Muddy Roots Helps Support The Community Of East Nashville


This past Saturday I went down to the Woodland area of East Nashville
for the 2014 Tomato Art Festival.
This was a really fun community street festival that was FULL of music
and family entertainment.
It pretty much had a little bit of everything for everybody no matter
what you are into.

I went down to see Jason Galaz from Muddy Roots and support
some really good music.
I LOVE Muddy Roots and they are always good to yours truly!
Like other music ventures along the same lines he represents the
American Dream…a self built empire from OUR SUPPORT!

It was HOT down there so I really did not get enough time to look around.
Heat and cold are rough on me so I found some shade and a few bottles
of cold water and enjoyed Richie Owens And The Farm Bureau in the Muddy Roots tent.

The three members Richie Owens, John Reed, Brian O’Hanlon together play Americana
roots rock and blues and little bit of everything.
They are actually originally from the Nashville area and Richie really
has an interesting background on his Facebook page.
They currently play every Thursday night at the Blue Bar And Rack Room.

They also currently have a recording entitled “Tennessee” on Red Dirt Records.
And they will be performing during Muddy Roots 2014 festival.
And they are also played on Outlaw Radio Sirius XM Radio.

I enjoyed their cover T For Texas T for Tennessee and they closed the show
with a cover of “Rye Whiskey”.
They had many original songs including L and N which was a train song,
and another called “Going Down South”.
My personal favorite was “Shes Got Everything She Needs Accept Me”.

More of their original material were songs like “Sticks And Stones”
and ‘Rolled And Tumbled”.
I really enjoyed his use of pedals and his arsenal of guitars he has.
He had a really unique way of using a “crybaby pedal”.

There was indeed a pretty good time had by all down there and I
would REALLY suggest you check out this band at Muddy Roots
or wherever they are next.
I fully plan to delve further into their music and set and you can damn sure
bet I’ll report on them again SOON!