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New Music From The Seldom Scene Coming Soon: Album Feature.


This album is an album of mighty fine covers of some classic songs turned Bluegrass. Now if you are a true music fan like me you’ll appreciate their take on some of these timeless works of art like the opening song called “Everybody’s Talkin”. This song was originally cut in 1966 by Mr. Fred Neil, who was the composer as well. However this song was recorded by over 150 other artists, most recently it was included in Mr. Glen Campbell’s final 2017 album called Adios.

This band has been around since I have been alive in 1971, and of course they have had their lineup changes, and deaths. But this current lineup of Guitar / Mr. Dudley Connell, Mandolin, Guitar / Mr. Lou Reid, Banjo, Fiddle / Mr. Ron Stewart, Dobro / Mr. Fred Travers, Bass / Mr. Ronnie Simpkins. They take turns on vocals and trading off solos during every song, in true traditional Bluegrass form.

“Steel Rail Blues” is a classic 1966 staple of the show from Mr. Gordon Lightfoot, but the apogee of this album was their cover of the song “Darcy Farrow” that I loved when Mr. John Denver sang it. The fiddle work on this song from Mr. Lou Reid is absolutely flawless and nothing short of putting goosebumps on my arms. It was written by Mr. Steve Gillette and Mr. Tom Campbell and it was recorded by many many artists like mr. Jimmy Dale Gilmore. Rocky Mountain High was the sixth studio album from Mr. John Denver in 1972, and one of my favorites.

“Seven Bridges Road” was a song originally recorded in 1969 by Mr. Steve Young, who wrote it. It was released on his “Rock Salt And Nails” album also made popular by Mr. Tyler Childers, originally wrote by Mr. Utah Phillips. Commercially it reached it’s apogee by the Eagles in 1980. There was some amazing guitar work on the 1969 song “Bob Dylan’s Dream” from the “Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” album. The Townes Van Zandt song from 1968 “I’ll Be here In the Morning” boasted one of the album’s smooth closing songs as it closes it’s final feelings upon the listener with the almighty Mr. James Taylor’s song “Sweet Baby James”.

The name “Changes” is an appropriate name for this album as it is the first new album from the band in 5 years, on a new label and a new member as they still mourn the passing of Mr. Ben Eldridge.

Since forming nearly 50 years ago, The Seldom Scene has brought both freewheeling joy and immaculate musicianship to their inventive take on bluegrass, offering up spirited interpretations of songs from limitless genres.

On their new album Changes, the band sharpens their focus to a highly specific body of work: songs first recorded in the 1960s and very early ’70s, rooted in the archetypal storytelling of classic singer-songwriters. And in taking on the music of iconic artists like Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt, The Seldom Scene perform a sort of subtle magic: transforming the most stripped-bare songs into harmony-rich and elaborately arranged compositions, while wholly sustaining the charmed simplicity of each piece.

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Check out The Seldom Scene’s song premiere
LISTEN: The Seldom Scene, “Steel Rail Blues”


7/27 GorgeGrass Stevenson, WA
7/28 The Freight & Salvage Berkeley, CA
8/3 Floyd Country Store Floyd, VA
8/4 Garrett Lakes Arts Festival McHenry, MD
8/15 Nottoway Park Vienna, VA
8/16 Court Square Theater  Harrisonburg, VA
8/17 Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival  Gettysburg, PA
8/18 Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival  Gettysburg, PA
8/30 Sam Jam Bluegrass Festival Piketon, OH
8/31 Chet Kingery Memorial Bluegrass Festival Arthur, IL
9/14 Thousand Trails Bluegrass by the Bay Gloucester, VA
9/27 The Birchmere Alexandria, VA
9/28 Bluegrass by the Bay

2019 Music Festivals: Kickin It On The Creek. FULL INFO!

Many of you know how much I dearly admire this festival and it’s family that that organizes the event yearly. This event played a huge role in the evolution of one Mr. Tyler Childers, and the phenomenon that he and his band are. I do this for over 200 yearly festivals, as a labor of love. But a few of them go beyond just business, and this is one of them.

I cannot say at this juncture whether I’ll be there covering the event or not in person, but I will have some interviews and side articles coming for them regardless. This article should pretty much supply you with all of the information you need to enjoy this event, directions, Spotify playlist, rules and videos.

I can tell you from last year that camping was VERY FUN, and the high trees on the sides made the sun set earlier than usual. YOU WILL NOT HAVE CELL PHONE SERVICE. There were no water filling stations, so bring plenty of water. LAST YEAR WAS HOT HOT HOT. There is GOOD FOOD available to purchase, and you can have grills.

This is a one stage event that is VERY easy to catch all of the action as it transpires all day, and it is very family orientated and laid back. There is no trouble, however there is still a very nice security company that is there to tend to any emergencies. All of the staff is on donations of services, parking lot attendants and gate staff are all SO NICE.

Mr. Joshua and I firmly believe what sets us apart from  many other websites is that we completely cover the event, not only for the music but we delve into the vendors and food.


*Kickin’ It On the Creek is SOLD OUT!!
*If you do not have a ticket, you are not permitted on festival
*You must have your wristband on at ALL times, if you lose
your wristband, you may not re-enter the festival!
*Must be 21+, We will be checking IDs.
*Gates open on Wednesday, September 12th at noon.
*This is a dry county so BYOB!
*Do to limited space, we do encourage carpooling. Please
pass this on with your friends.
*We are sold out of RV passes. If you have a RV pass, we do
not allow RV’s over 16 feet.
*Ice and water will be available on site!
*We have 8 amazing food vendors on site.
*There will be pay showers.
*With no ATMs or internet service to swipe your card, you
must bring CASH for food trucks, craft vendors, band merch
*We are 30 min from stores, hotels, etc. Please pack
accordingly for your stay!
* Primitive camping is free, we encourage everyone to stay.
*Please keep your camp site as minimal as possible due to
limited amount of space. Save room for your neighbor!
*Small campfires are permitted, we just ask for you to clean it
up before you leave!
*No ATVs are permitted on festival grounds! If that is your
mode of transportation, you must park it at the entrance.
*We will not hold tickets for anyone at the gate!
*If you plan on camping with your friends, you must arrive
together. We will not hold any spots.
*This is a rural national forest location. GPS will not likely
direct you to the proper location. Route to festival will be well
marked with green dots, black arrows and signs from
Irvine. Directions can be found at
*The amazing Hargett Fire Department will be doing our
parking again this year. These heroes save lives for free,
please tip them generously to park your car!
*We will provide shuttles if needed.
*If you are caught sneaking in Kickin’ It On the Creek, It will be
considered trespassing and you will be barred for life from
our festival.
*We strive hard to provide you with a safe, friendly, loving
environment to watch 56 of the most amazing acts on the
All we ask is that you love your neighbors, treat everyone
with respect, take out what you bring in, and to treat our farm
as if it were your own.
*Please arrive with a smile, make yourself at home, and
tighten up your dancin; shoes cause it’s gonna be a good
*Ticket purchase and attendance is personal acceptance for
liability for all actions while on site!

Tyler Childers

town Mountain

The Wooks

Arlo McKineley And The Lonesome Sound

Buffalo Wabs And The Price Hill Hustle

Joseph Huber

John R. Miller And The Engine Lights

Laid Back Country Picker

Wayne Graham

William Matheny

Magnolia Boulevard


Senora May

Luna And The Mountain Jets

Joe’s Truck Stop

Geno Seale And The Porch Front Gospel

Vintage Pistol

The Hi-Jivers

Morgan Wade And The Stepbrothers

Giant Rooster Sideshow

Miles Miller

Jericho Woods


Chloe Edmonstone


Donnie Issacs

Tom Cool

Troy Estess

Alex Wright

Padre Paul Handleman

Green Genes

Jim White

Abe Partridge

Kelsey Waldon

The Larry Keel Experience


Best Western Richmond Hotel

3-star hotel
Humble spot with free breakfast & WiFi
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Courtyard by Marriott Lexington Keeneland/Airport

4-star hotel
Airport hotel with a free shuttle & WiFi
Free Wi-Fi

Cliffview Resort

Rustic lodging with a conference center
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Chocolat Inn & Café

Boutique Hotel

Misty Mountain Overlooking Muir Valley

Extended Stay Hotel

Natural Bridge State Resort Park

3-star hotel
Hiking trails & a massive sandstone arch

Cliffview Retreat 11 Bedroom Luxury Lodge


Travelwise Motor Inn


Campton Parkway Inn

2-star hotel
Simple rooms, plus free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Snug Hollow

Bed & Breakfast

Oak Tree Inn

2-star hotel

Bowen Farm Bed and Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast

Snug Hollow Farm Bed and Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

The Rustic Red Hostel


Black Bear Lodge Motel

Basic rooms with balconies & views

Li’l Abner Motel & Cottages

Simple lodging with an outdoor pool
Free Wi-Fi

Black Bear Lodge & Creek Side Chalet


Natural Bridge Campground


Not long ago I ran a nice article for them on the documentary they filmed

Long Lost Jeannie C. Riley Cover Song Finally Released.


Jeannie C Riley

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 18, 2019) — Jeannie C. Riley, best known for her worldwide mega hit, “Harper Valley P.T.A.” has a new single heading to radio todayvia CDX. The song is her soulful and very personal version of “Me and Bobby McGee,” written by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster that became a posthumous No. 1 hit in 1971 for the late Janis Joplin.

Jeannie C. Riley, “The Music City Sessions,” was recently released by Country Rewind Records who’s well known tradition of bringing unreleased traditional country music into the contemporary country era has proven successful with previous projects.

Riley’s recording is unique in that it had never previously been commercially released. She had recorded the song for her 1972 album Give Myself a Party, but this version, now being released, was recorded at Scotty Moore’s Music City Recorders studio in Nashville and intended solely for radio broadcast. Unlike a commercial recording, this version has a more relaxed and intimate feel that perfectly suits Riley’s unique vocal style.

“Me and Bobby McGee” is the first single from Jeannie C. Riley “The Music City Sessions” released by Country Rewind Records. All the tracks on the album were intended solely for broadcast over Country radio and were then forgotten. The original master tapes of those radio shows, long thought to have been destroyed were discovered by Country Rewind Records CEO, Tom Gramuglia, among those masters were recordings by Waylon Jennings, Connie Smith, Johnny Russell, Mickey Gilley, Ferlin Husky, Faron Young, Conway Twitty and others, dating from the same era. Check availability at

Although the decades-old master tapes were still in good condition, they needed to be restored and brought up to 21st century audio standards. Gramuglia entrusted the recordings to Nashville sound engineer J. R. McNeely, and additional enhancements were carried out by musician, record producer and engineer Larry Marrs. Some background vocals were added as well as some instrumentation. Both McNeely and Marrs worked diligently to maintain the original ‘feel’ of the recordings that had been made for broadcast in 1970.

Jeannie C. Riley’s unmistakable voice is perfectly suited to ‘story’ songs, as was immediately apparent with “Harper Valley P.T.A.”  Now, this rare and special recording of “Me and Bobby McGee” will reach a whole new generation of Country music fans.

Country Rewind Records has dedicated itself to bring classic country with this contemporary feel to not only the past country fans but also to the new country listeners.

The latest release is being distributed by Select-O-Hits and available to order on Country Rewind Records website and on digital music platforms here.

Order Jeannie C Riley “The Music City Sessions” on Amazon Music,  Apple Music / iTunes and Google Play.

Stay current with Country Rewind Records on their and social media platform Facebook for more details and track listings for Jeannie C. Riley, “The Music City Sessions” and other previously-unreleased albums from Carl Smith, Johnny Russell, Ferlin Husky, Mickey Gilley, Waylon Jennings, Faron Young, Connie Smith, Conway Twitty and more.

About Country Rewind Records:
Country Rewind Records (CRR) was founded by Thomas Gramuglia of Hindsight Records in 2014, Gramuglia obtained a treasure chest of unreleased recordings from recruitment radio shows from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The superb CRR collection of original master recordings contains music from more than 100 country music legends and trendsetters (including intimate performances by country music greats such as Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Connie Smith, Faron Young, Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty and many more). These recordings were never released for commercial use. After a diligent quest to collect appropriate and legal permissions from artists and/or their estates, CRR has now recorded and produced multiple, quintessential, “must-hear” projects. With the mission to transfer these never-heard-before tracks to a high quality, state-of-the-art recording; complemented by contemporary instrumentation and background vocals, Country Rewind Records will release this historical American music to America’s music generations of the future. For more information visit

About Select-O-Hits:
Select-O-Hits  is owned by Sam W. Phillips and John Phillips, was co-founded in 1960 by their father, Tom Phillips, and uncle, Sam Phillips, the legendary founder of Sun Records. Tom Phillips began his career in music as Jerry Lee Lewis road manager for a number of years. He had invested all of his savings into an upcoming 1958 European tour when news of Lewis marriage to his 13 year-old cousin hit the front pages. Lewis career came to a sudden, although temporary, halt. The tour was cancelled, and Tom was broke. Sam helped him by giving him a job in the Sun Records warehouse and allowing Tom to live with him while his family stayed behind in Mobile, Alabama. Eventually, Tom saved enough money to send for his family in 1960. Tom was not satisfied with running the warehouse, so with the help of his wife, Lucille, he opened a small record store and one-stop that provided small, predominantly black-owned record stores with everything from phonograph needles to display racks. In the mid-1970s, Select-O-Hits began to concentrate more on distributing and less on retail and one-stops. The retail store closed in the mid-1980s, and the one-stop followed a few years later. Select-O-Hits has formed a number of successful record labels, such as Avenue, Icehouse, SOH, Brutal Records, Basix Music, Blues Works and Prophet Entertainment. In 1997 half of the company was sold to Malaco Records of Jackson, Mississippi. While all genres of music are represented in the family of labels Select-O-Hits distributes, Rap, Blues, Soul and Gospel are still the largest portion of the business. Today with sales offices and staff in Memphis, Atlanta, Nashville, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Miami, Chicago, Houston and Seattle, Select-O-Hits is one of the largest independent record distributors in the country, providing services for over 300 independent vendors to all key US music traditional “brick and mortar” retailers and digital media sites. For more information visit


Steamboat Springs 2020 To Tribute Cross Canadian Ragweed.



The MusicFest at SteamboatTM is celebrating 35 years this January 5-10,2020.The premier, one-of -a-kind and one of the longest continuously running festivals in the USA has sold out for 19 consecutive years.The truly unique and genuine festival with an adventurous and loyal community gathers annually to celebrate sport, song and best of times in the majestic mountains of Western Colorado.The music, community, and setting, combined with sport and adventure provides an experience like no other.
With over 35 years in quality group travel and music productions, the dedicated staff of Dickson Productions assures you the best experience possible. We take great pride in being the leader and longest running group travel professionals dedicated to this music community and strive to continue the highly respected and hard earned reputation The MusicFest is known for.


Honoring A Texas/ Red Dirt Legend…
Dickson Productions is very excited to have Cody Canada and the music of Cross Canadian Ragweed as the 2020 MusicFest Tribute Artist! This January, artists and fans alike will gather together in Steamboat to honor the many incredible accomplishments of the Texas/Red Dirt Legend,Cody Canada.This tribute concert will give Texas and beyond top artists the unique opportunity to express how Canada’s music has influenced them personally and professionally as they perform their own renditions of his music.This year’s inspiring tribute will be recorded live. This album will capture artist’s renditions of Cody Canada’s red dirt masterpieces as we all pay tribute to Cody Canada and the music of Cross Canadian Ragweed. Album set to be released later in 2020.
A Multitude of Exclusive Venues
No matter your style of music and setting to experience it, there’s a venue for everyone’s likes. Whether you’ve come to kick up your heels in Colorados largest dancehall(Only at The MusicFest), luxury ballroom, old theater, classical music hall(with rockin’ Texas sounds)or prefer to soak up the music in a lower key and comfortable seated setting (or anything in-between), The MusicFest has you covered. Drift easily from one venue to the next, or just sit back and enjoy that ONE special venue that fits your style with like-minded friends- That’s the amazing beauty and setting of The MusicFest – A truly unique and exceptional sporting and musical experience with one thing in common; a grounded and REAL experience with a community that embraces its life style and state of mind.
The Most Activities and Adventures
Only at The MusicFest, set in the majestic western mountain town of Steamboat can you experience a seemingly endless offering of true adventure. Another reason The MusicFest at SteamboatTM is truly the most unique festival destination.From the Outlaw Mountain Coaster (world’s longest!)that descends down the slopes dipping, weaving and turning in circles; to snowmobiling over a mountain top; to fine dining and shopping; to the relaxing and rejuvenating hot springs; to fly fishing in the Yampa River; to speeding across untouched snow pulled by a trusty pack of huskies – Steamboat offers a true Western adventure to anyone looking to explore. Click here to see all Steamboat Springs has to offer.
An Abundance of Luxury Lodging at Exceptional Pricing
The MusicFest offers an extensive selection of luxury lodging at the most affordable prices.Want to walk out the front door onto the slopes? A Hot Tub on the back porch? A slope-side luxury suite or a penthouse? A MusicFest stage in your lodge or steps away? No problem! It’s all part of building your exclusive MusicFest package, the vacation of a lifetime. There’s every level to choose from to satisfy your taste in lodging, music, price, and the ultimate Rocky Mountain Vacation.Plus, there’s FREE resort wide and complimentary shuttles provided. No need to drive.More information on 2020 Lodging packages will be announced soon!
A Marathon of Music and Adventure Set in the majestic Rockies and world class resort.
Six days, 200+ hours of live music, a world-class ski resort – does it really get any better than the MusicFest? The MusicFest brings the finest Texas and Americana music to the world-class ski resort of Steamboat, Colorado.The festival boasts a stunning roster that includes both legends and rising talents alike.The 35th anniversary of The MusicFest will be jam packed with talent and adventure. Follow The MusicFest on social media and be on the lookout for The MusicFest 2020 reservation announcement!

More News On The Oak Ridge Boys In 2019.



We’re recording TWO new albums, and we’ll have photo and video previews to share soon!
Photo by Vince Wallace/Story Forge Nashville
We’re thrilled to announce that we will be recording two new album projects with Dave Cobb! The first is a new Christmas album to be released in October 2019. The second will release in 2020.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of our first collaboration with Dave. The Boys Are Back album was released in May 2009. And our second project with Dave, 17th Avenue Revival, released in March 2018. We will once again be working with the Lightning Rod Records/Thirty Tigers team.

Duane, who is working closely with Dave in the pre-production of the projects, says, “Dave has the unique ability to record in a raw, honest, almost retro way that sounds fresh… and the results are pure magic.”

There is much to elaborate on the current status of the Oak Ridge Boys, who are in the prime of their career right now. Many people think that the apogee of their tenure in Country Music was in the 1980’s, but I digress. Right now they sound and release music that stands out among the Legends of Country Music whom are still with us now.

Id’ like to release a few official press releases from their camp, that wound up in my email box recently. i shall of course follow this all up with live coverage as I can catch up with them.

Produced By Dave Cobb, ‘Down Home Christmas’ Will Be Available October 25th
2019 ‘Down Home Christmas Tour’ Kicks Off In Branson, Missouri on November 13th With Over Twenty Five Dates Announced So Far
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – GRAMMY® Award-winning and Country Music Hall of Fame members, The Oak Ridge Boys, will once again celebrate the Christmas season with their timeless hits and holiday classics on their 2019 Down Home Christmas Tour. The Oak Ridge Boys will perform over thirty-one concerts and are set to kick-off on November 13th in Branson, Missouri, playing in 28 cities and 14 states across the U.S. In conjunction with the tour, the Oaks’ latest Christmas album,Down Home Christmas, produced by Dave Cobb, will be released by Lightning Rod Records/Thirty Tigers on October 25, 2019.

Each year The Oak Ridge Boys travel all over the United States spreading Christmas cheer by performing Christmas classics, new favorites and many of the hits that shaped the career of this legendary group. The Oak Ridge Boys’ set list will take audiences on a hit-filled musical journey of holiday cheer from the group’s seven best-selling Christmas albums, along with songs from the new Down Home Christmas Album, which includes standards such as “Amazing Grace” and “Silent Night,” but also new favorites such as “Don’t Go Pullin’ On Santa Claus Beard” written by Americana hit-maker Anderson East and “South Alabama Christmas,” written by Jamey Johnson.

“Down Home Christmas began much like the other seven Christmas albums we have recorded. But things changed. Most of the songs I had collected were put on the shelf, and we started looking for songs that addressed specific subjects related to Christmas,” says The Oaks’ Duane Allen. “Dave Cobb was the producer/coach/motivator for this project. He encouraged us to dig a little deeper into our souls, to capture the magic of each song. With very simple instrumentation, the four Oak Ridge Boys’ voices are out front, and in your face, with the awesome, huge sound of RCA Studio A wrapped around, but not over-powering it.”

“Down Home Christmas is a project that we are happy to share with the world and, rest assured, you will hear these songs on our upcoming 30th annual Christmas tour,” says Joe Bonsall. “The instrumentation is sparse, yet incredibly put together, and the vocals are rich and vibrant. Many of the songs were freshly written by a stable of Nashville’s top songwriters.”

Down Home Christmas marks the Oaks’ 30th annual Christmas tour, eighth Christmas album, and third album collaboration with producer Dave Cobb.

Track Listing:
1. The Family Piano (Aaron Raitiere)
2. Angels (Aaron Raitiere)
3. Bring Daddy Home For Christmas (Channing Wilson, Aaron Raitiere)
4. Reindeer On The Roof (Jake Mitchell, Aaron Raitiere)
5. Silent Night (Franz Xaver Gruber, Joseph Mohr)
6. Hallelujah Emmanuel (Robert Jason, Paul Bradley Jr.)
7. Down Home Christmas (Mando Saenz, Aaron Raitiere)
8. South Alabama Christmas (Jamey Johnson)
9. Don’t Go Pullin’ On Santa Claus’ Beard (Anderson East, Aaron Raitiere)
10. Amazing Grace (John Newton)

The group—Joe Bonsall, Duane Allen, William Lee Golden and Richard Sterban—are best known for their iconic and multi-platinum hit “Elvira,” along with other chart-toppers like “Bobbie Sue,” “Thank God For Kids,” “Y’All Come Back Saloon,” and “American Made.” The Oak Ridge Boys have achieved a decorated career, winning five GRAMMY® Awards, multiple CMA, ACM and Dove Awards for their crossover brand of pop, country and gospel music that spans multiple generations. The Oak Ridge Boys became members of the Grand Ole Opry in 2011 and achieved arguably country music’s highest honor in October 2015 when they were inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame.

Oak Ridge Boys Down Home Christmas Tour:
NOV 13 -The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo.
NOV 14 – The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo.
NOV 15 – Orpheum Theatre / Sioux Falls, Iowa
NOV 16 – Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel / Deadwood, S.D.
NOV 17 – Aberdeen Civic Arena / Aberdeen, S.D.
NOV 18 – Wild Rose Casino & Resort / Jefferson, Iowa
NOV 19 – Hartman Arena / Park City, Kan.
NOV 20 – The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo.
NOV 21 – The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo.
NOV 22 – Peoria Civic Center Theater / Peoria, Ill.
NOV 23 – The Vern Riffe Center For The Arts / Portsmouth, Ohio
NOV 24 – River City Casino / St. Louis, Mo.
NOV 30 – Memorial Hall / Independence, Kan.
DEC 01 – McCain Auditorium / Manhattan, Kan.
DEC 04 – UMBC Events Center / Baltimore, Md.
DEC 05 – Riviera Theatre / N. Tonawanda, N.Y.
DEC 06 – Palace Theatre / Greensburg, Pa.
DEC 07 – Roland E. Powell Convention Center / Ocean City, Md.
DEC 11 – Paramount Theater / Anderson, Ind.
DEC 14 – Honeywell Center / Wabash, Ind.
DEC 15 – Renfro Valley Entertainment Center / Renfro Valley, Ky.
DEC 18 – Mayo Civic Center Presentation / Rochester, Minn
DEC 19 – Five Flags Center / Dubuque, Iowa
DEC 20 – Shooting Star Casino Hotel / Mahnomen, Minn.
DEC 21 – Crystal Grand Music Theatre / Wisconsin Dells, Wis.
DEC 22 – Rialto Square Theatre / Joliet, Ill.
For entire tour schedule, please click here.

About The Oak Ridge Boys:
The Oak Ridge Boys, who have sold over 41 million units worldwide, are synonymous with “America, apple pie, baseball, pop, rock, gospel and country music.” In addition to their awards and accolades in the country and pop music fields, they have garnered five GRAMMY® Awards and nine GMA DOVE Awards as well as the Mainstream Artist of the Year Award at the ICM Awards. The group—Joe Bonsall, Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban—have earned prestigious membership in the Country Music Hall of Fame (2015 Inductees) and Grand Ole Opry, and are known worldwide as one of recording history’s most extraordinary musical successes. They have charted single after single and album after album, celebrating one double-platinum album and one double-platinum single and more than 30 Top 10 hits, including No. 1 chart-toppers “Elvira,” “Bobbie Sue,” “Thank God For Kids,” “American Made,” “Y’All Come Back Saloon,” among dozens more. For more information and to view upcoming tour dates for The Oak Ridge Boys, please visit


Country Music Armadillo Visits Roostertail Music Festival Day 1.


Hidden away in the hills of southern Indiana just along the banks of the Ohio River is Madison, Indiana, a quiet, but beautiful town with a history every bit as deep and wide as the river it saddles to the south. The small town has carved out a reputation as one of the most prominent tourism towns in the state with it’s beautiful classical architecture, unique shops, unrivaled scenery, and the mighty Ohio as a backdrop. One weekend out of the year is the crown jewel of attraction for the town, however: 4th of July Weekend. The historic Madison Regatta brings the fastest racing boats in the world to the waters of the Ohio River just south of town and thousands of people pour into the usually quiet little town for the kind of great American experience that is all too rare these days.

The whole town converges in the Southernmost blocks to catch a glimpse of the jet engine boats skipping across the water, or to visit the carnival set up along the river’s edge. To visit old friends and make new ones, to enjoy the freedom of summer and the freedom of America.

There’s also one badass music festival that takes place in conjunction with all of it. The Roostertail Music Festival is the new kid on the block as far as weekend festivities go, but in just a few short years it has caught national attention as a destination event that should be on your calendar the next year as soon as the current one ends.

And that is a narrative that I will absolutely echo.

Taking place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the week of the 4th the Roostertail Music Festival is one of the best events you’ll attend in a summer. Family friendly, clean, well organized, and best of all incredibly affordable. You won’t pay an arm and a leg to get a ticket, but you’ll get an arm and a leg’s worth of music for what you do pay.

I arrived Friday afternoon, missing the first night of music due to work, to find the town buzzing. The parade, featuring all of the jet powered boats set to race on the river throughout the week and floats from all of the local businesses, clubs, and dignitaries was about to take place. Lawn chairs lined the sidewalks, people milled about going in and out of shops, and you could feel the anticipation and excitement in the air. To the South of Main Street towards the river sits Bicentennial Park, and you couldn’t ask for a better setting for such an event. Perfectly designed for optimal viewing and the hills of Kentucky rising out of the background make the park a picture perfect place to hold a music festival.

Kicking the action off Friday just as the parade up on Main Street was ending was Louisville-based rock band The Pass. Roostertail prides itself on maintaining a diverse lineup with something for everyone, all while making an effort to shine a light on some lesser known acts out of nearby music hub Louisville, Kentucky. The stream of listeners coming into the park was steady, and not even the heat of the early July evening could keep the dancers from getting going.

Another spotlight was cast on a talented group out of Louisville following The Pass as Frederick The Younger filled the air of the park with their groovy mellow melodies. Many in the park too refuge in the shade on the West end of the park, enjoying the show out of the direct heat of the sun. Even the band’s drummer sought some relief of her own, putting her hair up in an impromptu bun, using a spare drumstick to anchor it.

Up next was the first of the nationally touring acts of the evening as hip-hop duo Little Stranger took the stage all the way from Philadelphia. Featuring guitar playing and dancing the pair had no trouble catching the attention of the still growing audience. As the sun fell into the trees the rail in front of the stage filled up with eager fans responding excitedly to each song the pair performed.

Click HERE to see our full Roostertail Music Festival Image Gallery from Day 2!

The evening took a decidedly country turn next, as Jamie Lin Wilson took ownership of the stage with her band in tow. The last time I had seen Jamie was at Tumbleweed 2018 in a solo acoustic set during the heat of the day near the end of her pregnancy. Her set that day showcased her powerful vocals and excellent songwriting, but here at Roostertail she was able to bring the heat with the full band, and did she ever deliver. Sporting a Mike and The Moonpies shirt in the kind of camaraderie that I appreciate about this movement Jamie took total control of Bicentennial Park and commanded the attention of everyone in the park. Between songs she displayed a wit and charm that rounded out the perfect total package of a set. I had never had the opportunity to see Jamie with a band, and her set left no doubt that that was my loss.

Headlining the night was Mike and The Moonpies, who have gained an incredible amount of momentum in the last 16 months, especially here in the Midwest region. The crowd pressed up against the rails several rows deep while others caught the show from their chairs throughout the park.

Mike and the boys did not disappoint, putting on what I will say is the best set I have seen them play yet. The excitement was apparent both from those in the crowd and those on the stage and it all blended for a perfect combination that results in one of those kinds of shows you hope you get to experience again some day. The energy was at fever pitch from the opening riff of “Road Crew” all the way through to end of “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way”.

In the later stages of the set Jamie Lin Wilson made her way back out to the stage and joined the band for a couple of songs, showcasing a natural chemistry with lead singer Mike Harmeier that elevated the energy and excitement even more. After a 2 song encore Mike and The Moonpies left the stage to a thunderous ovation to bring to close the second night of the Roostertail Music Festival.

My first day on the ground at the Roostertail Music Festival was a blast. The music was all great, the event staff treated me with nothing but respect and kindness, and the event as a whole just has a welcoming feel to it. Seeing Mike and The Moonpies headline the event was special for me. I had been telling venues in my area to bring them in for years, but it wasn’t until May of 2018 when Dukes Indy answered the call and booked the show. It wasn’t a sellout show, but those of us who were there made sure to tell the legend of the show to everyone who wasn’t. When they returned in March the show sold out weeks in advance, and shortly later they were announced as headliners for this event. It’s nice to see the good guys get a win, and these guys are definitely good, and Friday night at the Roostertail Music Festival was most definitely a win not just for them, but for everyone who came out to see it.

Saturday would see an earlier start time on the stage in Bicentennial Park and even more talent taking the stage, all while boats ran heat races on the river behind it, and families enjoyed the great American weekend in small town America. Join us right back here tomorrow at the Country Music Armadillo as we take a look back at the final talent filled day of the Roostertail Music Festival 2019!

Click HERE to see our full Roostertail Music Festival Image Gallery from Day 2!

Country Music Armadillo Visits Roostertail Music Festival.


(Editor’s Note: Apologies for this article not making it up on time, I had a serious family emergency that took me out of town Thursday, and I had a weekend full of previously booked activities that kept me from getting this one out until now.)

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The Ohio River valley in Madison, Indiana was full of life for the final day of the Roostertail Music Festival. Down on the river boats ran heat races and time trials all throughout the day getting ready for the Main Event races that take place on Sunday of the weekend. In Bicentennial Park the music filled the air early, and kept the beat going all day.

Kicking off the action early was Louisville’s Brent Mathis with a robust, soulful set. With a great band backing him Brent impressed from the stage with a set full of his own original offerings. Having never seen Brent before I was very impressed with the excellent set that he played, and the crowd assembled in the park (Most of which sought what shade could be found as the sky above wasn’t providing a single cloud for cover) seemed to agree, responding appreciatively to each song played.

Up next to the stage was another Louisville act as the band 16 Bones brought their driving hard rock to the hot river valley. They exploded out of the gate washing over the park with a tsunami of intensity, and never let off the gas from start to finish even in the hot July heat.

Click HERE to see our full Roostertail Music Festival Image Gallery from Day 3!

Next up on the stage was the most interesting presentation of the weekend as Edgar Red climbed onto the stage covered in head to toe with a blanket as opera music played. He strode to the center of the stage, suddenly throwing the blanket off, revealing himself guitar in hand and horned viking helmet on his head. He immediately lit into his guitar, and away he and his band ripped with their guitar-fueled rock, whipping the growing crowd into a frenzy.

Towards the end of Red’s set I took a stroll down along the river to check out some of the action on the water. All day I could hear the boats between sets roaring around on the waves. The big, jet engine powered boats skimming across the water are a real sight to see. Seeing them disappear in cascades of water as they corner at each end of the course, watching the spray they kick up in their wakes (Better known as Roostertails,) and seeing the speeds these boats reach up close is quite a treat.

Back up on the stage was the man with a heart you cannot break. Justin Wells roared to life for the growing crowd in Bicentennial Park. The mountain of a man from Lexington was in top form for the Roostertail crowd. Justin has had some vocal cord issues in recent months (nearly rupturing one!) but he’s gotten that under control, and there was certainly none to be found as he played into the late afternoon in Madison. He referenced a couple of times during his set that the new album is done and coming our way sooner than later, and from what he played of it for us on this day it’s going to be a monster, friends.

American Aquarium came to the stage as the sun began to sink to the west. My first time seeing the band (Yes, you read the right) was definitely not a disappointment. Displaying a world-class fire and intensity from the first note to the last fronted by the electrifying B.J Barham the band laid it down heavy on the swelling sea of people in the park. Their intensity only seemed to heighten as the sun sank lower, and that fed right into the crowd who were looking to increase their own rowdiness as the shade spread over them. It was the perfect early-evening blend to set the table for what was left to come.

Click HERE to see our full Roostertail Music Festival Image Gallery from Day 3!

Georgia’s own Brent Cobb was up next, the first of the night’s two headliners. Backed up with an excellent band Brent took command of the stage and the audience gathered to watch him. A frenetic energy accompanied him throughout each song he played. Between songs Brent would take a moment to explain the songs, and what their meaning to him, and why he loved them. Brent played a truly incredible set without a sour note as the crowd continued to swell in the park.

As the stage was switching over for the last set of the night down on the river the first firework exploded in the sky. Launching from a barge out on the river, the Regatta puts on one of the most impressive fireworks displays I have ever seen. I’m not a big fan of fireworks, but even I was thoroughly awed and impressed by the show on display. Lasting nearly 20 minutes in length the display is one of the most impressive parts of an all around impressive weekend.

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When the fireworks on the river finished the fireworks on the stage began as Whiskey Myers came out to a thunderous ovation. A massive new wave of people filed into the park from the river banks where they had stayed to watch the fireworks, and the sea of people was impressive sight to see. Even more impressive was the music on the stage. Whiskey Myers threw it down as fast and as hard as the frenzied crowd could pick it up. They played a healthy mix of songs from previous albums as well as songs that will be out on their new album (that many who pre-ordered already have.) It was a raucous and rowdy display from the band, just the kind that they have come to be known for, and they held nothing back, showering the Madison crowd with every not they could.

At one point Brent Cobb sauntered back out on the stage and joined the band for a song. Brent has been touring regularly with the band recently and the energy on display as they collaborated was undeniable. The band played until after the midnight hour, and then came back for a two song encore. it was one hell of a barn burning set to headline the badass Roostertail Music Festival 2019 lineup.

After their set the Roostertail Music Festival staff and volunteers who worked not just during the weekend, but throughout the entire year to bring the event to life were brought on to the stage and showered with thanks by the fans. The team worked tirelessly to make the Roostertail Music Festival one of the best festivals in the country this summer and that is exactly what they did.

Final Thoughts…

Friends, I honestly cannot stress this enough to you: The Roostertail Music Festival and the Madison Regatta are the perfect all-American weekend getaway. World-class everything in a small town setting. It’s what the 4th of July weekend was always meant to be: The Great American Weekend where there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Where memories don’t cost a small fortune to make, but the memories you do make will be worth a small fortune. You simply could not ask for a more price-friendly weekend experience, a more beautiful environment for a music festival, for a more accommodating venue, or for a better team of people bringing the event to life than you’ll find at the Roostertail Music Festival and Regatta.

The weekend returns next year and you’d be making quite the mistake if you aren’t already eyeballing your calendar for a trip to the hills of southern Indiana to be a part of the 2020 Roostertail Music Festival and Madison Regatta.

Roostertail Music Festival On Facebook
Madison Regatta On Facebook


I want to give a very big thanks to Brent Turner and Matt Wells for allowing me the opportunity to come down and bring this coverage of the 2019 Roostertail Music Festival here to the Country Music Armadillo. Brent reached out to me about being a part of the weekend before the lineup was announced last year, and after attending the 2018 show (Headlined by Turnpike Troubadours) as a fan and loving what I saw I was more than happy to jump on board. I’m already ready for 2020!

I want to give another big thanks to the rest of their excellent team, all of whom could not have been any nicer and more accommodating to me during my time on the ground. Some of the most friendly and helpful folks I have had the privilege to work with, I absolutely appreciate their heart and dedication to this great event.

Thanks to my beautiful wife Melinda for letting me run off on the holiday weekend to do this thing I do. She was supposed to make this adventure with me, but babysitting plans changed late and she had to sit this one out. The only thing that could make Roostertail any better is experiencing it with the love of my life, and we’re going to make sure that happens in 2020.

Lastly thanks to all of you, the readers. Thank you for your support in reading this, thank you for your support of the event if you were there, and thanks to all who stopped to say “Hi” and speak during the weekend. I enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones during these excursions as much as anything else. If you have enjoyed reading about these two days of badass music I sincerely hope you’ll consider coming out to experience it yourself in 2020. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

See you on the banks of the Ohio in 2020!

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Complete List Of Kentucky And Tennessee Local Shows.

If YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at I literally watch more than 40 venues in Nashville plus belong to many concert websites in order to bring you this coverage. NEW IN 2018, folks I am always looking for ways to enhance what I do for you. So this year I’ll be reporting on further Kentucky shows, and further Tennessee shows as well.

Mr. Joshua and I cover hundreds of shows a year, and many festivals in person. Online, we cover 200 festivals yearly and bring a LOT of news to the masses. Folks WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE support live venue music.

Blackfoot Gypsies
Mercy Lounge August 2nd

Red Shahan
The Warehouse In Bowling Green August 2nd

Brett Cobb
Rye Davis
Spillway August 3rd

The Bottle Rockets
Beaver Dam Ky August 3rd

Steel Woods

John Anderson
Country Music Hall Of Came August 8th

Mark Chesnutt
Cahoots Dance Hall August 9th

Erin Enderlin
3rd And Lindsley August 10th

Ray Wylie Hubbard
3rd and Lindsley August 11th

Robbie Fulks
3rd and Lindsley August 14th

Missy Raines And The New hip
3rd And Lindsley August 14th

The Dirty South
The Basement August 14th

James Carothers
Southgate House Revival August 16th

Boo Day
Cambria hotel August 17th

Raelyn Nelson
The 5 Spot August 19th

Read Southall
The Basement East August 22nd

Tanya Tucker
Exit In August 22nd

Darrin Bradbury
3rd And Lindsey August 23rd

Jimmy Fortune
Kentucky Opry August 24th

Rhonda Vincent And The Rage
The Caverns August 24th

Band Of Heathens
3rd And Lindsley August 25th

Lost Dog Street Band
Acme Feed And Seed August 26th

Rock Bottom String Band
Phat Bites August 28th

Austin Lucas
The Basement August 29th

Tim Atwood
Two Rivers Campground September 1st

Mandolin Orange
Ryman Auditorium September 6 and 7th

Dwight Yoakam
Ryman Auditorium September 8th and 9th

Little Harpeth Brewing September 8th

Holly Williams
City Winery September 8th

Old Crow Medicine Show
Bluegrass Caverns September 8th

Dead Horses
Mercy Lounge September 10th

Darrin Bradburry
mercy Lounge September 12th

Whiskey Myers
Minglewood Hall September 13th

The Mavericks
Ryman Auditorium September 13th

Drew Holcomb
Ryman Auditorium September 14th’h

Caleb Caudle
The Anchor Fellowship September 14th

David Allan Coe
The Daviess County Lion’s Club Fairgrounds In Philpot Ky September 14th

Hogslop String Band
IBMM Owensboro Ky September 15th

Zepheniah O’Hora
The Basement September 19th

Rhiannon Giddens
City Winery September 21st

Whiskey Myers
Bourbon And Beyond September 22nd

Belle Plaine
The 5 Spot September 24th

Gene Watson
Kentucky Opry October 25th and 26th

Greensky Bluegrass
The Caverns September 25th

The Steel Woods
Minglewood Hall September 26th

Stoney LaRue
3rd And Lindsey September 28th

Jon Pardi
Ryman Auditorium October 1st and 2nd

Greensky Bluegrass
Minglewood Hall October 2nd

Lara Hope And The Ark Tones
Nashville Palace October 3rd

Cody Johnson
Owensboro Sportscenter October 4th

Chris Stapleton
Fed ex Forum Memphis Tn October 5th

Trishia Yearwood
Schermerhorn Symphony Center October 5th

Bonnie Bishop
3Rd And Lindsley October 6th

Ian Now
Exit Inn October 10th

Jesse Dayton
The Basement October 11th

David Ball
American Legion Post 82 October 15th

Infamous Stringdusters
the Caverns October 18th

Joecephus And The George Jonestown Massacre
Exit In October 20th

Kristina Murray
American Legion Post 82 October 23rd

Kacey Musgraves
Bridgestone Arena October 25th

Ian Now
The Southgate House Revival November 1st

Chris Stapleton
KFC Yum Center November 2nd

Josh Abbott Band
William Clark Green
Marathon Music Works November 3rd

Chris Stapleton
Memphis Tn November 5th

Hayes Carll
Ryman Auditorium November 6th

Josh Abbott
Cannery Ballroom November 7th

The Rhythm Shakers
Nashville Palace November 8th

Southern Culture On The Skids
high Watt November 9th

Ryan Bingham
The Ryman Auditorium November 11th

The Charlie Daniels Band
Bridgestone Arena November 20th

Del McCoury Band
The Caverns November 23rd

Josh Abott
Mercury Ballroom Louisville Ky December 5th

Reverend Horton Heat
Cannery Ballroom December 18th

David Ball
American Legion Post 82 December 21st

Unknown Hinson
Exit Inn December 31st

Brandi Carlile
January 14,15th and 16th 2020
Ryman Auditorium

Bluegrass Legend Miss Rhonda Vincent Releases New Single.


GRAMMY Award winning Vincent premieres an all new song co-written by Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seely
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rhonda Vincent, affectionately known as the Queen of Bluegrass, premiered her brand new single “Like I Could” onstage at the Grand Ole Opry on Wednesday, June 19. Co-written by Grand Ole Opry country music star Jeannie Seely, along with Erin Enderlin and Bobby Tomberlin, Vincent’s bluegrass interpretation of the country song is a beautifully composed, string-driven melody, which highlights her soaring vocal abilities. The song also made it’s online premiere at the Bluegrass Situation.

“As soon as Jeannie Seely started singing ‘Like I Could’ to me, I instantly loved it. It felt like it was written just for me and my vocal style. As we were recording the tracks, it just felt right. You know when you can feel that something is just right for you; like trying on that perfect dress, or pair of shoes. This song was just the right fit.”

There wasn’t a song search, or a target recording date for the song. Frankly, the entire process was a continuous chain reaction of spontaneous events. Vincent discovered the song while riding in a limousine with Jeannie Seely, who was sharing her fear of co-writing by appointment, and how she finally faced her fear with the writing of the song. At the encouragement of fellow Opry member Bill Anderson, Seely wrote the song with Erin Enderlin and Bobby Tomberlin. Seely sang her new song as the limo rolled along, and Rhonda instantly loved it and told Jeannie she wanted to record it. Jeannie, in total amazement, later texted Rhonda to ask if she really wanted to record it, or was it merely an impulse reaction. Rhonda really loved it and could not wait to record it.

“I feel that many people will relate to this song and its tremendous heartbreak and sadness,” said Vincent. “My hope is that there are people who hear this song, namely those in the midst of the devastation of a breakup, who will reconnect and renew their love with each other. It has a very desperate message, asking, ‘What happened, I thought you could see us together forever?’ Maybe this is the perfect song and question they need to hear to bring them back together.”

About Rhonda Vincent:
Rhonda Vincent was born in Greentop, Missouri, where she grew up performing in her family band, The Sally Mountain Show, featuring country and bluegrass music. After releasing a handful of her own successful bluegrass albums on Rebel Records as the 1990’s began, she was signed to a country recording contract with Giant Records. Songs such as “I’m Not Over You,” “An Old Memory (Found It’s Way Back Home Again),” “I Do My Cryin’ At Night,” and “At The Corner Of Walk and Don’t Walk” endeared her to fans of traditional country music, even if the mainstream audience was not ready for her unashamedly country sound. After developing a loyal following within both musical styles, she chose to return to her bluegrass roots in 2000, and hasn’t looked back. Her powerful voice and unrelenting work ethic have made her the undisputed “Queen of Bluegrass” (a title bestowed upon her by The Wall Street Journal), earning her a closet full of bluegrass music awards, and a GRAMMY Award for Best Bluegrass Album in 2017. Her first-class presentation both on and off stage has allowed Vincent to be one of the only bluegrass artists of the 21st century whose albums consistently reach the Billboard Country Top 40, finding a home among both camps of fans. She is also one of Nashville’s most in-demand harmony singers, heard on recordings alongside names such as Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, and Daryle Singletary. For more information and the latest tour itinerary, visit

# # #

Suggested Tweet:
.@RhondaVincent13 premieres new song #LikeICould on the stage of the @opry @WSMradio. Co-written by @seelyofficial #ErinEnderlin & @bobbytomberlin, available everywhere now!

Rhonda Vincent "Like I Could"
Rhonda Vincent – “Like I Could”

8/24 Pelham, TN / The Caverns / Buy Tickets
8/30 New Richmond, Quebec, CANADA / New Richmond Bluegrass Festival
8/31 Thomas Point Beach, ME / Bluegrass Festival
9/1 Thomas Point Beach, ME / Bluegrass Festival
9/7 Wagoner, OK / Bluegrass & Chili Cook Off
9/12 Versailles, KY / Kentucky Castle
9/13 Sullivan, IL / Backyard Bluegrass Festival
9/19 Bean Blossom, IN / Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival
9/20 Kodak, TN / Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival
9/21 Conway, MO / Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival
9/24 Branson, MO / Clay Cooper Theatre
9/27 Shipshewana, IN / Blue Gate Theatre
9/28 Vine Grove, KY / Vine Grove Bluegrass Festival
10/4 Franklin, NC / Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts
10/5 Lebanon, VA
10/12 Waldron, AR / Turkey Track Bluegrass Festival
10/13 Jefferson City, MO / Windstone Entertainment Event Center
10/18 Mamaroneck, NY / The Emelin Theatre
10/19 Hamilton, OH / Parrish Auditorium
10/24 Anderson, SC / Anderson Bluegrass Festival
For Rhonda’s most up-to-date tour schedule, visit

Rhonda Vincent & The Rage Nominated For Four 2019 IBMA Awards
Rhonda Vincent and The Rage
GRAMMY Award winning Vincent nominated for ‘Female Vocalist Of The Year’ & ‘Collaborative Recording Of The Year’ for duet with Dolly Parton
New video for her single “Like I Could” premieres on; set to air on the Heartland Network’s Country Music Today, and CMT Music.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – As announced by the International Bluegrass Music Association at a Nashville press conference recently, Rhonda Vincent & The Rage have been nominated for four 2019 Bluegrass Music Awards. Vincent received a nomination for Female Vocalist Of The Year, along with a Collaborative Recording Of The Year nod for her duet with Dolly Parton on “Please,” a song originally written by Elton John & Bernie Taupin.

Additionally, Vincent’s Rage band mates also received two nominations in their respective categories, with Hunter Berry for Fiddle Player Of The Year and Josh Williams for Guitar Player Of The Year.

“Our life’s love and career are totally immersed in bluegrass music,” said Vincent. “It’s what we do! We are so thrilled to be recognized by the members of IBMA. Special thanks to Elton John & Bernie Taupin for allowing us to create a bluegrass version of “Please,” and to Dolly Parton for her amazing creativity and for joining us on the song.”

The winners will be announced during a gala awards presentation on September 26 at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh, N.C.

New video for “Like I Could” premieres at, plus set to air on The Heartland Network and CMT Music recently premiered Vincent’s new music video for “Like I Could,” a song co-written by Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seely, along with Erin Enderlin and Bobby Tomberlin. The video features Vincent’s real life husband and manager Herb Sandker, who portrays the role of a wandering-eyed lover whose actions spurns the dissolution a once perfect relationship. The video was shot in Nashville’s Music City Bar & Grill, and Directed by Jason Lee Denton and Steve Voss.

The Heartland Network will also premiere the video on Country Music Today this Friday, July 26 at 2:19 pm ET, with additional airings on Saturday, July 27 at 12:29 am & 6:21 pm, and on Tuesday, July 30 at 2:37 pm.

CMT Music will also premiere the video to their CMT Edge portal, with airing dates/times still to be announced. Stay tuned to for more information.

Music Festivals 2019: The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival.



OAK HILL, N.Y. – Superstar phenom Billy Strings returns as Artist-in-Residence, joining 40+ award-winning bluegrass acts including the Del McCoury Band, Leftover Salmon, Tommy Emmanuel and many more at the 2019 Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival from July 18-21.

Always a deep and wide mix of Grammy, IBMA, CMA, and AMA winners and nominees, Grey Fox presents the best of bluegrass and acoustic music. In its 35th year, Grey Fox is the largest and most-established bluegrass festival in the Northeast, featuring traditional, contemporary, and progressive bluegrass to old-time, Americana, jamgrass, Celtic, and dance music.

The festival is a homecoming every summer for campers from more than 30 states and at least a dozen countries. Held on the Walsh Farm in the bucolic Catskill Mountains, the festival has six stages, with shaded performance venues and workshop stages, along with entertainment for children and families. In all, more than 175 performances are scheduled over the festival’s four days, from Thursday through Sunday (camping gates open early on Wednesday, July 17).

The lineup is always eclectic and on the cutting edge, a “Who’s Who of Bluegrass” that offers something for everyone. Bands this year also include the Earls of Leicester, I’m With Her (Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aoife O’Donovan), Tim O’Brien, Balsam Range, Steep Canyon Rangers, Molly Tuttle, the Gibson Brothers, Sierra Hull, and host band Dry Branch Fire Squad. The Larry Keel Experience and The Travelin’ McCourys will bring back “A Grateful Ball,” a collaboration of the music of The Grateful Dead.

Over the past few years, Billy Strings has made his mark on the Grey Fox faithful, with dynamic performances that have left audiences spellbound. The young guitarist has been turning the dyed-in-the-wool bluegrass world on its head. Rolling Stone magazine says that Strings sounds like “The head-banging speed of a thrash metal band channeled through flat-picked guitar and mandolin, with a touch of end-of-the-world psychedelia.” As Artist-in-Residence, Strings will be performing with his own band and with other bands from Thursday through Saturday.

In addition to the main stages, there are impressive Emerging Artist Showcases of young bands hailing from around the country, music and dance workshops, a much-loved Open-Mic Night, red-hot jam sessions around the campgrounds, ethnic and festive foods, unique vendors, Grey Fox Bluegrass Academy for Kids, (now in its 21st year) and a stage entirely devoted to children’s activities. Everyone from music fans to foodies, beginning pickers to serious players, singles to multi-generational families will find something to capture their imagination and heart.

GIVING BACK: “This year, our goal is to collect 1000 pounds of food!” Grey Fox will again a food drive to help feed needy families in the area. Grey Fox campers will be bringing non-perishable foods and pantry items with them to help fill up the Community Action of Greene County van that will be parked at the ticket gate all weekend. Also, as an incentive for local residents to help with the food drive and hear some great music, admission to Sunday’s show is free with a donation to local food banks.

Sunday will begin at 10:00 a.m. with a one-hour gospel show by host band, Dry Branch Fire Squad. The festival will close this year with a performance by 100+ students of the 21st Annual Grey Fox Bluegrass Academy for Kids who have been studying with some of the top instructors in the business all weekend. For many Grey Fox fans, the Sunday gospel show and the kids academy “graduation gig” are long standing highlights of the festival.

Donations of non-perishable pantry items or cash go to Community Action of Greene County who distributes food and supplies to area food banks. Grey Fox invites residents and visitors alike to enjoy Sunday’s musical performances and help feed needy local families. Acceptable pantry items are listed at

For tickets, information and a complete list of all the bands, visit the Grey Fox website at

The Grey Fox Way


As a camper, I agree to these guidelines:

  • My campsite will not be more than 20×25 feet. Allowances for RVs.
  • I will save NO MORE THAN TWO CAMPSITES besides my own up to noon Thursday. After that, I will welcome new folks to camp there.
  • Park vehicles perpendicular to the roads to conserve space.
  • Park all unnecessary vehicles in the Car Corral and earn raffle tickets.
  • Use only camp stoves or grills for cooking. Make no ground fires. Leave no fire unattended. Have fire extinguisher handy.
  • Use only local firewood purchased within 50 miles of Oak Hill.
  • No luminaries! Landing on a tent could start a fire.
  • Keep my campsite clean. Use trash and recycling barrels properly.
  • Leave no debris on the ground. This is a working farm!
  • Use no amplifiers. Play no loud recorded music at my campsite.
  • Be super quiet from 10pm to 7am if camped in Quiet Camping.
  • Drive only when necessary to reduce my impact on the land.
  • Be considerate of my fellow campers. Follow the Golden Rule.
  • Be patient and tolerant and even perform random acts of kindness.
  • If I have a legitimate concern for anyone’s health or safety, I will seek assistance from Security or Medical personnel.


  • No glass. Broken glass, barefoot children and hay farms just don’t mix.
  • No pets. Sorry, we do not allow pets at Grey Fox. Call ahead. Most kennels require up to date shots, so be sure to bring documentation and food with you.
    Al-Ann Grooming & Boarding, Catskill, NY  518-945-1087
    Bed & Chow Pet Lodge, 11289 Rt 9W, Coxsackie, NY  518-731-6859 (3 mi from Coxsackie Exit off I-87)
    Carriage House, East Durham, NY  518-634-7009 (very close to festival)
    Hannacroix Kennels, Hannacroix, NY  518-756-2391
    Mainstay Kennels, 461 Route 385, Catskill, NY  518-943-7900 (Very close to NYS Thruway exit 21)
    Oak Hill Groom and Board, Route 81, Oak Hill, NY  518-239-6051 (very close to the festival)
    Pet Express Inn at the Albany Airport  518-785-0575
    Siam Kennels, Windham, NY  518-734-3168
    Valkin Kennels, Route 9, Valatie, NY  518-758-6195 (7 miles from I-90 exit 12)
  • Use only locally purchased firewood!! Bringing in firewood from more than 50 miles away is strictly illegal in New York State. Moving firewood long distances can spread tree-killing pests like the emerald ash borer. Please purchase firewood in towns such as Greenville, Catskill, Cairo, Middleburgh or at The Milk Run on Rt 145 a mile from the site. To learn why using locally purchased firewood is so important, visit Don’
  • Use garbage and recycling bins as marked and please keep your campsite clean. Remember, we’re on a farm that produces hay for dairy cows to munch.
  • Dispose of anything that might make animals sick such as cigarette butts, instrument strings, plastic bags, paper, etc. Be sure your area is clean before leaving. Thank you.
  • Field dress all smoking materials. No butts on the ground.
  • Smoking is prohibited in concert areas. If you wish to smoke, move beyond the outside edge of the crowd. This applies to all performance tents and food service areas.


  • Seating in concert areas is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In the High Meadow concert area only, you may leave your chair in place all weekend. Bring your own chairs or blankets. If you leave the concert area for a while, it’s the ‘Grey Fox Way’ to share your chair/blanket until you return.
  • Do not block the view of others. See map for high chair, low chair and blanket sections. A high chair is one that a basketball can fit under.
  • Sunbrellas may be set up along the perimeter of the High Meadow seating area. Staff can direct you.
  • We provide two large shade tents in the High Meadow Concert Area. Bring your own chairs.
  • For handicapped attendees, a tent is provided. Staff will assist.
  • The Creekside Stage is tented, with about 300 chairs provided.
  • For all other performance areas, please provide your own seating.
  • Keep your area litter-free. When you leave, take trash & recycling with you.
  • Last but not least, during any performance, please refrain from talking. Others are trying to hear and enjoy the music.

Copper Kettle Motel

Cozy lodging with a restaurant & a bar
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Winwood Inn

3-star hotel
Modest lodging with a Mexican restaurant
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Albergo Allegria Bed & Breakfast Hotel

4-star hotel
Homey B&B with a fireside lounge
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Hotel Vienna

4-star hotel
Mountainside lodge with free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
The Country Place Resort

3-star hotel
Casual all-inclusive resort & water park
Gavin’s Irish Country Inn

2-star hotel
Country inn with inclusive meals & shows
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
The Shamrock House

Baumann’s Brookside Resort

Laid-back rooms, plus a pool & lake
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Blackthorne Resort

Woodland retreat with an amusement park
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Ruby’s Hotel

Hotel · 3689 Co Rd 67
Artsy bistro with retro furnishings
Captain’s Inn Point Lookout

3-star hotel
Casual country lodging with dining
Free Wi-Fi
Greenville Arms 1889 Inn

Bed & Breakfast
Free breakfast
Evergreen at The Thompson House

Hotel · 20 NY-296
Windham Mountain Inn
Hotel · 139 Co Rd 12
Antique Rose Inn Windham

3-star hotel
Cuomo’s Cove

4-star hotel
Upscale suites with kitchens & hot tubs
Acra Manor Resort

4-star hotel
All-inclusive resort with sports
Free Wi-Fi
Windham Mountain Resort

Ski Resort · 19 Resort Dr
1,600 vertical ft. of skiing & 12 lifts
Free Wi-Fi
Christman’s Windham House

3-star hotel
Historic inn with golf & 2 bars
Sunny Hill Resort

Old-school lodging, golf & a pool
Free breakfast


Dancin’ Dave’s Festival Camping  is once again offering advanced camping accommodations for this festival. I have heard some truly great feedback from my “Spies” that go to some of the festivals I haven’t yet been to. This basically lets you pay a set price up front, and EVERYTHING IS SET UP AND READY upon arrival.

There’s NO NEED to have tent poles laying all over and strings everywhere, no instructions blowing in the wind or tent stakes to pound into the hard dirt. It might be a little more expensive but if convenience is your deal then THIS IS the package for you!

Advance Tickets Now Available:

Full Festival Advance: $215
Includes Camping 7am Wednesday thru 7pm Sunday

Day Tickets: $80
Thursday, Friday, or Saturday

Kids 12 and under, FREE with ticketed adult.
Senior Discount: $5 off day tickets at gate with ID.

Get Tickets Now

Chris Knight Announces First New Album In Seven Years

Nashville, TN – Esteemed singer-songwriter Chris Knight will release his first new music in over seven years with Almost Daylight on October 11th via Thirty Tigers. An uncompromising artist that the New York Times called “a hard-nosed iconoclast and the last of a dying breed…”, Chris Knight now finds himself influencing a new generation of young artists (John Moreland / Tyler Childers) who revere his honest approach to songwriting and his unflinching integrity. His ninth album to date, Almost Daylight delivers some of the most powerful and unexpected music of Knight’s career.

Almost Daylight features the colorful characters and compelling rural narratives that dedicated Chris Knight fans have long been drawn to. Tales of small-town despair (“I Won’t Look Back”) and outsiders bound by love (“Crooked Mile”) are classic Chris Knight, while at the same time, the new album features testaments to perseverance (“Go On”), redemption (“Send It On Down”), and even love (“Almost Daylight”). The balance of tough and tender, raw, yet open hearted is what sets this new work apart from previous albums.

Almost Daylight was produced, mixed and mastered by Grammy-winner Ray Kennedy (Steve Earle, Rodney Crowell, Lucinda Williams) who has a long-standing relationship with Chris Knight. The blend of Appalachian instrumentation (banjo, fiddle, harmonica) and electric guitars (Dan Baird), Hammond B-3, and stunning background vocals by Chris Clark, Siobhan Kennedy and Lee Ann Womack create a sound that’s both edgy and full at the same time. A guest vocal performance by John Prine on his 1973 classic “Mexican Home” rounds out the album.

For the past 20 years, Chris Knight has been making music his own way, flying under the mainstream radar, touring steadily, all while influencing a generation of young up and coming artists. Knight’s lyrics connect so intensely with his fans because he tells the real-life stories, often overlooked by mainstream music. His dedication to his craft has stood the test of time, and Almost Daylight is a testament to that.

Chris Knight 2019 Tour Dates

July 12 – Maryville, TN – The Shed
July 13 – Asheville, NC – The Grey Eagle
July 17 – Tomball, TX – Main Street Crossing
July 19 – Roanoke, TX – ChopShop Live
July 20 – McKinney, TX – Hank’s Texas Grill
July 26 – Springfield, IL – Boondocks
July 27 – Arlington Heights, IL – Hey Nonny
August 22 – Paris, TX – Heritage Hall Paris
August 23 – Pointblank, TX – Hilltop Icehouse
August 24 – Irving, TX – The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
August 30 – Helotes, TX – John T. Floore’s Country Store
August 31 – Yantis, TX – Neon Moon
September 1 – West, TX – Westfest
September 7 – Morehead, KY – Morehead Conference Center
September 11 – Oklahoma City, OK – Tower Theatre
September 12 – Amarillo, TX – Hoot’s Pub
September 13 – Lubbock, TX – The Blue Light
September 14 – Farwell, TX – Alpo’s Barn
September 15 – Roswell, NM – The Liberty
September 18 – Kenney, TX – the Kenney Store
September 19 – Houston, TX – The Heights Theater
September 20 – Dallas, TX – Granada Theater
September 21 – Saint Jo, TX – Red River Station BBQ
September 27 – Indianapolis, IN – Hi-Fi Indy
September 28 – London, KY – World Chicken Festival
October 3 – Charlotte, NC – Booth Playhouse
October 5 – Middlesboro, KY – Cumberland Mountain Fall Festival
October 12 – Hickory, NC – Shooters Lounge
October 19 – Lexington, KY – Manchester Music Hall
November 7 – Orlando, FL – Tin Roof
November 8 – Brooksville, FL – Riverhawk Music Festival
November 9 – Tallahassee, FL – Fifth and Thomas
November 19 – Boston, MA – City Winery
November 20 – Philadelphia, PA – World Café Live
November 21 – New York, NY – Hill Country Live
November 22 – Washington, DC – City Winery

VERY Excited For The New Tanya Tucker.

My buddy Mr. shooter Jennings stays busy, and so does Miss Brandi Carlile. Mr. Shooter is currently on tour at The Big Sky Festival in Montana, and Miss Brandi is currently messing around with her new supergroup the Highwomen, which I am working on writing about now. She announced a huge Ryman concert run in 2020 and is having a GREAT year, however she stopped to get together with Mr. Shooter Jennings to co produce the ALL NEW album from Country Legend Miss Tanya Tucker .

For the first time in 17 years we will have new music from her in the form of the 10 track album called “While I’m Livin’ “, which is available now for pre order and will be available on August 23rd.  The first single and video have been released already for the song called the “The Wheels Of Laredo”, and I have embedded them here.

I have a lot of respect for what Shooter Jennings does for so many people like her and Hellbound Glory, and Billy Don Burns. He releases a lot of music that not many else would. This album is going  to be a blockbuster turning point for her career, and will hopefully reignite her as she has announced a show at the Exit In this fall.

This album is reportedly molded after her life and the places she has been, like the song “Mustang Ridge” which is about her troubled youth and hard times growing up in central Texas. “High Ridin Horses” was a 1987 song that was selected by Shooter that featured Mr. David Lynn Jones and his father, Waylon Jennings.

I am going to be eagerly writing more on this subject at a later date folks!

1. Mustang Ridge (written by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)
2. The Wheels Of Laredo (written by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)
3. I Don’t Owe You Anything (written by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)
4. The Day My Heart Goes Still (written by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)
5. High Ridin’ Heroes (written by David Lynn Jones)
6. The House That Built Me (written by Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin)
7. Hard Luck (written by John C. “Pete” Bailey, David Lee Mitchell, Raymond L. Turner and Jerry Ontiberoz)
8. Rich (written by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)
9. Seminole Wind Calling (written by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)
10. Bring My Flowers Now (written by Tanya Tucker, Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)

Mr. Joe Rucker Hosts The Midnite Jamboree.





I keep up with so many ongoing Country Music function, that it would be ludicrous to continuously focus on the same acts and the same community time after time. Not only would it become mundane but it would copy too many other websites out there covering the same content, and it’s been quite some time since I took a fast jaunt down to the Midnite Jamboree.

Anybody that keeps up with Texas music and the ongoing spat here can tell you the age old argument of “There is no real Country in Nashville” ( YAWN) can easily tell you that if you look and listen to the right avenues you can find some TRULY GOOD Country Music here in town. It’s just totally ignored by those people that want to gripe about it.

Mr. Joe Rucker is one of my local friends that I have known for years and is enjoying his two girls growing up while playing music locally. he isn’t one of the many road dog touring bands I know, however he has many years of shows and music under his belt. Make no mistake that beneath his gentle and easy demeanor lies a raging Country Music beast, that like me salivates for steel guitar laced Honky Tonk sadness.

Every week this show begins with music from the great legend Mr. Jimmie Rogers whom Mr. Ernest Tubb idolized along with others like Mr. Merle Haggard. There are many breaks and recordings as Miss Jennifer Herron advertises new products for sale in the store, and online as well.

Mr. Joe played the Harlan Howard classic “Above And Beyond” that Mr. Buck Owens released in 1960, additionally Mr. Wynn Stewart garnered much commercial success from the song in 1967 on his album he did for Hilltop Records. To find that album is a top find for vinyl collectors abroad. Another song he played that REALLY sparked my attention tonight was “House Of Blue Lovers” from Mr. James O’Gwynn. He was a VERY obscure artist active in the early 60s produced by Mr. Pappy Daily, who was one of the many producers that were patient enough to work with a young George Jones when he was insistently inebriated.

He played an original called “150 Old Mims Road”, a song about his Grandparents whom lived across the street as he grew up. He is cutting that song on a new album coming in August, along with a few more he said. Along with his band that consisted of Mr. Pete Finney on steel guitar ( Reba, The Judds, Patty Loveless and more), Mr. Rob Price on bass (Gail Davies, Crystal Gayle), Mr. Rick lonow (Poco, Flying Burrito Bros.), Mr. Will Barrow on keys (Suzy Boguss) and Mr. Andy Reiss on guitar whom is a legend in his own right, Mr. Joe played songs like “Happy Hour Blues” by Mr. Jim Glaser.

Having been mentored at an early age by Country Legend Mr. Hank Locklin he showed his affection for his late teacher by playing “Send Me The Pillow” one of his most beloved classic songs of all. Initially the song did not chart, and it wasn’t until he made a 1957 re release of the song for it to chart at 5th. He also played the Red Foley version of “Peace In The Valley”, before receiving an honorary award from the ALM nashville Chapter.

The ALM is the Acadamey  Of Local Musicians  that recognizes local artists in different communities across America for their contributions to the art of music. Also there was a great advertisement for the new Gospel album from Mr. Tony Booth on Heart Of Texas Records, I love what Mr. Tracy Pitcox is doing out there in Texas.

Country Legend Miss Margie Singleton is a very special performer to me right now, as she is one of the last remaining people whom were signed to the Starday label in the late 1950’s. Along with her late husband Mr. Shelby Singleton they produced and wrote more Country music that I could name in a short article like this one.

She performed her famous song that Mr. Brooke Benton cut called “Lie To Me”, that he cut in 1962. She also played a wonderful Gospel song called “The Road To Damascus”. I distinctly remember her from the movie Road To Nashville with Mr. Marty Robbins and others I used to enjoy as a kid.

The final guest was Mr. Guy Gilchrist, whom played a song he wrote with Mr. Jimmy Payne called “Angel In Black”.  Mr. Guy was the original designer of the muppets for Mr. Jim Henson, and he drew for the comic strip of Nancy for years. he is also a great Country Music songwriter in his own right.


(unless otherwise noted)
Doors Open After Sound Check


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The Devil Makes Three live At Red Rocks.

In 2018 The Devil Makes Three unveiled some of their finest work in the form of the 2018’s album “Chains Are Broken”.  The California based trio have been leaders in the Americana community for a very very long time now, gracing stages all over the world with their music that embellishes many different sounds through the years.

This band is amazing live, and this venue is on EVERYONE’S bucket list. In fact this weekend I’ll be writing about the very first appearance of Mr. Cody Jinks at Red Rocks as well, but right now I wanted to tell you about this album.

This LIVE baby has seventeen songs on it spanning all of their album from back to their humble beginning in the form of their self titled 2002 debut. In fact it opens with “The Bullet” which was from that album, and features their wonderful three piece harmonies. It also features the toe tapping fun song called “Spinning Like A Top”, from the 2013 album I’m A Stranger Here.

The Redemption And Ruin album boasted the song “Drunken Hearted Man”, along with “All Hail” from the Do Wrong Right album. Now, this album concluded with one of their more popular songs “Aces And “Eights” from that same album. In my opinion it is one of Roots music’s more iconic albums, and this band is one of Americana’s more popular bands.

One of the songs that speaks to me the most lyrically and also intertwines the vocals of the three members Mr. Pete Bernhard, Miss Lucia Turino and Mr. Cooper Mcbean is the title song off their 2018 ‘Chains Are Broken” album. As a recovered addict I also can love the meaning of this song, along with many others in their catalogue.

This song called “Bad Idea” is from the “Chains Are Broken” album followed by one of my favorite songs they do the touching Gospel ballad “What Would You Give” . Especially with their three part harmonies and as they break into another one off “Redemption And Ruin” called “There’ll Be A Jubilee”, which is about that wonderful day the Lord calls his children home.

“Old Number Seven” is an OLD SONG from WAY BACK to their first album as well, and like I said I regard their debut album as an Americana and Roots music classic album. If you do not know this album you MUST go check it out, the fiddle work is exquisite and sweet. I mean what can be bad about a song about Jack Daniels whiskey?

“Pray For Rain” and also “Deep Down” were also songs off the album “Chains Are “Broken” that closed the album out quite well along with the previously mentioned “Aces And Twos” . Overall the song choices were spectacular and it was recorded very well. They have an earlier live album from 2011 at the Mystic theater, which had the song called “They Call That Religion” that pokes fun at fake preachers and fake churches…we won’t mention names……This band has a home here on Gary Hayes Country. Com and always will.

Texas Country Radio Summit Set For September 23rd.


Registration Is Now Open

FORT WORTH, TX. – (June 17, 2019) – CDX president, Joe Kelly is proud to announce the inaugural Texas Country Radio Summit taking place at the Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown in Fort Worth, Texas, on September 23. The one day event, presented by CDX TRACtion, is designed to bring together like-minded people with the common goal of growing Texas Country music as a genre and radio format. $25 registration is open now at

“We are super excited to kick off our inaugural event in Fort Worth, Texas,” says Joe Kelly. “We have been distributing singles to Texas radio for quite some time and we continue to hear how important the format is to the music business especially in Texas. This event will allow for industry veterans and newcomers to meet each other and learn tricks of the trade to help them furthering their goals. Our TRACtionTX  monitoring system and chart were designed to help Texas Country grow through transparency and real actionable data. We look forward to sharing and showing how the system works and how artists, managers and agents can use it to monetize their efforts.”

Panels throughout the day will feature some of the top artists and radio programmers sharing ideas and educating attendees.

TRACtion Texas is the premiere digital delivery service for Texas Country Music and the only U.S. based monitored airplay chart serving the Texas Country community.  TRACtion has the ability to empower everyone in the business to formulate targeted and focused marketing and promotion plans.

For more information or registration:

About CDX:
CDX was founded in 1991 by late Country Music Hall of Fame Broadcaster Charlie Douglas and national record promotion veteran Paul Lovelace as a delivery system for labels and artists to supply their upcoming singles to all full-time US country stations, satellite providers, syndicators, and programming consultants. In 1991, CDX clients’ music was distributed via the then new medium of CD. Today, our clients’ singles are digitally distributed via InstaTrack e-blast, integration into our smart phone app, and also included on our regular CD compilation disc. CDX also expanded by creating CDX TRACTION which is an airplay monitoring and tracking software system. CDX TRACTION monitors radio stations through the online web stream of their broadcast signal. It utilizes a proprietary and patented music recognition system to log every song played. CDX now offers distribution in all music formats.About Joe Kelly:
Joe Kelly started in Country music in 1992 working for CDX allowing him 7 years of radio promotions knowledge before venturing into the radio promotions side of the industry in 1999. Joining Intersound Country and Platinum Entertainment where he was named Southeast Regional Director of Promotion and controlled a seven-state area with sixty-two major radio markets, Joe quickly learned there was more to promotion than just calling radio and giving them a box of free CDs. Working in radio promotions only inspired Joe to learn more about all the aspects of the label business eventually bringing him to partner with two others to launch Aspirion Records Group in 2004. Aspirion Records Group became a traditional label with A&R, marketing, sales, publicity, as well as offering distribution and label services. The label soon became home to Joe Nichols, John Corbett, Collin Raye, T. Graham Brown, and many others. In 2011, Joe’s career came full-circle when he rejoined CDX as Director of Marketing and Label Relations and has now ultimately purchased the company. He has continued the innovation that is a part of the company’s DNA by inventing the radio monitoring system TRACTION , which garnered him a nomination as Innovator of the Year by the Nashville Technology Council. TRACTION is the software system that is used to calculate the single and album charts for the Americana Music Association. In addition, CDX publishes national charts in Mainstream Country and Texas Red Dirt.

Billy Strings Debuts New Single, New Album Home Coming in September

By Joshua Wallace

Billy Strings just dropped the first single from his new record titled Home called “Taking Water”.   The new album is coming out on September 27th.  You’re going to want to get this one.  We will have a full review on it closer to release, but let me just tell you this.  Billy Strings is one of the best acoustic guitar players alive and this new single “Taking Water” is proof.  Billy Strings reminds me of when you would hear Chris Stapleton with The Steeldrivers.  So much talent and you just know he is going to break out of the bluegrass scene and onto bigger things in a similar way very soon.  You can pre-order the new record Home starting tomorrow and there are a bunch of tour dates this fall starting with a two night run in Atlanta, GA at Terminal West in September.

Miss Michaela Anne Debuts New Single, Announces New Album And Tour Dates.

Michaela Anne Drops “Child of the Wind” via Brooklyn Vegan
New Tour Dates Announced
Desert Dove to release September 27th on Yep Roc Records
July 9, 2019 – Nashville, TN – Michaela Anne is proud to debut “Child of the Wind”, which exclusively premiered today via Brooklyn Vegan, who dubbed the track “a catchy, breezy dose of modern country.” You can listen here. The single is the newest from her upcoming album Desert Dove, out September 27th on Yep Roc Records. In June, Anne released the first single from the record, “By Our Design”, which premiered on Rolling Stone. In addition to playing notable festivals like Wisconsin’s Mile of Music and Nashville’s long-running AmericanaFest, Michaela Anne announced new East coast dates today for her fall tour. Pre-order Desert Dove here.
Recorded over the course of several weeks in San Clemente, California, Desert Dove was completed “on location” with the help of an all-star cast. Producers Sam Outlaw and Delta Spirit’s Kelly Winrich assembled guitarist Brian Whelan (Dwight Yoakam, Jim Lauderdale), fiddler Kristin Weber (Kacey Musgraves, Margo Price), and drummers Mark Stepro (Ben Kweller, Butch Walker) and Daniel Bailey (Everest, Father John Misty) to address this batch of songs with a fresh take, not leaning too hard on traditional arrangements or instrumentation. “Child of the Wind” is a great example of this; using a chunky, fuzzy electric guitar in place of what could have been a pedal steel or fiddle intro, adding sonic and tonal variables to the breadth of Michaela Anne’s range of characters and motifs.
Amidst the ups and downs of Desert Dove, there is a recurring focus on the emotions that fall in between peaks and valleys. “This record, for me, highlights the gray area, the nuance of emotional life and relationships that seems to be harder to convey in today’s modes of communication and limited attention spans: short excerpts on Instagram or Twitter paragraphs,” says Michaela Anne. “Nothing is black and white, solely good or bad. Who we are, how we live, how we love, what we desire or reject, it’s all full of contradictions and confusions. I wanted to explore that through my songs with care, depth, reality as well as light-heartedness, fun and fantasy.”
Michaela Anne also attacks most of the album with a sharp feminine perspective, dealing out wisdom, confidence, and sass with authority and maturity that is never tiresome. The easiest example of this is Michaela Anne’s light-hearted rebuttal to condescension and “mansplaining” with “If I Wanted Your Opinion,” but her stance drives deeper with each new song, all the way through the end of Desert Dove. “When I got to Nashville, I was told the ‘rules’ of songwriting,” Michaela recounts. “I was informed that a woman in a country song can never be the victim, but she can also never be the perpetrator. That’s not real life. As a woman, sometimes you’re everything all at once, and I wanted to write about those real experiences.”
Desert Dove is Michaela Anne’s full-length follow up to her critically-acclaimed 2016 release Bright Lights and the Fame, which garnered praise from NPR, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Stereogum, and Noisey, who celebrated her as the antidote to commercial pop-country, calling her “our saving grace, our angel, the person who will help usher us into a new age.”
Desert Dove is also Michaela Anne’s first release as a new signee to Yep Roc Records. North Carolina-based Yep Roc announced their partnership with Michaela Anne on May 16th of this year, making her label mates with the likes of Mandolin Orange, Jim Lauderdale, Aoife O’Donovan, Chatham County Line, The Felice Brothers, Amy Helm, Tift Merritt, and Kim Richey. Billy Maupin, Yep Roc’s General Manager, says of the signing, “We are ecstatic that Michaela Anne is now part of the Yep Roc family. Her new album showcases her as a triple threat of singer, songwriter, and performer. We are excited to be part of the release.”
Michaela Anne on Tour:
August 1-2 – Appleton, WI – Mile of Music
September 10-15 – Nashville, TN – AmericanaFest
October 10 – Decatur, GA – Eddie’s Attic
October 11 – Raleigh, NC – Kings
October 13 – Charlotte, NC – Evening Muse
October 16 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
October 18 – Lowell, MA – The Town and The City Festival
October 19 – Saugerties, NY – Hangin’ and Sangin’
More About Michaela Anne:
Michaela’s writing first began garnering national attention with the 2014 release of Ease My Mind, an old-school collection hailed by The New York Times for its “plain-spoken songs of romantic regret and small-town longing” and named one of the year’s best country albums by The Village Voice. After a move from Brooklyn to Nashville, Michaela followed it up in 2016 with the similarly lauded Bright Lights and the Fame, which featured guest appearances by Rodney Crowell and Punch Brother Noam Pikelny. Rolling Stone compared her to Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris, and Noisey praised her as the antidote to commercial pop country, calling her “our saving grace, our angel, the person who will help usher us into a new age.” Songs from the record landed on high profile Spotify playlists as well as the HBOseries ‘Divorce,’ and the album earned Michaela slots at Bristol Rhythm & Roots, Merlefest, and both the US and UK iterations of AmericanaFest, along with a seemingly endless series of dates across the States and Europe with the likes of Mandolin Orange, Courtney Marie Andrews, Joe Pug, Ron Pope, and Sam Outlaw.
About Yep Roc Records:
Founded by Glenn Dicker and Tor Hansen in 1997, Yep Roc Records is based in Hillsborough, NC and calls itself “the artist-driven label that refuses to be labeled.” With a strong belief in the vision of each of its artists, Yep Roc Records strives to serve each project based on its unique characteristics. Over 20 years, the label has released albums from North Carolina and international artists, including Aoife O’Donovan, Mandolin Orange, Tift Merritt, Chatham County Line, Dave Alvin, Los Straitjackets, Nick Lowe, and Robyn Hitchcock. The label is exclusively distributed by Redeye.

Complete List Of Local Ky And Tn Shows.

If YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at I literally watch more than 40 venues in Nashville plus belong to many concert websites in order to bring you this coverage. NEW IN 2018, folks I am always looking for ways to enhance what I do for you. So this year I’ll be reporting on further Kentucky shows, and further Tennessee shows as well.

Mr. Joshua and I cover hundreds of shows a year, and many festivals in person. Online, we cover 200 festivals yearly and bring a LOT of news to the masses. Folks WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE support live venue music.

Rye Davis
Bourbon Barrel Tavern July 25th

Vince Gill
Ryman Auditorium July 25th

The Steel Woods
The Shed Maryville Tn July 27th

Andrea Colburn And Mud
The Local July 28th

Steel Woods (opening for R.E.O.Speedwagon)
Ryman Auditorium July 29th

Kristina Murray
American Legion Post 82 July 30th

The Steel Wheels
City Winery July 22nd

The Legendary Shack Shakers
Southgate House Revival August 1st

Nick Dittmeier And The Sawdusters
The Wicked Eyed Woman August 1st

Blackfoot Gypsies
Mercy Lounge August 2nd

Brett Cobb
Rye Davis
Spillway August 3rd

The Bottle Rockets
Beaver Dam Ky August 3rd

Steel Woods

John Anderson
Country Music Hall Of Came August 8th

Mark Chesnutt
Cahoots Dance Hall August 9th

Erin Enderlin
3rd And Lindsley August 10th

Ray Wylie Hubbard
3rd and Lindsley August 11th

James Carothers
Southgate House Revival August 16th

Raelyn Nelson
The 5 Spot August 19th

Read Southall
The Basement East August 22nd

Tanya Tucker
Exit In August 22nd

Jimmy Fortune
Kentucky Opry August 24th

Rhonda Vincent And The Rage
The Caverns August 24th

Lost Dog Street Band
Acme Feed And Seed August 26th

Austin Lucas
The Basement August 29th

Tim Atwood
Two Rivers Campground September 1st

Mandolin Orange
Ryman Auditorium September 6 and 7th

Dwight Yoakam
Ryman Auditorium September 8th and 9th

Little Harpeth Brewing September 8th

Holly Williams
City Winery September 8th

Whiskey Myers
Minglewood Hall September 13th

The Mavericks
Ryman Auditorium September 13th

Drew Holcomb
Ryman Auditorium September 14th

Hogslop String Band
IBMM Owensboro Ky September 15th

Rhiannon Giddens
City Winery September 21st

Whiskey Myers
Bourbon And Beyond September 22nd

Gene Watson
Kentucky Opry October 25th and 26th

Greensky Bluegrass
The Caverns September 25th

The Steel Woods
Minglewood Hall September 26th

Jon Pardi
Ryman Auditorium October 1st and 2nd

Greensky Bluegrass
Minglewood Hall October 2nd

Chris Stapleton
Fed ex Forum Memphis Tn October 5th

Trishia Yearwood
Schermerhorn Symphony Center October 5th

Ian Now
Exit Inn October 10th

David Ball
American Legion Post 82 October 15th

Infamous Stringdusters
the Caverns October 18th

Joecephus And The George Jonestown Massacre
Exit In October 20th

Kristina Murray
American Legion Post 82 October 23rd

Ian Now
The Southgate House Revival November 1st

Chris Stapleton
KFC Yum Center November 2nd

Josh Abbott Band
William Clark Green
Marathon Music Works November 3rd

Chris Stapleton
Memphis Tn November 5th

Josh Abbott
Cannery Ballroom November 7th

The Rhythm Shakers
Nashville Palace November 8th

Southern Culture On The Skids
high Watt November 9th

Ryan Bingham
The Ryman Auditorium November 11th

The Charlie Daniels Band
Bridgestone Arena November 20th

Del McCoury Band
The Caverns November 23rd

David Ball
American Legion Post 82 December 21st

Unknown Hinson
Exit Inn December 31st

Brandi Carlile
January 14,15th and 16th 2020
Ryman Auditorium

2019 Music Festivals: Outriders Under The Big Sky Festival.

Outriders Present Under The Big SkyBig Mtn Ranch, Whitefish Montana

July 13th + 14th / Noon - 11PM


Country Music Festival


Outriders Present is committed to the Whitefish community and is thrilled to roll out our green initiatives for Under the Big Sky Festival. Please read more about our efforts and how you can help us make the event—and our community—sustainable for years to come.

Recycling, Composting, & Material Recovery

Under the Big Sky wants to challenge conventional behavior around material waste. Through a partnership with Citizens for a Better Flathead and their WasteNot Project, our team will be collecting, sorting, and recovering materials for reuse, recycling, and organics composting. Do your part by depositing your waste correctly in one of our three-stream recovery stations, and use the QR code at each station to learn more about what is and is not recyclable locally:

  1. iPhone: Simply point your camera at the QR code
  2. Android: Download a free QR code app and follow the instructions

Additionally, each vendor and sponsor will be given a guide to decrease their waste impacts to align with local material recovery infrastructure.


There is a free water refill station located in the middle of the festival for you to stay hydrated in the summer heat. Please bring your own empty reusable bottle under 24 ounces and fill ‘er up!

In partnership with Path Water, there will be no plastic water bottles sold on site. If you leave your bottle at home, we will be selling water in reusable (and infinitely recyclable) aluminum bottles.

Water Resources

Water resources in Montana are under threat, and Under the Big Sky is supporting local watersheds to ensure healthy and sustainable ecosystems. We will be making a 200,000 gallon donation to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s (BEF) Prickly Pear Creek Flow Restoration Project near Helena, about 200 miles from Big Mountain Ranch. We hope to raise awareness about this critical resource and continue to find opportunities to grow this initiative!


Alternative transportation is strongly encouraged! Shuttles, ride shares (Uber/Lyft), carpool, and biking will all be available at the event:

  • We are offering shuttles running between the festival and Depot Park in Whitefish through the duration of the event. Uber and Lyft are also available in the area, as well as local transportation options, which can be found here.
  • You can find detailed parking instructions for all forms of transportation here. If you are driving, carpooling saves money and reduces our emissions!
  • We will have secure places to lock up your bicycle in both of our parking lots. The total trip from Whitefish is only 3.2 miles to the ranch, so roughly a 15-minute bike ride. Save money and work on those summer body goals!


 If your phone is drained, charge up without feeling down. Oscillation Transia will be providing a solar-powered charging station onsite that will get you and your phone back on track!

As 2019 will be the first ever Under the Big Sky Festival, we will be tracking our carbon emissions to understand how we can further decrease our environmental impacts and support local clean energy efforts.

Attendee Engagement

Flathead County is a stunning corner of our country, and it is worth protecting. We are excited to learn how we can continue improving our event and how we can address local environmental resources. Come find our friends at Climate Smart Glacier Country, give them your thoughts on our sustainability efforts, and learn how you can continue supporting community efforts after our weekend together!

Tickets Still Available!

All ages welcome and children under 6 admitted for free!

VIP Tickets:

  • 21+ only
  • VIP Parking
  • VIP Viewing Areas (main stage pit access)
  • VIP Barn and Beer Garden
  • Upgraded Restrooms

Group VIP Tickets:

  • 21+ only
  • 15 VIP passes
  • VIP parking
  • VIP access (viewing areas, barn, beer garden)
  • Upgraded Restrooms
  • Private tent/lounge
  • Shuttle transport to/from Whitefish
  • Catered menu (custom curation available)
  • Host/Server

Alcohol not included with VIP or Group VIP.

Getting Here

Glacier Park International Airport is only 15 minutes away and offers direct flights from major cities.

Amtrak’s Empire Builder arrives twice-daily at the historic Whitefish Railway Depot from Chicago and Minneapolis to the east and Portland and Seattle from the west.

Driving from any direction takes you through some of the most scenic landscapes in the country.


Under the Big Sky is happy to provide shuttles in Whitefish. Shuttles will be running from 11 AM until Midnight on both days of the festival, July 13 & 14. They will be running continuously throughout the day and available on a first come, first serve basis. Please plan accordingly and note that travel and pick up/drop off times will vary each day.

The shuttle locations are:

Depot Park
510 Railway St, Whitefish, MT 59937

Ski Lodge

3889 Big Mountain Rd

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact


Bigfork, MT
Bridge Street Cottages – 32.8 miles – 45 min.
Flathead Lake Resort – 36.9 miles – 50 min.
Flathead Lake Suites – 3 7.6 miles – 52 min.
The Islander Inn – 37.4 miles – 52 min
Marina Cay – 32.3 miles – 45 min
Timbers Motel Travelodge by Wyndham – 32.6 miles – 45 min
Swan River Inn – 32.5 miles – 44 min

Columbia Falls, MT
Glacier Basecamp Lodge – 8.7 miles – 16 min.
Meadow Lake Resort – 4.8 miles – 10 min.
The Reclusive Moose Cabins -16.5 miles – 27 min.
Silverwolf Log Chalet Resort – 17.5 miles – 27 min.
Smoky Bear Ranch – 16.4 miles – 26 min.
Travel Inn – Glacier – 8.8 miles – 16 min.

Coram, MT
Evergreen Motel – 16.5 miles – 28 min.
Under Canvas Glacier – 18.1 miles – 28 min.
10% off July 12, 13, 14, or 15 with code: UTBS

Hungry Horse, MT
Mini Golden Inns Motel – 13.5 miles – 24 min.
Historic Tamarack Lodge & Cabins – 15.0 miles – 26 min.

Timber Wolf Resort – 14.0 miles – 23 min.

Check out rates at multiple hotels in Kalispell courtesy of Discover Kalispell:

Kalispell, MT
Aero Inn – 18.9 miles – 33 min.
America’s Best Value Inn – 15.9 miles – 25 min.
Best Western Plus Flathead Lake Inn And Suites – 25.8 miles – 39 min.
Blue And White Motel – 17.2 miles – 28 min.
Country Inn & Suites – 9.1 miles – 15 min.
Econo Lodge Inn & Suites – 18.7 miles – 32 min.
FairBridge Inn & Suites – 18.4 miles – 32 min.
Glacier Ridge Suites – 16.6 miles – 26 min.
Greenwood Village Inn & Suites – 16.7 miles – 27 min.
FairBridge Inn & Suites – 18.4 miles – 32 min.
Hampton Inn – 18.9 miles – 28 min.
Hilton Garden Inn – 19.0 miles – 33 min.
Holiday Inn Express & Suites – 15.4 miles – 23 min.
Homewood Suites by Hilton – 15.8 miles – 25 min.
Kalispell Grand Hotel – 17.7 miles – 28 min.
Motel 6 – 18.7 miles – 32 min.
My Place Hotel – 16.3 miles – 25 min.
La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham – 16.2 miles – 25 min.
Quality Inn Big Sky – 18.1 miles – 29 min.
Red Lion Hotel – 17.6 miles – 30 min.
SpringHill Suits by Marriott – 15.7 miles – 24 min.
TownePlace Suites by Marriott – 4.5 miles – 11 min.
Super 8 by Wyndham – 18.4 miles – 32 min.
Travelodge by Wyndham – 17.8 miles – 28 min.

Somers, MT
Somer’s Bay Log Cabin lodging – 27.4 miles – 42 min.

West Glacier, MT
Glacier Guides Lodging – 21.8 miles – 35 min.

Whitefish, MT [Low Availability]
Grouse Mountain Lodge – 4.7 miles – 10 min.


Is there camping on site?

Unfortunately there is no on site camping at Under the Big Sky this year, but there are plenty of lodging and camping options in the area right here.

Can I leave my car overnight in the parking lot?

While we don’t encourage you to park overnight, the safety of our fans is our number one priority and we will not be towing any vehicles. Remember that there are plenty of shuttles, taxis, and ride share options to and from the event.

For additional camping and/or RV options, please follow the below links to make a reservation, request a permit, or get more information on various campsites within the area.

Getting Around

Once in Whitefish, getting around is easy. Ride a bike, take a free ride on the S.N.O.W. Bus, or grab a local taxi, Uber, or Lyft. For festival attendees staying at Whitefish Mountain Resort, shuttles will make regular trips between the resort and Big Mountain Ranch. The ranch is located just 3.2 miles from downtown Whitefish.

Things To Do

From Downtown Whitefish:
– Head east on 2nd St/E Second St
– Turn right at the 2nd cross street onto Columbia Ave
– Turn left onto 10th St
– Turn right onto Park Ave
– Turn left onto Voerman Rd
– GA Parking will be on your left

From Columbia Falls:
– Head west on Hwy 2
– Continue straight onto MT-40 W
– Turn right onto Dillon Rd
– Dillon Rd turns left and becomes Voerman Rd
– GA Parking is located on your right

From Glacier Park International Airport:
– Turn left (North) onto US-2 E
– Turn left onto MT-40 W
– Turn right onto Dillon Rd
– Dillon Rd turns left and becomes Voerman Rd
– GA Parking is located on your right

From Kalispell:
– From Hwy 93, head north and make a right on Hwy 40
– From Hwy 2, head north and make a left on Hwy 40
– Turn north onto Dillon Rd
– Dillon Rd turns left and becomes Voerman Rd
– GA Parking is located on your right

From Bigfork:
– Head north on MT-35 W
– Turn right onto Montana Hwy 206
– Turn left onto US-2
– Continue straight onto MT-40 W
– Turn right onto Dillon Rd
– Dillon Rd turns left and becomes Voerman Rd
– GA Parking is located on your right


From Whitefish:
– Head east on 2nd St/E Second St
– Turn right onto E Edgewood Dr
– Follow Edgewood Dr until you see signs for the Parking Lot & Drop Off on your right
From Columbia Falls:
– Head west on US-2 W
– Turn right onto Halfmoon Rd
– Halfmoon Rd becomes E Edgewood Dr
– Continue onto E Edgewood Dr
– Follow Edgewood Dr until you see signs for the Parking Lot & Drop Off on your left

From Glacier Park International Airport:
– Head north on US-2 E
– Continue straight onto Halfmoon Rd
– Halfmoon Rd becomes E Edgewood Dr
– Continue onto E Edgewood Dr
– Follow Edgewood Dr until you see signs for the Parking Lot & Drop Off on your left

From Kalispell:
– From Hwy 93, head north and turn right on Hwy 40
– From Hwy 2, head north
– Continue straight onto Halfmoon Rd
– Halfmoon Rd becomes E Edgewood Dr
– Continue onto E Edgewood Dr
– Follow Edgewood Dr until you see signs for the Parking Lot & Drop Off on your left

From Bigfork:
– Head north on Hwy 35
– Turn right onto Montana Hwy 206
– Turn left onto US-2
– Turn right onto Halfmoon Rd
– Halfmoon Rd becomes E Edgewood Dr
– Continue onto E Edgewood Dr
– Follow Edgewood Dr until you see signs for the Parking Lot & Drop Off on your left

What Can I Bring?

We want to ensure that your time at the ranch is comfortable and safe. Here’s what you can bring:

  • Cell phones
  • Bug Spray
  • Non-professional cameras
  • Medium backpacks/purses (18x13x8 or smaller)
  • Blankets/towels
  • Sunscreen (contents to be checked at entry, limited to 4oz)
  • Sealed gum
  • Sealed chapstick
  • Sealed lipstick
  • Sealed eyedrops
  • Sealed makeup
  • Empty 24oz (or less reusable water bottle)

Heavily Encouraged:

  • GoPros (w/o sticks)
  • Sunglasses
  • Good times

Prohibited items:

  • Pets
  • Onsite RV parking
  • Totems
  • Hula hoops
  • Drugs / drug paraphernalia
  • CamelBaks / bladders (water stations provided + one empty 24oz (or less) empty reusable water bottles (Please make sure your bottle is EMPTY to expedite entry into the festival)
  • Large backpacks (under 18x13x8 inches OK)
  • Glass bottles or containers
  • Outside food / drink
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Laser pointers
  • Selfie sticks
  • Audio recording devices
  • Professional photo / video cameras
  • Drones
  • Umbrellas (parasols ok)
  • Makeup (sealed makeup OK)
  • Chalk, markers, sharpies
  • Chains / chain wallets
  • Stickers / flyers / solicitations
  • Cleated shoes

Miss Kelsey Waldon Readies New Album.


Kelsey Waldon Readies New Album White Noise/White Lines
For Oct. 4 Release
Her first on John Prine’s Oh Boy Records; Tour dates with Prine announced
First single “Anyhow” and accompanying video available now
July 9, 2019 – Nashville, TN – Monkey’s Eyebrow, KY, native Kelsey Waldon has announced the release of her new full-length album White Noise/White Lines, her first with Oh Boy Records, for October 4th. With White Noise/White Lines, Waldon captures the rugged country sound of her touring band without sacrificing the intimacy of her songwriting. Because of that approach, the record feels immediate, somewhere between a concert and a conversation. Co-produced by Waldon and Dan Knobler, the collection opens with a confident anthem, “Anyhow,” which finds the Nashville-based songwriter forging ahead after some frustrating setbacks. Garden & Gun praised the song as “a fitting first taste of an album that should firmly establish Waldon as one of classic country’s rising torchbearers.” “Anyhow” and its accompanying video are available today. White Noise/White Lines can be digitally pre-ordered here. Visit to snag the pre-order bundle which includes digital, cd, and vinyl—plus a limited edition 7” vinyl of duets from Prine and Waldon.
Aside from the songs themselves, White Noise/White Lines is riddled with unique touches, very personal to Waldon. From the Chickasaw Tribe chant which Waldon recorded on her cell phone at her father’s hunting camp—added to the record with their blessing, of course—to a voicemail recording of Waldon’s father who’d called to tell her he’d heard her on the radio, to a snippet of her friends playing the bluegrass classic “Run Rabbit Run”; little moments and memories dropped into the album’s tracklist speak worlds to Waldon’s deep connection with her roots, her family, and her home state of Kentucky. All of these threads run tirelessly through White Noise/White Lines, weaving together a decidedly country sound, but not without some of Waldon’s unique influences shining through. The Band and The Meters, to Hazel Dickens and Ralph Stanley, to Ann Peebles and Bill Withers have all left their imprint on how Waldon fleshes out her songs.
Waldon recently found herself honored by one of her biggest influences and songwriting heroes, John Prine. White Noise/White Lines will be her first release on Prine’s own independent label, Oh Boy Records. As their first new artist signing in 15 years, Waldon doesn’t take the relationship with Prine and Oh Boy lightly. “It’s hard for me to put into words what it truly means to me to be signed to Oh Boy Records,” says Waldon. “To have someone like John, who I have looked up to my whole life, who I have set my songwriting standards after and my general music making standards after, to have someone like him endorse my music and care enough about it to make sure it reaches a wider audience…that means everything.” Waldon recently joined Prine on stage in Manchester, TN, for his set at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, dueting on “In Spite Of Ourselves” much to the delight of their Saturday evening crowd.
For more information, please and
Official video for “Anyhow”
1. Anyhow
2. White Noise, White Lines
3. Kentucky (Interlude)
4. Kentucky, 1988
5. Lived and Let Go
6. Black Patch
7. Run (Interlude)
8. Run Away
9. Sunday’s Children
10. Very Old Barton
11. My Epitaph
See Kelsey Waldon On Tour:
July 9 – Nashville, TN – American Legion Post 82 (HonkyTonk Tuesday)
July 13 – Central City, KY – Lu-Ray Park and Amphitheater (with John Prine)
Aug. 11 – Lexington, KY – Railbird Festival
Sept. 7 – Raleigh, NC – Hopscotch Festival
Sept. 10-14 – Nashville, TN – AMERICANAFEST
Oct. 1 – Hollywood, CA – John Anson Ford Amphitheater (with John Prine)
Oct. 3 – Oakland, CA – Fox Theater (with John Prine)
Oct. 4 – Davis, CA – Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts (with John Prine)
Oct. 12 – Springfield, MO – Juanita K. Hammons Hall (with John Prine)
Oct. 13 – St. Louis, MO – Stifel Theatre (with John Prine)
Nov. 11-15 – Punta Cana, Domincan Republic – All The Best Festival
Dec. 6 – Orlando, FL – Bob Carr Theater (with John Prine)
Dec. 7 – Clearwater, FL – Ruth Eckerd Hall (with John Prine)
About Kelsey Waldon:
On her new album, White Noise/White Lines, Kelsey Waldon captures the rugged country sound of her touring band without sacrificing the intimacy of her songwriting. Waldon is native of Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky, who took an interest in singing, songwriting and playing guitar as a child. After moving to Nashville, she cultivated a loyal following through frequent touring across the U.S. and two critically acclaimed albums; the most recent of which, I’ve Got A Way, made it onto NPR’s Fresh Air host Ken Tucker’s “Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2016,” while the album’s lead single, “All By Myself,” was featured on NPR’s list of “Top 100 Songs of 2016.” Her persistence paid off when, on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, John Prine invited Kelsey to join his Oh Boy Records family. White Noise/White Lines will be released October 4th on Oh Boy Records.
About Oh Boy Records:
Oh Boy Records is an independent American record label located in Nashville, Tennessee and founded in 1981 by Grammy Award-winning songwriter John Prine and his longtime manager Al Bunetta. The label has released almost 50 audio and video recordings by singer-songwriters Prine, Kris Kristofferson, Daniel “Slick” Ballinger, Shawn Camp, Dan Reeder, and Todd Snider, along with a dozen reissues of classic country music artists.
In 1980, Prine finished his recording contract with Asylum and moved to Nashville. Rather than sign with another label, he decided to start one of his own, and was joined by Bunetta. The new Oh Boy label’s first release was a red vinyl Christmas single with Prine singing “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” on the A-side and “Silver Bells” on the B-side. The first full-length release was Prine’s Aimless Love in 1984. Oh Boy is the second oldest artist-owned independent label in the country and the oldest in Nashville.

The Quebe Sisters Add Innovation To Western Swing With New Self Titled Album.



DALLAS, TX (June 7, 2019) — “Here we are again, for the first time”: It may be a strange statement from a band that has been delighting audiences with its unique take on Western Swing music for 15 years and counting. However, it’s the perfect way for Dallas’ The Quebe Sisters to approach their fourth release, a self-titled album that is due out September 20th.

The five-piece, centered around real-life sisters Grace, Sophia, and Hulda Quebe, is already well-loved for its glowing sibling harmonies and authentic Americana influences, but the group is never afraid of branching out and building on its roots. “This album represents a new phase of our band and the start of a new direction for us,” the sisters explain.

“In a lot of ways, the process of making this album felt like starting over; deconstructing what we knew about music and then trying to put it back together again. That’s the primary reason why we felt a self-titled album would be appropriate.”

The set was recorded at Texas Treefort Studio, which the band terms “the best kept secret in all of Austin.” The studio features Jim Vollentine at the helm where the group went for a self-production route in order to deeply explore their synergy.

“It was a holistic process, involving everyone in the band,” they relate. “We’ve never arranged and recorded so collaboratively before, so it’s very rewarding to hear everyone’s musical fingerprint in the final sound.”

Fans of the Quebes’ previous three albums will doubtlessly appreciate the new directions they chose for this collection. In addition to including original compositions for the very first time–Sophia, Grace, and bass player Daniel Parr put their pens to three of the 10 songs–the trio chose to branch out from its signature triple fiddles and three-part harmony vocals to spotlight individual solos, showing off each member’s strengths.

While taking pioneering steps in that direction, the band worked at the same time to preserve its traditional vibes. In order to create an inviting audio experience, the band recorded together in one room, using vintage gear for a warm and classic sound. They also selected a range of covers perfectly suited to progression — from Jesse Harris’ “Always Seem to Get Things Wrong” to Willie Nelson’s “Summer of Roses.” The overall result is a collection of songs simultaneously strong and wistful; peacefully blending new and old waves.

“This album came from the curation of our inspirations,” note the Quebes. “We looked at all the styles that we play, and found a single performance that embodied the essence of everything we loved about that style. Then we dug into the mood and feel of those performances, and used them as reference points for how we played the album.”

The Quebe Sisters have toured North America, Europe, and Russia over the past decade and a half, and will be bringing their efforts to a national stage later this year in support of the new album.

For more information and tour dates, please visit For more information and tour dates, please visit

Miss Kelsey Waldon Inks Deal With John Prine’s Oh Boy Records.


Kelsey Waldon Inks Deal With John Prine’s Oh Boy Records
Oh Boy’s First New Artist Signing In Fifteen Years
May 29, 2019 – Nashville, TN – Hailing from Monkey’s Eyebrow in Ballard County, Kentucky, Kelsey Waldon is certainly no stranger to the rural, workingman’s world in which John Prine’s songs come to life. Both artists are admired for their often candid, occasionally humorous view of normal, everyday life, so when it came time for Waldon to find a home for her songs, Prine and his long-independent Oh Boy Records welcomed her with open arms. Waldon has played shows with Prine before, but none as impactful as their appearance on last night’s Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. After performing her own Opry set, Prine called Waldon back to the stage to sing his classics “Unwed Fathers” and “Paradise” together. Following their duet, in front of a sold-out Opry audience and in honor of all the legends that have graced that stage before her, Prine announced Waldon’s new partnership with Oh Boy right in the center of the famed Opry circle. Watch here.
It’s been a hard fought journey up to this point in Waldon’s career, but a strong dose of perseverance and patience has led her to greener pastures as of late; spending the last year opening for Tyler Childers, Jamey Johnson, and the head of her new label, John Prine, as well as completing her third full-length album which is due out this fall on Oh Boy.
“It’s hard for me to put into words what it truly means to me to be signed to Oh Boy Records,” says Waldon. “To have someone like John, who I have looked up to my whole life, who I have set my songwriting standards after and my general music making standards after, to have someone like him endorse my music and care enough about it to make sure it reaches a wider audience…that means everything.”
It has also been some time since Oh Boy Records recruited new talent. With Kelsey’s signing, their first in fifteen years, Oh Boy is keen on ushering a fresh, inspired artist into a world where important traits like authenticity and honesty have been replaced with marketability and catchiness. Jody Whelan, Director of Operations at Oh Boy, says of the signing, “It’s an honor for us to work with Kelsey. There is an honesty and commitment in her music, both as a performer and songwriter, that we’ve long admired. Evident in all her work is a strong point of view, and a reverence for the culture and history of country music and songwriting, she is exactly the type of independent-minded artist that Oh Boy Records was founded to support.”
Prine echoes Whelan’s excitement adding, “I am bursting with pride to have Kelsey Waldon recording for Oh Boy Records. Her music continues an important arc of traditional folk and country music. I love Kelsey’s singing. Her voice is one of the more authentic country voices I’ve heard in a long time. I’m looking forward to all the shows we’ll be performing together this year.” Speaking of shows, Waldon will join Prine for a handful of dates starting in July. See below for announced tour dates and stay tuned to for additions in the coming months.
“All I have ever wanted in a label home was for it to feel real, like a little family, and for a label to really ‘get it’. I couldn’t ask for a better dream team, in all seriousness. I’m so thankful I kept on my true north,” Waldon graciously stated. “After everything I’ve been through up until this point, Oh Boy feels like home.”
For more information, please visit and
On tour:
June 28 – Lexington, KY – The Burl (with John R Miller & the Engine Lights)
June 29 – Galax, VA – The Blue Ridge Music Center
July 13 – Central City, KY – Lu-Ray Park and Amphitheater (with John Prine)
Aug. 11 – Lexington, KY – Railbird Festival
Sept. 7 – Raleigh, NC – Hopscotch Festival
Oct. 1 – Hollywood, CA – John Anson Ford Amphitheater (with John Prine)
Oct. 3 – Oakland, CA – Fox Theater (with John Prine)
Oct. 4 – Davis, CA – Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts (with John Prine)
Nov. 11 – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – All The Best Festival
Dec. 6 – Orlando, FL – Bob Carr Theater (with John Prine)
Dec. 7 – Clearwater, FL – Ruth Eckerd Hall (with John Prine)
About Kelsey Waldon:
Since the release of I’ve Got A Way, Waldon has been busy touring the country with a tight-knit band of extremely talented musicians opening for artists such as John Prine and Jamey Johnson. Waldon has played on the Grand Ole Opry and has been featured on some of the country’s biggest festival lineups, including ROMP Fest, Pickathon, Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion, National Folk Festival, and Gasparilla, to name a few. But despite the fame and notoriety she’s seen in the past three years, Waldon remains humbled by her success, “I’ve spent a huge majority of my life studying my favorite records, my favorite songs, and my most-favorite singers,” she says, adding, “you never stop learning or gaining from it. I’m still doing it all the time.”
About Oh Boy Records:
Oh Boy Records is an independent American record label located in Nashville, Tennessee and founded in 1981 by Grammy Award-winning songwriter John Prine and his longtime manager Al Bunetta. The label has released almost 50 audio and video recordings by singer-songwriters Prine, Kris Kristofferson, Daniel “Slick” Ballinger, Shawn Camp, Dan Reeder, and Todd Snider, along with a dozen reissues of classic country music artists.
In 1980, Prine finished his recording contract with Asylum and moved to Nashville. Rather than sign with another label, he decided to start one of his own, and was joined by Bunetta. The new Oh Boy label’s first release was a red vinyl Christmas single with Prine singing “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” on the A-side and “Silver Bells” on the B-side. The first full-length release was Prine’s Aimless Love in 1984. Oh Boy is the second oldest artist-owned independent label in the country and the oldest in Nashville.

Album Feature: The Royal Hounds: Low Class Songs For High Class People.

The Royal Hounds are amazing Rockabilly band with an eclectic variety of influences that derive from Memphis to Bakersfield. I mean, if you study their roots they are not ashamed of history. I actually moved up in respect for them on a few levels after seeing how much love they have for  obscure people in music history the likes of Mr. Billy Lee Riley, and Mr. Bobby Darin.

They are am intense three piece band from the Nashville area fronted by Mr. Scott Hinds and include the guitar wizardry of Mr. Matheus Canteri from Brazil. According to their press release it took many years to clear his visa to work in America. Now this album really stuck out for me from the other two albums because they really focused on more guitar riffs and solos than lyrics. The songs are just plain out Rockabilly FUN, and easy to “get”…you don’t have to sit and analyze anything. Just DANCE and JAM on these 11 songs.

He came across Mr. Matheus on a chance video he saw on social media and sought after him in a heavy way. You see the guitar RIGHT AWAY on the song “The Walk” it just opens right on your face on the first song, and can get a live audience involved with a HEY HEY. This song is for people like ME, I LOVE MUSIC but I cannot dance at ALL. I’m clumsy as a stump! This song spoke to me as a person, and made me feel like he wrote it about ME, and that sold the album to me on the first song.

This band has an amazing live set as they stand on the bass and shred guitars, and stand on their drum kit. Mr. Nathan Place, from Texas is an accredited producer in his own right, and is the current drummer . However the drummer on this album was Mr. Scott Billingsley. Mr. Nathan has toured America as a drummer and fiddle player and has earned his own place in the independent music scene with hard work and attention to detail.

The dancing songs continue with a song called ‘Whackity Do” which features a fun stomping beat you can twist to or whatever dancing you like to enjoy. It goes on to the song “The Parthenon” , however one of the songs that I enjoyed was the guitar filled song called “Pororoca” , which is an actual thing that happens on the Amazon river. A giant wave makes it’s way down the river and people go out to ride the wave. It’s kind of a personal shout out to Mr. Matheus homeland.

“Tweakers From Outer Space” and “Pizza Party” were two crazy songs with lyrics that are just nuts, and it’s just fun to listen to them. The album gets to be the best during the song ‘Road Scholar” which chronicles how difficult their road life is. You know folks, I never realized how hard the road really was until I began following these bands around America. I load and unload semi trucks on a loading dock on third shift, so I treasure those real country trucker songs. This song really hit the mark for me! This song really put me to mind of Red Simpson and others that brought out that genre.

“Herbie The Butterfly” is a song about a butterfly that got caught on the band’s tour van windshield wiper, and he went to Tupelo, Tennessee and Texas. He went to butterfly heaven and lived a great life up there. Another great jam song on this album was “Chinese Buffet” I mean everybody loves to pile up plates of crap from a good hole in the wall buffet. For 10 bucks you can tear up some food! The album closes with a rousing cover of ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky”, written by Mr. Stan Jones in 1948.

This album becomes available for sale on AUGUST 2ND

Wed, JUL 10
Knoxville, TN

Tue, JUL 16
The 5 Spot
Nashville, TN

Fri, JUL 19
Brennan’s Irish Pub
Birmingham, AL

Sat, JUL 20
New Orleans, LA

Sun, JUL 21
Gasa Gasa
New Orleans, LA

Tue, JUL 23
Robert’s Western World
Nashville, TN

Thu, JUL 25
JV’s Restaurant
Falls Church, VA

Fri, JUL 26
10th Ave Burrito Co
Belmar, NJ

Sat, JUL 27
Skinny Dennis
Brooklyn, NY

Tue, JUL 30
Purple Fiddle
Thomas, WV

Wed, JUL 31
O’Mainnin’s Pub & Grill
Bristol, TN

Wed, AUG 7
The Southgate House Revival
Newport, KY

Fri, AUG 9
Casa Nueva
Athens, OH

Sat, AUG 10
The Rockabilly Ruckus
Cortland, OH

Thu, AUG 15
Smoky Mountain Brewery in Gatlinburg
Gatlinburg, TN

Fri, AUG 16
Smoky Mountain Brewery in Pigeon Forge
Pigeon Forge, TN

Sat, AUG 17
Second Bell Music Festival
Knoxville, TN

Thu, AUG 22
Madlife Stage & Studios
Woodstock, GA

Fri, AUG 23
Mule Camp Tavern
Gainesville, GA

Sat, AUG 24
Sixes Tavern
Cartersville, GA

Sat, AUG 31
Pistons Bar & Grill
Evansville, IN

Sun, SEP 1
Eville Shindig
Evansville, IN

Sat, SEP 7
The Rebel Rousers Rumble
Ashland, OH

Sun, SEP 8
w/ The Billy Price Band @ Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza
Worthington, OH

Fri, SEP 13
Zach an Fergie’s Wedding
Louisville, KY

Fri, SEP 20
Smoky Mountain Brewery in Pigeon Forge
Pigeon Forge, TN

Sat, SEP 21
Private Party
Tn, Knoxville

Sun, SEP 22
O’Mainnin’s Pub & Grill
Bristol, TN

Sat, NOV 2
Jimmy’s Sports Bar & Grill
Lebanon, TN

Fri, NOV 8
Alive After Five at the KMA
Knoxville, TN

Fri, NOV 22
Paddy Wagon Irish Pub
Richmond, KY

Mr. Vince Gill Readies His New Album “Okie”.


I’m extremely excited for 2019 and 2020 just for the simple fact that so many artists whom were prominent in the 1980’s and 1990’s are popping up now making new albums that sound better than ever. I have a huge list of names that I could rattle off with names of people to expect in 2019 alone.

One of those names would be Vince Gill, as he announces the August 23rd release of his new album called “Okie” which embraces and celebrates his Oklahoma roots. It’s been reported that this album will address some of the issues we have today in society, as the album itself is named after an old derogatory name for an Oklahoma resident.

They were viewed as scum that migrated westward during the dust bowl era of 1930-1937 when severe drought plagued the nation and many went elsewhere to find work. This is more of a concept album in it’s own right by all means, in that it displays so much knowledge and life lived lessons in these twelve songs.

Mr. Vince Gill wrote nine of the songs on the new record solo, and co-wrote the other three. His co-writers on Okie are Leslie Satcher, Charlie Worsham and Dean Dillon. So far there are two singles released from this album, one was released on Mother’s Day and it was called ” A Letter To My Mama”. The second one was called ” When My Amy Prays”, inspired by his wife of 19 years Miss Amy Grant.

Also on the album is ‘Forever Changed,’ which Gill introduced at the 2018 Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. Written from a female perspective, it focuses on a story of sexual assault. The song will stir poignant memories of that standing-ovation CRS performance, during which Gill opened up about his own #metoo story, of how a gym teacher had attempted to molest him when he was in middle school.

” A Letter To My Mama” in my opinion is just amazingly classic Vince Gill back into his prime form, with his heart on his sleeve and that sad lonely voice that could make tears emanate from a rock. Vince Gill could make Mr. Roy Acuff cry backstage at the Opry every time, and I think he could again if he wanted to….and he evidentially does.

1. I Don’t Wanna Ride The Rails No More
2. The Price Of Regret
3. Forever Changed
4. An Honest Man
5. What Choice Will You Make
6. Black And White
7. The Red Words
8. When My Amy Prays
9. A Letter To My Mama
10. Nothin’ Like A Guy Clark Song
11. That Old Man Of Mine
12. A World Without Haggard

More News On Aaron Watson.


Aaron Watson 51119

To be honest folks my co writer Mr. Joshua Wallace did a great review of the new Aaron Watson album “Red Bandanna”. He has a big and busy schedule well through 2019 playing some big shows across America. He played some HEADLINE shows at the Ryman Auditorium last year, and did a great job.

As far as the overall album goes I myself enjoyed Underdog more than his next two albums, it just had more of an independent “feel” to them. I STILL LOVED this album, but it’s getting a little too pop sounding for my personal taste as he moves forward. Of course that’s just basically MY opinion of his new albums as of late.

But the more I sit and dwell upon JUST WHY he may be doing this, I can not blame him for trying to become more friendly to larger audiences that embrace a more mainstream sound. I mean I’m not hip on Mr. Eric Church or his music but to say he didn’t expose a whole new echelon of people to the Drive By Truckers by taking them on tour with him would be ludicrous. I was thankful to Kid Rock for what he did for Hellbound Glory as well. I don’t normally make a big huge stink when my favorite artists throw a different sound at me in the name of audience growth or trying new markets.

I cannot take away from his twenty plus years of creating and writing and distributing independent music on his own terms and his own fashion. Just because I dislike one or two of his albums, I just cannot justify tossing him totally aside for that one reason. I actually look forward to him live one day soon, and I’ll go from there folks. He is still ONE HELL of a prominent frontrunner in the Texas Country Music community.

7/12 – Riverfront Live!, Cincinnati, OH
7/13 – Jam in the Valley, Varysburg, NY
7/18 – Adams County Fair, Hastings, NE
7/19 – Lazy Gators, Lake of the Ozarks, MO
7/20 – Texas Live!, Arlington, TX
7/26 – A Night in the Country, Yerington, NV
7/27 – Clos La Chance Winery, San Martin, CA
8/1 – Adams County Fair, Brighton, CO
8/2 – Starlight Ranch, Amarillo TX
8/3 – Whitewater Amphitheater, New Braunfels, TX
8/9 – Brewster St. Parking Lot Party, Corpus Christi, TX
8/10 – Ford Park Arena, Beaumont, TX
8/15 – KC Live!, Kansas City
8/16 – Revolution Music Room, Little Rock, AR
8/23 – Colorado State Fair, Pueblo, CO
9/5 – Washington State Fair, Puyallup, WA
9/7 – New Mexico State Fair, Albuquerque, NM
9/20 – Southport Hall, Jefferson (New Orleans), LA
9/27 – Tulsa State Fair, Tulsa, OK
10/11 – Rialto Theatre, Tucson, AZ

Album Feature: Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts.

I have a PILE of album I have to feature on here, and this week I plan to catch up on some of them like this man Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts from Denver Colorado. In 2019 they released a damn fine Outlaw Country album with enough twang to keep my foot tapping at my desk for an hour or so. Every song was a decent 2:30 plus, which was good and the songs all complimented one another quite well.

The backup vocals from this band were really awesome and brought out the lead vocals very well, on songs like “No Leash No Chain”. that was a great male rebound song after a breakup. Quite the typical Country song about no pain ( meant to be a lie) spun into a positive song of freedom. My dogs are my best friends, and my booze bottles.

“Burn Up The Highway” was a heavy and fully loaded rowdy song about being a road warrior, which is exactly what this band does. They play a whopping number of shows during the year in the local bars and festivals. “Almost Gone” was a song about a cheating woman in her rare from, however it also reverts to his own self. The lines “my fear shows and my age grows, I think about the life I chose from dusk till dawn, I’m almost gone” were attention grabbers for me. I felt like he was singing the song about ME. That’s what I look for in an album from anybody.

“Guitars, Bars & Hotels” is a great song about the perils of the road, the bed bugs and lice line was GREAT, and so true. You know I’ll tell you what, I never knew how hard the road was until I began following these bands all over the United States. I learned many highway stretches and good places to eat along the festival circuits and byways of America.

The album closes with “Sorrow” and the longest song on the album is “Gimmie Some” at a whopping 6 minutes long. “Sorrow” is a dark and poignant song that can be taken another way toward the end. If every soul could be strong there will be sorrow no more is indeed a noble thought to have.

The Rough Cuts

Ryan Chrys: vocals/guitar
Jack Yoder: guitar/vocals
Michael Jochum: drums
Susan Phelan: bass/vocals
Lauren Michaels: vocals

Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts formed in January, 2013, and have since been touring steadily through the North, Mid and South West states. The core of the band is made up of Ryan Chrys on guitar and vocals, Susan Phelan on bass and vocals, and Michael Jochum on drums. In their home state of Colorado they often perform with Laura Quam on violin. Bradely Weaver helped launch the band and performed in the band up until the end of 2017, when he departed for personal reasons. During the last couple years, Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts have earned some prestigious local and national accolades including a nomination for 2018 Oultaw Group of the year by the Ameripolitan Music Awards.

Ryan’s mother was a folk and country singer who performed at the Troubador in Hollywood where artists like Elton John, Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, and the Eagles all got their start. Eventually her love for horses and mountains lead her to move to Montana to work on a cattle ranch. It was on that Montana cattle ranch where Ryan was born and raised and learned to strum along on the guitar with his mother. Amidst playing in bands in his hometown of Missoula, Ryan eventually graduated from the University of Montana before moving to Denver to pursue a life of music.

Since 2004, Ryan has been performing, touring and recording for various acts as a lead guitarist, doing so lead him across the country performing at venues like Milwaukee’s Summerfest, Red Rocks Amphitheater, the Fillmore Auditorium, and the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles. Along the way he shared the bill with a diverse range of notable acts including Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, George Clinton and Parliment Funkadelic, and The Fray.

Susan Phelan is a master musician and has played with countless acts. She sings, plays the stand up and electric bass and is highly respected in the Colorado scene. She was once a pro wrestler! To learn more, check out this in-depth article about Susan Phelan on Westword Magazine.

Michael Jochum is an accomplished drummer from Los Angeles, California, he has so many credits and accolades its tough to mention them all! He has toured with bands from Jackson Browne to Korn. Check out Michael’s pages on Wikipedia and AllMusic.

Jack Yoder and Lauren Michaels are both accomplished musicians who fronted their own bands for years.

The Barrel
Boulder, CO
Sun, JUL 7
Cherry Creek Arts Festival
Denver, CO
Thu, JUL 11
Bluebird Theater
Denver, CO
Fri, JUL 12
Buffalo Rose Saloon
Golden, CO
Sat, JUL 13
Olde Town Arvada Summer Concert Series
Arvada, CO
Tue, JUL 23
Cowtown Moosic Fesitval
Miles City, MT
Wed, JUL 24
Little Missouri National Grassland
Medora, ND
Thu, JUL 25
The Custer Beacon
Custer, SD
Fri, JUL 26
Iron Horse Saloon – Sturgis
Sturgis, SD
Sat, JUL 27
Boots & Bikes for Heroes
Rapid City, SD
Sun, JUL 28
Arapahoe County Fair
Aurora, CO
Thu, AUG 1
Levitt Pavilion Denver
Denver, CO
Fri, AUG 2
Kickstands Campground & Venue
Sturgis, SD
Sat, AUG 3
Kickstands Campground & Venue
Sturgis, SD
Tue, AUG 6
Deadwood Mountain Grand
Deadwood, SD