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2015 Music Festivals: Lone Oak Fest : Last Honky Tonk Music Series.

2015 Music Festivals: Lone Oak Fest : Last Honky Tonk Music Series.

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
30A Songwriters Festival
Ruckus In The Boonies
Crooked Smile Music Festival
John Hartford Memorial Festival



I been keeping track of The Last Honky Tonk Music Series as best as I can…I must call Miss Brigitte soon and get some more scoop on the series and I will have my updated article up as soon as I can.
Meanwhile CHECK THIS OUT the Last Honky Tonk Music Series is having an outdoor festival in Texas at Pivo’s Ice House in Fayetteville between Austin and Houston.

I’ll tell you what I have seen some of these artists and some I have not yet but as this year completes some financial happenings for me I can travel more in 2016. This series and all the friends I have made are making me want to come to Texas more and more for sure. This weekend Dallas Moore is releasing his NEW album “Dark Horse Rider” at Bobby Mackey’s in Kentucky where the whole series launched. We had a BLAST up there with all the great

Once again it comes out in droves for this first time outdoor festival hosted by one of MY favorite Radio voices Gordon Ames or Big G as they call him. Every time I am up early I always try to catch his show online. I attended a festival last year that he hosted and we had a really good time together he is a very nice man and his wife is awesome. I enjoyed Daryl Wayne Dasher’s set at the national launch and have been meaning to buy his album on vinyl I need to become more familiar with his set and Kyle Wilson’s as well.

Brigitte London doesn’t know it but she has a secret admirer and he’s writing this article. She’s awesome and she always has a spot in my CD playlist. One of her songs really hits me and inspires me when I feel weak it’s just the way she sings it that makes it better than the original singer. She’s got a very pretty voice and she is a very hard working road musician, playing a ton of shows all year long. I miss her around Nashville and would take off work to come see her if I had to..Carrie Underwood has NOTHING on her she’s better looking by far and just as talented.

So on Saturday April 25th at 11 AM you can pay 28 for the one day event or buy advance tickets for 20 on this Link Here. Here’s more from their website:

Acoustic & Full Band Performances with some LHTMS artists sharing stage together as is the custom with many of our shows. This will be an event unlike any other. LHTMS will have several Fests in 2015, this is our first Official large scale event. Pivo’s is the perfect place. Great Outdoor Stage, Food & Specialty Vendors and Honky Tonk Heroes past and present come together.

Hosted by Gordon Ames (Big G)
Matt Mathis
Manzy Lowry
Jeff Hopson
Teri Joyce and the Tagalongs
Craig Gerdes
Christopher Corkery
Brook Faulk
Daryl Wayne Dasher
Hal Bruni
MoonDawg Hall
Kyle Wilson
Jill Kinsey
Brigitte London
Billy Don Burns
Billy Joe Shaver
Dallas Moore Band
& More!

There will be an OPEN Outdoor Pickin’ Party Hosted by Brigitte London & Monndawg Hall FRI evening from 7pm – ?!!) Free & Open to All.
I spent a lot of time with Hal Bruni and I tell you what he is the real deal folks, and you better feel like eating cause the man eats and cooks and cooks and eats. These guys KNOW how to party when the time comes and they know how to be friends, most of that above list of performer links I know and love.

I don’t just write these articles for a spare hobby…I live the music. And I live through all of the people I met
through music. I’m an addict, recovered but I’ll always be an addict and I’m proud to be alive and I can enjoy this music with all these people. They have no idea how much it means to me to get to write about them and what they do.

Billy Joe Shaver and Billy Don Burns both raised me with their music and what they produced.
I didn’t have a childhood I hid in my room and played records and drank.
They were both very overlooked songwriters and they both did a lot for Country Music in many ways. This is certainly an event not to miss…..

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2015 Music Festivals: John Hartford Memorial Festival.

2015 Music Festivals: John Hartford Memorial Festival.

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
30A Songwriters Festival
Ruckus In The Boonies
Crooked Smile Music Festival



Folks I want to get back to my 2015 festivals series because I literally have a TON of them I need to bring to you. Last night I featured Old Salt Union which is part of the lineup of the 2015 John Hartford Memorial Festival in Bean Blossom Indiana.

This festival literally bills itself “The Most Laid Back Festival In America” and honestly I have never been to this one YET..It’s on my radar. I already am booked this weekend in May and I cannot make this festival that is already on it’s fifth year. This festival is having a three day run this year and quite an impressive lineup of talent.

This about camping from the website:
Please remember that your ticket purchase does not include camping. All camping fees are collected by the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground. Reservations for camping are not required but we strongly suggest that you call and make one. For reservations and RV site rates call the Campground at 1 (800) 414-4677.

For tickets you can click HERE and purchase them for one day and three days of this event. Before I tell you the lineup and link the bands for research I’ll post some more useful information from their website.

Going on its fifth year, held at the historic Bill Monroe Music Park in Bean Blossom, Indiana, the John Hartford Memorial Festival has made its mark and is established as “The Most Laid Back Festival in America,” and folks, it’s fun!

The John Hartford Memorial Festival is a 3-day family-friendly music festival that takes place in beautiful southern Indiana at the historic and legendary Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground in Bean Blossom, IN, with performances on 3 stages from late morning until the wee hours with 24/7 campground jamming, a songwriting contest and an Old Time Fiddle contest too! Our unique festival is offering a genre busting line-up like no other festival with a list of performers whose music is varied, different, fresh and original, and rooted in the Spirit of John Hartford!

Now folks the lineup…WOW I’m really upset I cannot make this festival, I truly am.
Hot Rize
Red Knuckles And The Trailblazers
The Larry Keel Experience
New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Horseshoes And Hand Grenades
The Hackensaw Boys
Split Lip Rayfield
Bawn In The Mash
Jamie Hartford
The Tillers
Rumpke Mountain Boys
Billy Strings
Old Salt Union
Wood And Wire
Wild Ponies
The Flea Market Hustlers
Ragged Union
The Whipstich Sallies
Betse And Clark
Colin O Brien
Jalan Crossland
The New Old Cavalry
The Flatland Harmony Experiment
Sloppy Joe
Glade City Rounders
Free The Honey
Doto Tonho
Mustered Courage
Still Shine
Punkin Holler Boys
Red Ember
Deep Fried Pickle Project
The Aching Hearts
Gideons Rifle
Chicago Farmer
Wil Maring And Robert Bowlin
Buffalo Wabs And The Price Hill Hustle
Dirty River Ramblers
American Folk
White Lightning Boys
Worley Boys
The Acomplices

I want to share a REALLY awesome and helpful piece of information here about this festival..
THERE IS WI FI…You have NO IDEA how easy it would be to cover this event better than most
of them that do not have any.

Dancin’ Dave’s Festival Camping takes the “rough” out of roughing it! Offering first-class accommodations so that those traveling from the opposite coast, across the pond, or just across town, can have a full festival experience without the hassle of having to pack everything needed for a comfortable stay. We do all the work. Just show up, stay for the party and leave the tear-down to us. Camping has never been so easy!

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Upcoming Old Salt Union Show Dates and Info.

Upcoming Old Salt Union Show Dates and Info.


Folks tonight I want to bring you an article about a band I have never featured before called Old Salt Union.
They are based out of Illinois and formed in 2012 and they have three albums out now for purchase by clicking on their name up there. They will be coming to the Nashville area soon and I wanted to tell you about it and I may drop by to check them out.

Tomorrow night they will be at the Factory At Liberty Hall in Franklin Tn and also on
February 27th They will be at Acme Feed And Seed which is in downtown Nashville.

They will also be performing at 2015 John Hartford Bluegrass Festival in Indiana which I am
also in the middle of writing about now. I’ll post my favorite video they have and other dates
as well. This from their website:

With the release of their second studio album, “Bridge”, in August of 2014, Old Salt Union tells a tale of transition. The two years that they have been together has shown that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of music. They have established solid roots, winning the STL Riverfront Times “Best Bluegrass Band” in 2013 and “Best Country Band” in 2014, all while traveling the country. They have made appearances at the John Hartford Memorial Festival, Wakarusa, LouFest, and Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Festival, sharing the stage with The Del McCoury Band, Sam Bush, Greensky Bluegrass, Ricky Skaggs, and more – and no ma’am, they ain’t stopping yet.

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Shooter Jennings And Waymores Outlaws With Joshua Morningstar Show One.

Shooter Jennings And Waymores Outlaws With Joshua Morningstar Show One.


Me and Kenneth Marr are seated and this venue is gorgeous. I’m surrounded by old friends
and new ones. Joshua Morningstar is the star here right now around our table and is about
to go on. There are so many people around me its like I’m dreaming. Our buddy A.J. Hancock
from Diamondback Stringworks joined us at the table and Mr.J.D.Myers stopped by too.

Joshua came on in top form for us tonight opening his set with “Talk To Me Texas” by Keith Whitley. He is very much at home up there telling jokes and riling us up and to be honest he has grown quite a bit as an artist since Altamont. Honestly and truly he is better now than he was years ago. I tell you what its easy to do some work here because the seats and tables and WiFi are both great. ” Sellout Celebrity ” was next and the stories that he told were a memory that time will never take from me.

He followed by “Think I’ll just stay here and drink” which was one of his several covers
of the night by Merle Haggard. Another good original song was “As long as you ain’t coming back” which always has been a crowd rowdy song with It’s male friendly lyrics.

“A Honky Tonks a Honky Tonk even if you are drinking wine” is what he said to us before he
played “Sad Songs And Waltzes” for us. He plays the one man band act VERY well I studied him as he played his guitar and two drums one with each foot. I’d LOVE to see him play with Scott Biram. He then went into a tribute to Wayne Mills by playing “Old Willie Nelson Song:” as we all raised one for Wayne last night.

“Grip Of The Devil” is one of his original songs and I was happy with his choices last night.
I’m not sure if he is mixing up setlists for other shows I’ll find out soon.
He closed his set with The Billie Gant penned anti pop-country anthem “Stop Fucking Up Country Music”. Which to be honest left the place was well received last night by many.


My first ever time seeing Shooter play with Waymore’s Outlaws which is pretty much Waylon’s old backup band that is still active. It consists of Jerry “The Jigger” Bridges Richie Albright, Fred Newell and Tommy Townsend.
It gave me a chance to finally get a shirt because last time they were out in my size.
“Dont Think Hank Done It This Way” was their show opener which was first released in 1975 on the album “Dreaming My Dreams”. The album was produced by Cowboy Jack Clement.

“Iv’e Always Benn Crazy” was next, and that song was from an album of the same name in 1978.
Honestly it’s my favorite album Richie Albright ever produced and they were clearly sticking to
my favorite era of Waylon classics. However I DO LOVE the Sweet Mother Texas album, and I have it in my will to play the album in it’s entirety before my ashes are spread on the grounds of my favorite festival. My funeral services will also take place at that festival as well.

They played “Luckenbach Texas” and “Good Hearted Woman” and to be honest Ol’ Fred Newell was in TOP FORM up there on that steel guitar. I LOVE his style that resembled the style of Waylon classic music.
Note for note they were really and truly classic last night in many ways. They closed their set with “Good O’l Boys” The theme from the Dukes Of Hazzard television show.

Like I said before Shooter Jennings was in tip top form last night with his father’s band. I really and truly enjoyed this combination and thought it was the best performance of his I ever saw. He opened with ‘Aint Living Long Like This” and “Black Rose” both songs of course his father’s.

He played “Setting Me Up” which was a rather rare song written by Mark Knopfler who was with Dire Straits. “She Talks To Rainbows” is a song off his BCR Mixtape which I picked up at the show last night and you MUST check this album out for a really good song by Jayke Orvis and I’m not sure if this fiddle work was Liz Sloan’s or not…

“I’m Playin Possom” is off his Tribute To George Jones EP which was just recently released.
As well as “Nashville From Afar”, I like that song a whole lot. I was indeed hoping he would have
played The Gunslinger but I still had a AWESOME TIME nonetheless because he played “Isis”.

“Solid Country Gold” was always one of my favorite songs from his first album that I still enjoy
today. I love that first album he put out with the .357’s. And he also played “Gone To Carolina”
as well from that album. His next song was “Hard Lesson To Learn”, and that’s a song I never heard him play yet live. So I was extremely excited to hear it live.

He played “whistlers And Jugglers” and followed that song up with MY favorite one he does
‘Fourth Of July”. Laugh if you want…that song is a JAM. And it brings back some good memories of years ago. I loved that whole album and probably always my opinion it is a timeless classic album. They closed the show with “same Old Outlaw” which I’m pretty sure is an original Waymore’s Outlaws song. HE DID do one more song but to be honest I was trying to get prepared to go buy stuff from his merch table.

I’ll be honest with you readers about something: Shooter Jennings and his crew have been outstanding friends of my website since I relaunched it. And friends to me personally as well I cannot thank him enough for everything he and “The Colonel” Jon Hensley has said and done for me in the past. A lot of people hate on Shooter for their own reasons but I ask you THIS..How many people has he helped out? I could name you about 20 bands off the top of my head he’s produced and supported both with finances and verbal support. You just cannot argue with the amount of help BCR has been to SO MANY bands in the past few years. Honestly I don’t care who hates me for it I applaud him and support him, and I’ll gladly pay
to see him any time or buy his products and he will always have a home on this website.

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Artist Feature: The Raven Claw Hammer

Artist Feature: The Raven Claw Hammer



So last night I was in town scouring the town for a special USB cord I need for my tablet so I can bring you better coverage at house shows with out my laptop. I checked my infamous mailbox and what do I find?
This album from a young lady in California and her band is called The Raven Claw Hammer. Their album is self titled and it has 6 tracks on it and is released on Dead Bunny Records.

The cover art on the album immediately grabbed my attention and as a consumer I would have grabbed it upon impulse of the cover art alone. The album looks very presentable and well made. I was contacted first so this was not an unsolicited fact I answered back several times calling her Sir and was corrected she was a she. I was very apologetic and amused already by her music and had much anticipation on her self proclaimed unique sound.

And a unique sound she has INDEED, as I couldn’t truly classify this band AT ALL. I’ll tell you hardcore country purists you won’t want to read further. She DOES has Country influences in her sound but country this is not BUT this doesn’t mean it’s bad. Oh HELL NO I find it quite different and it was refreshing to hear something like this.

This band would fit in with the Muddy Roots lineup or Moonrunners type band. I cannot even really begin to compare them to anyone, if I HAD TO I would say Hangdog Hearts and Goddamn Gallows type gypsy string band. Gutterpunk? Hmm..I don’t truly know. It is very very different and I enjoyed this album, would I pay to see them? Sure would, now they are located in the California region and this is kind of out of my turf but I truly wanted to share this band with you.

Track number 3 resembled a classic Gallows tune and it’s called “Taxidermy Travesty”. It very much resembled the upbeat banjo laced speed ballad of their sound. Krisanna Marie is the frontWOMAN and also performs their banjo duties for this band. There is also guitar, drums, washboard and bass. Her bass player was formerly with the Ditchrunners so I knew I was in for a really nice treat with this music.

Two of the songs have really nice instrumental work and they play really well together you cannot identify any mismatched picking and it doesn’t sound thrown together like a common string band that doesn’t play well together. I like her vocals they are extremely different and one thing I like is I can understand the lyrics, they are not shouted at me. This band will remain in my current rotation for sure.

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