I tried this last year and it worked quite splendidly, and garnered a lot of web traffic so we decided to take another stab at this. The Country Music Hall Of Fame has once again given us a press kit to share with you, so at 10am Central time we can all enjoy the BRAND NEW 2018 HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES!

  • If you would enjoy looking at a link to a PDF of ALL the Hall of Fame Inductees in order, please click HERE

You know this is THE TIME to avoid social media (much like the CMA or ACM) you have the same old yawning drab comments time and time again…..it should’ve been so and so…Honestly EVEN I have my own preferred agenda  I would LIKE TO SEE but I do understand the process and the politics of it all. Personal politics ravage the music industry like a plague, and many nefarious altercations have occurred in it’s history.

Let’s be feasible here, there are literally thousands of people that are deserving of this accolade here today, and I for one am quite excited to witness this stream every year. I thoroughly enjoy the Hall itself, and I treasure the knowledge that is confined inside it’s walls.

Yeah, I know many people who don’t understand the whole “pop country” concept will often digress because they often build and feature displays for what gets scorned in today’s day and age..however if you approach the hall with the same theories as I do, you’ll soon concur that pop country existed WAY BEFORE Garth Brooks or WHOMEVER you feel ruined Country Music.

I never EVER LEAVE without learning some new information, because when my brain goes on a knowledge spree it goes a mile a minute and becomes a sponge. Names, places and songs adorn my brain on a daily basis, steel guitarists and fiddle players. This institution contains an absolute treasure cache of  life’s most important aspect and the TRUE THING worth more than money of fame…..it contains KNOWLEDGE.

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