Roby Dome at Marion County High School

The Kentucky Bluegrass Music Kickoff will be held at the Marion County High School Roby Dome January 26-27 2018. Overnight package deals and tickets are available HERE. You know folks I try my best to cover as much music as possible and its not easy, but I think I manage to pull it off quite nicely.

This is an eastern Kentucky event that I have been asked to cover from a PR company that I often work with, and what a blessed event they have set up for this community. Folks this event helps involve youth and encourage them to play music, which I think is essential for today’s youth.

This year’s featured performer is Grammy nominated Michael Cleveland And Flamekeeper who’s precise attention to detail has attracted much attention from Bluegrass purists and new fans alike. His album just barely missed my TOP 50 however I have featured him on this website many times. He will blow you away if you have never witnessed his professional attitude and love fo0r this genre.

I’ll be bringing you MANY great Bluegrass events this next year IN FACT out of covering 175 festivals 40 of them are Bluegrass, and another 45 of them book both Bluegrass and Americana based acts. All over America these festivals are spreading and thriving becuase of people like me and people like you!

2018 Singer/Songwriter entry forms are available HERE 

AgCredit Nex-Gen Bluegrass Music Singing Contest entry forms are available HERE

AgCredit Nex-Gen Bluegrass Music Youth Contest entry forms are available HERE

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