Mr. Josh Morningstar has never ceased to amaze me lately..his new album “Whole Lotta Crazy” has garnered a plethora of attention with NO major media support whatsoever. Shit, if Mr. Sturgill does it why can’t Mr. Josh? Well I do not know Mr. Sturgill very well personally, I DO KNOW Mr. Josh and I can readily vouch for his authenticity and his passion.

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him, and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for me…so I guess we go through life not doing anything for each other! All jokes aside people I wanted to bring an upcoming show he is doing to your attention.

He’s going to be making a special appearance at the iconic Nashville Palace on October 28th. And I’ll be coming down for this event you can bet on it, the food is still pretty good there and the staff is TOP NOTCH. Miss Tara is an awesome human being and I love her very much. Miss Julia has the biggest heart for Country Music that I have ever run into, she teaches obscure artists and I LOVE her knowledge.

If you would like to order his new album it’s available on his name there click on that. OR come on down and buy if from him in person and grab a shirt and a handshake. TRUST ME this WILL be a truly fun time and I’m planning some cool things for this event.

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