May 172016

The Westport Roots Festival
Moonrunners Music Festival
Picki’n In The Pasture
John Hartford Music Festival
The Blue Ox Music Festival
The Duck Creek Log Jam


Folks I’ll be heading out to Kansas City shortly after the Boogie in may of this year for the third annual Wesport Roots Festival which I missed last year but promised them I would help them grow. Also, I haven’t brought my website out to that area yet in person so this partnership will be a win-win situation. Now the website states that there will be some venue changes and I am CONSTANTLY adding and editing ALL my festival articles as I learn and discover things. I got HUGE NEWS concerning this festival, perhaps the most involved I have EVER been in ANY festival in this website’s history!

Little Class Records CEO contacted me not long ago and asked me if I wanted to do some cross promotions with them, since I was already planning to cover the event live. The Westport Saloon has a big hand in this festival and it appears that there is a whole area of venues involved within the Wesport district, which is Kansas City’s oldest portion of the city. There will be six stages involved and they all center the like music, I’ll be hosting the Honky Tonk stage and covering the event. All six stages go at once and four of them are indoor stages, two of them are outdoor tent stages. They are however pretty close together and within acceptable distance of one another.

HERE is MORE information Concerning stage sponsors and what genre of music is being featured where.


Languanitas Brewing Co., The Westport Saloon, and Little Class Records bring you the 2016 Westport Roots Festival Memorial Day weekend. Over 60 bands on 6 stages in your favorite neighborhood. From Psychobilly rowdiness on the Pabst Blue Ribbon at Buzzard Beach to Walnut Valley Festival Bluegrass Favorites on the American Born Moonshine stage hosted by Finetimecamp, we have all of your Roots Genres covered. Get your fill of twang and Honky-tonk on the Boombox.FM stage at Ernie Biggs Westport hosted by Gary Hayes Country.



Not to mention, we still have an entire stage of heavy hitters booked by Dylan Thomas Dorrell to announce in February! This guy knows how to throw a party as can be see at Dylan’s Big Birthday Bender Blowout Bash coming up next month. Don’t forget about the Busch Beer Presents: Westport Roots Reception! A preparty featuring Dale Watson! and the Four Roses Bourbon presents: Roots Fest Recovery with Special guests Mountain Sprout!. OK Speaking of this fellow and his stage he has added some heavy hitters among the Roots Music world in the Goddamn Gallows MORE!

If you’re planning a weekend of it, please consider AC Hotels by Marriott Kansas City Westport. Its right across the street and downhill from the festival, so you can easily stagger back to your room after you have enjoyed all the Four Roses Bourbon you care to drink. Be listening to KKFI 90.1 FM and watching Ink Magazine for more information and schedules as the date approaches and feel free to stop by any of the AWESOME SPONSORS’ pages and tell them thank you for supporting live music and arts!

This festival is located in downtown Kansas City in what they call the Westport District, and there are two hotels within walking distance of the Westport Saloon here are the links:
AC Marriott
816 Hotel
Embassy Suites
And as always I will be researching this festival immensely and adding any I find, and after going in person for the year I’ll find even more. I FULLY intend on helping them grow through a multiple area media campaign I will introduce to you here. I have talked with the owner of the Westport Saloon and he told me the AC Mariott sponsors this event and offers reduced rates to the attendees.

So for right now folks here is the full lineup for this festival:
Dale Watson
Kiel Grove
The Drunken Cuddle
The Calamity Cubes
Urban Pioneers
Monzie Leo And The Big Sky
Twenty Thousand Strongmen
Tyler Gregory And The Bootleg Band
S.S. Web
A.J. Gaither
Champagne Charlie
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
Shawn James And The Shapeshifters
Joe And Vicki Price
Booker Noe
Dusty Rust
Joshua Morningstar
Billy Don Burns
J B Beverley
Jack Grelle
Sarah Gayle Meech
Scott Hrabko And The Rabbits
kasey Raush
Nathan Kalish And The Lastcallers
Jon Hachett
Well Worn Souls
The Blindstiffs
The Boothill Band
Pete Berwick
The Hickoids
Freight Train Rabbit Killer And The Legion Of Ghosts
Hunter Grigg
Randall Conrad Olinger
Billy Beale
Coyote Bill
C j Walker
The Hector Anchando Band
Brutually Frank
Dead Bundy
7 Shot Screamers
Elvis Hitler
Dead Dick Hammer
Rain Dogs
The Matchsellers
Ashes To Immortality
Loaded Goat
Konza Swamp Band
Good Time Charley
Julian Davis
Kansas City Hustle
The Creek Rocks
The kansas City Bear Fighters

NOW we also have a HUGE product soon becoming available from the stage I will be sponsoring at this event.

Folks right now I have MORE schedule information on this event, OK there is a pre party friday night with Dale Watson at the Saloon only. There is a recovery show on sunday night at the Saloon only as well, the festival itself is Saturday only. The first 200 sales get access to all three days of events, I understand this will be three separate tickets after the first 220. You can pre order tickets RIGHT HERE.

May 172016


Folks this is the third day of the festival and I’m getting to spend a bunch of my early time here at the Opryland Hotel Event Center and Ryman Ballroom. Last night was terrific a time at the Palace and I left after Dale Watson to catch up on sleep last night so I could arrive in prime shape today to work more on the music. For the second year in a row Miss Riley Reed organized the fashion show and once again JPCyr and the Radio Wranglers provided the music for it. Miss Riley is a student of Manuel’s and is a prominent downtown Nashville figure, and not one of them tourist figures either, she IS the real deal I can promise you that.


Eight different designers made up the show this year and they all showed off several of their styles with male and female models in parts. The models moved really fast and it was hard for me to get still photos on my phone but my buddy Mr.Joe Dooda was a model and Mr. Joshua Morningstar modeled off the top that Miss Ellie Monster designed for him. Also modeling was  Miss Kacey Musgraves and Miss Tanya Montana Coe along with Miss Kendra Hope and more.





I actually came away learning about different styles of stitching and I was admiring the fringes on the dresses and men’s tops. Basically the different designers had four of five different models of their clothes showcased within a time frame with Miss Katy K once again announcing the event. Miss Riley walked out on the stage floor with her new baby daughter Little Miss Orla, whom I finally got to see this weekend with those little boots. Miss Riley puts an absolute ton of love into what she does and I thought this was an enjoyable part of the festival even though fashion is something I know very little about, maybe that’s what drew me to delve into learning more.

The designers were:
Riley Reed
Bernie Dexter
Tyler George
Fables By Barrie
Jerry Lee Atwood
Ellie Monster
Jess Snell

The models were:
Joe Dooda
Joshua Morningstar
Tanya Montana Coe
Lindsay Timberlake
Natasha Blankenship
Ava Couture
Jenna Dawn
Vixen Lucy Lynn
Jean Velveteen
Eva Darling
Millie Michelle
Cherry De Vine
Kendra Hope
Meredith Shaw
Celine V
Miss V
Ryan Warner
Brendan Malone
Adam Wakitsh
Alex Heighton
Shane Tutmarc
Joe Dooda
Jason Galaz
Brinton Ward

lucky tubb

The first act I covered today was none other than Lucky Tubb. I have indeed covered his set before and he played the Palace at last year’s Nashville Boogie. He performed a truly wonderful set early on today beginning with “Let  It Roll”and “Sweet Sweet Kisses”. For the first time in quite a while Lucky Tubb’s entire collection of albums has been re issued for the merch booth and I sneaked over and picked up Damn The Luck while they played “Bad Decisions When I Drink” and followed that with “Coming Home”.

It wouldn’t be a classic Lucky Tubb show without some classic covers like “Thanks a Lot” and the Warner Mack classic “The Bridge Washed Out”. And those covers were followed up with “Honky Tonking Man” and another cover called “Cow Town Boogie”. He played an ever popular Wayne The Train Hancock song “Juke Joint Jumping” and closed his set with a song off Del Guado called “Officer Guerrero”. I was enjoyed his set today I tell you what I have saw some pretty damn good sets this weekend so far but I pretty much have my Top 2 picked already.

So I’m sitting here enjoying the Psycho Devilles with Luther Jackson they come highly suggested by Mr Luther. I’m truly glad I listened to him because immidiately after hearing the rocking song “Bar Fight” I was a fan of their music.

They barreled into their anti anthem called “The Rebel” and followed that with a song about hot rods called “Chopped Down And Hopped Up”. Speaking of hot rods I did get to see some of the classic cars in the vendor area and some of the vintage clothes. “Addicted” was another really rocking good song about collecting cars and women, which pretty much sums up the rockabilly lifestyle right….well I enjoy the music aspect of it all.

“This Old Road” was a song that was recorded over 25 years ago they said. Many of these rockabilly bands are legendary in many ways and date back quite some. “My Guitar Saved Me” was off their new album that will be out July 25th and I shall be featuring that album in one of my articles. They followed up with a song called “The Real Deal” and continued to have the crowd into a frenzy with “Psycho Cadillac”. They closed their iconic set with “Hot Rod Man”, I tell you what folks this first time band is indeed one I shall cover again upon my next opportunity.Upon enjoying their album I bought I noticed the song “My Guitar Saved Me” was also on that album so please forgive me if I made an error in my review I might have misunderstood them.

I went out to the Opry Mills mall to grab me a bite to eat of supper so I could return and cover the next few names in my next article that will finish up night number three, and trust me I witnessed some stellar bands during my next article which will cover the undead Hillbilly Kang none other than Unknown Hinson, Big Sandy And The Fly Rite Boys and MORE!