Tyler Gummersall To Host New Podcast.

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Sep 122019

I featured this young man several years ago, and he impressed me back then. He has some powerhouse people working on his albums all of the time, and whenever he comes around to my area here I’m always sure to stop and see him do his thing.

Recently he got into podcasting and he has some of my own heroes on this program, I’ll be delving into this podcast VERY soon and include it into my own podcast rotation for personal studies. You can listen, stream and share them on THIS LINK.

It has been a very busy year playing out all over Texas and Colorado. And I am also hosting a new podcast in which I interview musicians! We’ll be building a great audience thanks to shares on YouTube and on Cowboys & Indians Magazine’s website, Blog and Facebook.

I’ve been having an awesome time creating some fine podcasts and videos with such greats as Charlie Daniels, Randy Rogers, Jim Lauderdale, Hayes Carll, Hall of Fame writers David Lee & Josh Grider, and Riders In The Sky.

It was such an honor to do an episode on legendary multi-Grammy winning Country Western Band “Riders In The Sky” . The interview was recorded on the grounds of the majestic Bar DChuckwagon Ranch in SW Colorado. Many have aptly called the band a “National Treasure”.

Ty, Ranger Doug & Too Slim

Bar D Wrangler Gary Cook, Too Slim, Ranger Doug, Jeff Taylor and Woody Paul

I really enjoyed singing a song with my mentor, Bar D Wrangler and National Guitar Champ Gary Cook, Too Slim, Ranger Doug, Wrangler John Moore, & hiding behind the CDs is Woody on great Fiddle.

Look for Ranger Doug as a featured speaker in the upcoming Ken Burns Documentary “Country Music”. The band is an amazing group of fine musicians and fine folks. It is such a great opportunity for Ty to get to meet so many very special folks that are keeping the fine Western Traditions alive.

Watch for the podcast to be released later this month on Cowboys & Indians (it will also be available on YouTube and your favorite podcast platform). And let me know who you’d like to hear from in a future episode!
Our mailing address is:
Tyller Music
P.O. Box 1663
Bayfield, CO 81122


We are so proud and enthused about Cowboys & Indians magazine sharing the “RELEASE” of Ty’s “Tales From The Trail” interview series. You can now watch and listen to Season 1 of these Videos and Podcasts.

Please scroll down & down…

Watch and Listen!
Watch and Listen!
Season 1 of Tales From The Trail:
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The Muddy Roots Whiskey Train Rolls Out This Saturday.

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Sep 122019

It’s NO secret to any of my readers I am VERY CLOSE to the people that operate Muddy Roots. I mean if you ask me from the heart what Muddy roots REALLY MEANS to me well, I’ll tell you and I’m going to repeat this in my other article for Muddy Roots main festival coming soon.

I have been a member of the Muddy family for ten years now, hell, they been better to me than my OWN family. having been adopted and never really meeting own mother, I can easily say that. In that decade of festivals Mr. Jason has derocinated so many bands from the Roots Music genre, and brought them into a larger audience and THAT IS WHY I LOVE HIM from a professional level.

I mean HOW MANY BANDS have I featured on here because of people like him and his crew of people? TONS! Many of the bands I already knew about and some he taught me about, because I cared enough to open my mind up and find them for myself.  I have met countless friends for life out there in that field, been to weddings and witnessed babies being born…breakups and relationships within the community…I got to see them all.

I get hugged more during Muddy Roots than anytime of the year. Recently Mr. jason started the vintage wine tasting train ride through Tennessee This Americana Roots, Whiskey & Wine Train is Saturday. 11am-5pm. Tons of bands like John r Miller, as Thompson, farmer and Adele, Todd day wait, Tim Bolo

Tastings include Bib & Tucker Bourbon, Tennessee Legend Distillery, Little Harpeth Brewery, and Beechaven Winery. All Tennessee brands.

Tim Bolo
Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen
Allen Thompson
John R. Miller And The Engine Lights
The Farmer And Adelle

Enjoy the taste of Tennessee Whiskey and Wine aboard a vintage train excursion to the Carthage Junction and back. Approximately 6 hours of local drinks, boxed lunch, and live bands. Must be 21+ to ride. Open seating upon arrival. Guests may move about train.

Arrive at Tennessee Central Railway Museum 220 Willow St. Nashville TN. 37210

Boarding: 10:30 am

Departure: 11:00 am sharp

Return: 5:00 pm

Get hard copy tickets to ALL Muddy Roots events here