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News About Sony’s Orthophonic Joy Album.


The Virginia Tourism Corporation announced recently that they will be re-recording a groundbreaking 1927 album that was originally launched to promote new talent for a public that was buying the Orthoponic Victrola by the masses. It introduced more of Ernest Stoneman and the Carter Family. Now most folks call the Carter Family Country Music’s first family and in my opinion it was the Stonemans, however this album makes it a debatable subject of opinion.

Back In 1927 modern country music was born in Bristol, a city straddling the Virginia/Tennessee line, when Victor Records set up a temporary studio there to record area acts performing what was then known as “Hillbilly Music.” Musical families, singing quartets and gospel groups were among 19 acts that came out of the surrounding hills and hollows to record more than 70 songs. Sales of the resulting records went through the roof and established this rooted American music as mainstream.

I have studied this event for a little while now and it has been referred to as the “Big Bang Of Country Music” and has been regarded by folks like Marty Stuart as one of the most important events to have ever occurred in Country Music History. The importance of the Bristol Sessions were not lost on Sony Music which on May 12th released the 2 CD set Orthoponic Joy , a re-recording of 18 songs of the 1927 sessions by modern superstar artists including Dolly Parton, Sheryl Crow, Steve Martin, Vince Gill, Emmylou Harris and Marty Stuart and the CD includes historical narration by Eddie Stubbs, longtime emcee at The Grand Old Opry.

Rusty Morrell acted on his idea to re-make the 1927 groundbreaking project, so he sat down with Rick Dollar from and Leah Ross the director of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum to discuss the makings of this project and the wonderful place the City of Bristol is. Along with producer Carl Jackson this album shall prove to be a worthy project and I look forward to hearing this album which has 37 tracks, including 18 songs and 19 spoken word tracks that provide context.

You can purchase this album HERE. And here is the complete track listing:

Disc One
1.”Don’t Deny Yourself The Sheer Joy Of Orthophonic Music” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “I’m Redeemed” performed by The Alcoa Quartet) Eddie Stubbs – 4:22
2.”I’m Redeemed” (Traditional arrangement by Doyle Lawson) Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver – 4:06
3.”All They Needed Now Was Talent” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “Bury Me Beneath The Willow” performed by The Carter Family) Eddie Stubbs – 3:29
4.”Bury Me Beneath The Willow'” (Traditional arrangement by Carl Jackson) Emmylou Harris – 3:18
5.”Tonight He Is Playing The Old, Old Tune At Police Headquarters” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “Black-Eyed Susie” performed by J.P. Nester & Norman Edmonds) Eddie Stubbs – 2:57
6.”Black-Eyed Susie” (Traditional arrangement by Carl Jackson) Marty Stuart – 2:36
7.”An Early Tradition of Scrapping For Rights And Royalties” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “When They Ring Those Golden Bells” performed by Alfred G. Karnes) Eddie Stubbs – 2:12
8.”When They Ring Those Golden Bells” (Dion De Marbelle) (Traditional arrangement by Carl Jackson) Dolly Parton – 5:09
9.”I Wish I Had Some Rocks To Throw At Them” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “The Storms Are On The Ocean” performed by The Carter Family) Eddie Stubbs – 3:52
10.”The Storms Are On The Ocean” (Traditional arrangement by Carl Jackson) Ashley Monroe – 3:48
11.”Any Song With A Story Will Go To The People’s Hearts” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “I Am Resolved” performed by Ernest V. Stoneman & His Dixie Mountaineers) Eddie Stubbs – 4:11
12.”I Am Resolved” (Traditional arrangement by Carl Jackson) The Shotgun Rubies – 3:38
13.”A Hoedown Social In A Mountain Cabin” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “Sweet Heaven When I Die” performed by The Tenneva Ramblers) Eddie Stubbs – 3:08
14.”Sweet Heaven When I Die” (Traditional arrangement by Carl Jackson, Steve Martin, and The Steep Canyon Rangers) Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers – 3:28
15.”Daddy Never Knew When He Would Come Up With An Idea For A Song” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “The Soldier’s Sweetheart” performed by Jimmie Rodgers) Eddie Stubbs – 3:21
16.”The Soldier’s Sweetheart” (Jimmie Rodgers) Vince Gill – 3:30
17.”Where The Blues Meets The Church” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “To The Work” performed by Alfred G. Karnes) Eddie Stubbs – 2:12
18.”To The Work” (Fannie J. Crosby & William H. Doane) Keb’ Mo’ – 3:23

Track listing 2[edit]

Disc Two
1.”Singers Who Had Not Visited Bristol During Their Entire Lifetime Arrived” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “Where We’ll Never Grow Old” performed by Alfred G. Karnes) Eddie Stubbs – 2:13
2.”Where We’ll Never Grow Old” (James C. Moore) The Church Sisters – 4:56
3.”Love, Loss, And The Perils Of The Moonshine Business” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “Darling Cora” performed by B.F. Shelton) Eddie Stubbs – 2:28
4.”Darling Cora” – (Traditional arrangement by Corbin Hayslett) Corbin Hayslett – 3:43
5.”Ramblers Riding The Longest Train I Ever Saw” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “The Longest Train I Ever Saw” performed by the Tenneva Ramblers) Eddie Stubbs – 1:59
6.”In The Pines” (Traditional arrangement by Carl Jackson) Brad Paisley & Carl Jackson – 3:55
7.”Twenty-One Good Years At The Throttle” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “The Wreck Of The Virginian” performed by Blind Alfred Reed) Eddie Stubbs – 3:06
8.”The Wreck Of The Virginian” (Alfred Reed) Ashley & Shannon Campbell – 4:21
9.”Prized And Practical, Brutal Ballads” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “Pretty Polly” performed by B.F. Shelton) Eddie Stubbs – 2:07
10.”Pretty Polly” (Traditional arrangement by Carl Jackson) Carl Jackson – 5:49
11.”Tremendous Heart Punch And Appeal” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “The Wandering Boy” performed by The Carter Family) Eddie Stubbs 3:29
12.”The Wandering Boy” (Traditional arrangement by Carl Jackson) Sheryl Crow – 4:22
13.”Gotta Catch That Train” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “Train On The Island” performed by J.P. Nester & Norman Edmonds) Eddie Stubbs – 1:51
14.”Train On The Island” (Traditional arrangement by Carl Jackson & Larry Cordle) Larry Cordle & The Virginia Luthiers – 2:21
15.”History Saws And Strums Along With Itself” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “Johnny Goodwin” performed by the Bull Mountain Moonshiners) Eddie Stubbs – 2:15
16.”Johnny Goodwin/The Girl I Left Behind” (Traditional arrangement by Jesse McReynolds & Carl Jackson) Jesse McReynolds & Carl Jackson – 2:32
17.”Introducing The Orthophonic Choir” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “At The River” performed by the Tennessee Mountaineers) 2:05
18.”Shall We Gather At The River” (Traditional arrangement by Carl Jackson) The Chuck Wagon Gang & The Orthophonic Choir – 3:22
19.”The Birthplace Of Country Music” (Narrative: Cindy Lovell; Background score: “I’m Redeemed” performed by the Alcoa Quartet, “At The River” performed by Tennessee Mountaineers, and “Shall We Gather AT The River” (Refrain) performed by The Chuck Wagon Gang & The Orthophonic Choir) Eddie Stubbs 2:44

The Wildhorse Saloon Hosts A Night With Legends Benefit Show


On June 10, “A Night with Legends,” a benefit concert for The Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, comes to the Wildhorse Saloon. Newly inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame, The Oak Ridge Boys have also recently released an awesome first ever live album. I am not totally sure about whether they will all perform short sets or big huge sets.

A show with this many Country Music Legends for a benefit is usually not to be missed if you can make it. The Wildhorse seats many people and the seating chart goes from 20-120 dollars. And honestly in my area Mickey Gilley is not performing as frequent as the others on the performance list.

You can purchase tickets HERE.

The Oak Ridge Boys
Larry Gatlin
Mickey Gilley
The Bellamy Brothers
Lorrie Morgan
Eddy Raven
T Graham Brown
David Frizzell
Larry Stewart
Tim Rushlow

2015 Festivals: Goose On The Lake

Americana Fest
Ruckus In the Boonies
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Outer Banks Island Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival


Hello again folks from the 2015 festival series that I have run on this site for two years now, holy man what a truly wonderful spring of festivals that have occurred in my area. I covered one fully and one partly and I have quite a few more planned in 2015. Now in 2016 I plan to expand my website coverage into more of these festivals I haven’t been to yet and I shall be sponsoring more of them.

I have a whole new list for the middle of 2015 and into the fall and as they contacted me and I planned this series I had them all mapped out according to time they occurred and I’m doing this in two parts. Welcome to part two as I begin it with the 20th Annual Goose On the Lake which happens on June 5th and 6th in Allerge Kentucky. This festival is relatively close to my house and easy for me to get to however I have only been there for a short time and I have never fully covered the festival.

Friday, June 5
5:00 PM – Kentucky Harvest
6:00 PM – The Dirty Dandelions
7:30 PM – Marty Brown
9:15 PM – New old Cavalry
Saturday, June 6
3:30 PM – Big Nancy
4:30 PM – Benny Skyn
5:30 PM – Frank Hudson
6:30 PM – Harvey Cameron Band
8:00 PM – Raelyn Nelson Band
9:30 PM – Vessel

As we all know this festival was begun in 1995 by Lloyd Settle and his friends and was supposed to be a one time event attended by about 75 people and it featured the band Goose Creek Symphony. And now 20 years later here we have this wonderful event that has been brought out to the limelight more by the live recording of Waymore’s Outlaws from this event.

This is one of the more reasonably priced festivals boasting only a 60 dollar pass fee and you can purchase them HERE. And on this article I’ll be adding some hotel locations for the Russellville area, which is very close to my own home.

Comfort Inn

News On The Last Honky Tonk Music Series.


Well folks right now I’m on personal business but I have some time to catch up on some news and articles I have fallen behind on reporting about. One of those functions is the ever ongoing music events called The Last Honky Tonk Music Series and they have been having quite a few impressive lineups lately and one festival in Texas. This series of shows and events have not one director but many that help make the series a success all over the United States.

They just recently hosted a successful spring festival at Pivo’s Ice House in Texas that featured many of the regular Last Honky Tonk Music Series cast and some Country Music legends as well. It was quite an impressive lineup for me to include in my spring edition of articles that featured different festivals. Later in this article I shall include all of the performance dates that I know of for the series itself across the country.

Several other events related to the series that are planned in the future for us and I would also like to include them as well. There are several great artists that this series features I enjoy getting to see play.

June 8th Win Place or Show Fairfield Ohio
June 11th Manny And Merles Louisville Kentucky
June 11th The Hitching Post Darttown Ohio
June 12th Friends Backyard Grill Clarksville Ohio
June 14th Uncle Stewey’s Roadhouse Spring Valley Illinois
June 18th Jay’s Sports Lounge Columbus Ohio
June 19th Back Porch Lounge Macon Georgia
June 19th Oak Grove Tavern Galloway Ohio
June 20th Friend’s Backyard Grill Clarksville Ohio
June 21st Oak Grove Tavern Galloway Ohio
June 22nd Win Place Or Show Cincinnati Ohio
June 23rd The Ledford House
June 24rth The Drink House Morgan City Louisiana
June 25th Manny And Merle’s Louisville Kentucky
June 25th Jays Sports Lounge Columbus Ohio
June 25th The Drink House Morgan City Louisiana
June 26th Bad S Icehouse Oyster Creek Texas
June 26th Friend’s Backyard Grill
June 26th The Looney Bin Bradley Illinois
June 27th River Roadhouse Mackinaw Illinois
June 27th The Cigar Club Lake Charles Illinois
June 28th Uncle Stewey’s Roadhouse Spring Valley Illinois
July 4rth Uncle Stewey’s Roadhouse Spring Valley Illinois
July 18th Back Porch Lounge Macon Georgia
July 21st The Drink House Morgan City Louisiana
July 23rd Red Dog’s Egan Louisiana
July 25th River Road House Mackinaw Illinois
July 26th Uncle Stewey’s Roadhouse Spring Valley Illinois
July 27th Win Place Or Show Fairfield Ohio
July 29th Blue Max Midland Texas (Part of the Charmed Project see below)
July 30th Manny And Merle’s Louisville Kentucky
July 31st Back Porch Lounge Macon Georgia
August 1st The Hunt Store Hunt Texas (Part of the Charmed Project)
August 7th Uncle Stewey’s Roadhouse Spring Valley Illinois
August 10th Win Place Or Show (Part of the Charmed Project)
September 10th Manny And Merle’s Louisville Kentucky


The Charmed Project is a side project/tour that includes three ladies of the Last Honkytonk Music Series and they are Brigitte London, Jill Kinsey and Brooke Faulk. Each one of these ladies are stunning with their stage presence and deliver a potent array of beautiful songs.

For the first time they are combining their talents for one traveling show and I’m sure you would agree this is a truly lovely trio of songwriters. I’m going to include their dates separate even though this is a derivative of the above events.

June 28th Garage on Back Salt Lake City Utah
July 29th Blue Max Midland Texas
August 1st The Hunt Store Hunt Texas
August 2nd The Drink House Morgan City Louisiana
August 5th Flora Bama Orange Beach Alabama
August 7th Uncle Stewey’s Roadhouse
August 9th Silver Maple House New Eagle Pennsylvania
August 10th Win Place Or Show Fairfield Ohio

Follow Up News On The Midnite Jamboree


Folks this afternoon I spoke with my friend and Country Music Legend Glenn Douglass Tubb about everything from The Midnite Jamboree to Strugill Simpson. I just wanted to release a follow up article with you for this major concern I’m sure many of you have. In a nutshell there is good news and bad news about the overall outcome of the Jamboree itself, and it’s continuity.

As of now I was informed that the first weekend in June Mr. Glenn will host the show for that weekend and the next weekend will feature Mel Tillis, that’s the good news. The bad news is we aren’t sure if there will be any further shows after those two weeks. Now IT WILL be taking place at the Troubador Theater like it always has been, and it will remain FREE.

I was told by the store staff that it will be preformed at Ten in the evening on Saturday night and re broadcast at Midnight on WSM like it has been for years. I can tell you one piece of information, if we get more members to join the association it CAN keep going. Mr. Ken Mosher has been offering a TON of great merchandise items for sale on the website and when you join you get all sorts of good stuff in a package. I got my coffee cup on my desk now and you get pins and patches and MORE!

CLICK HERE to join the association or send in your fee to the address on the site. YOUR money goes to the proliferation of Country Music History and YOU can help preserve the existence of this radio show. I have also been told of several benefit shows planned for the Midnite Jamboree in four different states throughout 2015 and I shall make articles as I am informed of confirmed event schedules.

All of the aforementioned products will be available at the Ernest Tubb Record Shops for sale and I’ll be attempting to cover the Jamboree but right now I’m not totally sure about what my schedule looks like for the month of June. I URGE YOU to PLEASE continue to help the store out and purchase music the CORRECT and TRUE way, IN PERSON. And PLEASE go support this live music tradition over on Music Vally Drive.

W.B. Walker’s Two Year Show And More News.


Well folks if you are not familiar with my good friend Brandon (W.B.) Walker and his Old Soul Radio Show out in West Virginia then you MUST GO OVER and check out his show. It is a weekly aired podcast that you can download on I Tunes or off the website. He usually combines three main features every week that usually compliment one another.

I learned about a TON of artists from his podcast and from talking to him on the phone in the past, and I turned him onto a few artists he has played. He ALWAYS gets permission to play his material and he does a really good job doing what he does. In fact, I have nicknamed him “The Paul Harvey Of Podcasts”.

He recently had a house show at the V Club in West Virginia and I wanted to write a review of the show. I downloaded it and listened yesterday as I worked on two more articles and the only drawback I had was it kept stopping on me. It was hard to keep track of where I lost my connection and I might have missed some of the songs played. I want to tell you about the artists involved and how this all turned out. This was a celebration of his two year anniversary episode that included the following guests:

Justin Payne
The Horse Traders
Hannah Aldridge
Kara Clark
Brittany Avery (Six Gunn Britt)
Matt Woods
Arlo McKinely (And The Lonesome Sound)
Justin Wells (Of Fifth On The Floor)
Tyler Childers (and The Foodstamps)

First off was a gentleman that W.B. turned me onto late last year Justin Payne. The title of his album “No Place Lower Than High” turned me onto him almost immediately before I even heard his music. And when I did hear his music I was completely BLOWN AWAY from what I heard…uncut raw hurt. 13 tracks of greatness on one album, and O’l W.B. is on this album as well.

He opened his set with a song called “She Never Will”, and he followed that up with the song “Piece Of My Life”. Both songs are good choices and he also had the Horse Traders come up and play with him on a few songs.”Gettin By” was my personal favorite song he does which includes the title of his album within the lyrics of the song. This album is one of the top choices for me from the fall of last year.

He welcomed out the Horse Traders as they played the last part of his set and one of his last songs was “The Fall”. I am firm believer that all of his songs are very well written and this album should be given more commercial attention than it is getting right now. I try my best to distribute this album to ANYONE airing roots country music online or offline.

The majority of these artists that have been invited to this event are from the general area and this band is a really good example of the talent from the area and having a new lineup I truly enjoyed this band. I remember this band from last fall at Outlaw Fest and although I didn’t get to meet them. I will make sure I feature them in an upcoming article in the future, I was given their album last year. One of my favorite songs they played in their set was “Nothing At All”.

This next artist that he featured on the 2 year anniversary show was someone I have been checking out for a few months now because of Brandon’s show and her name is Hannah Aldridge. Her album called Razor Wire is truly a good album. She started out her set with a well written song called “Lie Like You Love Me Tonight” which had a few REALLY GOOD lines in the lyrics that stand out.

Armed with ammunition of songs like “You Ain’t Worth The Fight” and “Rails To Ride” she just absolutely tore up the club that night. DAMMIT I wished I could have traveled up there for this show, I been wanting to hook up with Brandon for many years now. She continued to play songs like “Gold Rush” and one of my favorites “Old Ghost”, but the one I loved most was one I remember from last time called “Howlin Bones”.

Kara Clark is a longtime favorite of mine from the good old Myspace Days and
she was my FIRST article when I re-launched my website two years ago in October at the Outlaws And Icons Festival in Altamont. She opened her set with MY FAVORITE song she does called “Relapse” and then went into a few NEW songs from her new album out now called “The Key”. You can order it from her website up there by clicking on her name.

Her first new single off that aforementioned album is called “Bulletproof” and she also played the title track called “The Key”. I have known her for several years and I do not get to see her as often as I’d like to but I still have all her albums in my constant rotation of CD’s. Her closing songs were “Lonely” and “Living Proof”. You know every artist on here has a few songs I was sad didn’t get included and one of her BEST is called “The Band, Bartender And Me”. Go check that song out will be glad you did.

Brittany Avery (AKA Six Gunn Britt) and me go WAY BACK into those Myspace days from around 2007. I got a long personal past with her and I basically watched her grow older and wiser, I said prayers for her and with her as she lost her grandparents and I rejoiced with her as her
baby was born. Folks this young lady has moved far away from home for love and life, her heart’s been broken and she is still smiling and she’s one of the prettiest gals I know.

Her first song was “Oh My Love” and she followed that up with one of the songs from her forthcoming album “Midnight In The Garden Of Honky Tonk Angels”. Another great song she did was called “I’m Done” and she followed that song with one called “Six Bullets”. I have seen her perform smaller sets but sadly I have never got to see her perform a whole set yet. Her closing songs were one called “Lie With Your Shame” and she closed with a Chris Knight cover song.

Matt Woods now honestly what can I say about him that I already didn’t say last year after seeing him at Muddy Roots? This was another spot I had some trouble with the player and the first song in his set I noticed was “A Company Town” and “Tiny Anchors” from his new album “With Love From Brushy Mountain” which is also in my constant’s a DAMN FINE record.

Now this time my personal favorite song was played and I think “Snack Bar Mary And The Ten Pin Priest” is my favorite song he plays. It is VERY well written and it paints a really vivid picture within my mind when I hear him perform it. I really want to get down to a house show of his someday even if I have to travel to Knoxville area to do it.

His closing songs in this set were “Bed Sheets” and the title track from his album “With Love From Brushy Mountain” and his last one was “Dead Man’s Blues”. Altogether well rounded show this was folks and every artist Mr. Brandon selected was absolutely stellar for sure.

Arlo McKinely And The Lonesome Sound was a band I had not heard of until this show. They hail from the Cincinnati Ohio area and play quite a few shows I see and I was extremely impressed with their songs. They opened their set with “Don’t Need To Know” and another called “Pass You By”. I was pretty darned impressed with this band and although the player was still giving me some problems I was really enjoying this show, O’l W.B. really outdid himself tonight.

“Just Like The Rest” was a great song and another called “Time In Bars” was one of my favorite ones. They closed their set with a few songs called “Wishing” and “Wild Horses”..but their best song of their set was the last one called “Dark Side Of The Street”.

Justin Wells is doing exactly what I was hoping he would do after finding out that Fifth On The Floor was leaving..he is recording his own music. JUST his songs and honestly I am going to REALLY MISS Fifth On The Floor but I love O’l Justin by himself too.

His set included such great songs as “Last Song You’ll Sing” and a song that he described as Part 4 to a series of songs called “Still No Rain”. Along with Matt Woods he performed a song he dedicated to many of the people there called “The Dogs”. He followed that one up with a REALLY GOOD cover song that I never heard anyone play before acoustic called “So Far Away From Me”, and it was made popular by Dire Straits on the album “Brothers In Arms”.

He played a BRAND NEW song called “Another Night Lonely” and he stated that it will be with no band and no…with…it will just be Justin Wells. I am looking forward to it. He played “Missing The Morning” and brought out my buddygirl Brittany Avery for his duet “Wine” originally with Rachel Brooke. He played “January In Louisiana” and my personal second favorite song FOTF does called “The Fall”. My all time favorite FOTF song is “Angels In The Snow” but like I said I REALLY am looking forward to what he brings to my player on a solo album, I BET it will be awesome!

Tyler Childers man what can I say about him? I got the pleasure to see him open for Fifth On The Floor in Lexington this year and we got to talk a bunch, he is a really good guy. ALWAYS welcome here in my home and he put on ONE HELL of a show to close out the whole deal. He indeed has some really well written songs and I love how he sings them.

He opened his set with “Adam” and another Willie Nelson song that my buddy Joshua Morningstar does too called “Sad Songs And Waltzes”. BUT one of my favorite songs he does is “Nose To the Grindstone”…and mind off the pills man that song is REALLY well written. and this set has another of my favorites that wasn’t played.

“Harlan Road” was his next song along with “Charleston Girl” and he also brought out his band The Foodstamps for more songs. Probably his best song of his set and the one the audience loved the most was “I Got Stoned And I Missed It” which makes the crowd holler out along with Tyler during the song. He played “Heart Of Stone” and played a tribute to Hank Williams Sr. by playing “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”. They then partied harder by playing “The Weight” which is often called take a load of annie, and that is not correct. It’s actually take a load of fannie and that song was predominantly played by The Band called The Band.

So there you have it folks, despite the little glitches in the player for me I wished I could have been there!

Americana Music Association Announces Initial Lineup.

Americana Fest

Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Ruckus In The Boonies
John Hartford Memorial Festival

Ok folks this right here is the first round announcement of 85 of the 150 confirmed acts of the 2015 Americana Music Association Americana Fest lineup! I just got the e mail not too long ago and I’m finally getting caught up with all my other festivals for 2015. Now this festival will work just like last year where you can buy a wristband for 50 dollars and that allows you to attend all the side shows after August 1st they will be 60.

This festival is different because it takes place in multiple venues all over the city of Nashville. There are STILL more than 100 acts to be announced in the near future and as they announce them the ticket prices rise. Now if you want to get access to ALL the parts of this show and the awards show you must buy a registry pass.

The Americana Music Festival & Conference is open to the general public and music industry professionals. Festival and Conference Registrations are now available at the reduced rate of $365 for Americana Music Association members and $465 for non-members (rates will increase to $500). Registrants receive entrance to all sanctioned daytime conference music, panels and parties, plus priority access to all evening showcase performances and one ticket to the critically acclaimed 16th annual Americana Honors & Awards on Wednesday, September 16 at the Ryman Auditorium.

You can purchase wristbands and passes HERE. So far the three venues involved are The Cannery Ballroom, The High Watt, and the The Mercy Lounge.

Anderson East
Andrew Combs
Anthony D’Amato
Barna Howard
Abigail Washburn
Billy Bragg
Birds Of Chicago
Brian Wright
The Bros. Landreth
Caleb Caudle
Caleb Klauder Country Band
Carly Ritter
Carsie Blanton
Christopher Paul Stelling
The Contenders
Corb Lund
Dead Winter Carpenters
Dom Flemmons
The Dustbowl Revival
Emma Swift
Frank Solivan
The Freightshakers
The Grahams
Grant Lee Phillips
Guthrie Brown
Hackensaw Boys
The Hello Strangers
Henry Wagons
Horse Feathers
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
Hugh Bob And The Hustle
Jackie Greene
James McMurty
Joe Pug
John Moreland
John Paul Keith
Kingsley Flood
Kristin Diable
kristin Andreassen
Laney Jones And The Spirits
Lee Ann Womack
Lera Lynn
Leyla McCalla
Lilly Hiatt
Liz Longley
Los Lobos
Lydia Loveless
Martin Harley
Mary Gauthier
Nikki Lane
Nora Jane Struthers
Oh Pep!
Packway Handle Band
Patty Griffin
Pokey LaFarge
Randy Rogers
Ray Wylie Hubbard
River Whyless
Sarah Borges
Sean McConnell
Shemekia Copeland
The Show Ponies
Session Americana
The Steel Wheels
stephen Kellogg
The Stray Birds
Tall Heights
The Vespers
Water Liars
The Whistles And The Bells
Whitey Morgan And The 78’s
The Wild Reeds
William Elliott Whitmore

As far as hotels pretty much any hotel in the metropolitan Nashville area will be running specials for this event which takes place September 15-20th. The Americana Music Association does really awesome things for the proliferation of Roots music and is a non-profit organization that brings up and coming acts to the mainstream audience. I try my best to support what they do and their cause in ANY WAY I can on this website and this festival
will have a home on here EVERY YEAR. So hopefully I’ll see you there this year, I will be covering parts of this as I’m allowed to.

Another Next Generations Show.


On Thursday June 11th 2015 at 7PM at 3RD And Lindsley there will be another Sons And Daughters Of Country Legends. This is the third edition of this very successful show that has been generating a good turnout, and is loaded full of great talent. I’m sure for 20 dollars at the door you will have some mighty fine entertainment for that entire evening.

Jett Williams
Georgette Jones
Robyn Young
George Hamilton V
Hawkshaw Jr.
Dean Smith
Melissa Luman
Chrystie Wooley
Karen Wheeler
Donnie Winters

And Keith Bilbrey will be the guest emcee for this event and It’s being held at a very nice venue in town. I have featured many of these children of the Legends many time on this website and if I can cover this show I certainly will be there.

Donnie Winters has been a close friend of mine for over ten years now, I still miss those southern jam days out on the farm. Ernie made the best corn on the cob and pulled BBQ and his father Don Winters always had a stellar set he did. I remember him doing “Jambalaya” in his yodeling fashion..timeless! He has been a staple piece of Volunteer Jam history on the first few albums. I also have a bunch of Winter’s Brother’s albums and CDs.

Georgette Jones…man what can I say? Her and Mr Jamie Lennon are two of the best things to happen to Country Music in the last ten years! He is a top notch steel player! She’s got a voice that is awesome, and her albums are VERY nice. Heart Of Texas Records is making some noteworthy recordings in the past few years for sure.

Album Feature: Waylon Jennings Live In Concert.

 photo wayloncrackerbarrel_zpstfxegvw3.jpg

Black Country Rock which is Shooter’s own label and Cracker Barrel have done it again, on April 27th and it is now available but ONLY at Cracker Barrel stores. I bought mine during the Nashville Boogie at the Music Valley Store.

It basically spans Waylon’s entire discography and the liner of the CD and all that I have researched about this album is it from March 19th 1995 in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I’m really enjoying this album and it will most likely be in my constant rotation for many reasons. Now honestly It’s a REALLY good recording but it started out with very little interaction with the audience for the first few songs. BUT BOY was I WRONG after giving it a chance It became a VERY valuable learning tool about his personality and raw humor. Waylon certainly didn’t sugar coat any of his opinions in his life, and after hearing this album you can tell he REALLY loved to perform.

1. Rainy Day Woman
2. Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies
3. Good Hearted Woman
4. Wrong
5. Amanda
6. This Time
7. Living Legends Part II
8. If I Can Find A Clean Shirt
9. Till I Gain Control Again
10. A Couple More Years
11. Good Ol Boys
12. Lukeenbach Texas
13. Flyin’ W
14. Suspicious Minds.

Right around Living Legends Part II is where his onstage humor truly shines and I had to pull over to laugh one time…I REALLY mean that. Waylon was creative with jokes and mock insults about everyone from Billy Ray Cyrus to Travis Tritt’s manager. AND stories galore, this album is packed full of history folks. I think the three people involved in producing this album did an outstanding job of bringing this piece to life and to the public. This album was produced by Colonel Jon Hensley, Shooter Jennings and J.D. Myers and I contacted them to tell them THANK YOU and how I enjoyed this album.

I liked all of Waylon’s steel players throughout his tenure of recording. Ralph Mooney was good Fred Newell is still good and Robby Turner is still awesome and you can thank him for his DAMN FINE work on “High Top Mountain” By Sturgill Simpson. Just Listen to “Old King Coal” and also he is working for Chris Stapleton. And of course Fred Newell has done work for Whitey Morgan And The 78’s. Kevin Hogan was on bass, Fred Lawrence on piano, who he introduced as working with Tanya Tucker. Also playing guitar on the album was Shooter Jennings.

I always have said there are three pillars of Country Music, the producer the steel player and the songwriter. This album has ALL THREE in top form and I regard this album as a really good one, however my favorite songs he played were not on the album his stories and tales of how he came up with some of the songs made up for the absence of favorite songs.


OK now folks like I do on most of my festival coverage articles here’s a list of the artists involved and you can click on the links to go to their website. I have been given the Green Light to go ahead and publicly tell you about the lineup for the Spring Weekender. What a GREAT lineup and I’m sorry I cannot make this event this year. I tell you folks what Jason Galaz and Muddy Roots has done and does many great things for me as a website and as patron and as a friend. I have been a huge Muddy Roots fan for so many years and it is one of my favorite festivals. Muddy Roots recordings is quickly becoming a HUGE Roots music label with some quality albums from GREAT artists.

Ramblin Jack Elliott
JD Wilkes
L.C. Ulmer
The Tillers
Jospeh Huber
Matt Woods
Urban Pioneers
Dana Sipos
Hang Dog Hearts
The Calamity Cubes!
James Hunnicutt
Black Jake And The Carnies
Adam Lee
Rickett Pass



The following is a map of the event that will take place in Nashville Indiana Friday and Saturday
May 22nd and 23rd 2015. Heres a WHOLE LIST of cabins, prices AND photos available.

M*A*S*H* cabin | 10 singles | Cold water sink | C-1 – $400 FR-SUN Island cabin | 10 singles| can join with Artist Cabin | C-2 – $350 FRI-SUN Artist cabin | 10 singles | Cold water sink | C-3 $400 FRI-SUN Rock N’ Roll cabin | 1 queen, 7 singles | C-4 -$350 FRI-SUN -PENDING Bike Shack cabin | 1 queen, 7 singles w/loft that sleeps 3 | Cold water sink | C-5 – $400 FRI-SUN -PENDING Pioneer cabin | 2 doubles, 4 singles | C-6-RESERVED All Sport cabin | 2 doubles, 4 singles | Cold water sink | C-7-RESERVED Babbling Brook cabin | 1 double, 3 singles | C-8-RESERVED Love Nest cabin | 1 double, 3 singles | C-9-RESERVED Bartels Log Cabin | sleeps 6 | 1 queen, bunk beds and a loft, indoor commode |Cold water sink | C-10-RESERVED


TENT CAMPING – Primitive and free. Tents only in tent area. No vehicles.


OK folks here’s a list of hotels in the area and I’ll be adding more later on.

La Qunita Inn of Columbus Indiana will be one of my first choices. They have GREAT
Wi-fi and breakfast was REALLY good.And the pool and hot tub were above nice.
And TRUST ME with a severe case of RA like me…a hot tub is GOOD. Starting at 92 and up,they are 10.4 miles away.

Days Inn of Columbus Indiana is another great hotel chain I have used for hunting and fishing in the past in several states. Starting at 59 and up they are 10.3 miles away from the campgrounds.

Motel 6 of Columbus Indiana is another chain of hotels that are only 10.4 miles from the campground but I have never
stayed with them before.I cannot report on their hospitality but they have reasonable rates at 44 dollars and up.

Abe Martin Lodge is located IN THE PARK AREA and is only 5 miles from the campgrounds and starts at 59 dollars and up.

Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekend Day 3 Part 2: In The Pines In The Pines!

Well folks here is the conclusion to my Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekend series of articles. I do have one side article coming soon on this event. I want to thank Jason Galaz and Muddy Roots for everything they do for my website and for music in general and I look forward to being in Cookeville this year.


I had personal business to attend to and I had to leave the hotel for a few hours but I got back Saturday in enough time to catch some of the mid afternoon festivities. I got ready to get back to being serious and covering the rest of the music, when I returned I noticed the main stage schedule was a little behind. I wasn’t worried because BY GOD Rockabilly Legend Johnny Powers was next! Now this man has my attention because he is the first white male musician to have ever signed with Motown Records and hold a contract with Sun Records simultaneously. He has also been inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and has accomplished more accolades as well.

He absolutely commanded the stage to do his dirty work up there rocking the place apart with his opening song ‘Rock Rock” and “Crazy Over You”. I was in admiration of his demeanor he had the stance and poise of a true Legend and I could tell he truly lived the life and walked the walk. The man has history that spans many decades and I studied him for quite some time before coming to the Boogie.

His next song was called “Mean Mistreater” and it was a pretty rocking song that I enjoyed. “Waiting For You” was another really good one I enjoyed his mid-set and this set was really good vocally as well. “With Your Love With Your Kiss” was next, this was a truly awesome time I had with some great friends. And as he barreled into a song called “treat Me Right” he played one more before going into the song he is most famous for called “Long Blonde Hair”. It dates back to the 1950’s when he developed his stage name from someone seeing him eating a Powerhouse candy bar. He closed his set with “Have I Told You Lately” also performed by Loretta Lynn and more.

Then…after all that I found myself In the Pines Woody Pines that is. I have had this band on my radar as well for many months and I finally saw them, see THIS is why I love music festivals! This was another of my top acts of the whole festival EXACTLY the thing I want out of a band right now this was a fresh different twist to an OLD ragtime swing band. They also recently signed with Muddy Roots Records and I bought that album and it’s a DAMN GOOD album, they played one song in particular off it I liked “Walking Stick” it is just a really good jamming song.


They opened their set with “Long Gone” before they played “Walking Stick”. I LOVE THIS ALBUM and I’m telling you Muddy Roots is taking the music industry by STORM with festivals and recordings and many more great products. In fact right now as I finish this article I’ll be releasing the lineup for the Spring Weekender which goes on next weekend.

They continued their excellent set with a Hank Sr. song called “I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind” and I was an instant fan of theirs, yes I would travel out to Nashville or Southern Illinois for this band. VERY quality music and well written lyrics and just a good old fashioned JAM like their next song called “Red Rocking Chair”. They then played a song called “New Nashville Boogie” which I thought might have been a Nashville Boogie anthem sort of. Now their next song was another of my favorites they play called “Anything For Love”.

“Black Rat Rag” was another song off their latest album that was a really good jam and I RAN out to the merch table to get their latest CD and other items. I was loading up with stickers for my kitchen fridge (I have a small one in my living room). They closed their set with a medley of “Chew Bacco Rag” and a old song called “Who Do You Love” and I’m not sure what other song the medley had thrown into it as I was busy visiting with the sound man.


It was beginning to get late and I was getting tired I had a lot of mentally tired from my afternoon and I knew I had an hour to get home, but I was so excited to see Country Legend and Rockabilly Legend Larry Collins. Now Larry is known for his tenure with his family in the 1950’s. Always playing a double neck guitar since I can remember they blazed a Rockabilly trail across the world before he wrote some of Country Music’s most famous songs for artists like Tanya Tucker. In fact one of the first songs I recognized right away was a song she cut in 1980 called “Pecos Promenade” and it was officially debuted on the movie “Smokey And The Bandit”. It reached number 10 on the charts and the remarkable thing about it was it is off a live album before it was cut on a studio album.

He then took us on a short ride back to his roots by playing a WILD instrumental called “Hurricane”. He had a remarkable band backing him up on this set, hell I would have payed for just this set alone I was VERY impressed with his show. He then went right into an old hit of his called “Rock Bop Baby”. I have been studying Larry Collins pretty close the last few weeks and I’m getting to appreciate him even more now. In fact I have a more deeper love and respect for Rockabilly now than I did when I came, not trying to put the genre down I just have more knowledge of the genre now.

However one song that I always have enjoyed was one of his other mega hit that Tanya Tucker recorded called “Delta Dawn” which was off the 1972 album of the same name, it was also cut by Helen Reddy in 1973. That song had the entire place going NUTS in the main ballroom. One of his nicknames in the music industry was “Flying Fingers”. Even in his age he navigated that guitar in a Roy Clark fashion just putting out all sorts of sounds on it. I noticed all sorts of influences in his montage of music, I noticed a little Chet Atkins. And he closed his set with a song that was recorded by David Frizzell and Shelly West back when they were doing duet albums together. It debuted in 1981 and also debuted during the Clint Eastwood classic movie “Every Which Way But Loose”. It remained on the number one spot for a week and was one their most successful hits for the duo.


The final band I covered for this festival was another west coast Rockabilly Legendary band called The Paladins. They are self described as “West Coast Jump Blues”.
I really enjoyed their set tonight and even though some of their set was hard to hear the vocals the instrumentals were absolutely crazy good. The first song I recognized in their set was in the middle of their set called “Tore Up From The Floor Up”. As I was preparing to wrap up my day and get home to rest they played one called “You’re The One” before going into a long and really awesome song called “Big Mary’s”.


They brought out Rockabilly Legend Rosie Flores and she performed “Cock It Back And Blow My Blues Away” with the band. I tell you what they had the whole place going nuts, Rosie was slotted to perform the next day at the Johnny Cash Museum and sadly I had to miss that part of the festival. I had so much to catch up on at home I was unable to make it. This was the end for me folks and as they played ‘Get Rhythm” I was leaving for the night and got to stop and say goodbye to Mr. Jason because I probably not get to see him until Cookeville Muddy Roots Festival. I hope with all my heart you enjoyed my coverage of this festival, I have had confirmation that it WILL take place in 2016 at the Opryland Hotel..I have no confirmed dates.

Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekend Day 3 Part 1: Running Late.

Saturday morning started out really hectic and I had personal stuff going on and it was keeping me from leaving early enough to park far enough away to walk and I had to park on the premises which was 25 bucks. Was that worth getting to see Country Legend Don Maddox on time? YES….yes it was! I HURRIED into the lot and rushed around trying to get ready for his act and taking numerous personal phone calls. Because of this mid-day I had to leave and come back. I missed several acts during the day on Saturday but I DID catch most of the action, I very rarely have things like this happen but every once in awhile it does. I apologize to the artists I missed.


Don Maddox is a Country Music Legend from the west coast. He is the last surviving member of the family band Maddox Brothers And Rose consisting of four brothers and one sister, Rose. If I go into their history I will ruin the story I have from Friday night.

Friday night Mr. Don and his family sat with me at my table as we watched the show and he was amazed how many people knew whom he was and what he has given Country Music. Of course (as with anybody his age and knowledge) I had to ask him what he remembered about Hank Williams Sr. He told me stories about them both on the Louisiana Hayride after the Opry fired Hank for his alcoholism and he sat near Hank while he was playing some songs and was saying he was “Hotter than greasy cornbread”.

Another story he told me was from the 1930’s when his family sold all their belongings for thirty five dollars which spawned his song “Thirty Five Dollars And A Dream” which he played third in his set. In the 1930’s and 40’s they were regarded as California’s Greatest Hillbilly Band.

Being the only surviving member of the band he has been in self induced retirement for some time now until Muddy Roots brought him back out onto the stage several years ago, and he was part of the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender. He opened his set with a song called “Boil Them Cabbage” that is so old nobody is really sure who wrote it or when and he followed that with a song they did as a band called “Step It Up And Go”.

His crowning song of the set even though it was not his original was “Wabash Cannonball” which was a Roy Acuff song and a Carter Family song of old. It is one of the greatest Folk Songs of the last century. And in my opinion one of the greatest songs ever wrote and there was no more nostalgic thing than Roy Acuff on the Opry stage balancing his fiddle bow on his nose while screaming like a train whistle and performing this song.

He went on to perform more Maddox Brothers songs called “Paul Bunyan Love” and he played “High Desert Waltz” while playing his popular fiddle solos and heartwarming ballads. He left the crowd dazzled and wanting more as he closed his set “Faded Love” and his signature song “Don Juan Is Still Here” and the ever popular “Orange Blossom Special”. After his stellar set which was one of my top 5 sets of the weekend I got to witness a band I missed in 2014 Muddy Roots in order to cover another band.


The Buzz Jumpers were indeed a band I missed that I am glad I finally got the chance to catch up with. They are a rocking good time and I have had them on my radar for months now, and this weekend they had the place rocking hard with their opening song “You Done Me Wrong”. They are a very roots influenced band and they showed it by playing “Lovesick Blues” and a tribute song to Don Maddox.

They have a very energetic lead singer and she just absolutely wails out the vocals on songs like “Baby Baby Wait For Me” and their song called “Tweedle Dee”. But in my opinion their best song I enjoy the most was “Black Cadillac” and I will be exploring their music further in the future.

Their next few songs I heard them playing was “Whiskey Blues” and several more from their albums and in the future I will be making it a point to hit their merchandise booth for their music. They went on to play some more songs called “Let Me Love You” and they closed their set with “Love Me Honey Do”. Now this was really and truly a great set in every way and I would pay any door cover fee to see them.

This part of my article brings me to a band I first saw play live last year open for Hillbilly Casino as I celebrated my birthday with them and the Three Bad Jacks for my birthday. I met the upright bass player Dan Swan first before I saw the band play and the band I am referring to is Jane Rose And The Deadend Boys”.


Upon arriving once again at the Jack Daniels Bar And Grill this is where I had a major problem with mean staff people. They have a gal behind a desk that seats people and Like I said before I had been having some personal issues and knew I had to leave in a few hours to transfer money to someone. You can only eat so many times a day and every place was expecting everyone to constantly eat and drink. I had to drive and there was NO WAY I was having a beer. I was seated at a four spot table by the stage and got my books out and taking notes and the waitress came and asked what was I doing? So I explained I worked for a website and I’m covering the show and I’d like a water. I have every intention to still tip the server I don’t mind that…5 dollars good enough for a water tip?

I was almost made to move and stand up because the waitress said I was cutting into her earnings, “You are not eating OR drinking”? Man I was really sad at the way I was treated by the staff there and what saved me was several couples were willing to share their table with me to catch the show. I still tipped the rude waitress for the water because I don’t like arguments I like music and Jane Rose would not be spoiled.

They opened their set with “Wrong Kind Of Guy” and right off the bat I noticed how precise and wonderful their lead guitarist was, and his guitar was gorgeous. They play really well together and was well received by the crowd at this side bar as they went into another great song called “Hot Rod Daddy”.

The stage there was small and the venue was smaller too but didn’t lack in sound or quality in ANY way, it was a doggone nice place to see live music even if they were mean to me today. You cannot take one persons mistake and hold it against the whole room. I stood until I was re-invited back to the table by a couple. As soon as I could jot more stuff down I remember them continuing with their song “Bad Lil Betty” and another called “Bitter”.

I ran down to the table to buy stuff and my books were getting moved again so I had to run back up and carry them once again while they played “Whiskey Nights” and another really good song called “Fool”. Like I said all of the drawbacks I had were not really too major against the festival itself but the the hotel and the side bars shouldn’t
expect people to eat meals constantly and drink non stop. On the other hand I do understand making money is a goal but I enjoy outdoor festivals MUCH more because I can set a chair down and report on your band.

As she closed her set with powerhouse songs called “Gone” and “Tore Up” she introduced her band and had some fun with us, she really did a wonderful job. I been friends with her band for some time now and it’s always nice to see them and catch up as friends. “Tore Up” and their last closing song was “Love You Like A Man”.

I stayed in the Jack Daniels bar that part of the afternoon and a really nice couple from overseas sat at my NEW table with me an told me they would stay so I could stay and work. We ended up becoming very nice friends and now talk often. I was eager to see this next young lady perform because I never have yet, she is from the Chicago area and is one of the Moonrunners crowd and her name is Pearls Mahone.


She just recently released her second album “Echos On The Prairie which is really good and I bought it on vinyl.I play her CD in my truck all the time and her first one is real good too. Her and her boyfriend are always nice to me and I enjoy watching music with them guys. I cannot wait to see them again probably at Muddy Roots in Cookeville.

She opened her show with a song called “Saints And Sinners” and started out rocking off the bat! I really like her arrangement of instruments for her next song “I Had Someone Else”. It’s a really good toe tapper and I like her voice on that song, her first album was good but she has grown a lot as an artist since that album. I think she has improved her grip on her songs even more now and her next song was called “Blow Your Top”. Which was from her first album and she did a really good job on it and I thought it sounded better live than on the album, not trying to say anything bad either.

She played a Bob Wills song called “San Antonio Rose” which we all enjoyed and played one called “Oklahoma Hills”. I would surely travel pretty far to see her show out of state. And maybe someday I will do that, I plan to take the website to some farther places in the future. “St. James Infirmary Blues” was another really good song she played in her set.

Her version of “All Of Me” was really enjoyable and my personal favorite song she does is “Old Time Religion” I’m an old softy for religious songs..I enjoy them very much. One of her closing was “Hard Luck”. Like I said at the beginning of the article I had to keep tabs on some personal business and I went over to the main ballroom for a little bit before I had to step away from the hotel….

Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekend Day 2 Part 2: Fly’n Rite……

The Main ballroom was HUGE and it had a lot of room but not many tables and chairs. It was kind of hard at times to do “my thing” but I got around it in some ways. It was a nice venue but I had trouble hearing the next band The Frantic Rockers who played blues and rock. They are signed to a label I am familiar with called Rhythm Bomb records which also has Jason Lee Wilson. Their vocals were hard to focus on for me, I’m not sure if it was where I was camped out at or if it was the band but I just couldn’t make out any of the songs accept for their opening song was “all Through The Night” and they followed that with “All Night Long”.


I have researched them and they have several albums and their music is really nice and I hope maybe someday I will get another opportunity to feature them on this website again. I will say I was very impressed with their guitar solos and how much soul the band had in their music. They had the place jumping around for sure!

The next band is a west coast LEGEND and was the another of my top 3 acts of the whole festival. Yes Sir sitting at number 2 in my opinion was Big Sandy And The Fly-Rite Boys. I mean heck at fourteen albums and twenty five years of music how can you not call him a Legend? AND PLUS this was a close tie for first place between these two bands.


I missed his first song as I was busy yapping with old friends about some future projects I have going on with another venture (out of respect to Muddy Roots name dropping is not needed). So when I heard them going on I rushed in to catch him playing “Heaven Is The Other Way” followed by “It’s Time”. Both of which were really good choices as I’m sitting here wondering WHAT he’s going to play with so much material TO PLAY?

REALLY GOOD follow up song “Spanish Dagger” was next, MAN they really blew the roof off the main ballroom. I am very sad they do not get over to my side of the country more often, much like the Pine Box Boys or the Three Bad Jacks. When it comes to underground music when they come out here YOU MUST go see them! “Slow Down” and one of my favorites “Don’t Let Me Know” was next. VERY cool the way he sings that song and he just stands up there and puts on a hell of a show.

After playing a Carl Perkins tune he went back to the beginning and played the FIRST SONG off their FIRST album which came out in 1994! I was fresh out of high school right around then and I’m 42! He played “Hot Water” and played “Wishing Him Away”. Both those songs I NEVER thought I would EVER hear live, leave it to Muddy Roots to do that! Jason Galaz makes musical miracles happen…I’m happy to be in the crowd all these years.

He played “Miss Tracy” next and went right into “Catalina” and “Tequila Calling”. He then went to another of his early albums and played “Chalk It Up To The Blues” and he closed his set with “Jumping From 6 To 6”. All together I was wishing he would have got to play a longer set but hell I was waiting for some other bands too.

Bloodshot Bill was another act I had trouble hearing well.
I was also having a conversation with the Rusty Knuckles guys about some things and I did get to catch him perform Baby Don’t Go” and some other songs. He played a really good instrumental he called “Tidal Wave” and another song I recognized was “Puppy Dog Love”.


The Bellfuries man what can I say other than they ARE furies. They were
another band that truly had my admiration in many forms. They opened with “Sad And Lonely” and from the start they tore apart the stage. They have such a frenzy of guitars and a beat that cannot be duplicated by any band.

They played “Take It To The Chapel” and that was a great song I researched before this festival began. “Must Be A Loser” was another of their songs I knew for sure, they played two I didn’t recognize. “Up To Your Old Tricks Again” was one I knew of theirs and they played one cover I knew before they went into “Loving Arms” and “Just Plain Lonesome”. After it was all said and done the first full day of this festival was FUN and I already look forward to 2016.

Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekend Day 2 Part 1: Lost In A Hotel.

So I got home and slept and was quite ready for day 2 of this already huge event and I was running right on time that is until I got to the Opryland Hotel. I parked behind the Nashville Palace for free and walked up there, and that lead me to my first negative thing to say…parking was EXPENSIVE. I did park in the hotel lot Saturday because I was running late and it was worth 25 bucks to get to see Don Maddox on time. Of course it’s going to be expensive, it’s a given for that area.

I got to the hotel and they gave me a map, WOW what a huge place. I have been there before but I never really walked around in it before. I have walked in the gardens and stores before the great flood but they made it bigger and better now. So here I am wandering around trying to find the side bar that features my first act I covered for the day. I finally found someone who helped me find the Jack Daniel’s Bar which was close to the main ballroom where the major part of the festival took place. Now the next day I DID have a problem with the Jack Daniels Bar and I almost didn’t get to cover the Saturday acts in it, I’ll touch on that later.

Another of the downside of things at the hotel was the food, now I knew it would be expensive and honestly when I’m covering festivals I anticipate it to not be cheap. But my major gripe was the CHOICES of food that was offered..I do not eat a lot of what was offered. I like simple plain food and most of it was to fancy for my liking, however I did get a GOOD Philly Cheese Steak sandwich at a place called Fuse but even that was almost 30 bucks.


The first act was my friend from Wisconsin JP Cyr And The Radio Wranglers which ended up being one of my TOP 3 ACTS of the entire festival. This whole band just completely blew my mind. I have talked with Mr. JP and never met him, but we had a mutual admiration for one another because we are both REAL Country Music nerds. I mean this guy knows who Autry Inman was and Gid Tanner. He is a true lover of this precious genre like I am and for our age I think we got this whole thing licked.

This band dresses the talk and walks the walk and when they start playing they take you on a journey to the early days of country music. They are a very disciplined band and a well oiled machine of Country Music history and from their first song “Mean Mistreater” I could easily tell I found a jackpot here. Like I said before they were my third top pick of the whole festival. By far simply due to the fact they played “Walking The Floor” so well I think even Ernest Tubb would have said…Thanks…Thanks A Lot.


Their second song was ‘Southbound Train” before they played E.T. and another by the Delmore Brothers. Seriously are you kidding me? Alton and Rabone Delmore does NOT come out of the mouth of many guys my age let alone their amplifiers…SOLD..Fan for life! If I was thrown Ambrose Gaines like the Glade City Rounders did in 2014 I would have dropped my 30 dollar sandwich. This was like finding a 100 dollar lottery ticket in your britches pocket you never knew about. They also played an original called “Here In This Honky Tonk” which I enjoyed and HAD to buy their album. I feel like I stole it for 5 bucks, my GOD it’s worth 20 guys who on earth are you fooling?

You know I say this a lot..Country Music has three main staples of it’s greatness, those being the producer the songwriter and the steel guitarist. You have all three you have a classic album like Red Headed Stranger which in my opinion IS THE GREATEST album of all time, but doing a Leon McCauliffe song is close too! He was prominent for many steel guitar solos from his tenure with the Texas Playboys who backed the mighty Bob Wills.

They continued with “Chinatown my Chinatown” and another called “One Week Later” before going into a Ray Price tune called “Invitation To The Blues” that Roger Miller wrote and they closed their set with “I hear you talking”.As I sat there wanting more I had to be denied more of them as they made ready for this next feature.


Molly Sue Gonzalez And The Mean Mean Men is a bnad I have had my eye on for some time now and I finally got to see them live. They have a really wonderful guitarist and had a good stage presence up there. I’m really glad I finally got to see them perform, and their first song was called “Tongue Tied” followed by “Don’t Do Me No wrong”.

“Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby” was a really good original song they played before going into a Chuck Berry song “Maybelline”. This time the little bar was filling up fast with people and there was only standing room left. I’m glad there was a good turnout for the acts not playing in the main ballroom because they were just as good as the featured acts on the big stage. No “smaller acts” performed at this festival in any way.

“Only The Lonely” was followed by “Sweet Nothings” and that was my favorite song in her whole set of the night. She did a Wanda Jackson song called “Fugiyama Mama” and then went into a slow song called ‘Right Or Wrong”. I will say this out of all the acts the vocals were really good at the Jack Daniels Bar the whole weekend. I had no problems hearing ANY of the acts I saw there.

Another great original song was “Bad Example” and she followed that with a Bill Hailey song and a song called “Save Me”. She played a song just bare bones acoustic called “Crazy” which Willie Nelson scored his first cut with from Patsy Cline. She closed her set with a song called “Mean Mean Men” which is the name of her backup band. All together I truthfully enjoyed both of these acts but I WAS ready to check out the main ballroom for the big stage hosted that evening by my buddy Jeremiah Cline whom has been featured on this website many times.


I was also ready to witness yet another Rockabilly and Country Music Legend…Art Adams. He is most famous for his band from 1955 The Kentucky Drifters and after that band he formed the Rhythm Knights. He opened his set with “Rocky Road Blues” and went into “Ubangi Stomp”.

“Let It Rock” was next followed by “Canadian Lady” and my personal favorite song was “Juke Joint Johnny” which I’m pretty sure I have heard Wayne Hancock sing before at shows. “Honey Girl” and “She Don’t Live Here No More” were ones I remember growing up with. He also played “Paradise” (or Mulhenberg County) by John Prine, he is from Carrollton Kentucky which lies along the Ohio river near Prestonville.

“Down In Tennessee” was a great song he played in his set followed by “A Memphis Dream”. Folks these Legends were all over the place this weekend greeting fans and walking around the venue like crazy, and I was going nuts listening to their stories and learning their mannerisms and how they played. One of my favorite songs he did was next “Indian Joe”. He then went into a large medley of songs lie “Dancing Doll” and “Rock Crazy Baby” followed
by “Shadows Of Love”. And left the audience wanting more of his songs and as he walked off stage I was just floored how these great Legends are still loved today by others that are like me. I was so glad to see people love Don Maddox like they did which I shall touch on later.

Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekend Day 1: Part 2: WHAT You are out of PBR?


Lucky Tubb was the next act on the first night and the place was filling up with people fast. I had a good booth up by the back bar in the front and it was padded which is just what my old body needed after all that walking all day. Now it was indeed noisy in the bar and I think they were about to break a fire code with attendance but I really had a hard time hearing Lucky Tubb. There were three acts this weekend I had a problem hearing..lucky Tubb, The Frantic Rockers, and Bloodshot Bill. Really bad vocals and I couldn’t hear them very well. I’m not technical enough to say who’s fault it was but I just couldn’t make out some of the songs.

Most of them I could make out what he was doing and I was hoping he would play some of his material from his very hard to find first album. I also hoped I would find more items at his merchandise booth, both of which were a letdown. I already had both items he had to offer and I felt like I couldn’t pitch in for his gas money it goes both ways for artists. They have to make an investment into offering product for me to buy, but honestly I thought maybe his person that runs it may have failed him. I do not know the official circumstance so I cannot really blast him in any way.

He played “Walking The Floor Over You” which of course was an Ernest Tubb song wrote and released in 1941. One of his original songs he played was “I make bad decisions when I drink” or if it is a cover I stand corrected on that note. I have never seen his set before and I think I would have enjoyed it more with a steel player but I do realize how hard it is on the road. Two of the cover songs he did I really enjoyed were “Oh Lonesome Me” by Don Gibson and one that BR5-49 used to play by Moon Mullican called “Hey Ho A Lina”. Honestly I have even heard Hank Williams Sr. record that song, on the recently released live album.

“Sweet Sweet Kisses” was next and that was indeed a good song in this set he did that featured some great guitar work. He really jammed a good job on Warner Mack’s song “The Bridge Washed Out”, that is a song not many people play and even less people recognize. He followed that one up with “Thanks A Lot” written by the great Eddie Miller who also wrote “Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray” for Patsy Cline. He then closed his set with “Cow Town Boogie” and the title track from his album “Damn The Luck”. All in all I still enjoyed his set despite the sound and not being able to hear it well. I had trouble with the vocals from Bloodshot Bill and the Frantic Rockers too.


THE NEXT BAND I have featured many many times on this website, HARD WORKING bunch of guys. In fact they left that night for a Michigan show THEN ended up BACK at the Boogie Saturday night! I was FLOORED to see Mr. Geoff and Mr. Ronnie Crutcher there. These four guys tear up stages all over the country and they whip crowds into one hell of a twister of craziness…and this time to help them they had a gal with a saxophone! And to answer your question NO they didn’t play my personal favorite “Big Dan”.

THEY DID open with “Jibber Jabber” before playing some cover songs and going absolutely nuts. Then after going into their song “Heartburn And Heartache” that is an original they played a Buddy Holly cover song. I tell you what I’d pay to see this band play anytime anyplace. They don’t need fancy bells and whistles they just JAM and do not try to keep tabs on Nick their lead singer cause he does not sit still for any less than three seconds.

“Dog On A Chain” was next followed by one of my favorite songs “The Hole”. I must say it’s my second favorite song they do that is an original song. As I mentioned beforehand these guys are going out on the road with Yelawolf to play some dates this summer and before they left us they went into “Shoe Leather” and a song called “Plain To See” before ending their set with what I consider their Anthem “Tennessee Stomp”. They bring out the Tennessee flag and go bonkers up there and as they finished the crowd finished pouring in the Palace. The amount of food coming out of the kitchen and passing my table was out of hand, and I know they exceeded their drink sale expectations because I was told by many people they got drank out of Pabst. Because I tried to buy one!

Now I’m speechless sitting there at my table with two buddies of mine..HEY Tim Madden America moves by truck now you are famous getting mentioned. Thanks for your work buddy! I was absolutely blown away by this next band The Planet Rockers and I’m going to say HANDS DOWN in MY opinion they were the best act of the whole festival. This band has an image with their guitarist Eddie Angel and their lead singer was like a Rockabilly Lemmy Kilmister! This is a rough looking bunch of guys and let me tell you, they ARE Rockabilly Legends! I have heard of them but I never got to see them live before and I have always enjoyed their music but to SEE THEM play is absolutely epic!


They just got up on stage and started pounding the audience with their opening song called “Big Wheel” and they didn’t do too much talking, they didn’t need to. I’m sitting there wondering HOW four guys can make this much energy up there. They didn’t go wild like Hillbilly Casino or the Paladins but like talking..they didnt need to. You know how George Strait can stand there and JUST PLAY…well the Planet Rockers did just that. They completely kicked ass and their next song was “Spin My Wheels” followed by “King Fool”.

This band has a boatload of Nashville history behind them, and most of it ties in with our beloved used record shop on Nolensville Road called Phonoluxe. The lead guitarist Eddie Angel was disenchanted with how poorly he was faring in the music business in the early 90’s and was convinced by Mike Smyth the owner NOT to quit. His well renowned record collection inspired Angel to move forward and eventually ran into lead singer Sonny George at the store.

I remember they played Muddy Roots in 2013 but I missed them that year and they play a lot of festivals because I see them on a lot of my lineups. Their next song was their best and it was called “One’s All The Law Will Allow” it was a jam packed barrage of guitar solos and the lyrics were just bad assed. They followed that song with “Truck Drivers Rock” and another called “Yes I Do”.

They played one called “Tennessee Woman” and an instrumental they called “Red Haze”. Their next song was an old Robert Mitchum song called “Thunder Road”. I am ashamed of myself for never pulling myself over to stop and listen to these guys play. But better late than never..right? They closed their set with “Troubled Times” followed by “Big Daddy” and “Bull By The Horns”. I have to say hands down The Planet Rockers ROCKED my whole weekend before it
even got started and I will be featuring them again soon.

Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekend Day 1: Muddy Roots Invades The Nashville Palace.

That’s correct folks before I even attempt to delve into this immensely huge ordeal going on down here I want to say that last night we hammered attendance for the bar and drank them completely out of PBR before Hillbilly Casino even got done playing. The first night all of the music took place at the Nashville Palace and both bars were going strong all night, the first night took place in the back bar. I got to town about 11am and went out and visited graves all over Nashville and left flowers on Paycheck and Jones. I also visited Marty Robbins and Tammy Wynette.

There is SO MUCH going on at once and it’s all SO HUGE you just cannot take it all in at once. I met up with some old friends from Muddy Roots field life Cracker Nix and his family he runs Cracker Swamp Productions and Aaron and Devilyn Carver whom do various projects in the Michigan area. We went out shopping at various record shops and antique stores before I went over to the Palace for a meal and the music. I also stopped at Cracker Barrel for the Live Waylon Jennings album that I will be writing about in a future article.


It all started with swing dance lessons and there was indeed a good sized group of people involved, learning how to dance some very wild dances. I’ve never been a really big dancer myself but I really enjoyed watching them while I was getting set up for the first act of the festival which I’ll go into. Every Wends you can catch then first act of this festival Nathan Belt And The Buckles.


He opened his set with all kinds of rocking upbeat tunes like “Good Rock’n Tonight” and “Honey Don’t”. You are always going to have covers and that’s not a bad thing in ANY WAY, in fact I am on day 2 as I write this and I have heard about 50 covers already from some GREAT bands. The first one of the night was from Lefty Frizzell and the song was “always Late”. He did a wonderful job on that song for sure and I enjoyed his original song he followed up with called “400 miles to Heaven”.

They then began a barrage of upbeat cover songs including “My heart skips a beat’ and “Crying Time” both made popular by Buck Owens in the early 60’s, and “Oh Boy” from Buddy Holly And The Crickets. He did an original song called “Misery” and I plan to run down to the Palace one night and get his album and I’ll do an artist feature on him soon. He played ‘Be Bop A Lula” and a Carl Perkins song called “Matchbox” which was recorded in 1956 on Sun Records, now that was indeed a great tune and he did it well.

After another Buck Owens song he played an Elvis song ‘That’s Alright” and I learn new things every time I do this. I learned the B Side to that song was ‘Blue Moon Over Kentucky” which was originally a Bill Monroe song from I believe 1946. His last two songs were “Sweet Dreams Baby’ and “Four Letter Words”.

At this point I was really impressed with how efficiently everything was run, and the sound was GREAT. I had trouble hearing Lucky Tubb and I really didn’t get a good list on him but we shall delve into that later. I’m on day 2 right now, writing in the lobby and waiting for the ballroom doors to open for the huge main show. I MUST SAY that Mr. Jason outdid himself beyond my expectations here, I mean I cannot describe the events all going on at once. More on that in my day 2 of this job.

Rockabilly Hall of Fame member Billy Harlan is a Legend in his own right. I learned a lot about him this weekend. He is from not far from where I live, he’s from Muhlenberg county Kentucky and has contributed to Country Music along with Rockabilly and others. In 1955 he began to work for Hawkshaw Hawkins and Jean Shepard, penning the hit song “My Fate Is In Your Hands” that Hawkins cut in 1956. He played that song third in his set last night, the first song he played was “I Wanna Bop”. That song was recorded in 1958 by him. His second song was “Teen Jean Jive”, and that sounded just as good as the old records. He put me to mind of Ray Price in that his age and time have NOT altered his voice or musicianship.


He has a history of playing in bands for Ray Price and Jerry Reed as well as many others. It’s amazing how much Rockabilly fits into Country Music and is a pillar of it’s overall foundation. All of these Legends have played and wrote for the Legends of Country Music in some form.


His next song was called “I Ain’t Elvis” and it was followed by one of my favorite John Prine songs that several people played this weekend called “Mulhenberg Country” which was from his first album. In fact The Everly Brothers were from this area of Kentucky which is why he played “Bye Bye Love” next, which was from 1957 and it was wrote by Felice Bryant whom also wrote “Rocky Top” and “We Could” for Kitty Wells. So it all fits together like a big puzzle, see? You already see the relevance and roots of Rockabilly Music has on Country Music. He closed his set with a song called “This lonely man” which was an original. This Kentucky county had a huge relevance and impact on all kinds of music as it also brought forth the Legendary songwriter Merle Travis who was famous for writing “Sixteen Tons”.


After his stellar set which was probably one of my top 5 picks of the whole festival they had some square dancing lessons from The Hog Slop String Band. At this time I spent some time buying shirts and visiting with people..SO MANY people I haven’t seen in ages. At first thought I had an idea that the people that came to the first part of the festival which you could attend for a separate price would not attend the whole festival..but I was wrong. Attendance from what I could see was over what I expected for a first year of any festival I have ever witnessed. I have been a long time patron of Muddy Roots Music Festivals and this was a very different setting in positive and negative ways. There were some things I did not like that happened during the festival but It’s o.k.