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2015 Music Festivals: Lone Oak Fest : Last Honky Tonk Music Series.

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
30A Songwriters Festival
Ruckus In The Boonies
Crooked Smile Music Festival
John Hartford Memorial Festival



I been keeping track of The Last Honky Tonk Music Series as best as I can…I must call Miss Brigitte soon and get some more scoop on the series and I will have my updated article up as soon as I can.
Meanwhile CHECK THIS OUT the Last Honky Tonk Music Series is having an outdoor festival in Texas at Pivo’s Ice House in Fayetteville between Austin and Houston.

I’ll tell you what I have seen some of these artists and some I have not yet but as this year completes some financial happenings for me I can travel more in 2016. This series and all the friends I have made are making me want to come to Texas more and more for sure. This weekend Dallas Moore is releasing his NEW album “Dark Horse Rider” at Bobby Mackey’s in Kentucky where the whole series launched. We had a BLAST up there with all the great

Once again it comes out in droves for this first time outdoor festival hosted by one of MY favorite Radio voices Gordon Ames or Big G as they call him. Every time I am up early I always try to catch his show online. I attended a festival last year that he hosted and we had a really good time together he is a very nice man and his wife is awesome. I enjoyed Daryl Wayne Dasher’s set at the national launch and have been meaning to buy his album on vinyl I need to become more familiar with his set and Kyle Wilson’s as well.

Brigitte London doesn’t know it but she has a secret admirer and he’s writing this article. She’s awesome and she always has a spot in my CD playlist. One of her songs really hits me and inspires me when I feel weak it’s just the way she sings it that makes it better than the original singer. She’s got a very pretty voice and she is a very hard working road musician, playing a ton of shows all year long. I miss her around Nashville and would take off work to come see her if I had to..Carrie Underwood has NOTHING on her she’s better looking by far and just as talented.

So on Saturday April 25th at 11 AM you can pay 28 for the one day event or buy advance tickets for 20 on this Link Here. Here’s more from their website:

Acoustic & Full Band Performances with some LHTMS artists sharing stage together as is the custom with many of our shows. This will be an event unlike any other. LHTMS will have several Fests in 2015, this is our first Official large scale event. Pivo’s is the perfect place. Great Outdoor Stage, Food & Specialty Vendors and Honky Tonk Heroes past and present come together.

Hosted by Gordon Ames (Big G)
Matt Mathis
Manzy Lowry
Jeff Hopson
Teri Joyce and the Tagalongs
Craig Gerdes
Christopher Corkery
Brook Faulk
Daryl Wayne Dasher
Hal Bruni
MoonDawg Hall
Kyle Wilson
Jill Kinsey
Brigitte London
Billy Don Burns
Billy Joe Shaver
Dallas Moore Band
& More!

There will be an OPEN Outdoor Pickin’ Party Hosted by Brigitte London & Monndawg Hall FRI evening from 7pm – ?!!) Free & Open to All.
I spent a lot of time with Hal Bruni and I tell you what he is the real deal folks, and you better feel like eating cause the man eats and cooks and cooks and eats. These guys KNOW how to party when the time comes and they know how to be friends, most of that above list of performer links I know and love.

I don’t just write these articles for a spare hobby…I live the music. And I live through all of the people I met
through music. I’m an addict, recovered but I’ll always be an addict and I’m proud to be alive and I can enjoy this music with all these people. They have no idea how much it means to me to get to write about them and what they do.

Billy Joe Shaver and Billy Don Burns both raised me with their music and what they produced.
I didn’t have a childhood I hid in my room and played records and drank.
They were both very overlooked songwriters and they both did a lot for Country Music in many ways. This is certainly an event not to miss…..

2015 Music Festivals: John Hartford Memorial Festival.

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
30A Songwriters Festival
Ruckus In The Boonies
Crooked Smile Music Festival



Folks I want to get back to my 2015 festivals series because I literally have a TON of them I need to bring to you. Last night I featured Old Salt Union which is part of the lineup of the 2015 John Hartford Memorial Festival in Bean Blossom Indiana.

This festival literally bills itself “The Most Laid Back Festival In America” and honestly I have never been to this one YET..It’s on my radar. I already am booked this weekend in May and I cannot make this festival that is already on it’s fifth year. This festival is having a three day run this year and quite an impressive lineup of talent.

This about camping from the website:
Please remember that your ticket purchase does not include camping. All camping fees are collected by the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground. Reservations for camping are not required but we strongly suggest that you call and make one. For reservations and RV site rates call the Campground at 1 (800) 414-4677.

For tickets you can click HERE and purchase them for one day and three days of this event. Before I tell you the lineup and link the bands for research I’ll post some more useful information from their website.

Going on its fifth year, held at the historic Bill Monroe Music Park in Bean Blossom, Indiana, the John Hartford Memorial Festival has made its mark and is established as “The Most Laid Back Festival in America,” and folks, it’s fun!

The John Hartford Memorial Festival is a 3-day family-friendly music festival that takes place in beautiful southern Indiana at the historic and legendary Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground in Bean Blossom, IN, with performances on 3 stages from late morning until the wee hours with 24/7 campground jamming, a songwriting contest and an Old Time Fiddle contest too! Our unique festival is offering a genre busting line-up like no other festival with a list of performers whose music is varied, different, fresh and original, and rooted in the Spirit of John Hartford!

Now folks the lineup…WOW I’m really upset I cannot make this festival, I truly am.
Hot Rize
Red Knuckles And The Trailblazers
The Larry Keel Experience
New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Horseshoes And Hand Grenades
The Hackensaw Boys
Split Lip Rayfield
Bawn In The Mash
Jamie Hartford
The Tillers
Rumpke Mountain Boys
Billy Strings
Old Salt Union
Wood And Wire
Wild Ponies
The Flea Market Hustlers
Ragged Union
The Whipstich Sallies
Betse And Clark
Colin O Brien
Jalan Crossland
The New Old Cavalry
The Flatland Harmony Experiment
Sloppy Joe
Glade City Rounders
Free The Honey
Doto Tonho
Mustered Courage
Still Shine
Punkin Holler Boys
Red Ember
Deep Fried Pickle Project
The Aching Hearts
Gideons Rifle
Chicago Farmer
Wil Maring And Robert Bowlin
Buffalo Wabs And The Price Hill Hustle
Dirty River Ramblers
American Folk
White Lightning Boys
Worley Boys
The Acomplices

I want to share a REALLY awesome and helpful piece of information here about this festival..
THERE IS WI FI…You have NO IDEA how easy it would be to cover this event better than most
of them that do not have any.

Dancin’ Dave’s Festival Camping takes the “rough” out of roughing it! Offering first-class accommodations so that those traveling from the opposite coast, across the pond, or just across town, can have a full festival experience without the hassle of having to pack everything needed for a comfortable stay. We do all the work. Just show up, stay for the party and leave the tear-down to us. Camping has never been so easy!

Upcoming Old Salt Union Show Dates and Info.


Folks tonight I want to bring you an article about a band I have never featured before called Old Salt Union.
They are based out of Illinois and formed in 2012 and they have three albums out now for purchase by clicking on their name up there. They will be coming to the Nashville area soon and I wanted to tell you about it and I may drop by to check them out.

Tomorrow night they will be at the Factory At Liberty Hall in Franklin Tn and also on
February 27th They will be at Acme Feed And Seed which is in downtown Nashville.

They will also be performing at 2015 John Hartford Bluegrass Festival in Indiana which I am
also in the middle of writing about now. I’ll post my favorite video they have and other dates
as well. This from their website:

With the release of their second studio album, “Bridge”, in August of 2014, Old Salt Union tells a tale of transition. The two years that they have been together has shown that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of music. They have established solid roots, winning the STL Riverfront Times “Best Bluegrass Band” in 2013 and “Best Country Band” in 2014, all while traveling the country. They have made appearances at the John Hartford Memorial Festival, Wakarusa, LouFest, and Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Festival, sharing the stage with The Del McCoury Band, Sam Bush, Greensky Bluegrass, Ricky Skaggs, and more – and no ma’am, they ain’t stopping yet.

Shooter Jennings And Waymores Outlaws With Joshua Morningstar Show One.


Me and Kenneth Marr are seated and this venue is gorgeous. I’m surrounded by old friends
and new ones. Joshua Morningstar is the star here right now around our table and is about
to go on. There are so many people around me its like I’m dreaming. Our buddy A.J. Hancock
from Diamondback Stringworks joined us at the table and Mr.J.D.Myers stopped by too.

Joshua came on in top form for us tonight opening his set with “Talk To Me Texas” by Keith Whitley. He is very much at home up there telling jokes and riling us up and to be honest he has grown quite a bit as an artist since Altamont. Honestly and truly he is better now than he was years ago. I tell you what its easy to do some work here because the seats and tables and WiFi are both great. ” Sellout Celebrity ” was next and the stories that he told were a memory that time will never take from me.

He followed by “Think I’ll just stay here and drink” which was one of his several covers
of the night by Merle Haggard. Another good original song was “As long as you ain’t coming back” which always has been a crowd rowdy song with It’s male friendly lyrics.

“A Honky Tonks a Honky Tonk even if you are drinking wine” is what he said to us before he
played “Sad Songs And Waltzes” for us. He plays the one man band act VERY well I studied him as he played his guitar and two drums one with each foot. I’d LOVE to see him play with Scott Biram. He then went into a tribute to Wayne Mills by playing “Old Willie Nelson Song:” as we all raised one for Wayne last night.

“Grip Of The Devil” is one of his original songs and I was happy with his choices last night.
I’m not sure if he is mixing up setlists for other shows I’ll find out soon.
He closed his set with The Billie Gant penned anti pop-country anthem “Stop Fucking Up Country Music”. Which to be honest left the place was well received last night by many.


My first ever time seeing Shooter play with Waymore’s Outlaws which is pretty much Waylon’s old backup band that is still active. It consists of Jerry “The Jigger” Bridges Richie Albright, Fred Newell and Tommy Townsend.
It gave me a chance to finally get a shirt because last time they were out in my size.
“Dont Think Hank Done It This Way” was their show opener which was first released in 1975 on the album “Dreaming My Dreams”. The album was produced by Cowboy Jack Clement.

“Iv’e Always Benn Crazy” was next, and that song was from an album of the same name in 1978.
Honestly it’s my favorite album Richie Albright ever produced and they were clearly sticking to
my favorite era of Waylon classics. However I DO LOVE the Sweet Mother Texas album, and I have it in my will to play the album in it’s entirety before my ashes are spread on the grounds of my favorite festival. My funeral services will also take place at that festival as well.

They played “Luckenbach Texas” and “Good Hearted Woman” and to be honest Ol’ Fred Newell was in TOP FORM up there on that steel guitar. I LOVE his style that resembled the style of Waylon classic music.
Note for note they were really and truly classic last night in many ways. They closed their set with “Good O’l Boys” The theme from the Dukes Of Hazzard television show.

Like I said before Shooter Jennings was in tip top form last night with his father’s band. I really and truly enjoyed this combination and thought it was the best performance of his I ever saw. He opened with ‘Aint Living Long Like This” and “Black Rose” both songs of course his father’s.

He played “Setting Me Up” which was a rather rare song written by Mark Knopfler who was with Dire Straits. “She Talks To Rainbows” is a song off his BCR Mixtape which I picked up at the show last night and you MUST check this album out for a really good song by Jayke Orvis and I’m not sure if this fiddle work was Liz Sloan’s or not…

“I’m Playin Possom” is off his Tribute To George Jones EP which was just recently released.
As well as “Nashville From Afar”, I like that song a whole lot. I was indeed hoping he would have
played The Gunslinger but I still had a AWESOME TIME nonetheless because he played “Isis”.

“Solid Country Gold” was always one of my favorite songs from his first album that I still enjoy
today. I love that first album he put out with the .357’s. And he also played “Gone To Carolina”
as well from that album. His next song was “Hard Lesson To Learn”, and that’s a song I never heard him play yet live. So I was extremely excited to hear it live.

He played “whistlers And Jugglers” and followed that song up with MY favorite one he does
‘Fourth Of July”. Laugh if you want…that song is a JAM. And it brings back some good memories of years ago. I loved that whole album and probably always my opinion it is a timeless classic album. They closed the show with “same Old Outlaw” which I’m pretty sure is an original Waymore’s Outlaws song. HE DID do one more song but to be honest I was trying to get prepared to go buy stuff from his merch table.

I’ll be honest with you readers about something: Shooter Jennings and his crew have been outstanding friends of my website since I relaunched it. And friends to me personally as well I cannot thank him enough for everything he and “The Colonel” Jon Hensley has said and done for me in the past. A lot of people hate on Shooter for their own reasons but I ask you THIS..How many people has he helped out? I could name you about 20 bands off the top of my head he’s produced and supported both with finances and verbal support. You just cannot argue with the amount of help BCR has been to SO MANY bands in the past few years. Honestly I don’t care who hates me for it I applaud him and support him, and I’ll gladly pay
to see him any time or buy his products and he will always have a home on this website.

Artist Feature: The Raven Claw Hammer



So last night I was in town scouring the town for a special USB cord I need for my tablet so I can bring you better coverage at house shows with out my laptop. I checked my infamous mailbox and what do I find?
This album from a young lady in California and her band is called The Raven Claw Hammer. Their album is self titled and it has 6 tracks on it and is released on Dead Bunny Records.

The cover art on the album immediately grabbed my attention and as a consumer I would have grabbed it upon impulse of the cover art alone. The album looks very presentable and well made. I was contacted first so this was not an unsolicited fact I answered back several times calling her Sir and was corrected she was a she. I was very apologetic and amused already by her music and had much anticipation on her self proclaimed unique sound.

And a unique sound she has INDEED, as I couldn’t truly classify this band AT ALL. I’ll tell you hardcore country purists you won’t want to read further. She DOES has Country influences in her sound but country this is not BUT this doesn’t mean it’s bad. Oh HELL NO I find it quite different and it was refreshing to hear something like this.

This band would fit in with the Muddy Roots lineup or Moonrunners type band. I cannot even really begin to compare them to anyone, if I HAD TO I would say Hangdog Hearts and Goddamn Gallows type gypsy string band. Gutterpunk? Hmm..I don’t truly know. It is very very different and I enjoyed this album, would I pay to see them? Sure would, now they are located in the California region and this is kind of out of my turf but I truly wanted to share this band with you.

Track number 3 resembled a classic Gallows tune and it’s called “Taxidermy Travesty”. It very much resembled the upbeat banjo laced speed ballad of their sound. Krisanna Marie is the frontWOMAN and also performs their banjo duties for this band. There is also guitar, drums, washboard and bass. Her bass player was formerly with the Ditchrunners so I knew I was in for a really nice treat with this music.

Two of the songs have really nice instrumental work and they play really well together you cannot identify any mismatched picking and it doesn’t sound thrown together like a common string band that doesn’t play well together. I like her vocals they are extremely different and one thing I like is I can understand the lyrics, they are not shouted at me. This band will remain in my current rotation for sure.

Could Ernest Tubb Record Shops Close?


Well folks I am starting to feel like I been kicked in the private parts tonight as I am
hearing rumors of Ernest Tubb Record Shop might be closing IF WE DO NOT act
upon stopping that from happening! ONLY THE PEOPLE can prohibit this from taking place with support. Now I’m NOT one hundred percent saying it’s closing BUT the threat looms for SURE.

This is the time to act and stop “sharing stuff” on social media and start supporting this institution with financial support. YES social media is great and helping promote things with word of mouth is indeed good but the digital era and younger generation that does not spend money on records is killing yet another needed avenue.
Folks it comes down to the nitty gritty here, are you willing to let this disappear because WE CANT actually BUY MUSIC?

It is my understanding that the Midnight Jamboree is in jeopardy as well as attendance has sloped after the Opry. YOU SEE THIS is what I have been saying all along about this younger generation that the Opry managment is trying to attract…they do NOT GO to the Opry nor do they spend money on Cd’s or records like the Traditional fans do! The Roots music crowd DOES and will continue to, here is a classic example. I spoke with Whitey Morgan backstage not long ago and he told me his LIVE album SOLD OUT on vinyl almost overnight. There ARE some exceptions like my friend Cole who almost knows more about Country Music than me! And he’s YOUNGER BY FAR!

I’m NOT going to war with ANYONE or trying to badmouth anyone but I’m telling you if WE as a group DO NOT financially support this it WILL be gone and the legacy that is Ernest Tubb will be gone too. WILL YOU allow this to happen? Folks I IMPLORE YOU to NOT let this happen and besides financial support WE MUST share this legacy with our children. WE MUST imbed with them the dignity and love for Country Music that our loved ones did.

Whether you love the old Bluegrass or old Country or Gospel…it is in severe trouble and the ONLY WAY to save the record shop is to support it by BUYING the music it offers. I surely do not have to introduce the intentions
of Ernest Tubb to you my reader or the intention of this shop?…do I?

2nd Annual Wayne Mills Benefit Show Planned For March.


Those fine folks at the Florabama lounge and oyster bar are hosting the Second Annual Wayne Mills Benefit on March 13th and 14rth 2015. I could honestly go on and on about how meeting Wayne Mills has affected my life, and how many COUNTLESS people I have met through him. In 2013 I covered the Outlaws and Icons event in Altamont Tennessee and it all fell into place from there.

I relaunched this website from the Kara Clark portion of the Altamont event that cold weekend and from then on I have featured literally thousands of events and performers from all over the world. I met Wayne Mills that weekend and became friends with him there. It was an honor to cover that event for everyone and I really had a lot of fun and was turned on to so many other performers too. We all had a wonderful time up there on that mountain and came down with a new lease on life and music as well. I really knew these artists were indeed going to make an impact on the music scene and Nashville in general. happened…a few months later I got a text from someone that Wayne Mills was killed. I was taken aback in my thoughts it was some kind of sick ass joke or a mistake. Upon making a ton of phone calls and hours on social media I found out it was NOT a joke but indeed a fact, the man I just became friends with and just began to admire
was shot and killed inside a Nashville bar. This isn’t a gossip website or News site where I try to analyze or dissect anything, so I’m not going into details or other craziness about who did what or speculate what happened. He was killed by a bar owner for reasons unknown to us and you cannot give me a decent reason why he was. It was completely unnecessary and I do not believe there will ever be an answer to close the situation out.

This is the second year of the benefit concert and several other activities tied in with it to honor and celebrate the legacy Wayne Mills left behind. I always challenge myself in that aspect…if I die today what will my legacy be?
Who would remember me or be affected by my website or memories I left behind? Would there be benefit shows for my legacy? Ask yourself those questions and strive to make a difference in people’s lives and their hearts like Wayne Mills did.

These are the performers I have been reported will be on the roster for this event:
Dallas Moore
Kyle Wilson
Brasher Bogue
Josh Newcome
Hal Bruni

Those fine folks at Dat Sauce will be raffling off a 2003 100th
edition softail Harley motorcycle and there will be a rally and above stated many other events tied in with the concerts.

Country Legend Jim Ed Brown Will Return.


Today Country Legend Jim Ed Brown released “In Style Again” on Plowboy Records. It is his first release of new music in thirty years. And to be honest we REALLY REALLY need him right now because 2015 has already been a travesty for the Opry as Country Music’s most prized Legend Little Jimmy Dickens Died on January 2nd.

As far as I’m concerned within the male Country Legends Jim Ed Brown is certainly one of the best Legends we currently have left. And when I heard the news tonight that his cancer is in remission and he will be allowed to tour show dates and continue his tenure as an Opry member.

I have shared his bio and news about him on many other articles and you can view them by clicking on the name links on here. I just wanted to report to my readers that HE IS RETURNING to us VERY SOON.

Local Oprys: Liberty Opry.

Kentucky Opry.
Red Barn Convention Center
Boot City Opry
Truman Lake Opry
Pennyroyal Opera House


I must admit my readers the more and more I do this the more I want to start branching out into Texas. The state that features more real country music than anywhere in the United States. I’m finding so many places and artists that just blow me away.With every passing year I plan to work less years as my health allows me to continue my other job. I am planning my older years of traveling and working on my website here, and getting to attend more of the events and places I feature on here like this one. This edition of my Local Opry series brings us to Liberty Texas where we will visit the Liberty Opry.

This facility that is located in the historic Park Theater on 1816 Sam Houston Street in Liberty Texas
seats about 450 people and has a seating chart you can view on their website by clicking on their name.
They have shows every Saturday and for even more information than I provide here you can call 1-877-729-9103. Now the ticket prices vary per show and are listed on the shows.
They offer a wide variety of family friendly shows with all gospel, country, bluegrass, country legends
and 50’s and 60’s themed shows.

This From Their Website:

The Liberty Opry originated in 1993 and is still going strong! We recognize the need for an affordable source of entertainment for families and senior citizens. Our main effort is to continually provide the best talent available on our stage for the “young” and the “not so young” to enjoy!

The Liberty Opry shows take place in the beautiful, historic Park Theater which was built in 1938 and operated as a movie theater for many years. Our theater was renovated to it’s current condition in the early 2000′s. Many of our customers share their childhood memories of attending movies at the Park Theater and cherish the fact that they can still come to the same theater for great entertainment.

We hear from our customers time and time again how “amazingly welcome” they feel at the Liberty Opry. You will feel the warm reception from the minute you walk in the door. We strive to greet you with a smile and give you friendly assistance the entire evening. It is our utmost goal to make your experience at the Liberty Opry a pleasant and memorable one. The owners of the Liberty Opry are always readily available to talk to you and you will always find them at the front door after the show to thank you for attending and to invite you to come back again.

We hope you’ll attend a show at the Liberty Opry sometime soon!

Now I wanted to take the time to tell you about the staff and band.

John Ray Baxter: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Jay & Nina Cantu: Vocals, Backup Vocals

Liberty Opry Management
Rick Burton: Drums
JR & Stefani Bolt: Liberty Opry Management

Jim Cox: Lead Guitar, Vocals

Rodgers Cochran: Fiddle, Vocals Morgan Griswold: Snack Bar
Calvin & Trisha Gainey: Keyboard, Vocals Bob Holloway: Snack Bar, Lights Apprentice
Andy Lingenfelter: Trumpet
Bryce Barrett: Snack Bar
Mike Loftin: Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet
Bethany Burris: Snack Bar

Aaron Marshall: Steel Guitar
Steven & Phyllis Oates: Greeters, Ushers

Kathy Locke: Greeter, Program Distribution
Ray Sowell: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Larry “Booger Lee” Etheridge: Comedy

Jerry Locke: Emcee, Comedy, Vocals

Judy Etheridge: Ticket Booth, Snack Bar

Kathy Sowell: Ticket Booth

Lainie Shearer: Vocals, Backup Vocals

Brent Burris: Sound & Light Technician

Reagan Burns: Broadcast Technician

Eric Bruns: Sound Technician


Each Saturday, we have EITHER a Matinee OR an Evening performance
(check listings for show times)
Toll Free 1-877-729-9103
We will be happy to take all reservations
until 2 hours before the show!
After 12 Noon (for Matinee shows) tickets are available to purchase as “Walk-In’s”
After 5 PM (for Evening shows) tickets are available to purchase as “Walk-In’s”
Personal video equipment is NOT allowed in the theater
Cameras are allowed.
Check each listing for adult, children, group rates
Liberty Opry “Partners” receive $1.00 off each ticket
Group Rates of 20 or more are available and vary with each show – please call for more information on group pricing.

One day I’ll be visiting Texas and some of the Honky Tonks down there and I want to make a series
of runs to some of these small Oprys I find all over the nation. I have made so many friends and
so much talent all over the place with this project. I hope you guys enjoy my findings.

New Daryle Singletary Album Contains Unheard Johnny Paycheck Duet.


Yep folks you heard that correct and when I found out about this I am excited about this project. If you never heard of Daryle Singletary you haven’t heard Country Music for anything.He’s been around for years and he has never strayed away from his Traditional sound ever..period.
He isn’t in the mainstream and you don’t see or hear him complaining about that. You only hear him putting out more music and he never fails to hold dear to our heros.

So in March of this year he will release “There’s Still A Little Country Left” on AGR Television Records. And this new album has ONE HELL of a reason to go pre order it NOW. About three or four years ago Johnny Paycheck’s manager and producer Dan Mitchell was going through his attic and found some old versions of John singing remakes of his classic songs in 1992. This new album will feature Daryl singing a DUET with Johnny Paycheck taken from the pieces of a remake. This version I understand is unheard of by the public and his piece was recorded at Burns Sound Studio right before he began to get seriously sick.
Daryl took the unheard pieces and combined them with his own vocals and together they do a duet of “I’m The Only Hell My Momma Ever Raised”.And it will be available as a bonus track on the new international version.

He says this on his website:
says of the new project, “This is the PERFECT traditional country record in every way. I have been blessed with co-writing a lot of the songs on this project with some GREAT hit songwriters and had an awesome time recording with the greatest world class musicians Nashville has to offer. I hope this will be a great record for traditional country music fans to add to their collection.”

Enough To Lie To Me
Get Outta My Country
I Wanna Be That Feeling
Say Hello To Heaven
Spilled Whiskey
Sunday Morning Kinda Town
There’s Still A Little Country Left
Things Are So Much Different
Too Late To Save The World

So there you have it folks, when I learned of this collaboration I became VERY excited and I will certainly be pre ordering this album. I’ll tell you what I have been to several of his shows and he always does a damn fine job with his music. You just do not get any more Country than him…you don’t.

News From The Duck Creek Folks: Valentine’s Day Jam.


So are YOU single like me? Are you having NO PLANS for Valentine’s Day (Not like me)?
Well then I got the news for you, Hey don’t I always bring some great news to the table?
Well I’m writing a few articles here at once and one I’m writing is for The Yonder Mountain String Band because they are coming to my area. But here’s some news about a former member that will be playing Feb 14th in the Columbus Ohio area.

Jeff Austin will be headlining an Ohio event that is brought to you by Duck Creek Log Jam. Folks I been watching this organization for some time now and I’ll be writing an article for them on my festival series SOON. I cannot make the Log Jam this year because I’ll be in Wisconsin tending to other business but they ARE ON my radar and I’ll be there…perhaps in 2016.

He is one of the founding members of The Yonder Mountain String Band and released a slew of albums with them since 1999. He left the band in 2014 citing creative differences and the split was acknowledged by both parties. This mandolin Wizard has recently released a solo album called “The Simple Truth” on Yep Roc Records. I’m understanding this album features Cody Dickinson From North Mississippi All Stars as well..I’m interested.

Another band I been checking out quite a bit lately are these boys The Hocking River String Band. Their new album called “Red Tailed Hawk Squawk” is quite impressiveand It’s on my “to purchase” list. They have two albums out now and their other one is called “Down River”. They have not been around as long as many bands but I like their sound.They are a very good band and you can trust my judgement on this one.

The Park Street Saloon in Columbus Ohio is where YOU need to be for great music on Valentine’s Day if you live in the Ohio area. And tell them I sent you.

Commodore Lounge And Hotel Getting A Facelift.




So if you are a Nashville songwriter like me or just a fan of songwriters or publisher you have been to or played the Commodore Lounge with either Debi Champion or Rick Stewart hosting the open Mic night. I have literally saw hundreds of songwriters and songwriting legends play here. Everyone form Jimmy Payne to Stan Webb in my years of paying dues in this town, hell I’m STILL paying my dues for sure.
This past year the whole hotel has been under renovation to better serve us with more hospitable luxuries.
This from their official website:

Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt is currently undergoing a massive renovation process! Upon our February 3rd completion date, our location will feature a newly remodeled front desk, doorway entrance and coffee bar, as well as renovated guestrooms, flooring and facilities throughout. Directional signs will be posted along the 1st and 2nd floor interiors, and additional assistance will be provided by our “Singing Consigliere”, Mr. Tommy Turner!
Certain renovations are scheduled to be completed by the end of December. Our tentative completion date is February 3rd. We appreciate your cooperation and patience at this time. Thank you all!

The hotel and Commodore Lounge are BOTH open for business the entire time the construction are underway. And both open mic hosts are releasing normal scheduled rounds of GREAT talent and GOOD food. I need to go back soon and have me a burger and watch some great talented songs being shared.

I have literally thousands of storied about this stage and many memories of playing shows there.
I cut my teeth here like you probably did and it remains one of Nashville’s premiere places
to showcase your original songs.

Fifth On The Floor Says Goodbye In First Gear.


Well folks last night I had a unusual experience at my other job and because of Monday being a holidayI ended up with my turn of weekend work off. So as usual I got behind my keyboard for a little bit…BUT..I decided on a whim to travel to Lexington Kentucky to Cosmic Charlie’s which was a nice venue.

I’m not sure about the food my readers because of the tight schedule I had I ate on the road and I made the show in time. The only complaint I had was I had extreme trouble connecting to their WiFi, but I used my trusty pen and paper so It’s OK. No reason why I would never go back. In fact it was a spacious and well staffed place to see a show, not much in the way of parking but I’m sure it was just due to my not knowing where I could.
That place was pack jammed and I thought they did a good job of keeping the place clean.One other thing that is not their fault it was incredibly LOUD in there, and I don’t mean the music..during the first two acts there was an abundance of talking and it made it hard for me to hear the acoustic acts.


There were quite a few reasons why I went up there last night, and THIS young man was one of them. This is Tyler Childers. I first heard of him from W.B.Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show podcast. And during his one year anniversary show I heard all I needed to put him in my crosshairs for coverage. This young man has an incredible way of delivering his lyrics. I cannot describe how unique his voice is other than this: you know how you hear older music lovers say nowadays you cannot tell one singer from another? You cannot identify many singers from other singer..well..this man indeed has a style all his own. The very first time I ever heard him open his mouth the feelings and imagery came out flowing with simplicity and influence in mountain life. You can tell where he came from and I featured him on the article I wrote for the one year anniversary show. And I drove three hours to see him live and this is my accounts of what I saw.

He opened his set with my personal favorite song he does called “Rock Salt And Nails”, which is actually a Utah Phillips song originally. He does such a great job with the first two lines it just grabs you like a bear trap and makes you want more. He then proceeded into playing “Nose To The Grindstone” which has a really good tag line of mind off the pills.

Another good song he played was called “I got stoned and I missed it”..that’s one I have never heard him play before. It was followed by “Charleston Girl” and one called “Wandering Boy” all of which were good songs but in my opinion he opened with his best weapons in his arsenal. He did play a few covers like the ever popular Kristofferson tune “Help Me Make It Through The Night” from his 1970 self titled album.

“Highland Road” was another good song that I really enjoyed as well as “Dead Man’s Curve”. He then played a new song and honestly I didn’t catch the name of that one..I’ll be honest. It was indeed very loud in the bar area. ‘Follow You To Virgie” was played next and then he followed up with a cover of a John Prine song that is popular called “Muhlenberg County”.

“if The Whiskey Could Talk” is a well written song he does and I like the way he delivers this song as well. He had a really damn fine set and choose some good songs, and played “White House Road” too. He was called up for an encore and he played the 1974 release of “Trudy” made popular by Charlie Daniels and you can find it on his ‘Fire On The Mountain” album.

Then I went to the merchandise booth and met Mr. Josh Green who works for Joshua Morningstar and we got to talking and realized we had him in common as a close friend. I must admit I spent A LOT at the shopping table last night for reason I will disclose here shortly, but I came home with a SACK full of stuff. Jeff Shepherd was next and honestly I want to save him for a later date because he needs to be featured in a more thorough manner. I want to delve into him more so please bear with me on this call here.

Now then this article will kill more birds with one stone because I want to tell you of an announcement maderecently by frontman Justin Wells from Fifth On The Floor. The band will be playing some last dates with Matt Woodsand then disbanding. So in a nutshell folks this is it, and let me tell you what..last night they said farewell in a fashion ONLY Fifth On The Floor could do. Now Matt Woods is currently on tour with Rachel Kate…you remember my article on that? Well I was going to write one about THEIR tour dates too and I just decided to inform you about all of it in one big article.

The place was literally jammed with people and my first observation was how immense the crowd support was for a band playing all original songs. VERY impressive to say the least and I was happy to see it because I have loved this band for a long time. I’m very distraught to see them go and I hope the brand comes back.

They opened to a roaring wild audience with “January In Louisiana”. They play like a machine very fast paced and when they slow down for one of them beautiful steel guitar songs…man oh man. I’ll be honest I was still trying to connect to my internet so I missed some of the song titles. They played “Shine” on me, which got people up and dancing over where I was sitting and the crowd indeed loves this band.


They continued with “Burn Nashville Down” off of their album “Ashes And Angels” which Shooter Jennings produced and released on his own label BCR. They played a few of them good ol’ steel guitar songs and one of them was “One Big Holiday”. I am really going to miss these guys for sure and I hope in the future sometime they stay.

Off their album “The Color Of Whiskey” which is hard to find now, they played “Running Ragged”. after a few more songs they played MY PERSONAL I often just put on repeat at home and that is “Angels In The Snow”’s just a really pretty song with an awesome melody.

They closed with “Distant Memory Lane” and were called upon for an encore which was “the Fall”. Folks I’ll be honest Mr. Justin and his band puts their heart into the music no matter what lineup was there it was always top notch. They have burned up roads and played a lot of shows for 8 and a half years. If you get the chance go see them and support them as they say farewell..this is it folks let’s show them our thanks. Here are the dates with Matt Woods.


Hee Haw Newscaster Legend Don Harron Dies.


Last night I took a little trip to Lexington Kentucky to cover some bands which I am also writing about and I frequently check my Hee Haw message boards. I learned that the Cornfield County gang has lost another Legend as Charlie Farquharson (AKA Don Harron) has died at 90 at his home in Canada.
He died surrounded by family and denied treatment for his cancer per his own wishes and his daughter informed the world that even though his voice was just above a whisper he died telling jokes.

He was born Sept 19th 1924 and spent his entire childhood performing and telling made up stories and gainedattention through skits and plays. He appeared in many TV shows and movies but is most notably regarded as a television icon for his role within “Hee Haw” which was and still is the longest running comedy prime time show in history. Don Herron was the newscaster for 18 years of the show’s length and performed the role again for “Country’s
Family Reunion” Hee Haw Edition. It was also George “Goober” Lindsey’s last performance.

In 1952 on a show called “The Big Review” Charlie gave his first news report and the role was never changed nor was the costume. Charlie wore a red oversized sweater and grey frayed flatop cap and usually always had a beard and glasses. His laugh is truthfully patented and recorded for prosperity at the Smithsonian Institute and is legally not allowed to be copied.Only once was it ever copied and it was actually in respect toward him and that was during the “Revenge Of The Nerds” movies.

His character is a rural Ontario farmer from nearby Perry Sound and his wife’s name was Valeda. They had one son named Orville and Charlie often talked about his antics in school. He often gave his opinion about local matters and political matters and misunderstood city people. He also wrote several books explaining everything from doing laundry to plowing and included many pictures.

2015 Music Festivals: Crooked Smile Music Festival.

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
30A Songwriters Festival
Ruckus In The Boonies



Out there in Union City Indiana Donnie Wymer (AKA Flat Broke Donnie) is slowly building an empire in his community. I for one think he’s a proud dad as his daughter Mallory Wymer plays and has an album too. He is always sharing pictures of her and bragging to us about her and by God he should! I mean what else is there in being friends than the joy of watching young people usher into a new generation of our roots and our music. When YOU die what legacy will YOU leave behind? Will YOUR child say my daddybelieved in me and supported me and I love the music he left me to enjoy?
This edition of music festivals is kind of personal because I think he’s a hell of a guy.

Now, this is Crooked Smile Music Festival and folks much like some other festivals there is only 200 tickets for sale! SO GET ONE NOW! You can purchase one HERE for only 60 dollars for two days. This will take place April 24th and 25th at the Circle X Ranch in Winchester Indiana. Damn folks this is a really impressive lineup and a really impressive offer for only 60 bucks. So here is the 2015 line up.

Possesed By Paul James
Joseph Huber
The Hooten Hollars
Filthy Still
Billy Cook
My Graveyard Jaw
Drew Landry
Ten Foot Polecats
Rory Kelly
Call Me Bronco
Lou Shields
The Drunken Cuddle
Matthew Mule McKinley
Jailhouse Poets
Joshua Morningstar
Owen Mays
Jimmy Swope
Mickey And The Snakeoil Boys
Rickett Pass
Mallory Wymer
Kern Richards

Now for the folks like me that cannot camp there is a really nice and affordable hotel just down the road from the festival and you can find out more information about it HERE.
So if I learn any more information about this festival I’ll add it on here. I DO UPDATE these occasionally so you need to keep checking on this.

Muddy Roots And Roots Union Bring Roots Music To The Folk Alliance Conference.




In November of 2014 Muddy Roots Music CEO Jason Galaz announced the arrival of Roots Union Records a division of Muddy Roots records. This broke new ground and new barriers for the Roots Music genre altogether bringing a lot of the bands to whole new level. Well folks I firmly believe he is doing just that and let me tell you why. I was recently contacted by them and was told of a venture in February of this year taking place in Kansas City that Roots Union Records will be a part of.

Next month Roots Union Records will be bringing Woody Pines, Joseph Huber, Urban Pioneers, Dana Sipos, Hardin Draw, & The Calamity Cubes to The Folk Alliance International Folk Alliance Conference.

Muddy Roots CEO Jason Galaz said: “The Folk Alliance Conference is the hub of all folk industry. It encompasses Traditional Folk, country, Old Time , Blue Grass, and Jazz. I’ve gone for a few years now to promote everything Muddy Roots,But this time I am going specifically to support my bands.”

The 27th annual industry conference will take place Feb 18-22nd 2015 at the Westin Hotel in Kansas City and the new music camp and fair will be at the adjacent Sheraton.
This event will have seminar speakers and private showcases for bands and artists in many genres.

The FAI was founded in 1989 and provides support, networking, professional development and much more.
It is one of the five largest music conferences in North America.
There are more than 3000 members worldwide and draws over 2500 artists, agents, managers, festival organizers, record companies, publishers and more. They have five regional affiliates that provide conferences and services in their markets.

Folks I’ll tell you here lately these bands have been putting themselves on the map within the music market with presence and now Roots Music has a magazine which I told you about last night.
It is becoming an infrastructure of it’s own and a prominent force of marketability proving
at times it can be a viable genre. I for one am eagerly awaiting the new Urban Pioneers record and from the new songs I HAVE heard last year at an October festival it will be GREAT!

Joseph Huber also released a stellar album and his song “Wanchese And Manteo” was one of my top 5 songs of 2014. It was almost Impossible to me for him to beat “Tongues Of Fire”..but he did. His performance at Muddy Roots 2014 was one of my top best of the whole festival.

So folks I think Kansas City is indeed in store for a treat when these fine bands are
brought to the forefront of the industry by their label.

American Roots Magazine FIRST ISSUE Is Really Good.

So this project involves so many people and I hope I get all this correct because I am REALLY excited about this and I think it will be a REALLY valuable component to local and underground music. About three nights ago I got this in my mailbox from Lou Shields up in Kansas. He along with several other roots music artists are selling these magazines at their merchandise booths for donation basis.

Folks this is American Roots Magazine. And Mr. Jody Hendrix is the Editor In Chief. They are based out of Kansas City Mo. I contacted their Advertising Editor Miss Tammy and she provided me with the add for the sidebar. NICE isn’t it? Now right now they aren’t honoring home subscriptions in hand but only on PDF file but this WILL SOON change!
Trust me this magazine will be going through some positive changes soon in that aspect. In the information department I hope they do not change! It’s chocked full of good stuff and I’ll be telling you about it.

There are (right now) seven bands that will be distributing this magazine in hard copy and they are:
Joshua Morningstar
The Hangdog Hearts
Lou Shields
The Urban Pioneers
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
Shawn James And The Shapeshifters

Right now you can get issue NUMBER ONE at their shows merchandise booths. This project is also started by The Westport Saloon which is Kansas premiere venue for Roots music in their area. Little Class Records is the other co founder company behind this. They all got together to bring us this DAMN FINE resource for music.

There is a GREAT article about Webber’s Deck performances by Hillgrass Bluebilly’s own Possessed By Paul James and it was some really terrific coverage of his 2014 performance there.His latest release ‘There will Be Nights When I’m Lonely” was indeed a stellar album.
There is SO MUCH useful information in these pages about all sorts of DIY labels and festivals like Muddy Roots Music of which I am VERY supportive of and have been since day 1.Good O’l boy Records out there being run by in Colorado is another that is talked about.

You can get information about The Devil Makes Three from a great article wrote by Jason H Buchanan from Nashville Tn. I found it to be VERY informative and I enjoyed his writing, it’s been a while since I talked with him and it was nice to hear from him while getting information about this project.

Now you may remember last year when I released how to send cards to Wayne “The Train” Hancock who last year was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident. He talks about his most recent album “Ride”. And now this current tour he is on is adding a steel guitarist and I’m excited about that…REALLY excited!

All in All I shall be writing more articles in the future on their behalf and I strongly urge you to
run out and pursue this copy in your hands NOW! You’ll learn SO MUCH form this wonderful magazine.

News On Whitey Morgan NEW Album AND Nashville Show Date.


Folks just recently Whitey Morgan TORE THE HELL out of The The Exit/In which by the way
if you click on the link there you can buy tickets for the March 27th Nashville date!
That’s right they welcome Whitey Morgan And The 78’s BACK AGAIN, like I told you Whitey plays A LOT of shows. And just recently he released a LIVE ALBUM and now has an acoustic album out. The Live album is called ‘Born And Raised In Flint” and the acoustic album is called “Grandpa’s Guitar”.

I going to give you some show dates for him right now.
Jan 14 Moe’s Alley
Santa Cruz, CA

Jan 16 Thee Parkside
San Francisco, CA

Jan 17 Harlow’s
Sacramento, CA

Jan 22 Sam Bond’s Garage
Eugene, OR

Jan 23 Dante’s
Portland, OR

Jan 24 Tractor Tavern
Seattle, WA

Jan 28 John’s Alley Tavern
Moscow, ID

Jan 29 Neurolux
Boise, ID

Jan 30 The State Room
Salt Lake City, UT

Jan 31 Marquis Theater
Denver, CO

Feb 06 Scout Bar
Houston, TX

Feb 07 Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
Dallas, TX

Feb 08 Lizard Lounge
Wichita, KS

Feb 11 The Shrine
Tulsa, OK

Feb 12 The Riot Room
Kansas City, MO

Feb 13 Off Broadway
St Louis, MO

Feb 18 Beachland Ballroom
Cleveland, OH

Feb 19 Woodlands Parkstreet SaLoon
Columbus, OH

Feb 20 The Vogue
Indianapolis, IN

Feb 21 Saint Andrews Hall
Detroit, MI

Feb 25 Ziggy’s
Winston-Salem, NC

Feb 26 Ziggy’s By The Sea
Wilmington, NC

Feb 27 Sky City
Augusta, GA

Mar 14 The 120 Tavern & Music Hall
Marietta, GA

Mar 28 Headliners
Louisville, KY

Mar 31 Hill Country Live
Washington, DC

Apr 02 Middle East
Cambridge, MA

Apr 03 Mercury Lounge
New York, NY

I just checked his Facebook And he has been announcing the NEW album. Yes folks album number 5 is moving forward and in the works. It’s called “Sonic Ranch” and was recorded in El Paso Texas at the Sonic Ranch. MORE NEWS on that later folks, I got to meet his producer backstage last time I was there and he was very nice. So Go check out Whitey on the road and buy the new albums and I’ll tell you when his new one can be scooped up!

Mainstream Act Eric Church Brings Along Drive By Truckers.


I want all my readers to remember my two promises I made when I started this website.
1. I’ll never publicly make fun of or bash any artist on this website.
2. I’ll never “go to war” with ANYONE. You can save that shit for the National Enquirer
I got too much subject matter to write about and no time to waste on that.
With both of those in mind I must write an article about someone I don’t particularly care
for music wise but I had to give him high respects for what he did for
The Drive By Truckers.

Eric Church gets mixed feelings among many of my friends and some like him
and some tear him a new backside.
I will not sit here and bash the guy musically though I don’t care for his music.
I’ll tell you something I REALLY respect him for..just recently he announced some
spring dates for his “Outsiders World Tour” and announced it included independent powerhouse act The Drive By Truckers.

This act of generous proportions opens up a whole another level of possible fan base
for the Truckers. The Drive By Truckers have made a name for themselves on the independent circuit and underground music lovers have critically acclaimed their albums and shows as some of the best small time music has to offer.
In fact just recently for one show only they re-brought their classic lineup of
Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood and Jason Isbell for a benefit show…and it sold in minutes.
Isbell was only with the band for 5 years but his tenure with them is heralded as their
best of an ever changing lineup.

They currently have 10 studio albums (and a slew of ep’s and live albums) and 2014
they released “English Oceans” which got great reviews, but the Truckers have never
been an arena act.
I think this is going to be a VERY positive thing for them because this will bring their
songs to a whole new age group of fans. Eric Church and his music is primarily marketed
and directed toward 14-30 year old females.
He is played on FM radio and often associated with “The CMT Crowd” and to be honest I’m not really familiar with his music nor do I like his music but to say this wasn’t a very generous act would be a lie.

The Drive By Truckers have never received any major radio airplay like Eric Church does
and A large portion of his audience is not known to do research on bands or musicians.
So to have this band BROUGHT TO THEM will be the best way to turn them on to their music.

In the past this method had panned out as positive for bands like Hellbound Glory
whom was brought out by Kid Rock on a national tour.
I can also say GREAT things about Shooter Jennings bringing along lesser known acts
as his opener as well like my buddy Joshua Morningstar.
And another act I’m interested in checking out is The Cadillac Three..I might be writing an
article on them in the future.

Here are the new dates of the Outsiders World Tour:
March 4 — Austin, Frank Erwin Center (Drive-By Truckers)
March 10 — Washington, D.C., Verizon Center (Drive-By Truckers)
March 18 — Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Allen County War Memorial Coliseum (Drive-By Truckers)
March 28 — Tampa, Amalie Arena (The Cadillac Three)
April 7 — Grand Forks, North Dakota, Ralph Englestad Arena (Brothers Osborne)
April 8 — Winnipeg, Canada, MTS Centre (Brothers Osborne)
April 10 — Saskatoon, Canada, SaskTel Centre (Brothers Osborne)
April 11 — Calgary, Canada, Scotiabank Saddledome (Brothers Osborne)
April 12 — Edmonton, Canada, Rexall Place (Brothers Osborne)
April 14 — Vancouver, British Columbia, Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena (Brothers Osborne)
April 15 — Seattle, KeyArena at Seattle Center (Brothers Osborne)
April 24 — Hampton, Virginia, Hampton Coliseum (JD McPherson)

Opening acts for the following new dates will be announced soon:
March 12 — Albany, New York, Times Union Center
March 13 — Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Mohegan Sun Arena
March 19 — Bloomington, Illinois, U.S. Cellular Coliseum
March 20 — Rosemont, Illinois, Allstate Arena
March 21 — Cincinnati, U.S. Bank Arena
March 26 — Tallahassee, Florida, Donald L. Tucker Civic Center
March 27 — Jacksonville, Florida, Veterans Memorial Arena
April 23 — Raleigh, PNC Arena
April 30 — Boston, TD Garden
May 1 — Buffalo, First Niagara Center
May 2 — Newark, New Jersey, Prudential Center
May 7 — Lexington, Kentucky, Rupp Arena
May 8 — Columbus, Missouri, Mizzou Arena
June 12 — Orange Beach, Alabama, Amphitheater at the Wharf
August 27 — Syracuse, New York State Fair

John King And Mud River Revival.



Folks I’m here at Spillway once again for some really terrific food.
I was invited out to cover a band I spoke of recently and featured them
in an article as well.

This is John King And The Mud River Revival and they are local here in Bowling Green. If you click on the name link you’ll learn more about the band.
This was one of their first shows and I had quite a good time with them and my friends.

They opened their set with a song called “hold on”, and then played my personal favorite song they play called “nowhere Kentucky”. Then they played a new song called “Cabin on the Mountain” and their forthcoming album will be called “Right the wrongs” when they announce a release date I will announce it.

They played a song called ‘It Ain’t Right” and they played a bluesy type song called “Long Gone”. Honestly I would truly like to see them once as a main act, and I think they would be a good fit within a festival lineup of sorts. Now last time they played The Spillway opening for Jessie Keith Whitley they played a truly wonderful song thanking veterans that was called “Veteran”. They once again played that song this evening and got a pretty good response from us.

“Hard Candy” and another song called “My Son” were others I remembered from the last time. I can honestly tell they have put forth a lot of work into their set, they are getting better. They look more comfortable and work well together I hope they keep the lineup.

Their new song called “Man On The Mountain” was a truly good upbeat song. I hope that one is on their album because it was a good song. They covered one song and it was a John Prine song from his first album called “Muhlenberg County”. They closed their set with two really rocking tunes called “Blame Me For The Bad” and the last song was “Drag The Green River”.
It truly was indeed a good time that was had by all…

News On Tilford Sellers And The Wagon Burners.


Folks it’s been a minute since I brought you any news on Tilford Sellers And The Wagon Burners.
I’ll say this at Muddy Roots last year HIS SET left me impressed with his music and his show.

If you get a chance to get out and catch one of these shows DO IT because he really
puts on a good show and has a damn fine band.

1-22 The Southgate House Newport,Ky
1-23 Tootles Circleville,Oh
1-24 TBA New Philly,Oh
1-25 TBA Columbus, Oh
1-27 The Bridge Columbia, Mo
1-28 Kirby’s Beer Store Wichita, Ks
1-29 Fred’s Texas Cafe Fort Worth Texas
1-31 Continental Club Austin Texas
2-1 Big T Roadhouse Austin, Texas
2-2 Sam’s Burger Joint San Antonio, Texas
2-3 The Rattle Inn Austin, Texas
2-5 Wormy Dog Saloon Ok Cit, Ok
2-6 Westport Saloon Kansas City, Mo
2-7 Mojo’s Columbia, Mo
2-8 The Verve Terra Haute, In

I’ll keep an eye on this band for any news on new music or festival appearances in 2015
because I’m certainly hoping I can run into him again VERY SOON!
His band sparked a really good idea for a series that I’ll be working on at the middle of 2015.
It will include a lot of research and phone calls. This will feature LOCAL steel guitarists of MANY bands like his band.

Artist Feature: Lexi Len And The Strangers.


Ok so tonight I get to my mailbox and heck I don’t check it EVERY night at the post office.
I check maybe three times a week, and I get a chance to check it tonight and WOW!
Yeah I order a LOT of music, and I get sent to me A LOT of music..A LOT!

I want to tell you this RIGHT NOW I just got one of my TOP PICKS of 2015 before the year
is even over with…and it only has seven songs on it UM…did I mention it only has seven songs? Folks if this young lady IS NOT the current age version of Loretta Lynn then we don’t

She is one of the original “Hellbetty” girls that Shelton Hank Williams 3 originally crowned
within his group of followers and to be honest she’s probably one of the first among a few
others I know. There are now tons calling themselves this but she’s one of the first I knew of.
The guys are called “Hellbillys”.

I met her several years ago in the “Myspace Era” and I watched her get older and wiser.
I always kept watch on what she was doing much like Six Gun Britt and a few more
I can name.I have watched her get broken and built back up..all while being a mommy to her “hellbabies”. She has the most adorable youngin’s and she shares some cute stories of their antics from Bloomfield Indiana, which is where she is located in.

I must tell you when I listen to a country album I usually look for the steel guitar..
and her steel guitarist Matt Lundquist delivers just that!
But the songs….the lyrics…her hurt and her struggles..her pain is all included in these
seven songs. The BEST song I have heard in literally years by a female is “The Junkies Wife’s Blues”. Because it’s is REAL. It is from one American regular gal to the world and it’s from her heart.
JUST LIKE it was in the 1960’s when Loretta was in her early prime before being brought to the world by Ernest Tubb. This song is a descriptive form of the TRUE victim of a person’s drug addiction..the ones that love the addict.
“Oxycoton” you are are so rotten and you have completely wrecked my home
That methamphetamine well it made him act so mean and it ruined the only life I ever known.

I’m telling you if this young lady ever comes to Nashville or the Kentucky area I WILL
be covering this show. I do not say this often but I’m fixin to be taking this album
to several people within the industry to see what we can do with this gal.
Because THIS music needs to come back to mainstream America.

This from her website:
Lexi Len & The Strangers make sweet, heartbreaker country. Lexi began playing shows at 8 years old when she would step up during the set breaks at her Daddy’s shows and proceed to break every heart in the house with her sweet voice. Now, she picks with an outfit of Bloomington, Indiana’s finest seasoned musicians. Mark Minnick (Crooked County, Mary Janes) locks down the drums and Ryan Payton (220 Breakers) rocks the bass. Jason Payton (220 Breakers, Payton Purnell) pulls big tones from his guitars and the sound is rounded out by Matt Lundquist (Otto Mobile, TVMike, Payton Purnell) on the pedal steel.

YOU can order her album HERE and I’m fixin to tell you
if you do NOT order this album you do NOT like Country Music.

The Nashville City Winery Welcomes The Riders In The Sky.


Those fine folks at the Nashville City Winery have brought ANOTHER doggone fine show to their roster.On January 18th they bring to you The Riders In The Sky.

Since 1977 Ranger Doug Green, Fred LeBour, Joey Misculin and Woody Paul have brought their western comedy and western humor to stages all across the world.
They have been featured on the Opry over 700 times, and hosted segments of it as well.
For much of their tenure, the group was a trio: lead singer/guitarist Ranger Doug (Douglas B. Green), singer/fiddler Woody Paul (Paul Chrisman), and singer/bassist Too Slim (Fred LaBour). In the 1990s, the group re-added Joey the Cowpolka King Joey Miskulin on accordion, who had been with the group for a brief period in the 1980s. They usually introduce themselves as “Ranger Doug, “The Hero of American Youth”, “Woody Paul, the King of the Cowboy Fiddlers”, “Too Slim, the Man of a Thousand Hats” and “Joey, the Cowpolka King”. Ranger Doug Green is also one of the front members of “the Time Jumpers” which consists of many people and is highly regarded as a Country Music Supergroup.

They perform in a sketch like manner and usually act upon themes of sorts. They are well known for yodeling and making face popping noises while singing and playing their songs about the range.They are a well renowned children’s band and were featured on Toy Story 2 and Barney and many other shows.

Riders in the Sky perform authentic renditions of old classic cowboy and Western songs, as well as original works and various comedic skits and songs. Their sketches often include allusions to something being done in a dishonest or lazy manner; with Ranger Doug typically responding to this observation by saying “You fellers know that that would be the easy way. But it wouldn’t be the cowboy way!”

I’m loosing reasons to go to the Opry after loosing Little Jimmy and George Hamilton this past few months and so many others it’s becoming slim to find the GOOD ones left…almost TOO SLIM….But The Riders In The Sky are sure to bring greatness back to the Opry stage again and again.

Teea Goans Third Album Is Now Available.



My dear readers I will NEVER judge a band or artist by looks like the pop country people do.
Teea Goans BY FAR puts ANY of those mainstream women to shame with her work ethic alone. She’s WAY more pretty on the inside AND the outside and this young lady TRULY CARES about Country Music. She does more for Country Music than ALL of them radio people.

She’s been featured on Country’s Family Reunion and has been a featured guest DJ on WSM AM 650. She’s been featured on the Opry several times and in my opinion she and several other young ladies that sing the REAL “Hot new country” need to be inducted instead of
the crap they are inducting as members now.
The last decent member to be inducted has been Old Crow Medicine Show and honestly my reasons to attend the Opry further is really becoming slim.

This new album is her third album and will be a slightly different direction than her last album.
I’m going to post this directly from her website:
The aim of this project, as Teea explains it, was to revisit well-written vintage songs that would be familiar to many but that would still allow for an experience of pleasant rediscovery (and, for less experienced listeners, perhaps trigger a full-blown revelation). “We wanted to dig out those songs and put our spin on them,” she explains. Teea’s gift for interpretation—that crucial intersection between singer, song and styling—is one that’s increasingly rare in today’s country music, but it’s a key feature of the “spin” to which she refers. She applies it liberally throughout the new album, creating fresh and personal takes of melody-rich country hits, such as the Gene Watson-originated title track, Merle Haggard’s 1963 Top 20 single “Sing a Sad Song” and Ronnie Milsap’s latter-period hit “Stranger Things Have Happened,” on which Teea displays particular prowess, sweeping with ease into the upper reaches of her vocal range.

The importance of interpretation was a particular factor in the decision to include “What’s Forever For,” written by Rafe Van Hoy and previously recorded by artists ranging from Dionne Warwick and Johnny Mathis to Anne Murray, B.J. Thomas and Michael Martin Murphey. In order to help Teea find the heart of that song apart from its many differently produced versions, Choate slyly played her Van Hoy’s original demo, the recording of which Choate had personally overseen at Tree International while a staffer at the publishing giant in the mid-1970s, early on in the lengthy music-industry career that would later land him in the A&R chair at Capitol Records during a strategic period of growth for country music. Hearing Van Hoy’s quiet, unadorned presentation brought the full meaning of the lyric home for the first time to Teea, who offers a moving and introspective rendition of her own on what is one of the album’s purest vocal performances.

Also among the album’s 13 cuts are selections that have been widely recorded across multiple genres, including ones pulled from the Great American Songbook and the Christian hymnal (“Great Is Thy Faithfulness”). The fact that every track fits so neatly into a cohesive whole, regardless of its original source, is testament to Teea’s well-developed musical identity as well as her and Choate’s canny artistic instincts. In a novel pairing, the opening track links the Louis Armstrong standard “What a Wonderful World” with “Old Fashioned Love,” an irrepressible nugget of Americana whose earliest waxings go back nearly a century. It’s an anchoring track, representing both Teea’s taste for well-aged music and her estimation of herself as something of “an old soul.” Likewise for the inclusion of “Sentimental Journey,” which she and the band turn into a gently loping country-swing affair, suggesting the sleek, after-hours quality of Patsy Cline’s “Walkin’ After Midnight,” and every bit as timeless.

You can purchase all three of her albums HERE.
I strongly suggest you go check out her music you will be WELL PLEASED with what you hear.

Country Music Loses It’s Most Prized Treasure.


You sure were quite a doll Raggedy Ann….yes quite a doll.
I am Little Jimmy Dickens or Willie Nelson after taxes….this was a weekly ongoing joke for years
from a little hero with a big heart. He was Country Music’s most beloved Icon and EVERY Country Music
website has wrote an article for him.
He NEVER missed an Opry weekend unless he was hospitalized and physically couldn’t perform and he WAS
the prominent Opry frontman.

He was the oldest active Opry member with the death of Hank Locklin in 2009 however it is often said
he was the longest tenured member. This was (to my knowledge) not accurate because in 1957 he left
the Opry and returned in 1975 making Jean Shepard the longest running member.
STILL it does NOT take his stature away from him HE WAS the Opry he WAS the heart and soul of
the whole circle and the famed red curtain.

He was well known throughout our community of Nashville and patronized many of the businesses in the area.
He frequently came to Nashviile Palace and Music City Bar. He was one of the last Opry powerhouses to
still attend the bars of Lower Broadway.
He was 94 and recently had a birthday at the Opry…Buddy Emmons showed up!
He was unashamed of showing up anywhere in public, and being seen nor was he EVER unfriendly or
Let’s all remember his life and legacy and the stories and memories will run through this town
for many many years.

James Cecil Dickens was born December 19th 1920 and was one of the last prominent Opry members
during the turbulent 1950s when Hank Williams shared the Opry stage.
In 1948 he joined the Opry and continued to wear his popular nudie suits until he could no
longer perform.
Dickens recorded many novelty songs for Columbia, including “Country Boy”, “A-Sleeping at the Foot of
the Bed”, and “I’m Little But I’m Loud”.[3] His song “Take an Old Cold Tater (And Wait)” inspired
Hank Williams to nickname him “Tater”. Later, telling Jimmy he needed a hit, Williams penned
“Hey Good Lookin'” specifically for Dickens in only 20 minutes while on a Grand Ole Opry tour bus.
A week later Williams cut the song himself, jokingly telling him, “That song’s too good for you.

In 1983 he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.
In 1964 he had his first top ten hit with “The Violet And The Rose” and his first number one
hit was “May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose” in 1965.

Toward his later years he was featured in Brad Paisley’s video “I’m Gonna Miss Her”
where he was fishing in a boat and the joke was that he was so small you couldn’t see
him in the boat..but his arms reeling in fish.
Jimmy Dickens was a prankster and frequently dressed up in costumes and stood on chairs,
always telling short jokes and jokes in general on the Opry.
He is credited for introducing tens of thousands of acts to the Opry stage and hosted many
segments of the Opry.
In 2012 he graced the stage of Muddy Roots as he was featured on the festival and met with
great regard by the audience.

On Christmas day he suffered a heart attack and died January 2nd in a Nashville hospital.
You can view his obituary HERE

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
04:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Woodlawn-Roesch-Patton Funeral Home
660 Thompson Ln
Nashville, TN 37204
Driving Directions

Funeral Service
Thursday, January 8, 2015
11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Grand Ole Opry House
2804 Opryland Drive
Nashville, TN

The Sutler Welcomes PeeWee Moore And The Awful Dreadful Snakes.


Well folks I am pretty sure you heard Little Jimmy Dickens died…I’m sure
Jimmy would want the show to go on. I was in town for website business and to do
some other things. I first went to visit my good friend Kenneth Marr who was the one that
designed my logo and manufactures my stickers.

I’m over on Franklin road tonight at The Sutler and this is
a really nice place with what looks to be real good food. This is a reservation place so
if you want a good table for a show call and make them.

Peewee Moore And The Awful Dreadful Snakes are a honky tonk band
I have featured on here many many times. He is a frequent performer at Muddy roots and I covered his
Slider House show. I talked to Boots and the new album is being worked on and will be distributed
through Rusty Knuckles.

The sound check was Gypsy Rose, and he is just going up now…I’m excited.
I’m being bounced around a lot in the back by the stand up bar and the venue is VERY loud
and It’s hard to do this much but it is a nice place, the stage is nice.
I missed the opening song but he followed up with “Making Sure The Story’s Being Told”.

HE IS unloading all his own great songs playing ‘Cotton Pickin Woman”…what a great show.
HE IS playing us covers like “Big City” from Merle Haggard, and his lonesome Honky Tonk sound
is tearing this place up.
The Saloon type atmosphere of this venue is really cool to see an artist like Peewee Moore.
I’m just sad he doesn’t get to Nashville more often than he does.

He is playing “Aint Got Nothing” right now..there is history on the walls of this place,
much like Bobby Mackey’s and many more historic venues older than this one.
I been talking with some folks from Texas who run a radio show and I been turning her
on to several acts up here. Networking….is how we fight this battle.

‘Leaving With the Band’ is always a good upbeat song I like to hear them play.
Folks I want y’all that are reading this to know these guys DO PLAY for tips
and your money keeps these guys rolling to the next show.
He is playing “running Moonshine” right now and Boots is in prime shape on them drums!

He’s playing “Long Time Gone” and they are playing in sets like most bands do
taking breaks in sets. VERY NICE looking food and if not for having meetings in town
I would have ate here. Heck they play Buck Owens on the overhead while you dine
and Wayne the Train Hancock!

Peewee is in the planning stages of a music festival called “The Honky Tonk Tent Revival”
which will take place Memorial Day weekend near Monteagle Tennessee.
I’ll report further information on this event as I learn it from him and all about the event.
The second set is beginning with an upbeat song full of twang called “Truck Driving song”.

This set is focused on Truck driving songs and includes “Six Days On the Road” by Dave Dudly.
I’m cross working on a Jimmy Dickens article for you can be sure of it. Honestly I
been working on several different projects with the website this weekend to bring you the BEST
coverage on independent music I can.
He’s playing “Truck Driving Man” which was written by Terry Fell in the 1960’ was of course
made commercially popular by Buck Owens.

“Down Every Road” is a Merle Haggard song I have heard him cover before and do it well.
He did his murder ballad (and one of my favorite songs) “Nickajack Dam” and followed it up
with “Good Timing Woman”.
He played a piece of “A Boy Named Sue” along with a great instrumental break.

“Eleven Months and Twenty Nine Days” is a song many people cover..but not with as good
of twang as him or Whitey Morgan.
All in All if you go to a Peewee Moore show you’re in for a REAL treat, I bought some CD’s
Cause I couldn’t believe there was no cover. I offered to pay and they said it was a free show.

Folks when these people play “free shows” let’s BUY STUFF and keep them functional.
This is no different than tipping a waitress or haircut barber. Take care of friends
and support this art.