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This week I bring you all Mr. Jackson Taylor. Please share this interview to help spread Jackson’s music to others and remember to like this page if you like these interviews to ensure you don’t miss any upcoming musicians. Thanks I hope you enjoy.

Round 1 – If you were talking to someone who had never heard your music before how would you describe your music?

Jackson – “We are “modern evolution of what country music should be”. We aren’t a dress up band who is pretending like it’s another decade. We are simply the greatest honky tonk band in the fucking universe. We are now, today, this moment. We respect tradition, but are not slaves to it, same as our hero’s who came before us.”

Round 2 – I know that you enjoy drawing and have even sold some artwork. Can you tell us a little about that and let people know where they can find some of your art?

Jackson – “I have always enjoyed drawing, but I gave it up when I was a kid. Last year I started again just to relax and decompress and it’s turned into a viable second career. All my prints are available at

Round 3 – I know that you are a huge comic book fan, have you ever thought about making your own comic series since you enjoy drawing? If you did what would it be about?

Jackson – “I have already started. My first issue is done, once I have three issues finished I will start self publishing them. It takes about a month to write, pencil, ink, color & letter a 22 page comic book. I can’t talk about it until my copy right comes though.”

Round 4 – Is there any new music in the works or any idea when we may see a new album?

Jackson – “We just released a new song called ‘A Long Line Of Lovers’. After 17 CDs I don’t know if I will do anymore full CDs. I may just release a new song and video digitally every 6 months.”

Round 5 – Besides drawing which we have already talked about, what are some of your hobbies outside of the music World?

Jackson – “I have been obsessed with grappling and BJJ for years. Touring keeps me so busy there really isn’t much time for hobbies. I have always been an avid non fiction reader and am starting to film some, shooting shows as well as documentaries. Grappling, shooting and film making are pretty close to my heart.”

Last Call – This is an open question so you can say anything you want to the fans and people reading this.

Jackson – “Music is expression, don’t get caught up on labels. Someone pretending like it’s 1974 or 1950 are far less original and honest than someone breaking new ground. I don’t personally like country rap, but if it’s organic I will give it a listen. The drama geek hipsters in their attempt to gentrify country music have scarified authenticity in search of being “authentic”. Music should be natural and express who you are, not who you wish you were. Basically be Dwight Yoakum.”

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