Outlaw Fest Welcomes Brandon Atwell And The Broken Ground Album Release Party.

Well folks I already gave you four side articles for Outlaw Fest
Here is my final one before I begin LIVE COVERAGE THIS THURSDAY NIGHT 5:30PM.
I’m launching my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Thursday night.
On Friday night My good buddy Brandon Atwell and his band The Broken Ground release their
long awaited album entitled Finally Something.


That’s the cover folks it WILL BE AVAILABLE in my merchandise tent during the weekend
of music. His set will be included in my Saturday coverage which will be in three parts
sort of like how I did Muddy Roots.

Brandon Atwell-vocals-guitar-banjo-bass…and smoking.
Brian Burgess-fiddle-mandolin…he smokes too..
Ricky Hodge-dobro…they ALL smoke.
Bo Jessie-washboard…He’s a damn good guy!

Now there will be 12 tracks on this particular album
2.Country,Lonely and Stoned
3.A Long Year (my personal favorite song)
4.Hello Louisville
5.Unclouded Day
6.Never Leave The Holler
7.Sandy Hook
8.Life To Go (only one not self written)
9.cant Be Satisfied
10.Never Go Back Home


Now I’ll tell you what I been around Mr. Brandon a long time. We met at the memorial fundraiser
for Daniel Stephens at Layla’s on Lower Broadway a few years back.
Didnt see him until Muddy Roots 2013 and then I saw him shortly after
at the Spillway when he opened for Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies.

So I’m not sure which day he will want to sell this album but my tables will
be open and ready to sell at NOON on thursday.
We got so much stuff to sell and give out FREE TO ALL ROAD BANDS!
Toothpaste and soaps and brushes, razors (God forbid I give them razors)
and shave cream and snacks. I got a TON of stuff ALL FREE to road bands.

I have covered some really fun shows involving Brandon with and without his band.
The one above was from the Benefit show we had for Wayne Mills.
Which will go to court on November 17th and hopefully we will have justice
for his death.

See you at Outlaw Fest….TWO DAYS!