Well Folks I’m up here at The Spillway in Bowling Green Kentucky for someone I have been wanting to feature for a long time now Tanya Montana Coe. Right now the man that has produced her debut album “Silver Bullet” Shane Tutmarc is on stage.

Her brother Tyler Coe stated on her website that her album Silver Bullet is easily the best collection of songs by anyone with the last name Coe since the 1980’s..and he is correct! I love this album and her music is a gritty and rough but in a really good way. I am highly convinced she’s going to become big in her own right and I intend to support her any way I can.

As always I had to come support the food here they got the best pizza and wings around. This is one of my favorite venues in this area. Shane is playing an original country song called “Tennessee Girl” and I really like the twang his music has! His lead guitarist has some really good solos and they are doing a fine job up there right now. He is playing an up and coming song to be released as a single soon and it’s a rockabilly song called “Jazz Odyssey” and it’s really good. He’s doing many types of music in his set.

There is a pretty good sized crowd here for this show, I’m glad to see this happen. I recently saw her perform at the birthday party for Riley Reed and I decided that she needs her OWN article so thusly I made it. She is working very hard to maintain her own style and sound and that’s important to me, she’s not just sounding like someone else. I look forward to supporting her further musical endeavors.

She’s about to take the stage in just a few moments and I’m excited for this one folks. Her album is not officially released yet so when I’m given permission I’ll do a full length feature for you on that one. She opened her set with a song called “Warrior” which is on her album first and is a really personal song for her and that’s evident.

She followed that with a slower more mellow song called “Rebel Heart” which is also on the album as well. Her next song was called “Gamblers,Players,Thieves and Whores. It’s a very gritty song she does with good guitar playing in it. It is a high energy song on the album that I really like, it’s not my favorite one but it’s good. “Good Lovin”
is one that she is doing right now and people seem to be liking it, she doing a good job up there tonight.

Her next song was called “Hard Times” which is pretty much self explanatory and It’s a slow ballad song. I like this song and I like the way she delivers the lyrics on this song. It’s a very well written song on many levels. The song called “Shame On You” is a twangy type of song I like the best in Country Music and it needs more of
this twangy stuff. One of the best ones of her set tonight!

“Roadrunner” is a cover song that she did really well, she has a pretty good band up there. She closed her set with the title song from her album called “Silver Bullet”. It’s another one of my favorite songs she does and I think the longer she keeps going she will grow as an artist and a writer. I look forward to supporting her more. It’s been a fun night here at the Spillway I love the food here. Very spacious venue and the sound is really good and this might sound weird but I like table height for the computer, It’s not too high or too low. I can easily work on articles while enjoying music here.

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