This Tuesday at the Nashville Palace there will be an Official Album Release Party for Sarah Gayle Meech who has just released her second album “Tennessee Love Song”. Now she is indeed having album release parties all over the country and YOU can order the album RIGHT HERE through my website as usual.

This new album was also produced by Andy Gibson like her last one was and I really enjoy this album. Every time I see her she always puts on a hell of a show and does some really good cover songs too! Tommy Hannum is one hell of a good steel guitarist and heck I’d drive to town just to see him play let alone the rest of her awesome crew.

She’s overseas as I write some of this article and I been watching her work and grow as an artist for years now.
She never forgets me and always goes out of her way to make me feel welcome and as a fan that’s important she is a true genuine person. Her and her husband are extremely nice people and she will be performing on the Muddy Roots Music Festival lineup Labor Day weekend.

I thought all of the musicians on this album were absolutely exceptional including Chris Scruggs on the guitar work and Andy Gibson played on a lot of them as well. Her song “Love of Mine” she played for us when we went to see her a few months ago on her stomping grounds downtown Nashville. Another good song on this album was “At The Bar Again” I thought it was a well written song. It is mixed and sounds really well and I think for being a do it yourself artist she is one of the TOP choices to go see play live. The title track “Tennessee Love Song” is a wonderful song along with ‘The Loneliest Place In Town”.

This album is truly a worthy sophomore album from a really great artist and I highly recommend buying it.

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