for this event.


There were several show cases of memorabilia from Country music Legend Merle Travis, who wrote the song “Sixteen Tons” among contributing more to Country Music. I had a good time nerding out on the display cases and of course I HAD to dissect and analyze each piece I looked at for information and dates.

The show began with his mother coming out and speaking about Jon’s life. Of course it wasn’t EVERYTHING about him but some of the things that she shared with us were truly special. It’s true nobody on Earth loves you more than mom you cannot second rate a mom’s love for her child. This was truly evident last night in many ways as she shared her memories about Jon. I only knew Jon for a couple years but I too have some great stories about the Colonel.


She shared with us stories of his youth and how he became fascinated with vinyl records and radio disc jockeys. There was a story of Stan Barnett and how he influenced Jon with his obsession for Elvis Presley and the person responsible for giving him his first vinyl album..”Man In The Mirror”.

Stories of their backstage time at the Opry as they admired Diamond Rio and Confederate Railroad. Just the other night I was told Confederate Railroad is being targeted by these “issues” with the confederate battle flag by music festivals dropping them from rosters. My first thought was “What would Jon truly say”? His mother said Jon was ALL about the music and ALL about business, he knew how to make money doing what he loved so dearly. I know for a fact he revolutionized part of anybody’s career he managed. He began an internet radio show called “Dark Side Of The Radio” and began making CD’s of it and got into country more and later began one called “Are You Ready For The Country?”

Jon and I shared a common interest because for my age people often tell me they enjoy my knowledge of Country Music facts. Well, Jon was ten years younger than me so coming from him that was very unique and real. Jon knew a lot more than I do and always encouraged me to strive to gain more knowledge. In fact one of the performers Michael Farmer said it best about Jon Hensley: ” He Believed in people that didn’t believe in themselves”. Jon saw talent and potential in me, and often told me I was “fellow historian”. She told us about his relationship with Lloyd Settle director of “the Goose On The Lake” festival in Allerge Kentucky not far from my house.


J.D.Myers came out and played a truly great rendition of “Suspicious Minds” a song that Jon heard him play from going to see him perform at the Wheel in Nashville. And as I mentioned before Michael Farmer came out and played some VERY NICE songs one called “the Concept Of You” that will be cut by Julie Roberts and Produced by Shooter for BCR records. He played another called “Mountain Music” and I truly enjoyed his vocals VERY pretty.

Julie Roberts came out and performed a song from her 2004 debut album called “Now Way Out”. Her first album was truly one of my favorite albums of that year and I have been a fan of hers for some time now. I’m TRULY eagerly awaiting her BCR album which I’ll tell you about later on.


She continued on with “Wake Up Older” and played a song by Bobbie Gentry called “He Made A Woman Out Of Me”. I enjoyed her version of this song. That song was on her album “Fancy” and is one of my personal favorite albums Bobbie Gentry recorded. She closed her set with my two favorite songs she does called “Old Habits” (NOT the Hank Williams Jr song of the same title)..and “Break Down Here”. Break Down Here was her first single ever and it was good. Also if you want to check out another good song she does “Men And Mascara” (always run) is really awesome, she has some really well written songs and you can tell she’s influenced heavily by Lee Ann Womack.


Shooter Jennings came out and played the seven minute long Bob Dylan classic “Isis” and there was no band, just him with an acoustic performance. I tell you what it was WELL WORTH every penny we paid. Shooter is really good by himself with his guitar (that he joked about because it kept falling out of tune). We didn’t was truly a special intimate performance from Shooter. It was a small theater and everybody could get close to him and he sounded REAL good.

“Outlaw You” was next and after performing that he went into a story about Jon..Shooter was performing at another venue years ago and apparently the attendance was not going to be that good so Jon called the venue pretending to be Dwight Yoakam’s manager and stated that Dwight was coming to perform and security needed to be upped. Shooter said word spread like wildfire and attendance shot up and he was concerned about the show. Shooter’s story had the WHOLE theater laughing, what a truly fine example of the intelligence Jon had for flair. He knew how to stir things up and make an entrance, and he knew the business of show business. He truly was one of a kind…there were no “copies” of Jon Hensley I promise you that.

“Gone To Carolina” was next and that’s one of the songs I love to hear stripped down and acoustic. He did a wonderful job on it and I enjoyed it and he played “Nashville From Afar” which was on his recent EP. He then was joined by Julie Roberts for a song his mother Jessi Colter wrote. You know what I didn’t catch the name of it?

He continued on with “Playing Possum” and another called “The Song Is Still Slipping Away” which was a good one from the album Electric Rodeo. He played a few covers one Elvis cover and a Nirvana cover off the “Nevermind” album, Shooter always has had a very wide array of musical influences and that’s one reason he and Jon got along so well. He followed that with a VERY GOOD version of “Gunslinger” and his most commercially popular song “4rth Of July”. Now then folks I’ll say THIS, this will become an annual event. I HATE using “first annual” in the name of ANY music related event. But they have ALL stated the venue is reserved for 2016 4rth of July and I think Jon is WELL pleased at everyone that showed up. Shooter closed his set with “Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues”. It honestly was a magical night full of music and love for a one of a kind individual that shall remain on my sidebar for as long as I do this website: Colonel Jon Hensley: The Last Mogul.

Fare Thee Well my friend and don’t spare any fairy dust. Let’s spread that stuff all over! Until we meet again Jon I’ll never stop building my dreams. And I shall always be in the audience at some show some where or festival. Local music needs me, overlooked mainstream music needs me, songwriters need me and I need THEM. We love you.

Shooter Jennings To Remember His Best Friend And Manager.


Well folks Jon Hensley sure the heck is not forgotten on this website, his picture shall remain on my sidebar for as long as I continue to do this. My crusade for local and underground music was cheered on by Colonel Jon in more ways than I can name, and no matter what it was I liked even if he didn’t agree, he always respected my opinions. He never once told me I was wrong or silly for liking anybody, and he always shared his opinions of music with me. He had some strict opinions and I respected his too. All in All he was good to Shooter and to all of us too, he was a very good businessman and on Shooter’s VERY FIRST EVER July 4rth concert Colonel Jon Hensley will be remembered at The Merle Travis Music Center in Powderly Kentucky.

There will be some special merchandise available there that will only be for sale if you attend and this will be an all acoustic show with Shooter Jennings only. He will perform for us from 7-9 and share with us some of his memories of his friendship with Jon. I strongly urge you to come support Shooter and Black Country Rock Records as he gets through this tough time, this is one of the last shows Colonel Jon booked for Shooter.

The Merle Travis Center is a good sized venue however only 320 tickets are being sold and you can buy tickets HERE. You can also purchase tickets by calling The Look Boutique and Salon during business hours at 270.887.6793.