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Get involved with ROMP by voting in the ROMP Virtual Band Contest!  Presented by Jagoe Homes, the contest is decided by you, the fans.  Voting closes on the evening of March 14th, and we’ll announce the winner on March 17th! 🍀
Below is a link to the web page with every band on the ballot.  Click through and navigate to each band’s page to view their video entry and vote.  Remember, only one vote/email address/day.  Thank you to all the bands that participated!

That was part of their media announcement, as they announce their virtual band contest for an opportunity to play the actual festival. I had an opportunity to research some of these bands, and found a few new favorite bands. Events like this are a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy some newly discovered bands!

I wanted to take the time to share a few other festivals that are also going on like my Moon Runners Music Festival friends up there in Chicago. Even though they hope to have a festival in October, they ARE monitoring the conditions and could cancel anytime. Fresh Grass Festival is another Jam Grass festival that plans to continue forward with July plans.

The Great Blue Heron is one of my New York festivals I follow, that has decided to cancel already now. Now right off the bat, you need to remember that EVERY STATE is different, and has different laws and spread of the virus.

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Nectar Valley

Nectar Valley.jpeg

Pretty Little Goat

Pretty Little Goat.jpg

Bluegrass Confidential

Bluegrass Confidential.jpeg

Kentucky Shine


Full Cord Bluegrass

Full Cord bluegrass.jpg

Floyds Row


Red Mountain Boys

Red Mountain Boys.jpg

Van Winkle & The Spirits

Van Winkle Spirits.jpg

Sicard Hollow

Sicard Hollow.jpg

Stillhouse Junkies

Stillhouse Junkies.jpg

The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers


Anja with Green Light


Stoneface Mountain


The Tenos

The Tenosw.jpeg

Craig Morris & King Cotton


The Gaslight Boys


Mike Mitchell Band


The Goldsberrys


Pretend Friend


The Last Minute Men

The last Minute Men.png

Andy Brasher and Friends

Andy Brasher.jpg




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