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Last year, I completely covered this event and had a truly FUN time all over Memphis. I ate at some truly delicious restaurants that entire weekend, while my hotel was just around the corner from the main festivities. I’m talking about none other than the Ameripolitan Awards. HERE and HERE is my coverage of both showcase days and nights.

This website has always been a huge supporter of this prestigious awards show, and always will be no matter if I get the time to cover it LIVE or not. I’m still gathering up all of my last year’s information, and fixin things for the 2020 festival season. I went all over America this year, and had a blessed season of travel….I’m not usually an indolent person. however the latter portion of 2019 here brought me a few medical misfortunes that may prohibit my future travels.

Ergo, I wanted to make a nice post for the awards show and share a little part of each of the nominees, so you my dear reader can become familiar with these performers and what music they bring to the table. many of these bands and artists are national, but still locally based all over America AND overseas as well.

I’m going to list ALL of the nominees and categories on this article complete with band links on the names, and I’m going to put some of MY favorite hotels and places to eat here as well. See THIS WEBSITE shares good food and BEST places to stay in EVERY CITY of whichever music function I’m reporting on.

Rockabilly Female
Amber Foxx
Laura Palmer
Linda Gail Lewis
Ruby Ann

Rockabilly Male
Bloodshot Bill
Eddie Clendening
Jittery Jack
Shaun Young

Rockabilly Group
Trix O Treat
Modern Don Juans
Mark Gamsjager And The Lustre Kings
Bebo And The Good time Boys

Western Swing Female
Cheryl Deseree
Wendy Newcomer
Georgia Parker
Katie Shore

Western Swing Male
Dave Stuckey
Farmer Keenan Wade
Kyle Eldridge
Ranger Doug

Western Swing Group
50 Shades Of Hay
Bill And The Belles
Urban Pioneers
The Farmer And Adele

Honky Tonk Female
Jaime Wyatt
Kathryn Legendre
Sarah Vista
Sarah Gayle Meech

Honky Tonk Male
Zephaniah Ohora
Pat Reedy
Johnny Falstaff
Charley Crockett

Honky Tonk Group
Casey James Prestwood And The Burning Angels
The Country Side Of Harmonica Sam
The Shootouts
Western Centuries

Ameripolitan Musician
Mike Bernal
Miss Amy Griffin
Sean Mencher
joel Paterson
Rose Sinclair
Bobby trimble
Becky Hinson

Ameripolitan DJ
Eddie White
Jimi Palacios
Texas Hell Kitten
Don Sticksel
Paco Chaos

Ameripolitan Festival
Bristol Rhythm And Roots
Vintage Torque
Western Swing Out
High Rockabilly

Ameripolitan Venue
American Legion
Luckenbach Dancehall
skinny Dennis
Southgate House Revival
Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge

From last year, here is the hotel I stayed at as well as some information on places I ate at:

Mr. Jimi Palacios from NOLA County and I had a wonderful lunch today over at Exline’s Pizza near Graceland. Now if you want the BEST pizza in Memphis in my opinion that is it! If I ever come to Memphis, and when I don’t go there I feel cheated. The Travelodge Wyndham hotel where the first showcases were was just around the corner from my hotel, and so was Graceland.

I stayed over at the Quality Inn at 3105 Millbranch Road close to the airport. I found the room to be VERY nice and clean, with a few great features and spacious room to relax. It was easy to enjoy the music this weekend with such an easy trek to my hotel room, as you already know I have my list of go to places all over the United States to eat and stay.

Up above this are three of the nominees from last year, that performed on the showcases. Well, this year all three of these folks are nominated in their respected categories. Miss Rose Sinclair plays steel guitar for Rockabilly Legend and Bloodshot Records artist Mr. Wayne “The Train” Hancock.

Mr. Pat Reedy is working on a new album in 2020 out on Muddy Roots Records, and will be a part of many festivals upcoming here. You’ll be hearing that name mentioned a lot next year from me. Mr. Casey James Prestwood And The Burning Angels I haven’t crossed paths with for some time, but their live show is amazing.


FEBRUARY 24, 2020



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