Jun 082018

By Joshua Wallace

Outlaw country singer Jesse Dayton is back with a new album and the follow up to 2016’s The Revealer.  This new album is called The Outsider and picks up right where that one left off. This is still the Jesse Dayton we all know and love with his crass lyrics and outlaw country sound.  The Outsider brings in some quieter acoustic moments throughout the album to give some diversity, but it is still 100% badass.

I really dig the track “Changin’ My Ways”.  It’s a nice ballad about trying to change your ways for love and the troubles that comes with that.  I love the guitar solo on this track, and it really is a highlight. One of the preview tracks for the album was “Hurtin’ Behind The Pine Curtain”.  This one is a country rocker. It has a bit of a rockabilly twang to it’s edgy sound and I dig it.

Another favorite is the protest track “Charlottesville”.  I’m not always a fan of these political tracks, but this one is well done and has a punk rock acoustic string band sound that is awesome.  “Belly Of The Beast” takes you back to the roaring 70’s and the sound of outlaw country stars like Waylon Jennings. It pairs nicely with “Charlottesville” as it is also a bit of a political track.  Finally, I really like “Killer On The Lamb”. This is another more acoustic country number that has an outlaw country heart. I especially love the banjo work on this track.

This new album from Jesse Dayton brings in some new sounds, but overall it sounds like a continuation of The Revealer which is a good thing.  Jesse Dayton may get ignored by traditional mainstream outlets but he doesn’t really need it cranking out records like this. The Outsider is out everywhere today.

Favorite Tracks : Changin’ My Ways, Hurtin’ Behind The Pine Curtain, Tried To Quit (But I Just Quit Tryin’), Charlottesville,  Belly Of The Beast, Killer On The Lamb

Jesse Dayton – The Outsider

  1. May Have To Do It (Don’t Have To Like It)
  2. Jailhouse Religion
  3. Changin’ My Ways
  4. Hurtin’ Behind The Pine Curtain
  5. We Lost It
  6. Tried To Quit (But I Just Quit Tryin’)
  7. Charlottesville
  8. Belly Of The Beast
  9. Burnin’
  10. Killer On The Lamb
Jun 082018

By Joshua Wallace

Dustin James Clark is finally releasing his follow-up EP to his 2016 4 track release Land Of The Free.  This EP picks up exactly where Land Of The Free left off with 4 more good traditional country songs. I feel like this EP is an improvement over the last and the songs are better for it.  Let’s dig a bit further into a couple of these tracks.

The album title track “Gypsy” has a more western sound to it.  This track is an ode to the gypsy women that outlaw country singers love to dedicate songs to.  I love the western feel of this track and I feel like it adds to the atmosphere created here. Finally, the track “All For One” is kind of a rallying battle cry for traditional country fans.  I like that this track is more pro traditional country than anti pop country. It’s a nice break from the usual.

Dustin James Clark continues to be a force in underground traditional country with his EP releases.  I hope for a true full length soon but these albums will hold you off until then. I will be seeing Dustin at this year’s Tumbleweed Festival and I will have more to say about him there.  Gypsy is up for pre-sale on iTunes as of June 8th and will be available digitally and in CD form after June 15th.

Favorite Tracks : Gypsy, All For One

Dustin James Clark – Gypsy (2018)

  1. Fear Of The Unknown
  2. Gypsy
  3. She’s Everywhere I Go
  4. All For One
Jun 082018

They were birthed in Fort Payne Alabama in 1969, and were called “Wild Country”. They released two albums under that name that are highly sought after by vinyl collectors alike, and many consider them holy grail finds if found for under 100.00. In 1977 they officially changed their name to Alabama or AKA The Alabama Band, and heavily used the confederate flag and trucks/truckers on their covers.

Mr. Randy Owen and his cousin Mr. Teddy Gentry began the original lineup from day one, soon to be joined by another cousin Mr. Jeff Cook. Their zenith was lived in the 1980’s where they amassed 27 number one hits, released 7 multi platinum albums, and garnered every award possible. They ARE THE most successful country music BAND in existence from a commercial standpoint.

A little known tidbit here, earlier on the band had to use studio musicians for various reasons and the steel guitarist Mr. Fred Newell, who currently plays with Waymore’s Outlaws and Shooter Jennings played many of the lead guitar duties on their first few albums. Another fun tidbit is their 4 song album which was distributed at McDonalds is another holy grail CD if found intact.

One unique thing about the band is the fact all three front line members share vocal duties at times, kind of like the Eagles, whom influenced them heavily. Their style and vast arrangement of material often ended up placing them with rock festivals and acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Georgia Satellites, although the next day they could wind up being paired with Charlie Daniels Band or Waylon Jennings on a bill.

It was that style of marketing that soon catapulted this band into Legendary status in the length of many decades of hits and multi platinum albums. Overall in every genre Alabama is one of the world’s best selling bands of all time, having sold over 75 million albums. Their two greatest hits albums from 1986 and 1998 are combined two of the highest grossing greatest hits albums in history amassing over 5 million in sales.

They enjoyed a ton of commercial success maintained through the nineties until their health forced them to decline more shows. In 2010 Mr. Randy was diagnosed with prostate cancer and fought hard, he was eventually granted a clean bill of health and remains stable. In 2013 the band announced their reunion tour and in 2015 they released “Southern Drawl” their first new album in 14 years.

The band remains heavily on tour and often appears on the Opry, but in april of last year Mr. Jeff Cook announced his diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease to which he stated he will be reducing the number of shows he performs. Mr. Doug has informed my staff that THIS PERFORMANCE WILL BE HEALTH PENDING for all three members of the band, so PLEASE I ASK YOU to be courteous of Tumbleweed AND THE BAND in the event of any cancellation due to health issues. IT HAPPENS…..THEY ARE HUMANS TOO. As much as we love them, they hurt and get sick like we ALL DO.

Tickets on sale FOR 2019 ON June 14th at 10am. Today at 10am they go on sale for the Alabama Fan Club Members. You will be able to purchase tickets starting at 79.00 HERE.

To come out to tumbleweed 2018 please click the above link,as always we have FULL INFO including hotels and maps of the entire grounds. Band links, videos and MORE!


Jun 082018

I hope you doomer metal junkies are happy, Mr. Jason has gone ape shit mad! I need to be honest and truthful THIS IS my TOP favorite festival to go to, for many reasons and I’m sure you’ll agree with most of them I list in this article. I always take great pride in reporting on this festival because Mr. Jason makes ALL OF US a part of this festival, and always acknowledges that Muddy Roots Music Festival couldn’t happen without YOU!

In the last few years I have had the humble opportunity to watch Mr. Jason grow this little 400 person shindig that started on MySpace with a merch printing business into a GLOBAL phenomenon that has had the chance to go corporate by several offers but has chosen to remain almost completely independently run. In other words you won’t be expecting to pay 4 dollars for a bottle of water, in fact one of the special offers that was infringed upon was the free campfire wood because in 2014 someone decided to light the whole pile on fire!

You can DAMN SURE BET I watch for thieves at ALL these festivals I honor and support for the festival director AND the bands, I “hang out” at the merch tables to see shit going down it’s NOT cool and I WILL turn you in! Pickpockets and ANY rubbish I witness will be HARSHLY dealt with, and PLEASE DO NOT harass the wildlife at the The June Bug Ranch or damage Mr. Jason’s property. We are guests and we are welcome to drink and do as we please isn’t that cool enough that we don’t need to commit crimes? We have ONE rule: Don’t be a dick. You don’t have to toss your shirt over a mud puddle for a lady, but treat EVERYONE nice, we don’t have drama here.

We’re breaking all sorts of social rules. We always have!
Them: You can’t do that!
Us: I can’t even hear your mouth words.
We’re the same folks that booked Black Flag and Little Jimmy Dickens on the same lineup. Same crew that set up independent music festivals in 4 U.S. states and 2 other countries! We rock 2 record labels and slang vinyl out our record shop in a parking structure near the Ryman. We do this all out of pocket with support of blue collar folks like yourself!
WE MAKE NO SENSE TO “INDUSTRY” FOLKS! You might as well put your ipod on shuffle. Do people still have ipods? Not sure. How can you market to people without a tag or a label? We are the “in between” and there are more of us than you know. It’s more natural to not be a slave to just one genre.
And no other fool but us would be as courageous as we have been with our lineups on an independent budget. This year we really expanded our reach. It’s always our goal to find the roots of independent and organic “scenes” and bring them to our field. When you do that you find the heart in sister scenes and meld them. But 2018 we went super bold and grabbed a hand full of big dogs from the genres instead of one or two. We kept with our own brand of up and coming bands to support.
This is not a festival, it’s an independent movement. It has been an inspiration for dozens of smaller events like this. Be part of it.
Show up!
Tickets include free camping and hot showers. Beers are cheap but you can bring your own. Vegan to BBQ to Pho vendors on site but you can cook. You are free to enjoy yourselves so long as you’re respectful to everyone else. We treat you like adults and not children in a corporate barricade. Oh, and we have 2 large waterfalls nearby.
Sponsorship, vendor booths, and advertisement are available by contacting muddyrootsevents@gmail.com
We’re working on band scheduling for the Muddy Roots Music Festival now. Look for set times announced on our IG an FB. Get your tickets now HERE!


From Interstate 40, take exit 287 (TN-136/Hilham Road) North through the town of Cookeville. Keep left at the fork on Waterloo Road. Cross the bridge, follow Waterloo Road for approximately 1 mile and you’re there!
Google Map It
CLICK HERE for ALL frequently asked questions like camping (included) and security info, I CAN tell you NO glow sticks, pets,fireworks or firearms (please be like me and leave them home or at the hotel). The medical tent will even hold your medications for you can keep insulin cold for you. You CAN BYOB all you want and drinks and food AND the vendors are VERY reasonably priced and GOOD. Both bars offer 3 dollar tallboy PBRs and mix drink specials, ice is available via delivery to your campsite.

Hot showers are included and the port a potties are cleaned all day in the main stage area VERY NICE staff cleaning them all day. All three stages are within walking distance of one another and the merchandise area is very nice, plus there is a bar in the main area. You CAN have reasonable fires at your camping area and you CAN cook.

One cool thing is the availability of meeting the bands and artists as they spend time with EVERYONE before and after their sets and there is NO green room or areas you cannot go (however the bands DO have a private dining area where they can eat in private)….please respect their meal.

MY RESERVATION is at America’s Best Value Inn it is RIGHT ACROSS from Wal Mart and Shoney’s plus MANY more good places.
La Quinta Inn has a REALLY GOOD breakfast with HOT eggs and bacon ALL YOU WANT! A NICE clean pool and laundry facilities. This hotel is a little more money BUT it’s a GOOD bet next door to Waffle House.

My website will be handing out soap, toothbrushes and socks this year FREE also toilet paper at certain times during the festival I’ll also have sunscreen with me for everyone at ALL times. THIS FESTIVAL IS USUALLY HOT so PLEASE bring plenty of water, sunscreen and ice for yourself. Don’t try and have a liquor consumption challenge and end up in the E.R. have some drinking sense and remember the show, and the fun.

It’ll change all their lives.
Earlybird tickets are already sold out. Weekend passes are capped.
This will absolutely sell out.
Check out all the fest pics at www.andhowimaging.com

As always with ALL my festival articles HERE is a LONG LIST of hotels right off Hwy 40, about 20 minutes from the ranch where we have this festival.  I know there are many questions about this event and we have ONE RULE:


So with that in mind I’ll say there are NO golf carts allowed, I’m not sure about service animals I myself have never seen a patron with one. DRINK WATER…..IT’S HOT OUT THERE…..DRINK WATER.  There is a NICE first aid station and medical corner of the main tent, THEY CAN keep insulin cold and THEY WILL lock up maintenance pills for you (I have diabetes) and I CAN AND WILL assist you personally with anything you need.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Mt. Juliet – Nashville Area
Ad 4.4

2-star hotel
Standard lodging with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
La Quinta Inn & Suites Cookeville
Ad 4.1

3-star hotel
Understated hotel with a pool & a gym
Free Wi-Fi
Motel 6

2-star hotel
Simple budget lodging with seasonal pool
Free Wi-Fi
DEAL 20% less than usual
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Cookeville

2-star hotel
Standard option with an outdoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
TownePlace Suites by Marriott Cookeville

Extended Stay Hotel
Simple all-suite hotel with a 24/7 gym
Free breakfast
DEAL 10% off
Image Hotel Management
Business Management Consultant · 930 Woodwinds Dr
Image Hotel Management

Hotel · 970 S Jefferson Ave
Star Motor Inn

Motel · 1115 S Willow Ave
Low-key option with a Southern eatery
Free Wi-Fi
Best Western Thunderbird Motel

2-star hotel
Budget hotel with Mexican dining
Free Wi-Fi
Comfort Inn & Suites

2-star hotel
Modern budget hotel with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Red Roof Inn Cookeville – Tennessee Tech

2-star hotel
Basic hotel with free breakfast & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Key West Inn

2-star hotel
Quaint low-rise hotel with modest rooms
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 17% less than usual

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with free Wi-Fi & breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
DEAL 13% off
Hampton Inn Cookeville

3-star hotel
Modern hotel with free Wi-Fi & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Alpine Lodge & Suites

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with an outdoor pool & BBQs
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 23% less than usual
Eastwood Inn

Hotel · 1646 E Spring St
Cookeville Manor Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast · 7241 Hilham Rd
Highway 56 Motel

Motel · 5485 S Grundy Quarles Hwy
Travelodge Cookeville

Free breakfast
DEAL 28% less than usual
La Quinta Inn Crossville

3-star hotel
Comfort Suites

2-star hotel
Relaxed hotel with free hot breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Red Roof Inn Crossville

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with a pool & free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi