Well folks I have to say outright some of y’all will say Pistol Annies are
pop country or too mainstream.
Well, I’m not writing this article to analyze anything they do nor will
I critic the fact I don’t personally care for Miranda Lambert.
I WILL SAY that her latest release “Platinum” had a few good songs on it
and probably WAS her best album yet.

But I MUST admit I have a guilty pleasure and it’s Hippie Annie, Holler
Annie and Lone Star Annie A.K.A. Pistol Annies.
Their first album didn’t leave my CD player for half of 2012…UNTIL..

Ashley Monroe released her second album “Like A Rose”.
When I heard that Vince Gill co-wrote three songs and produced the
album AND Paul Franklin was behind the steel guitar I KNEW it was
automatically good.
And Daggumn it if it wasn’t one of 2013’s BEST albums! Hell it
is STILL in my current constant rotation of CD’s.
The song “Monroe Suede” just BLEW ME AWAY!

Now honestly they were not getting a mega ton of airplay
together as the Pistol Annies and they were not playing a ton of dates
on tour together either.
So honestly I can NOT tell you whether the Pistol Annies are or are NOT
together..may be they are on hiatus.
Their website has listed no show dates right now cause I would LOVE to see
them again live.
Ashley Monroe had publicly said they didn’t have enough time to
rehearse for the tour so they did not tour for their second album
“Annie Up”.

Ashley Monroe puts on one HELL of a damn fine show all by her lonesome
and her writing talents are just amazing!
Kind of trashy but yet in a middle class way so to speak.
I believe she defiantly identifies with middle class working people
MUCH LIKE the days of older country music…like Merle Haggard that
still rings true today.
Merle Haggard is one of the best legends left.
These gals are showing mainstream country it’s OK to be “curvy”
and average and fed up with your husband!

She debuted a song called “Has Anybody Ever Told You” for the first
time ever on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.
Now,another reason I really like her is because of her involvement with
the Opry.
I applaud her always taking the time to stop and perform on it as often
as she does.

Now I want to tell you about the debut album from Angaleena Presley.
The album will hit you on October 12th and it will be called
“American Middle Class” and it will be released on Slate Creek records.
So let me remind you JUST WHO is head honcho at Slate Creek Records.
The master behind Don Williams….Garth Fundis.
And she will be co-producing the album with her husband Jordan Powell.

ONE THING you will read constantly on this website are the three
pillars or fundamentals of country music.
The producer, the songwriter and the steel guitarist.
You have two or all three of them you have a classic country album.

She is almost finished with the album and is currently
doing some dates with the Indigo Girls.
And there will be some singing presence from Country singer
Patty Loveless.

So there you have it folks, you can take it for what it’s worth.
I myself firmly believe we will see the Pistol Annies together
BUT when I pay to see them I REALLY hope they do NOT play their
solo music during the show.
I was once upset during an Eagles show..cause I paid to hear them

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