Folks you have not  heard me talk about Rory Kelly for some time now, he and his band do a TRULY KILLER version of Merle Travis song “Sixteen Tons” that was made popular by Tennessee Ernie Ford. I must honestly say that in all my time of covering independent bands and local bands I have always regarded Rory Kelly as one of the top 3 best guitarists I ever saw live.

He has his own father behind the drums and together his band Triple Threat is going through the country right now on tour and trust me friends you need to go see him perform if you haven’t already! I just saw Shooter play last night and they had Them Dirty Roses open for him, I thought WOW I bet Rory Kelly would be awesome on a bill with them.

The last time I had the pleasure of seeing them was at the Limelight in Nashville with another Legend that we recently lost this week Steve Young. I will be adding more dates to this article as they announce them and I’ll be watching them VERY close as they are out on tour, if they come to my area I’ll happily go out and cover their show!
I have some news later on about MORE of the bands and artists on the Rusty Knuckles label and more on some of the bands that Rory Kelly hangs out with and they like him too!

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