Through the years of doing this website, I have had the elite pleasure of meeting, and networking with many from all over the world, and within many communities and genres of the music industry. I have met and become acquainted with my heroes of Country Music as well as the up and comers on the independent levels of the music world.

One of those people that are up and coming is this young man from Colorado, that I met years ago at an appearance he had in Nashville. I wrote all about meeting  him, and the music he played that night in this article HERE. One can quickly ascertain that he is quite an ardent janissary of the genre of Country Music.

He has been blessed enough to have had the help of some of Country Music’s greatest ‘behind the scenes” people, like the mighty Mr. Lloyd Maines, whom produced his third album, which was the echelon I met him on in his career.

10 years ago this month I was turning 21 and recording for the first time in Nashville. The EP was called “Beer and a Rose”, which was recorded all analog at Welcome to 1979 with some amazing players.

Brad Pemberton threw that session together for me after I reached out to him on a whim. Brad is an incredible musician who has played on some of my favorite albums ever, from Patty Griffin to Ryan Adams and most recently Steve Earle.
His wonderful and talented wife Marna Taylor graciously sang some harmonies (check out her band Daughters of Justice).  Dave Jacques, another amazing player who I’d grown up listening to on John Prine records lent his hand at bass. And Jon Graboff, also from the Cardinals played steel and mandolin…

My long winded preamble just leads to this- It was super special being back in Nashville a few weeks ago. I was producing an album for my friend Robert Kent Voss yet again at Welcome to 1979. And later in the week, Brad, Marna, Dave and I played some music live (for the first time in I don’t know how long) at a CDX radio listening party.

These are some special musicians! One of the songs we played, I Can’t Say Goodbye, is from that ep (Beer and a Rose). It was pretty dang cool picking up where we left off 10 years later and not really missing a beat! It was so much fun and I’m really happy to be able to share these songs with you!
Check out the video below:

I Can’t Say Goodbye – Tyller Gummersall (live)
You Pay For It – Tyller Gummersall (live)
All on My Mind – Tyller Gummersall (live)

Last year, he released a really nice 8 song album that was well received by all of us.  It included some powerhouse help once again both production wise, and musically, and when you combine that with his peacefully resonant lyrics molded after those long forgotten trail riding cowboys of old.

Here are some of the things he has been up to lately. This new song called “Right Side Of The Dirt”, grabbed me right off the bat with the first few words as a seasoned factory worker of nearly 20 years. I’m not very far from my planned retirement time to pursue music journalism, and to just be a fan.

I too haven’t scored all too well in the love department either, so many aspects of this song spoke to me as an individual on many levels. I can also say the same victorious statement about my tough life, at least I’m still alive.

New Music from Tyller Gummersall featuring Twin Kennedy
The above video is a live version of Right Side of the Dirt, filmed by Cinematographer Tim Sutherland (Nashville, Stranger Things, Rodney Atkins, Jerrod Niemann).


The studio version featuring Tyller (Guitar/Vocals), Twin Kennedy (Fiddle, Banjo, Vocals) and Dave Jacques (Bass) will be released as a single on all platforms May 26th.
“We met Tyller 10 years ago playing a live show during one of our first trips to Nashville. We immediately connected as string players, singers and songwriters! Although we were countries apart at the time – with us living in Canada and Tyller in the US – we stayed in touch and became great friends and co-writers. We were honored when Tyller invited us to be featured on his recording of “Right Side of the Dirt”, which the three of us wrote together in Nashville. We decided to record a live video for the tune because it represents what brought us together in the first place – live music! With the added beauty of Southern farmland and a moody sunset, the live video for “Right Side of the Dirt” takes us back to how we first met – standing around a microphone and sharing a song!” ~Twin Kennedy
“This song’s life (Right Side of the Dirt) has been a really fun journey, the whole thing has just flowed naturally! A few years back while I was in Nashville, Twin Kennedy and I sat down to write some songs. We were throwing ideas around and Carli mentioned a catchy phrase that her fiancé’s colleagues used at work; “at least I’m on the right side of the dirt”. I loved that concept and started noodling on the guitar. The opening lick started coming together, Julie grabbed her fiddle, Carli grabbed a Ganjo. They are such an amazing musicians and literally by the third time I’d run through the intro we were playing the tune together as if a thousand times before! Lyrics fell into place, their harmonies floated in seamlessly. Sometimes songs just come together like that and boy it’s fun when they do!” – Tyller Gummersall

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