Well folks here I am at the Wanted Saloon in Dickson Tn getting ready to to cover all the local music featured here tonight and then the main act tonight is Shooter Jennings with the Waymore’s Outlaws. J.D. Outlaw has already been super kind to my website here and was telling me about his forthcoming album which I shall tell you more about at a later time.

This is a truly nice and well rounded venue and it houses about 300 plus, VERY nice. Right now they are doing some acoustic music in a more intimate setting there will be some other bands up tonight like Them Dirty Roses and a few more. I’m working on several different projects at once here and just enjoying the spring weather in this nice bar with good friends.


They are setting up the other side of the bar for bands right now and I’m getting excited for sure because I don’t believe I have got to feature any of these artists yet, and I’m hoping to get some of the work done before the place fills up so fast I cannot write because I’m hoping Shooter tears the roof off this place.


First up is an old friend I met a while back when I covered The Rowdy Johnson Band at his other Wanted Saloon Bar. J.D Outlaw Mr. J.D. has always been very good to my website and it’s always nice to get to come out to Dickson. He has an injured hand and wrist so his set list will be smaller than usual, and he opened his set with “Watching That Moonshine”. He followed that with a slower song called “Montgomery” about his hometown, he just returned from playing a few days in Florida before playing tonight. He played just a little dab of the Dropkick Murphys before he played a really good song called “Mason/Dixon line” before he left the stage. I shall be in contact with him for further information about his forthcoming album and I will feature him in an article later.


So I bought all my merch shopping so far, and took a short break first. Shelby Lee Lowe opened his set with a song called called “Double Wide Love” which was truly a well written song. He followed it with a slower type waltz song called “At It Again”. Right now he’s playing one called ‘Taste Of Your Own Medicine”, this song is his most well written song he has done tonight. I liked it very much..this place is now filling up pretty fast. I ran over and bought his CD and if I ever get the chance to feature a whole show of his I shall certainly bring him back to the website here.

There are special VIP tables off to the side that include the ticket prices for all the shows and every table has it’s own wait staff assigned to them. He is playing a song called “Slow Dancing” and closed his set with a song called “History”, he has a small seven song EP for sale and you can contact him to purchase it I had a truly good time listening to him play his set.


Dixie Jade is a powerful Country duo that is as harmonious as the Judds and just as pretty. Their first song was called “Build A Bridge” and their stage presence is absolutely amazing.. AMAZING because now they ARE playing a Judds song..wow THAT WAS NOT PLANNED they are NAILING “Girl’s Night Out’.

“Grit And Amazing Grace” is an absolutely amazing song WOW these gals have the most beautiful voices! Right now they are playing a Fleetwood Mac cover song but DAMMIT they are NAILING every song they are performing right now, and they closed their set with a song called “Who Said It First”. I’m SO impressed with this duo that I will try on include a Youtube video when I have more time to dig on there, right now I’m limited time wise to the stage and jotting notes down.

Them Dirty Roses are a band I kept missing every time they are around I’m covering someone else or occupied with some other function well not tonight…tonight I AM HERE with Them Dirty Roses!


Them Dirty Roses are a four piece Southern Roots Rock band from Alabama that have been on my radar for some time now. I’m heavily excited to have them on the website tonight along with everyone else. I just spoke to Mr. Lloyd from Goose On The Lake Festival and they are right now considering a fall festival instead of June, and as the band is pounding out “Mississippi Queen” they are showing great stage presence.

“Bad Hand” is what they are now playing and I must say the sound guy is doing a swell job. Their next song is called “What Your Daddy Doesn’t Know”..I would have paid 20 just to see this band play themselves! What a truly energetic set this was tonight before the main act the mighty Shooter Jennings and The Waymore’s Outlaws. They are continuing their set with a song called “Cocaine And Whiskey”, I would highly recommend their album purchase, these guys sound terrific live and they are playing “Soul Shine” which many bands play but they are doing a terrific job of it! I see many influences within the ranks of this band much like Blackberry Smoke and other bands like this, in fact I could see this band doing well playing with Rory Kelly and Triple Threat or Mud River Revival.

As they play “Grew Up In the Country” I am watching the show here with Mr. Buddy Jennings, Shooter’s brother, we must take good care of him. Right now they are closing their set with “Shake” Man they are shaking the roof off this joint tonight this band hits you harder than a cinderblock in the head!

The next act did not introduce themselves very well and I cannot tell you who they are however they played a really good cover of a Don Williams song and a few originals that were pretty good. The Outlaws are coming up next to play a few before they bring Shooter out Mr. Adam has him upstairs. Whoa they are picking the Wildwood Flower up there…
They played a cool song I believe was called “Damn This Rain”.

You know Shooter has a new album out now called ‘Countach” (for Giorgio) and it’s available right now on pink vinyl LP through the website and honestly I have wore it out on my player while enjoying all the different sounds on it. This new album is certainly a different direction and that’s not really a bad thing. It’s got A ton of different sounds rolled into one album, I’m quite sure Colonel Jon is looking down smiling on that project, which is Shooter’s ninth studio album. It is a tribute album to the Italian Electronic Wizard Giorgio Moroder and I will be including more thoughts on the album later on. I want to say right now this album made me feel like a kid again, I grew up with the same influences as Shooter did and I understand him and his eclectic expression and I understand his influences..and who didn’t love Falcor?



Black Country Rock Records is also releasing a new Billy Don Burns album on limited edition white vinyl on Record Store Day. “A Night In Room 8” will be the 37th release from the label and it will be available April 16th on white vinyl of only 1000 copies and then in June on CD and all else.

It’s called “A Night In Room 8” because it was recorded in room 8 of the very hotel “The Joshua Tree Inn” where Gram Parsons was discovered dead in 1973. It was recorded back in 2014 and Jon Hensley also had a hand in that project as well and it was recorded on a Tascam recorder.

OK SO NOW it’s almost time for The Waymore’s Outlaws and then Shooter to come play, I’m excited! Those four rascals are on stage right now getting ready to rip it up for us. They are opening with “Don’t Think Hank Done It This Way”, this place is pretty packed. “Rainy Day Woman” was next along with “This Train” off Keeping The Spirit Alive album and they steamrolled right into “I Always Been Crazy”.



Fred Newell is picking the fire out of that steel guitar and doing his Willie piece on “Good Timing Woman” as always, these boys always play like a well oiled machine. They never fail to kick ass up there! “Good Ol’ Boys” is making this place go wild and combined up there the Outlaws have more tenure with Waylon Jennings and more history than my brain can type but I shall try. For those who don’t know Richie Albright wrote the Dukes theme song and produced many albums for Waylon, and in fact Shooter’s middle name is Albright.

SO….here we go “Ain’t Living Long Like This” is the first song we are jamming to here along with “Black Rose”. OK Now he is playing a song off his new album “I’m Left Your’e Right She’s Gone”, and it sounds like rolling thunder in here. This song is off the 1977 Giorgio album “From Here To Eternity”  and was also on the first Mixtape.

Probably my favorite song on the whole new album is called “Born To Die” which I’m listening to now, and dammit it sounds AWESOME LIVE! I truly love the way this song came out melody wise and it’s just an outright jam, the whole album is really different and exotic in it’s own way. To me it’s like Sturgills Metamodern Sounds, Countach will NEVER be duplicated by anyone and it has it’s own category.



This has been ONE HELL of an action packed night of local music without a doubt, and I’m having a blast. He is doing a Ramones cover tune off his BCR Mixtape called “She Talks To Rainbows” along with a song off the first BCR Mixtape album called “Nashville From Afar”.

“Solid Country Gold” was a song off “Put The O Back In Country” that is being played now, one of my favorites. Also included in his set was “Belle Of The Ball” and one of his father’s songs “Long Time Gone”. He usually mixes up his setlist when he is playing with the Waymore’s Outlaws with his own and also his father’s songs.

“Some Rowdy Women” was the second part of his set list tonight, and accompanied by Fred’s impeccable steel guitar talents this song is truly killing it. ” Outlaw You” is one of the songs he played almost acoustic and solo but it still sounded good. He has truly performed an epic part of his tour tonight in Dickson Tennessee and I am still waiting for more as he is playing a Nirvana cover right now, his influences run deep within everything he does even as he named his record label from a David Bowie song.

He is playing “Motherfucking Gunslinger” right now as it may be hopeful that Shooter plays all damn night long and he blasted right into “Playin Possom” from his George Jones EP in 2012 and along with “Living In A Minor Key” and played a George Jones song. He is playing “Gone To Carolina” one of my top favorite songs he does for sure. Mr. Tommy Townsend is closing the show out for the evening with “Same Old Outlaws”, and he also played “Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues”.

I might have honestly missed a song there back towards the end of his show as I was packing up and getting ready to go back and visit with him and Miss Misty for a short spell. I want to personally take time out to THANK HIM and Misty for all the wonderful things they do for US, his fans. You might not like everything he puts out…I don’t think there are many artists out there that change directions as vividly that I like ALL their music. And that’s totally fine because we ALL have one thing you cannot argue with….character…however there’s a fine an honest fine line between having character and being an asshole so please folks be nice about music you don’t like.

I love you too Shooter.

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