This website not only ended up benefiting bands and record labels, I often talk about the MANY venues and hotels I use across America. I’ll be honest about another thing I love about the road life….EATING. Yeah, folks I could tell you about different places to eat in every city from Florida to Washington to be honest. I been around in the years since I started this website.

When I do run into horrible service, mediocre food, or rude waitstaff I usually NEVER totally slam ANY establishment. I DO contact the owners and alert them to my dilemma, and many times they are quite sympathetic to was the case here.  I attended this restaurant last year for another band and was VERY displeased with their service, but NOT the food. Additionally I have always thought the stage was a NICE setup, and the sound man was top notch. This establishment GREATLY SUPPORTS local live music and has featured ALL of my favorite local bands from the Bowling Green area that I feature on this website.

I was there last weekend to eat and watch a NEW BAND that has birthed in the area called High Fidelity now my dear readers they are relatively new here, in fact this was only their second live show. I was told to go easy on them while I ate, and I did. In fact I didn’t think they were bad at all, in time with some original music and comfort, this band WILL become a viable peer to the other bands in the area.

Needless to say their three sets included all cover songs (that I was there for) but I’ll be honest their take on “Hard To Handle” from the Black Crowes was pretty damn good for the second time live! Even the solo that I waited to be highly critical of was not bad at all!  Their choices of songs complimented one another quite well, which created a viable show here. From “Born To Be Wild” a song which clearly is identified by a mutual crowd of customers like these to “Dark Necessities” which may not be, I thought their catalogue was quite eclectic. I’ll give them some time to evolve, develop their own sound and acquire some original music and I’ll feature this band more often for sure.

Mr.Adrian Heil – Keys (multiple)
Mr.Quentin Farris – Drums (multiple)
Mr.Andy Wells – Guitar / Vocals (Multiple)
Mr.Christian Turner – Lead Vocals (Multiple)
Mr.Rob Wray – Bass / Vocals (Multiple)

I wanted to take a few moments to talk about what an absolute TOTAL IMPROVEMENT Rib Lickers has made since I last visited them. They have acquired a new manager  Mr. Bob Hundley, who is absolutely what this restaurant needed to improve. As I previously stated THE FOOD wasn’t the issue THE SERVICE WAS, NOW fast forward to this year they HAVE indeed moved up to a whole new echelon of quality.

I buy their sauce RELIGIOUSLY and their rubs equally the same at IGA in Russellville Kentucky (Also locally owned). I DO GET Big Macs but you know I TRY to keep it local if I can. Now the new manager shared many future ideas with me that I cannot tell you about yet, but I CAN SAY that he has changed the gift shop around to better serve guests with more bar area, which from a business aspect was a smart idea to me. EVERY SQUARE FOOT should generate income, if it only generates fluctuating income….it’s dead space. I can walk into ANY establishment and tell you whether or not I’ll walk into it next year, if the stools are not generating 10g a year (in my opinion) it won’t last.

This manager PERSONALLY escorted us to a table for the show and it wasn’t only me, I SAW HIM go to EVERY table and greet guests as an engaged manager. I saw him fill drinks and take trays, I watched him open the door for people. The Kitchen Manager also came to us, and was enthusiastic about the future of Rib Lickers!

The price to me was also fair for the ribs, I usually expect 1.50 a rib, 6 bones and 8 ribs..12.00 usual done deal to me. A half rack with sides is a little more but SO WHAT, I tell you it’s well worth the price to go there to eat because you get live music. PAY A LITTLE MORE FOR FOOD THAT PAYS THE BAND PEOPLE. See how this works, they are up there working for you.


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