Well my dearest readers I MUST SAY it has been one hell of a 2016 for music on both sides of the coin. We have had some truly great music released by some Country Music legends, some of which I shall mention in this article because it all ties together here. Mr. Jody Hendrix CEO of Little Class Records whom I talked on the phone with recently (Go Chiefs) informed me that Moe Bandy (Who made my TOP 50) and Dale Watson (Who also made my TOP 50) will be performing at the Westport Roots Festival in Kansas City Mo.

So it has been confirmed at The Westport Roots Festival that Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band WILL INDEED be reunited for a complete set. This set is EXCLUSIVE to this festival ONLY and will contain The Urban Pioneers Miss Liz Sloan and Mr. Jared McGovern whom secured a spot on my TOP 50 of 2016 with their album “Feast Or Famine”. This set will also include the goodwill ambassador of Roots Music Mr. James Hunnicutt. I have SO MANY stories about Mr. James, he was one of the first ones I began really talking to at Muddy Roots festivals after finally meeting him at Porter Wagoners funeral services in Nashville. Folks you MUST buy tickets for this one in order to see them because it’s a one time deal here!

Last year at Muddy Roots in Cookeville Mr. Jayke offered up some NEW tunes for us and did announce that he was writing and making new music, so I’m pretty sure in the future we will see some new broken band music. I had the blessed opportunity to see one of their final shows with S.S.Webb and I dug up the article and you can read that HERE WOW It’s been two years and longer since I last admired their full show.

I truly had some good times at this festival in 2016 it was HOT HOT HOT but I had an indoor stage and this year I will not have one. My Honky Tonk stage for 2017 will be outdoors and canopied for inclement weather, whatever they throw at me I’m pretty sure I can pull it off in my own fashion quite well. I’m REALLY looking forward to Pat Reedy And The Longtime Goners and quite a few more…I think right now I teased you enough! See you in Kansas City friends!

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