Recently I wrote a great article about a Band that came to Spillway With Dallas Moore And John King And The Mud River Revival Called Jericho Woods. They hail from East Kentucky’s rural areas, and visit my area often.

Their signature brand of off the cuff Country blended with Southern Rock and other genres comes to life with this new five song acoustic EP. Recently the band had a little bit of trouble with their previous label, and recorded this new project themselves.

You know folks It’s extremely difficult to manage catching up with over 3,000 bands on a live basis under this many genres and festivals, but I think I do pretty good job of swinging it. I have two other field helpers that work for me in various places across the United States, and we do our best to mix it up and feature as many as possible.

Mr. Josh Mitcham recently stopped by and left me this official statement for us:

It’s pretty much a love letter to our hometown and families. Sinking Creek is a place where we’ve spend many summer days camping and swimming. Gonna Be Alright is a song I wrote about being a dad of a daughter and about the struggles of being a grown up! Small Town Jimmy is about a guy I knew that kind of fell into a familiar small town tragedy: minimum wage jobs, young family, drugs, etc. Anna Won’t You Wait is for Paul’s Daughter Anna. And Weep No More is just about how it seems like we are always rushing to get back to our homes and Kentucky as fast as we can every time we leave our families behind.

We cut it live in one afternoon at out producer Skidd Millls house. One cut vocals. We wanted it to sound like you really were sitting at a bonfire with our the people we love. And no one was telling us what to say or asking us to add this or that. It’s pretty raw, but this is how they sound when we write them. So, it’s special.


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