My friends down in east Nashville at Live True Vintage always have local bands and
Independent musicians performing summer concert series shows there and usually
on Tuesday nights.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Austin Lucas and Baskery there in 2014 and
in 2013 I got to see Jake Cox and Dag And Bulleit Boys.

Joshua Morningstar was supposed to be there in place of Austin Lucas and
could not make the show for personal reasons.
It still was indeed a good show and a good time was had by all.

It’s a great way to support our local community and friends businesses.
And I always say that’s what music is all about.

Two days after we are all coming home from Muddy Roots Music Festival
Live True Vintage will welcome The Calamity Cubes, James Hunnicutt and Rachel Kate.
Now I WILL SAY I have had the honor to see James Hunnicutt play numerous times
and he SHREDS the guitar!
In fact if you ask me the most aggressive player I would say it’s him or Dallas Moore.

The Calamity Cubes are a little bit of all kinds of genres.
Thrashicana is what their Facebook page says.
Theyr’e just a downright jam string band from Kansas.
I have seen their set many times as well and they NEVER DISAPPOINT.

The shows usually are donation based and usually start at a reasonable 7:00 start time.
It gives me time to get back up to Kentucky from a short 40 minute drive down there.

I’ll more than likely be there why don’t YOU JOIN US!

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