I’m VERY excited tonight for this show out here at the Spillway Bar And Grill, man this place is packed for Miss Sunny BUT FIRST we have our old friend Mr.Rye Davis up first here. This is the last of a two night run with Sunny Sweeney, and this article will publish in two parts, to view this first portion please click HERE.

Last night she played a wonderful set filled with a few NEW SONGS that I’ll be the FIRST to tell you about on either of these portions of this job. This is an absolute pleasure to see this venue filled like this for Sunny Sweeney, and it’s an honor to watch her grow exponentially in the last few years. I am relentlessly pursuing Opry management to recognize her involvement toward the Opry, by inducting her as a member. I believe that being one of the younger artists out there playing real Country, she would be a stalwart torch carrier of the institution.

It’s been an honor to have featured Mr. Rye Davis and No Deceit many times in the five years this website has been active, and tonight  both of them are opening acts for her. It’s standing room only here tonight and right now Mr. Robert is introducing some of the fun we have planned tonight.  After tonight I’m gearing up for a few nights in West Virginia W.B. Walker And His Five Year Anniversary.

So once again Mr. Rye Davis is preparing to play some acoustic songs for us here with his usual unique style, and I hope he plays the song about blue jeans..I’ll tell you I have so much going on, and so many irons in the fire it’s unreal here. Business is good!

He opened his set with “If You Wanna Rock and Roll” which is a good uptempo song, and he followed that up with a song called “She Knows”. I think this is of his more well written songs with well structured lyrics and a good melody. He did indeed play the song called “Blue Jeans”, good hooks and inventive lyrics. Growing up and having his mother wash his jeans, they tattled on him from leaving things in the pockets.

His next song is a brand new song called “Stone To Stone” and he completed his set with a song called “They All Know My Name” which was self admittedly his favorite song.  That song is always a good closing song with powerful lines within it’s messages.

No Deceit was next here, and they have been featured on here once before as well. I certainly don’t mind revisiting bands many times over to watch for growth and new songs. They started with the song called “I Smoked Myself Into A Dream”., I’m telling you it’s always FUN to come see a local band that just plays and has FUN on stage.

These young people don’t care about fluffy image or notoriety, they just play rocking music. Their second song was called “Hicktown”. I snuck up to catch some more pictures of this band here, maneuvering through this massive crowd here to catch them in action. This is a very high energy band to have for an opener, and a VERY good opportunity for them to showcase to a larger crowd.

After playing “Might As Well Get Stoned” by Stapleton they played one called “The River”. They followed that song up with one called “Last Dance With Mary Jane”…what a well played cover of a Petty song. They really displayed a FUN ambiance here, and set the tone of the evening right.

“Take It Easy” was NOT a cover of the Eagles song it is indeed their own original, and on their album. However their next song was a Stapleton/Coe/Jones song called Tennessee Whiskey, pretty much a self explained song there. ‘Run Darl’n” was next on the set list, followed by a song called “Free And Easy”. They closed their set with the title track of their album called “Bar Band”, and left us all in a good position for another dose of gettin Sweenered here in Bowling Green!

Sooo here we go, another night of Miss Sunny and her hardcore Country Music. She’s going to lay down some smack ass Honky Tonk upon the Spillway here! I have never witnessed two nights of her set before, and I’m excited to see how she changes them nightly.

I DO KNOW she plans to play the NEW song called “Tie Me Up But You Can’t Tie Me Down’, and hopefully she’ll play the other new one from last night as well. She did come out to the song called “Better Bad Idea”, like she did yesterday. EXCELLENT intro song to come out to!

Right now, we are enjoying “Staying’s Worse Than Leaving”, and after that  a cover of “Rainy Day Woman”. Then, SHE DID PLAY the new song called “Body In A Boxcar” I’m TELLING YOU it’s a rowdy boot stomper here! She has a full house whupping butts out here in Bowling Green! Her band is REALLY TOP NOTCH, both nights they complimented her style and her vocals quite well.

“Pass The Pain” was next, and both nights she went into detail about going through her divorce and an altercation of getting ‘Kindly Removed” from a bar early inspired her to write that song. It is an older song however it is the first song off her new album Trophy, which landed at number four on my TOP 50 of 2017.

Stories backed up all of her songs this weekend, and this brought us closer to her as an artist. “Nothing Wrong With Texas” was next followed by a song called “Trophy” that is the title track of her latest album, and it was not included in part 1. She did juggle the set lists in several areas this weekend for sure.

Her song “Uninvited” came with a terrific story about Vince Gill, followed by “Pills” and the new song “You Can Tie Me Up But You Can’t Tie Me Down”. As I previously stated I did not shoot video of any of her two performances this weekend, for professional reasons.

She once again played both versions of “If I Could”, and shared both stories of why they changed the format around. Her set  list also contained “Drink Myself Single”, “East Texas Pines”, “From A table Away” and another great one with an adult theme called “Whiskey Richard”. Many hilarious references to erectile dysfunction, and sexual jokes abounded at a more suitable setting for that song. However BOTH venues hosted OUTSTANDING shows.

Another song she performed solely at Spillway was “Kiss My Ass”, and she wrapped up her show with songs like “Bottle By My Bed” which once again was related to by many audience members, and this time she played ‘Backhanded Compliment” before wrapping up the show with “Bad Girl Phase”.







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