Mr. Donnie Wymer is at it again folks this article brings us back to Winchester Indiana where we once again visit with Crooked Smile Music Festival which as always take place May 21th and 13th 2017 at the Circle X Ranch and you can purchase tickets HERE.

You know I missed this one last year due to an illness for the first time EVER I called in sick to my other job, man I truthfully hated to miss it but I could just not make the drive. Mr. Greg Serio does the sound for this one I believe he will return, I haven’t been informed otherwise. Now let me tell you the venue is absolutely gorgeous with PLENTY of room to camp and enjoy the ranch, however like always if you are the same as ME you’ll need a room.

The Randolph Inn and Suites was the hotel I used last time and I will tell you this, it is truly a wonderful place to stay and I look forward to being there again in 2016. Overpass Motel is another good choice for this area. Last year I did some researching on the area as I attended the festival and I found this one to be a thumbs up. Winchestr Guest House Inn is a place I found online and I have never been there but I do know it’s a nice suggestion by the locals I have consulted.

There is camping included in your ticket price and this is a one stage operation and despite the fact this is a campground it is an indoor festival. Now, there are no food vendors but one that is run by the campground. HOWEVER let me tell you the food is REALLY GOOD. It’s cooked and ran by the local owners of the campground and supports their community, so eating there supports this local economy.

Folks this website I have has been recognized and supported by over 175 festivals nationwide and I am being supported by more venues every day. I cover and support over 8,000 local bands and national acts and I am adding more each week. I’m growing rapidly in amazing leaps and bounds, and traveling more now than I ever have, and I am always finding new and exciting ways to bring forth local music to YOU the reader.

The Tillers
Husky Burnette
Smokestack Relics
Jimmy Swope
Joe’s Truck Stop
The Bestuls
Dead Man String Band
Wonky Tonk
The Hamer And The Hatchet
John The Revelator
June Star
Devil’s Holler
Mikey And The Snakeoil Boys
Old Wolves
Brentney Campbell
Achilles Tenderloin
Steel Guapo
Jason Dawdy
WT Newton
Willow Tree Carolers

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