You might recall recently that I wrote about Country Legend Ray Stevens Announced Opening CabaRay well everybody on January 18th 19th and 20th HE WILL DO JUST THAT! The grand opening celebration begins at this state of the art Nashville showroom in about a week. Now unfortunately they ran into some licensing kinks, and construction which prohibited them from opening  last year.

The entire complex is themed on Nashville and the industry that has been so good to Mr. Ray, and all of the walls will be adorned with pictures and posters of his career. The showroom features six red leather booths  named after Legendary producers like Chet Atkins, Owen Bradley, Shelby Singleton, Fred Foster, Jerry Kennedy and Billy Sherrill.

This complex will offer dinner theater style shows for 500 people downstairs and 200 people upstairs with theater style seating, a gift shop and many other accommodations. This is a 35,000 square foot complex  with free parking for 300 patrons, and even tour buses.  This complex is located in West Nashville at 5724 River Road.


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