In 2018 The Devil Makes Three unveiled some of their finest work in the form of the 2018’s album “Chains Are Broken”.  The California based trio have been leaders in the Americana community for a very very long time now, gracing stages all over the world with their music that embellishes many different sounds through the years.

This band is amazing live, and this venue is on EVERYONE’S bucket list. In fact this weekend I’ll be writing about the very first appearance of Mr. Cody Jinks at Red Rocks as well, but right now I wanted to tell you about this album.

This LIVE baby has seventeen songs on it spanning all of their album from back to their humble beginning in the form of their self titled 2002 debut. In fact it opens with “The Bullet” which was from that album, and features their wonderful three piece harmonies. It also features the toe tapping fun song called “Spinning Like A Top”, from the 2013 album I’m A Stranger Here.

The Redemption And Ruin album boasted the song “Drunken Hearted Man”, along with “All Hail” from the Do Wrong Right album. Now, this album concluded with one of their more popular songs “Aces And “Eights” from that same album. In my opinion it is one of Roots music’s more iconic albums, and this band is one of Americana’s more popular bands.

One of the songs that speaks to me the most lyrically and also intertwines the vocals of the three members Mr. Pete Bernhard, Miss Lucia Turino and Mr. Cooper Mcbean is the title song off their 2018 ‘Chains Are Broken” album. As a recovered addict I also can love the meaning of this song, along with many others in their catalogue.

This song called “Bad Idea” is from the “Chains Are Broken” album followed by one of my favorite songs they do the touching Gospel ballad “What Would You Give” . Especially with their three part harmonies and as they break into another one off “Redemption And Ruin” called “There’ll Be A Jubilee”, which is about that wonderful day the Lord calls his children home.

“Old Number Seven” is an OLD SONG from WAY BACK to their first album as well, and like I said I regard their debut album as an Americana and Roots music classic album. If you do not know this album you MUST go check it out, the fiddle work is exquisite and sweet. I mean what can be bad about a song about Jack Daniels whiskey?

“Pray For Rain” and also “Deep Down” were also songs off the album “Chains Are “Broken” that closed the album out quite well along with the previously mentioned “Aces And Twos” . Overall the song choices were spectacular and it was recorded very well. They have an earlier live album from 2011 at the Mystic theater, which had the song called “They Call That Religion” that pokes fun at fake preachers and fake churches…we won’t mention names……This band has a home here on Gary Hayes Country. Com and always will.

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