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I recently found Matt Woods music after hearing some of my friends talking about him. I love his music and hope that you guys will also. Please share this interview to help spread Matt’s music and like this page so you never miss any future interviews. Thanks enjoy.

ROUND 1 – If you were asked to describe your music to a group of people that had never heard it, how would you describe it?

Matt ~ If I were a critic trying to write a review, I might say something like “It’s a big bowl of folk country rock’n’roll stew cooked with love and seasoned with truth and tales of the Appalachian south.” But what does that actually mean? I don’t know how to describe it and wouldn’t presume to attempt comparisons, not to mention the sound is always evolving. I hope folks will listen and make up their own minds.

ROUND 2 – Can you tell us your favorite lyrics of all time and tell us why those lyrics made such an impact on you personally?

Matt ~ That’s nearly impossible to answer. Start with just about anything Kristofferson ever wrote. The man is a poet.

ROUND 3 – Being a traveling musician I am sure you see and hear a lot while on tour, can you tell us about one of your favorite memories from the road?

Matt ~ There are lots of them and they tend to come out in those late night, corner-of-the-bar sort of conversations. One fond recent memory is watching the sun rise over the Baltic Sea on an overnight ferry trip from Sweden to Poland with the fellas in the band.

ROUND 4 – Most people love pets so to step away from the music a little, do you have any pets and if so can you tell us about them?

Matt ~ I love animals and my roommate has a rad English Bulldog named Oscar, but I don’t have any pets of my own at the moment. With all of the travel, it is a bit too hard.

ROUND 5 – What are your favorite hobbies outside of the music World?

Matt ~ When I have the opportunity, I love to get out on my motorcycle, but touring limits that quite a bit. I enjoy books, bar games, and cooking anytime I get the chance. The road and spending time in bars does allow me the opportunity to play a while bunch of pinball, though! I kinda want to open a pinball bar someday. That is maybe one of my favorite things to do.

Last Call – This is a place where you can tell your fans and the people who may be hearing about you for the first time anything that you would like them to know.

Matt ~ I think I would like to encourage folks to give the music a listen and connect with me on all of the social media outlets. Also, to realize that there is a whole world of music out here, across all genres, not represented in the mainstream radio format. I know it may take a little more work to find it, but I guarantee it’ll be worth the effort. Y’all be good to each other!

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