Everybody you might remember yesterday as I premiered the second single from Mr.James Scott Bullard from his upcoming album called Full Tilt Boogie. If you missed it please click on the blue second single there, and you can hear that song called “Jesus, Jail or Texas”.

I came on down to Dee’s Country Lounge in East Nashville to watch him perform tonight in connection with his single release on this website, to see exactly what he brings to the table here on stage. Mr. Joshua Wallace will have the review of his album up soon here, and I have more plans for him on upcoming projects as well..keep an eye out for his name.

Tonight he is in the midst of a 20 plus day tour on an acoustic platform here, promoting his new album called Full Tilt Boogie out April 27th.  As I said before you can click on the link up above and hear the second single from that album. He began his set with a song called “Evil Love”, which was off that album.

“Another Heart” was the first video he ever directed and I’m going to include it in this article here along with another one I take myself and include as well.  He brings forth an honest down home approach to simple easy to understand acoustic songs, with a true artistic touch to the simple lyrics.  No fancy frills in any of these songs here, for the simple fact that he doesn’t need them.

“Heartless Woman’ was another great song along with ‘Voo Doo”, and a song called “Runaway Blues”. But perhaps one of the highlights of his set was a song he wrote from an idea about talking adult things with his son, and a phrase his father said. ‘Don’t kick her out of bed unless she wants it on the floor’ actually struck my attention when I was previewing Full Tilt Boogie. That song was called ‘Hey Hey Momma”.

He played a VERY version of Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Help Me Make It through The Night”, a song in which he said his parents danced to at their wedding. He then played a select medley of covers to honor some of the fallen Legends of late news, and a train song he wrote that was inspired by the late Legend Mr. Jimmie Rogers. He told us that later on in his youth when Country became juxtaposed with metal influences he began listening to may Country Legends.

“Skin And Bones” was a song about his grandparents, and has a nice waltz tempo to it.  That song is off of the album The Rise And Fall Of James Scott Bullard, which is on Spotify as well as other places you can buy music. One of his more well written songs he has was called ‘Before The Next Tear Hits The Ground”, that was pretty good hook song.

“Troubled Water” was a new song he said that isn’t available anywhere, and also included in this portion of this his set he played a song called “Leavin On My Mind”. I filmed that song on my video for this article and I have included that song as well.  Speaking of new songs off the album he played the song he released first called “Wicked Ways”, which he wrote about his father and was the first single off of Full Tilt Boogie.

The final song he played tonight was called Jesus Jail Or Texas which you can hear on this website. I thank him and Dee’s for once again having me out, and letting me film and write about this show!


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