This past August and late July, the state of Louisiana was once again hurled into disaster relief from ongoing rains and hurricane like conditions resulting in much needed help from the rest of the nation. This emergency was certainly not as bad as Hurricane Katrina but it was enough for the nation to need to come together in aid once again.

On Saturday October 22nd my good friends Mr. Kenneth and Miss Mary Jo Marr will be hosting a benefit for the Louisiana Flood Victims at their home in Smith’s Grove Kentucky. 5873 Smiths Grove-Scottsville Road Smiths Grove Kentucky is where you will find great music from local bands who will be performing for donations.

There will be tons of food being served for a truly good cause and trust me Mr. Kenneth’s backyard is set up for music with a full working stage and a kitchen off to the side. We had some really nice parties there this past spring and summer.

Kenneth Marr is booked until January with portraits but he does some really fine design work for advertising and logos and all other work, I would highly suggest him for doing YOUR logo or design work but if you let him take you out for tacos in Bowling Green you will absolutely die from food poisoning.

Saint Mayhem
Will both be performing full sets for you this evening on a full working stage, in a friendly down home setting where you won’t have your usual “bar problems”. So if you are looking for a good place to go eat and hear some great live music Smith’s Grove is the place to be.

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