Matt Woods just recently came off a short tour with Justin Wells (from Fifth On The Floor).
And now he is setting out on another leg of his shows for a tour of South Carolina and Florida and
Georgia with a young lady I featured on here as well.
None other than Rachel Kate.

In my opinion Matt Woods was one of the top acts of Muddy Roots 2014 this past year.
I got to know both of their set lists better in 2014 and I’m glad I did!
Matt Woods has ONE HELL of a songwriting ability in my opinion and honestly I’d LOVE
to co-write with him.

A song paints a picture on your brain, your mind is a canvas. Matt Woods does that
with his song “Snack Bar Man And The Ten Pin Prince”.
You HAVE TO ask him to play it for you…you will NOT be disappointed.
He doesn’t have to sing about how Country he is….the man just IS!
And make sure you pick up “With Love From Brushy Mountain” at the merch tables
Cause it’s a DAMN FINE album.

Rachel Kate in my opinion has many influences and you can see that in her shows.
She’s well worth a door fee of any price you can trust me on this.
Click up above for one of my show reviews on her and more info.
She has some really good songs and you will enjoy her connection with you as
an audience..she was born to play.

The dates they have announced for this tour together are as follows:
Jan 14 Greenville Sc Radio Room
Jan 15 Columbia Sc New Brookland Tavern
Jan 16 Charelston Sc The Royal American
Jan 17 Jacksonville Fl Jack Rabbit’s
Jan 20 St. Pete Fl The Ale And The Witch
Jan 21 Ft. Lauderdale Fl The Poorhouse
Jan 22 Tampa Fl The World Brewery
Jan 23 Gainesville Fl Lossey’s
Jan 24 Orlando Fl Will’s Pub
Jan 28th Valdosta Ga Ashley’s Street Station

As always I’ll add any dates they give me for this tour.
He often pairs up and does short jaunts like a lot of them do periodically
and I like that because it gets me to see some artists on my “to-do” list
Come closer to Nashville guys and I’ll bring a truckload of people in support.
You HAVE TO take my word for it people…this is a GREAT pairing.

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