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Bunch Of Album Features.

I am always always always looking for new albums on the internet and other outlets from underground bands and local music in my area. Sometimes I accidentally stumble upon new releases like one of the ones I’ll touch on in a few moments and some of them I been waiting on for quite some time like the first album I’d like to feature..


John King And The Mud River Revival: Write The Wrongs.

I met these four guys at the Spillway last year as they opened for some other bands and artists and I really enjoyed some of their songs and wrote some articles for them in the past you can read one of them HERE. They are one of the best local bands in the Bowling Green Kentucky area in my opinion, and it’ll be enjoyable to watch them grow as a unit. I’m hoping with this release they’ll play some Nashville and Tennessee shows and in the future hit the festival circuit.

This album sounded pretty good production wise and it has twelve songs on it which was pretty reasonable for the price. It’s gritty down home Southern Rock and Country music that has a good flavor of Honky Tonk mixed in. The best song on the entire album is one they shot a video for called “Man On The Mountain” which is a well written song about us types of reclusive backwoods folks that just do not get out much….yep.

There is a old recording of his grandparents performing from the 1950’s and that was REALLY interesting for a history buff like myself who devotes his entire life to studying music from that period when Hank Williams was taken home to Heaven and the Honky Tonk Country was in it’s prime.

“Blame Me For The Bad” is an outright jam in it’s own right and all of the songs on this album were wisely chosen to build quite a good playlist of faster and slower songs, like “Drag The Green River”. Even though the song was slower in tempo it is still a foot stomping three minutes of guitar badassary. I enjoyed this album a bunch and look forward to supporting them further in the future.


The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band: Lester’s Loafin Lounge

The Tennessee Slicker Leroy Troy and his group of crazy countryfolks are some of the funniest and entertaining bunch to play music for you. And this new album of covers and original material does NOT disappoint. It’s also a whopping fourteen songs of Country and Bluegrass classics like “I’m My Own Grandpa” made popular by Louis Marshall “Grampa” Jones.

Another truly awesome cover song on this album was “The Bridge Washed Out” by Warner Mack. Not a very popular song commercially but it is indeed a good song if you are a history buff like me. It is a special project for the band, one that’s been long planned and meticulously created. Writing and recording took a backseat when founding member “Lonesome” Lester Armistead, father of guitarist/singer Mike Armistead, was diagnosed with cancer. The amiable senior Armistead with the piercing tenor lost his battle in early 2014 and it is in his memory that the new album tips a hat.

These guys are a lot like Riders In The Sky because they play with precision and grace but they also include slapstick comedy and funny noises that makes people laugh. Their shows are vastly hysterical! The album itself is also named after a real place that is now owned by Lester’s son Mike and was recorded with analog tape at Fry’s Pharmacy in Old Hickory Tennessee. This album includes a really awesome and seven minute long cover of Waylon’s song Lonesome Ornry And Mean wrote by Steve Young.


Yonder Mountain String Band: Black Sheep

Folks I really had a hard time with keeping up with YMSB when they split ways with lead picker and founding member Jeff Austin but doggoneit this album was pretty good! Allie Kral on violin was a good addition and she has a REALLY good voice, you can truly hear Allison Krausse’s influence in her voice on “Love Me Before You Can’t”.

Almost all of the songs on this album are well over the four minute mark, which is not always the norm for bluegrass music but when it is it usually means ONE THING…Killer solos! This album truly does not disappoint in that aspect either as it has some really good banjo rolls and mandolin solos despite Jeff’s absence.

The title song “Black Sheep” was a pretty good jam in itself and the longest song on the album is called “Around you” at almost seven minutes so needless to say it’s not a very fast paced song. Sadly there has never been a big huge commercial market for Bluegrass Music in the industry’s opinion. In mine…I’d choose Ricky Skaggs over just about fifty percent of anything else. YMSB isn’t one of my all time favorite Bluegrass bands but they are no slouches either!


Cale Tyson: Introducing Cale Tyson

DAMMIT NOW THIS IS COUNTRY MUSIC! In fact I have TWO albums on this article that are some bad down home Honky Tonk music. I been targeting this man’s music on my radar for quite some time now and he has a top notch steel guitarist, I’m NOT kidding folks his band is REALLY going to make you want to drink and smoke!

I’ll be featuring his set during the Muddy Roots Music Festival and perhaps one more festival considering I can make it. “Can’t Feel Love” has well written lyrics hell the whole album is well written pop and twang the radio shuns but the people crave. That whine in the background of the song “Dreams Don’t Come True” is something I haven’t heard in quite some time. The style and sadness of his band is straight out of the late 1970’s….that’s a HIGH compliment.

“Honky Tonk Moan” is a song that should have been wrote a LONG LONG time ago and this man should be gracing the Opry stage not the junk that’s been featured on the main portion lately. This album is certainly one of the top ten albums of 2015 in every way! “Fool Of The Year” is a rabble rousing fast paced song that came right out of the bar room…it slows down during the bridge and is full of double stops on the fiddle.

This man’s writing style picked up directly after the classic songs from the era he emulates and it is extremely refreshing to have people like him around. I’ll be featuring his music as much as possible people this guy needs to be around for many many years!


The Tallent Brother: Back On The Old Stuff

I met These guys at a festival last year and they loaded me up with so much merch and handshakes that I been waiting for these guys to put this record out. It’s a little different than “just” Country it has it’s own sound and I truly enjoyed this album because they aren’t trying to copy anyone or sound just like someone else. These guys are downright friendly folks that play a lot of shows for the Last Honky Tonk Music Series. I don’t get to follow the series as close as I used to because it just doesn’t come close enough for me to catch shows on a regular basis so I’m glad I got to have this album.

Quite a few of the songs on this album were really well written like “When You Need Me” and you can tell in their lyrics that these two guys worked their butts off to get to the point they are at. They certainly can’t do anything but keep going and keep writing their own music.

This album will for sure be added to my constant rotation and I’ll continuously enjoy songs like “Mallery” and “When You Need Me”. They need to keep going because the amount of heart that was put into this album in itself is well worth buying this album!


Jason James: Jason James

I stumbled upon this young man by accident on an underground music website and it took me about fifteen minutes to pick my jaw up off the floor when I heard this album. THIS IS the BEST written song I have heard all year, It’s called “I’ll Set You Free”..CLASSIC sounding Honky Tonk Country straight out of Austin Texas. And YES folks it’s the good stuff you will not hear on your radio.

This young lefty has a TOP NOTCH BAND with fiddle and steel that REALLY REALLY accommodates his twangy Bakersfield type voice. I would pay TONS of money to travel to see this man’s music live! I would rave for hours about this man’s live set, I cannot believe I have never found out about him sooner. This is his debut album and it JUST came out on New West Records.

“True Blues” is a old timey sounding two stepping song with paintbrush drums and beer drinking lyrics that sound like someone like Hank Thompson wrote! This album features thirteen damn fine songs on it and there isn’t one song on it that I didn’t think was not top notch.

Tracy Lawrence Returns To WSM With A New Radio Show.


August 16th WSM AM 650 debuted the new radio segment hosted by Tracy Lawrence, which is a three hour Traditonal Country show that focuses on music from the 1980’s and 1990’s. He is one of my favorite stars from that time period and I truly love what he plays on this show that began in January of 2015 and was recently picked up by several radio stations that feature Traditonal Country Music.

Folks THIS KIND of radio programming is something that FM mainstream radio DOES NOT WANT you to know about because it truly outshines the majority of junk that pollutes the airwaves today with all this rap country and other stuff I cannot even describe. I have no idea where it came from and how they can try to pass it off as Country?

For his first show he had his longtime friend Joe Diffie stop by to talk about things and swap stories. In the near future Tracey will feature people like Reba McEntire and many more that were releasing relevant hits in this time period of great Country Music.

The Third Annual Nikki Mitchell Foundation Benefit Show Featuring Jamey Johnson.



On September 23rd the Nikki Mitchell Foundation will be hosting their third annual benefit show in Nashville at Marathon Music Works and you can purchase tickets to this event HERE.

Of course the person whom this foundation was named after Nikki Mitchell was the business manager for Country Music Legend Waylon Jennings for 22 years and in 2013 she died of pancreatic cancer. That awful disease has claimed the lives of many of our beloved Legends in the near past the likes of Jim Ed Brown and Ray Price.

This from their website:
Proceeds of the event will benefit the Nikki Mitchell Foundation and its “Bridge of Wings” initiative, a gas card program designed to lessen the burden of transportation costs associated with Pancreatic Cancer patients receiving treatment or participating clinical trials. “Nashville is home to the largest number of clinical trials in the world. The fact that some people cannot participate in these potentially life saving trials simply because they cannot afford the gas it takes to get to and from treatment centers is unacceptable” says Nikki Mitchell Foundation President, Rhonda Miles, “We’re gonna do something about that.”

Jamey Johnson, Shooter Jennings and Jessi Colter will perform along with Julie Roberts whom is having Shooter and BCR (Black Country Rock) produce her new album which will be HIGHLY anticipated by me. As well as pop country star Jarrod Neimann and another great artist I have kept an eye on Waylon Payne.

Other artists include Alyssa Bonagura, Chris Hennessee, Whiskey Meyers and Carter’s Chord. Now all of these past benefit shows have quickly sold out tickets so be SURE to get yours NOW! You can purchase tickets by clicking on the link up there for a very reasonable price, and your money goes to a darn good cause!

Ricky Skaggs And More To Be Honored At Americanafest.

Americana Fest

Well folks right after one festival comes another I will be going to some of the shows for and that festival is called Americana Fest which will occur all over Nashville at more venues than I can name. But if you click on that link it will explain most of how the festival works.

On September 16th Nissan will present the 14th Annual Honors And Awards Ceremony at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville Tn. Each artist will perform and the show will be taped an aired on PBS during a fundraiser for the channel.

I wanted to touch on Ricky Skaggs mainly because I’ll be covering his set at Muddy Roots 2015 next month. I don’t really want to “cross mention” music entities but I am going to briefly with respect to them all. Muddy Roots WILL be at Americana Fest this year so I thought it would be alright to do this. If you want instrumental fury within Bluegrass you WANT Kentucky Thunder! His band just absolutely RULES and in 1997 his album Bluegrass Rules! absolutely broke ground for a future of trailblazing Bluegrass Music the likes of which we have never seen.

Ricky Skaggs has been an outstanding Opry member along with his wife Sharon White for many years and they are two reasons I go to the Opry still. He always has an outstanding stellar band behind him and that mandolin and since his days with Keith Whitley he has been doing great Bluegrass music.

Ricky Skaggs will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award as an Instrumentalist.
Los Lobos will receive the Lifetime Achievement in Performance
Buffy Saint Marie will receive the Spirit Of Americana Award
Don Henley will receive the Lifetime Achievement Trailblazer Award
Gillian Welch and David Rawlings will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for Songwriting.

Now folks mind you you cannot attend the awards ceremony with the 50 dollar armband. You MUST BUY the platinum package for the festival and they run this festival like Tin Pan South. There will be shows at multiple venues all over town. I plan to catch a few artists I have never featured before on this website. 2015 has been a good year for me….SEE YOU THERE!

Steel Guitar Legend Chubby Howard To Be Inducted Into Hall Of Fame.


Well folks most of you know that THIS website has and will always hold steel guitarists in high regard in every way and I’m quite sure that many other websites will not pay attention to this overlooked Legend or his contributions to Country Music. And I also intend to share with you some thing I have studied about Chubby Howard in the past.

On September 5th in Saint Louis Missouri, Chubby Howard will be inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame and he will be included into the ranks of people like Don Helms and Kayton Roberts.

Chubby Howard is a walking encyclopedia of Country Music history and shares it with everyone he come in contact with and he does that in the Ohio area on Classic Country Music radio. On the first Sunday of every month he broadcasts live from Tudor’s Biscuit World where he plays with guests and plays REAL Country Music.

He also DJ’s on weekends on WBZI Classic Country Radio in Southwestern Ohio and is one of the very few stations officially labeled “Classic Country” and it actually features music from the 50’s thru the 90’s. He often tells stories of his recording sessions and his love for the Legends. I idolize this man for many reasons and his knowledge is one of them. The other reason is his involvement with Boxcar Willie for several years in the 80’s.

Country Legend Connie Smith Celebrates 50 Years As A Member.


Right now I’m taking the time to listen online to the Opry on WSM 650 online, like I do every other weekend I’m off from my other job. There is no entity within Country Music I love more than the Opry (most of the time) and tonight is NO exception as they prepare to honor Country Legend Connie Smith as she celebrates her 50th year as an Opry member. She is one of the few members left that monthly perform on the Opry along with Bill Anderson who is the host of the segment right now. She is one of the “Grand Ladies Of The Opry” and even Eddie Stubbs himself has dubbed her “The Rolls Royce of Country Music”.

I totally agree with everyone that she is a gem of a person within the confines of Country Music and along with her husband Marty Stuart OWN pretty much half of Country Music Memorabillia and at most auctions that I attend if they send someone down there there is not even a chance to buy anything, they just flat out buy it all.

In august of 1965 on the same night that Country Legend Bob Luman joined Connie Smith was inducted into the fold of the Grand Ole Opry, and tonight on both shows the guest list is intense. Alison Krauss, Mel Tillis, Del McCoury and Marty Stuart. Right now Whispering Bill Anderson is telling a story about how he recovered his stolen Grammar guitar from a pawn shop in Arizona and it’s a very touching story. For a man like me that just absolutely CRAVES knowledge of this precious genre and tonight was it. Oh the stories and events going on right now is awesome.

Connie Smith has earned 11 Grammy Awards, 20 top ten Billboard singles, 31 charting albums three of them hitting number one themselves. In 2012 Connie became the 12th solo female and the 19th woman to be elected into the Hall Of Fame. She has contributed immensely to Country Music in many ways and has performed on the Opry an undisputed amount of performances into the thousands.

Her debut single “Once A Day” was written by Bill Anderson and in fact three of her first debut singles were penned by Bill Anderson. RCA released her first studio album which spent seven weeks at number one in 1965 and was produced by Bob Ferguson. Her follow up single “then And Only Then” peaked at number 4 and it’s B Side called “Tiny Blue Transistor Radio” which was originally intended for Skeeter Davis was also wrote by Bill Anderson.

She has enjoyed a bunch of success through the years and now she co hosts “The Marty Stuart Show” on RFD TV which is one of the only TV shows I watch on a regular basis.

ANOTHER Whole Bunch Of Album Features!


Ashley Monroe: The Blade

Well folks this is the third solo album from this blonde bombshell who is part of the trio of Pistol Annies, and once again it is produced by Vince Gill. I have said it before about Paul Franklin on steel guitar, he is the best session steel man of our generation. He makes me remember all the pickers of old that used to grace all our beloved vinyl albums. The only bad thing about this day and age that differs it from that era is there are not enough classic based steel pickers to go on tour to make the songs sound as good as the album at local shows sometimes.

I’m going to tell you what Ashley Monroe does some damn fine local shows and she is part of the real deal, but honestly this new album started out not so good for me. It just sounded kind of like her first album which I didn’t care for at all. BUT I tell you what, after the title song “The Blade” the whole album burst out into a fireball of Classic sounding Country Music that just flat out kicks ass. The Blade was a well written song with lyrics that really cut like a knife (pardon the pun) but remarkably she didn’t have a part in writing that song.

I’ll be honest, it’s going to be pretty hard to beat her last album “Like A Rose” and this album didn’t but it WAS a well recommended addition to your collection and it will remain in my current rotation. I highly suggest this album for purchase in many ways.

Another well written song was “If the Devil Don’t Want Me” which was written by fellow rising REAL Country singer Chris Stapleton was a great addition to this album. She included some really good beer drinking Country songs like ‘Dixie” and “I’m Good At Leavin'” I finally found what I was looking for in this album after a few songs I just had to give it all a chance…and I’m glad I did. It was co wrote by fellow Pistol Annie Miranda Lambert.

Now I took part of a public Q+A with Ashley not long ago and I asked her with the divorce of Miranda Lambert will it unlock some NEW music from the Pistol Annies? And she replied YES it will mean they will be coming around for a third album in the future and they ARE talking about a tour when certain business contacts are completed.


Daryle Singletary: There’s Still A Little Country Left

Holy Cow, if you want a close second to my top albums of 2015 this is it. It almost for a moment tied a three way for my top spot but I cannot do that, and so far Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard are tied with Alan Jackson for first place. THIS ALBUM however comes to a screeching close candidate for that spot.

It begins with the scolding of the music row garbage coming out today on the FM radio called “Get Out Of My Country”. It is a well written song with a beautiful Honky Tonk Country sound, in fact the whole album is solid one hundred percent hardcore traditional Country. The upbeat songs have the twang and thump of the good stuff and the slow songs are heartfelt and sad.

There is a previously unreleased version of “I’m the Only Hell My Momma Ever Raised” which he took and turned it into a duet with the late Johnny Paycheck. I thought it turned out really well and I enjoyed it, there is also a wonderful version of “America The Beautiful” toward the end of the album.

“Too Late To Save The World” was one of the best songs on this album and “There’s Still A Little Country Left” are both true proof of his songwriting abilities and there is no question as to where his heart lies. Daryl Singletary NEVER FAILS to deliver his Honky Tonk message of drinking and steel guitars.


Jason Isbell: Something More Than Free.

This young man from Alabama left the Drive By Truckers a few years back to pursue a solo career and pursue it he did. In fact right now he has the number one Country album on the charts and he is selling out shows all over the place with NO help from radio or the media. In fact I couldn’t find his new album in just about ANY store but Best Buy. He’s getting to rank up there with Sturgill Simpson for selling out shows with no help, and this is one of the few albums I like this much with no up front presence of steel guitar.

“24 Frames” is one of the best songs on this album in my opinion because it is so very well written and the album is produced very well, the sound is very good quality. The title track to this album “Something More Than Free” is another great song, it’s very simple and easy to relate to. His style on this album is more folk type and you can easily spot his Steve Earle type influences in his writing skills.

“Palmetto Rose” was a different type of rocking tune on this album that was a really nice toe tapper with some truly good lyrics as well as the song “To A Band That I Loved” which you can sit back and envision his message to old friends.

This was another short album at eleven songs but the songs are so great it makes up for that. It truly was an album worth waiting and looking for in every way.


Dale Watson: Call Me Insane

HELL NO I will not call Dale Watson insane! I WILL call him a Country Music future Legend, he’s been hard at it for many years. Heck the man has more albums than most mainstream artists today, and this album REALLY pleased me for it’s songs, it’s steel guitar and it’s length. It is a whopping fourteen songs long, ending with “Mommas Dont Let your Cowboys Turn Out To Be Babies”. Which was a truly great song about everything from eating gravy to partying.

Dale Watson doesn’t need fancy lights and stuff blowing up to have an iconic Hardcore Country Music show, he’s been doing this for so many years and his sound and style have never changed in all these years nor has his attitude changed. What you see is what you get with Dale Watson.

“Jonesi’n For Jones” is a title and concept that has been overused in the last few years by so many people but I gave the song a chance and the lyrics absolutely impressed me in many ways. Just like the Daryl Singletary album up above Dale Watson was obviously influenced heavily by George Jones.

“Heaven’s Gonna Have A Honky Tonk” is a song I hope is true! Man what a great song this was quite possibly one of the best on the whole album. I think Red House Records really did a great job with releasing this album and although it’s by far not his best album it a worthy addition to your current Dale Watson collection.


PeeWee Moore And The Awful Dreadful Snakes: American Outlaw

OH MAN I’m going to say THIS RIGHT NOW..this album flat out kicks ASS, it’s twangy and well written songs grace this album. In fact it is a whopping SIXTEEN SONGS, hell I thought it might have been a 2 record album. It was REALLY WELL recorded and Mr. Ralph and the folks at Rusty Knuckles did a HELL of a job releasing this album.

“Nickajack Dam” and “Where’s A Man To Go” are two of the best songs on this album but the song “Woman” has the best feature of steel guitar on it. Honestly I think PeeWee Moore has grown as an artist and has released his finest album yet! BY FAR it is an album to be proud of because I’m REALLY loving it. I recommend this album almost above all the others on this whole article and it shall remain in my constant rotation.

“Underground Queen” was another really wonderful song and it is the style and sound I anticipate from PeeWee Moore. In addition to the great well written songs the band that accompanies him on the album will absolutely blow your mind and satisfy your hunger for Honky Tonk Country.

The Title song on this album “American Outlaw” was another good song I liked a lot it had some really good guitar licks on it, and it was more personal than the rest of the album. His message of being the last of his breed tells you some stories about his past. It has some really good lines in the song. Ironically there are only two songs under three minutes, and this album was carefully crafted I can tell.

Remembering Billy Sherrill.


Folks I will admit I am a tad bit behind on the website work, I’m still battling a few small medical issues and I shall return in heavier detail soon. Tonight as I was working (the perils of working second shift) I found out that one of Country Music’s greatest producers and perhaps it’s greatest songwriter died this morning at age 78.

Billy Sherrill was on one side of the court on the Outlaw Country Music creation as far as producers go while Jimmy Bowen was on the other side producing Hank Williams Jr. I often say in my articles that Country Music has three foundational building blocks, the producer, the songwriter and the steel guitarist. If you have all three you have a classic like Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger which in my opinion was and still is the greatest Country Music album ever recorded.

Billy Sherrill was one of the top producers to ever place his name on a Country Music album, and is quite possibly the person most responsible for the creation of Outlaw Country Music. In 1964 a man named Donald Lyttle got his stagename from local boxer in Chicago and legally changed his name to Johnny Paycheck upon the urging of Billy Sherrill and the rest of THAT is history! Billy produced most of Johnny Paycheck’s studio albums and wrote my favorite Paycheck song “When I Had A Home To Go Too” with another producing legend Glenn Sutton who was married to Lynn Anderson. The two paired up to write more hits such as “The Outlaw’s Prayer” and more.

Billy Sherrill also was responsible for Tammy Wynette’s stagename urging her to take on the name Tammy and also produced most of her studio work as well as George Jones Outlaw era albums. He wrote “He Stopped Loving Her Today” which in many opinions is the greatest Country Music song ever written. In mine I’d have to pick a Hank Williams song BUT it’s a close second! And honestly I don’t think George would even mind, and in fact would probably agree.
He spent 20 years producing George Jones albums beginning with his collaborations with Tammy Wynette.

Most notably one of his greatest songs he wrote was originally recorded by David Houston and was called “Almost Persuaded”. That song was one of the top three most re-recorded songs in Country Music history having been cut by 21 artists in it’s tenure. Also in 1967 he wrote the only top 20 single Jim and Jessie McReynolds had called “Diesel On My Tail” both of those he co-wrote with Glenn Sutton as well.

Mr.Billy has been inducted into three local Halls of Fame: the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1984, the Musicians Hall of Fame in 2008 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010. At the time of his death, he had been in retirement for several years. In my eyes you cannot open up your vinyl collection and NOT see his name 20 or 30 times if you are a fan of Country Music like I am, it ranks up there with Jerry Rice and Buddy Cannon.

He produced some of David Allan Coe’s work, some was produced by Ron Bledsoe but he did indeed contribute production to some of David’s finest albums. In addition he produced “Behind Closed Doors” for Charlie Rich which was another top classic album in my opinion. I could literally go on and on about his contributions to the genre and I might do that in the future…for now I shall just say farewell and God Bless You for what you have given us.

2015 Music Festivals: Farmageddon Fest.


Americana Fest
Ruckus In the Boonies
Outer Banks Island Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Ink N Iron

Farmageddon Records Music Festival is the next one on my list of 2015 music festivals and this one takes place in Sprague Wisconsin on August 6th-9th. This event takes place in the very scenic and serene facility called The Wilderness Inn and there is so much to do out there besides music that you just cannot miss this festival. You can click on the Farmaggeddon name to direct you to the website to buy tickets to the event.

Against The Grain
Ando Ehlers
Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies
Brook Blanche
Black Eyed Vermillion
Blackgrass Gospel
Black Irish Texas
Barrel House String Band
Cactus Attack
Call Me Bronco
The Calamity Cubes
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
Cash O Riley
Darci Carlson
Devil’s Cut
The Dirty Mugs
The Ditchrunners
Filthy Still
Fishgutzzz And His Ignorant Band
The Ford Theater Reunion
Gallows Bound
The Goddamn Gallows
The Hangdog Hearts
James Hunnicutt
Jayke Orvis
Jimmy Swope
The Kountry Kittens
Lou Shields
Mikey Classic And His Lonesome Spur
Monzie Leo And The Big Sky
The Raven Clawhammer
Sasha Boole
Saint Christopher
Soda Gardocki
Tail Light Rebellion
Uncle Sinner
Wicklow Atwater And The Fallen Flame
Yes Ma’am
The Adam Cathcart Memorial Video Showing

So folks I’m sure Mr. Darren won’t mind me sharing his portion of the website where you can have some hotel information for those of you (like me) that cannot camp or don’t want to. Also some frequently asked questions about this festival.

1. Sunrise Motel – N9695 HWY 80 Necedah – (608)565-2418 (11miles S of Wilderness Inn)
Single – $45|DBL $55 equip’d w/ micro, coffee, ref, AC incl.

2. St. Joseph Resort:

3. Wilderness Park – 3650 21st Ave Necedah – (608) 565-7285 (9miles E of Wilderness inn)
*9th st road leads you to location and to wilderness inn, close to river. $15 reservation fee, $19 campsite fee per night, $1 showers available. General store on park site.

4. Necedah Motel – W5645 HWY 21 Necedah (608)565-2263 (10miles S of Wilderness Inn)
*DBL: $47 | SGL $37 everyday rates. Micro/Ref/AC incl.

5. Reel Inn –see

6. Buckhorn Campground / Resort – W8450 Buckhorn Park Ave Necedah (608)565-2789 – (20miles south of Wilderness inn Off Castle Rock Lake) locals pay $15 for lake site, $12 for other areas. Non locals pay $2 extra to general fees of $15 or $12. There is a convenient store where person sells pizza (Angelo’s pizza) Showers are free for campers only

7. Josie’Hideaway – N15945 STATE ROAD 80, NECEDAH (5 miles north) (608) 565-3595

8. Knuts Pub – N16105 County Road G, Nekoosa, Wisconsin 54457

**** Wisconsin Dells WI is 20-30miles south of Wilderness Inn (Sprague/Necedah areas) There are more incredible hotels and parks for you to enjoy. Check out website here: ****

Q: Where can I set up my RV?
RV parking and set up is based on a first come first serve. We will have RV spots available for those of you with RV passes. If you bought your RV passes online, you are guaranteed a spot. Our staff will touch base with RV pass buyers 3 weeks prior to festival.

Q: Parking:
Parking available adjacent to Festival site. If you park on the street, please respect the neighborhood. Do NOT block driveways, clean up after yourselves, and keep your noise level down. Remember, there are people that live next to festival grounds, therefore, do NOT use yards as toilets or trashcans.

Q: Street Closures:
Extended road on 9th street is off limits and leads to state patrolled The National Wildlife Refuge. Please do not cross boundaries. You will get fined by the state, and trespassing will affect our festival.

Q: Is there Wildlife?
Yes, Necedah is home to bears, wolves, coyotes, various birds, endangered animals and plants. Hunting is prohibited on the National Wildlife Refuge. DO NOT cross property lines from festival and campgrounds to the Refuge. Signs will be posted.

Q: What is The Necedah Wildlife Refuge?
The Necedah Wildlife Refuge includes various endangered species. You may walk the refuge trails where signs are posted. To see Wildlife Refuge map and website

Q: What are we allowed to bring?
Coolers, blankets, tents and short back chairs are allowed. Cameras are ok, (No tripods or intrusive equipment 100 feet near stage or sound personnel please) NO GLASS containers allowed on campgrounds, parking grounds or festival grounds. There will be vendors providing food, and The Wilderness Inn bar will be providing affordable beer and liquor. Please use recycling bins provided throughout festival, parking, and campgrounds. Please respect the site by picking up and taking everything with you that you bring in.

Q: Can we BBQ?
es. you can BBQ, however your fires must be contained in a metal ring provided by the Wilderness Inn. Camp stoves, and BBQ charcoal pits are permitted. No open fires allowed.

Q: Will there be food available:
Yes, there will be multiple purveyors of food and drink featuring the best festival foods Juneau County has to offer. Attendees are welcome to bring their own picnics. Please keep it clean. Secure and pack all your foods accordingly to diminish possible bear/wolf incidents.

Q: Is there smoking allowed?
Yes, please use cigarette butt buckets. Help keep the festival clean and prevent fires from occurring.

Q: Are dogs or pets allowed on festival grounds?
Service dogs are allowed on festival grounds; however, your service dog must be on a leash at all times. Due to previous festival complaints and incidents, Dogs MAY NOT be within 100 ft. of Stage, electrical equipment, merchandise, port-o-potty, vendor, and bar areas. Please tend to your service pet. Due to wildlife, Dogs are prohibited on the National Wildlife Refuge.

Q: Can I bring my children?
Yes, the festival is family-friendly. All patrons must register all children at check in and provide personal information in case children are missing. Children will have wristbands with parent contact information. You are responsible for your children’s behavior, please watch your children. Make sure you have the appropriate ear plugs for very young children. There will be large crowds and loud music, so be prepared for that. Children 11 yrs and younger may attend Farmageddon Records music festival at no cost.

Q: What time are we allowed on Festival grounds?
Early bird check-in begins on Weds July 9th at 5pm. Due to set up and preparation, patrons are not allowed on festival grounds. The Wilderness Inn and Bar will be open for business. For those early bird arrivals, we ask you do NOT camp at the festival site on Tuesday; you will be kicked out of private property. Please respect venue and festival wishes. For early bird arrivals, please contact Darren Brink for scheduled check in.

Q: Restroom Facilities?
There will be port-o-potties on site.

Q: Free Water?
There will be free water available. Bottled water available for purchase.

Q: Medical attention?
Yes, we will have a first aide tent available for all patrons. Nearest medical care facilities are MileBluff Necedah Family Medical Center 608-565-2000 AND Fire and Rescue services 608-565-2412. If any incident or care is needed, please find our security personnel or call 911

Q: Will recycling be available?
Absolutely! Please use recycling and waste bins. REMEMBER to pack out what you bring in.

Q: Disabled Accessibility?
Yes. First come first serve basis.

Q: Can I ride around in my ATV / Mototrcycle / Bike?
No vehicles on campsite grounds. People are sleeping and their camp is set up. Respect campers. Absolutely NO ATV’s on Festival grounds.

Q: Festival Etiquette!
*You may bring blankets and low chairs. Blanket/ground cover size should be limited due to space restrictions. Blankets and groundcovers left unoccupied for more than an hr will be subject to removal.

*unauthorized sales, solicitation and distribution are prohibited.

* Please respect our neighbors. Don’t block driveways, don’t litter, don’t use front or backyards as bathrooms etc. Please respect venue owners and neighbors.

* Please do not sell alcohol, drugs or any sort of wares. Only Farm-Fest approved vendors will be allowed.

* Only officially scheduled performers will be allowed. We have neighbor’s, we ask that there is no amplified music after quiet hours.

* Please pack out anything you bring onto festival, parking and campsite areas. Please make sure to recycle and put garbage in bins.

Q: Merchandise?
We will be selling T-shirts, Cd’s and various artwork from our artists. If you are scheduled to perform, please contact Wendi Story here

An ATM will be available inside the Wilderness Inn Bar.

Q: Lost & Found
The lost and found is located at the First Aide station.

Q: Is there a Festival Map?
There will be site maps available to pick up at the festival. Updates on Farmageddon Records Music Festival Facebook page are frequent, please check periodically.

Q: Press inquiries?
We do not issue press passes, photography is fine. Due to artist request, all photographers must remain off stage. No tri-pods or intrusive equipment allowed on stage, near sound technicians or near load in/load out areas. There will be a barrier where photographers may take photos. For any questions or concerns, please contact stage management here.

Q: What else do I need to know?
*Aisles and walkways must be kept clear at all times.

*Dress comfortably and remember to be prepared, rain or shine.

*Please be aware of personal belongings, The festival cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen items.

*Farmageddon Records will have a general store with sundries and miscellaneous items for your convenience.

Q : I have more questions, who can I contact?
You may contact Darren Brink for any questions or concerns.