This will be updated as they provide me with MORE. Just like the rest of the 175 festivals this website sponsors and writes about I shall be in constant contact with the organizers and update this article as I deem fit, so with that being said HERE WE GO….

The 2018 Moonrunners Music Festival this year is being offiically announced here on It takes place on May 4rth and 5th in Chicago Illinois at Reggies Rock Club ,and is an indoor two stage event. ALSO there is a  HUGE record store upstairs and the food is really good on the third floor.

There is an all you can eat buffet all day for one set price in the side bar, this past spring I went and it was really good food. You can read more about my trip to this festival in 2017 HERE. My daughter and I had a wonderful time up there, both stages had some truly awesome bands.

Harley Poe
Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band
Carrie Nation And The Sepakeasy
Amigo The Devil
The Dead South
Escape From The Zoo
Hellbound Glory
Those Poor Bastards
Urban Pioneers
Ghost Wolves
Barnyard Stompers
The Antidon’ts
C W ayon
Lorin Walker Madsen
Freight Train Rabbit Killer
Izzy And The Catastrophics
Last False Hope
Brittany Avery
Lonewolf OMB
James Hunnicutt
Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
Dead Eye Zack
Saint Christopher Webster
The Decayed
That Ol’ Coondog
Pearls Mahone
Duane Mark
Terri Lynn And The Darling Daughters
Jeff Shepherd
Won’t Stay Dead
Noah Tyson
Cash O Riley
Gary Moore II
Brett Conlin
Swamp Rats
Davey Dynamite
Darci Carlson
Old Wolves

The official sponsoring hotel is the South Loop Hotel which is only about 5 blocks from Reggies. That folks is about the only nearby hotel that I have found so far. This is an indoor event so the rules of the festival are pretty much the rules of the venue, however like EVERY festival there is ONE main rule: Don’t be a dick.

Chicago South Loop Hotel
11 W 26th Street
Chicago IL 60616

Sheila Ward
Direct: 312-674-2234

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