Cody Jinks has a new album coming out on New Years Eve. This artist usually
is most active in the Texas area. He has two previous releases “30” and “Black Sheep” and
you can purchase both albums on clicking his name there.

He tours a lot of dates with his band “The Tone Deaf Hippies” and he is a hard working
road musician. I have been wanting to feature his music on here for some time now.
And I finally got some time to research some people I have known about for some time now.

I have not got a chance to see his live show yet but I have been checking into his work
for a little over a year now. I’m planning to broaden my Texas connections as well as my
ties in Florida. I just do not always have the opportunity to travel as much as I’d like to.

He is truly Honky Tonk music mostly found in the Dallas Texas area and I understand that
his live shows are fabulous. This article will also include some tour dates here.
I will truly make sure to feature his work in the future.


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