Well folks I got ALL KINDS of news from John King And The Mud River Revival which I have been raving about for some time now. I TOLD YOU if they keep working hard they WILL become an even MORE solid unit as a band..and I’ll follow them and tell you all about it.

So HERE is an old (but not to distant) show review from the Spillway in Bowling Green Kentucky where they did a really good job on stage. I think they will have festival potential in a little while and we shall see if they begin to tour further out in time. Right now I like their battle plans..conquer their local scene first. Remarkably the Bowling Green Ky scene has some GREAT bands within it.

Like THIS SHOW on the headline that happens THIS WEEKEND April 11th at the Warehouse At Mt. Victor in Bowling Green Ky. This show features some more good talent like my buddy Brandon Atwell who released his album at Outlaw Fest last year. He and I had a good time selling his album in my merchandise tent and hanging out,in my opinion his album was pretty damn good and I have it in my constant rotation of about 650 albums.

It’s called Americana Fest and you can buy tickets on the link there and find out how to get there. It features 6 bands of different genres and if I can slide out of work early I’ll probably go cover the music. Here are the bands performing:

John King And The Mud River Revival
Brandon Atwell
The Jenny Roads Band
Revrend Charlie F Edmonds
Jason Evans
LOST DOG street band

I tell you I been hearing some pretty good things about LOST DOG street band around Nashville.Not familiar with them right now and we will fix that SOON, they are on my radar which means I’ll be doing an artist feature on them within a few months.

So back to John King and his boys..not to long ago they sent me a NEW SONG called “Man On The Mountain” and it just absolutely rocks! I WANT to officially release the video on and they posted it to youtube so I think it’s safe to make it public on here. This video is pretty bad assed and stars Jerry Fauver. This is one of the most well written songs in the last few weeks I have heard and I KNOW you will be hearing more of them on THIS website!
AND you can ALSO see them LIVE with Shot Time And Cigarettes at the Spillway in April.

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