Folks it is indeed that time again where YOU can come out to the Nashville Palace to see the 6th Annual Sons And Daughters Of Country Legends, and you can order tickets HERE for this ongoing event. I must say I have the pleasure of being really good friends with many of the families of the Country Music Legends, many of the families are really good to my website and my cause.

One of them is Donnie Winters, I have a TON of vintage collectables and rare things of his father’s I have acquired through the years, like a T shirt from their merch booth I bought at their backyard jam over 17 years ago. Still in good shape and I wear it seldom because I want to preserve it. I have his obituaries and newspaper clippings from his father’s passing framed in my home, which is a Country Music museum chronologically arranged in time periods room to room. I once found his father’s records on Songbird and found TWO COPIES of each in good condition in Illinois and I presented Mr. Donnie with copies of them, as his were destroyed in a fire.

Miss Seidina Reed will finally get to see her father Jerry Reed inducted into the Country music Hall Of Fame later this year and she will also be a part of this fantastic show. I strongly urge you to attend if you are in the Nashville area and find the time to do so, you will not be disappointed in any way here and this will be the lineup for the show:


Rex Allen Jr.
lorrie Carter
George Hamilton V
Hawkshaw Hawkins Jr.
Jennifer And Terry Husky
Melissa Luman
Kathy Louvin
Dean Miller

Michael Twitty
Karen And Danny Wheeler
Sharon Wilburn
Ron Williams
Donnie Winters
Chrystie Wooley

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