Everybody that knows me knows I am a huge fan of what I consider the TV show that made Country Music famous Hee Haw. Hee Haw was the prime time music comedy that brought the likes of Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn to our living rooms in the 1970’s. Hee Haw was the longest running prime time comedy in television history and was aired to replace the Roland and Martin’s Laugh In.

Gordie Tapp along with comedian Archie Campbell collaborated to write some of the show’s most beloved skits and characters like Lavern Nagger with Roni Stoneman and Mr. Gordon the storekeeper. He also played the southern gentleman who would use saying and short quips on the porch before getting hit with rubber chickens. That skit was inspired by Mark Twain, and Gordie also went on to co-star in the famed Hee Haw song PPhhft you were gone where guests got to spit at one another.

In 1990 he was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame and spent many years being a spokesperson for Easter Seals and Muscular Dystrophy with children. He also was extremely active in the preservation of Hee Haw products including a Country’s Family Reunion edition of Salute To Kornfield County which included George Goober Lindsay right before his death.

With this video you can get a better perspective of how the show came about and how it functioned. Some of the funniest stories and it makes me cry to watch this after seeing how many are passed on even after this video. Gordie is to the right of Buck Trent in the overalls.

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