Moon Runners Music Festival has always been one of my TOP favorite festivals of the last ten years. Even though it’s not as old as a few of the others I cover, it does not make it any less relevant. Mr. Jahshie P. was one of the few first people I met while getting into the Roots Music world, as he and his ilk were revolutionizing the Chicago area music community.

At the time of me writing this one ( as I am frantically trying to catch up ) there are two day’s worth of videos out already now. I missed day 1, but got to watch day 2. You can easily go back and watch the videos again, many times.

Over the next few weeks I will be ( and I have been ) listing and working with so many festivals and venues, telling you about the ones that have cancelled. Well, Moon Runners is one of the ones that HAS NOT cancelled. If you don’t mind I would like to include some links to others that are going like Fresh Grass.They continue to plan their Jamgrass lineup to us.

The Blue Ox Music Festival in nearby Wisconsin also plans to continue on with their 2021 festival plans. I do a lot of work with that specific festival, and they are watching the current situation carefully to make a final decision.

But MANY of the festivals I yearly follow have indeed cancelled, and have either dropped out altogether, or issued videos like these. Some of the festivals that have cancelled are one of my favorites Rooster Walk and one of my New York festivals called  The Great Blue Herron.

Through the years, many of these bands have been featured on this website and I have had the pleasure to maintain friendships with many of them through the years. Even though I try my best to keep track of many different music communities all over America, I do not always get to watch everything LIVE, and I have to it on video.

Shoot, there are times that I have two different videos from two different genres on computers at the same time. But the main thing here is this: I enjoy doing this! This link HERE is where you can donate to them, so they can continue the fight against shitty corporate music!

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