We have a GREAT review of the new Boo Ray album called Tennessee Alabama Fireworks coming, and it releases on February 15th. You can read all about his holiday playlist HERE from this past Christmas, and I covered a recent show he played at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge. I have a BUNCH of news coming from my buddy this month here, and YOU NEED to go out and catch him on stage!

His new video for his first sing “20 Questions” was released recently. This is property of Paste Magazine, and used with permission. This single launched on Spotify and many other resources for music, as well as his other song “Don’t Look Back” recorded at the iconic Sun Studios.

See folks, many folks play music for a living, but there are a few folks that LIVE music like Boo Ray does. I have had a few conversations with him about music history, and I found him to quite enjoyable to talk to. He knows about where the genre he loves came from, and who ushered in it’s growth. HE IS one of the many responsible for continuing the passion of our Legends, and you can SEE IT in his demeanor.

As far as I’m concerned he and Miss Elizabeth Cook, who is sometimes around on his recordings and such are Legendary local fixtures in Nashville. Mr. Boo Ray is an integral part of my local music community here, while at the same time he brings a little west coast flavor to his music.


You can read about the Magnolia Roads summer party I covered Here, as they celebrated their anniversary. In my opinion he was one of the best sets on that entire show, and I am always really excited to see him in the future.

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