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2015 Music Festivals: Outer Banks Bluegrass Island Music Festival.

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival


Folks it’s time once again to start announcing 2015 lineups from pretty much all the same festivals
I covered last year PLUS a few new ones I found or have contacted me.
The Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival in Roanoke Island North Carolina
has announced a BOMBSHELL upon me!
Last week they announced the reunion of one of Bluegrass Music’s most beloved families
Cherryholmes. If you may not know the family had previously
disbanded in 2011 playing their last show in Galax Virginia.
Will this be a permanent reunion? Well..right now I cannot confirm a permanent return.
But this WILL BE a FULL headlining show as they perform on the Saturday night slot.


This event will take place in September on the 23-26th 2015.
Here is the official complete lineup:

11:30PM Velvet Blue
1:00PM Gospel Plowboys
2:30PM Corey Hensley & Friends
4:00PM Trinity River Band
5:30PM (Supper Break)
6:00PM Darrell Webb Band
7:30PM Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
9:00PM Rhonda Vincent & the Rage

11:30PM Turning Ground
1:00PM Little Roy & Lizzie
2:30PM Lonely Heart String Band
4:00PM Johnny Staats & Delivery Boys
5:30PM (Supper Break)
6:00PM Nu Blu
7:30PM Rhonda Vincent & the Rage
9:00PM Sam Bush

11:30PM The Church Sisters
1:00PM Adkins & Loudermilk
2:30PM The Spinney Brothers
4:00PM The Roys
5:30PM (Supper Break)
6:00PM Marty Raybon
7:30PM The Steep Canyon Rangers
9:15PM Lorrie Morgan & Pam Tillis

11:30PM Volume Five
1:00PM Mountain Faith
2:30PM Steve Dilling & Sideline
4:00PM ETSU Bluegrass Pride Band
5:30PM (Supper Break)
6:00PM Dailey & Vincent
7:30PM Lonesome River Band
9:00PM Cherryholmes Reunion

Now unlike some of the other festivals I report on this one does not offer camping of any kind
on the property however there IS camping nearby.
I want to include some hotel room chains nearby. Click on their name it will take
you DIRECTLY to the nearest location to the festival!
This is a NEW feature I’m trying to see how many people use the feature and I can help
local businesses in every festival area.

Days Inn
Holiday Inn
Nags Head Inn
Outer Banks Inn
Travel Lodge
Hilton Garden
Sea Ranch Resort
Ramada Inn

Now just like ALL the rest I’ll add any more that contact me and I’m ALWAYS researching
more options for ALL the festivals I cover.

The Wall Street Journal recently proclaimed Rhonda Vincent “The New Queen Of Bluegrass”.
With the release of her album Back Home Again in 2000, Vincent returned to bluegrass with the
goal of expanding both the musical reach and the accessibility of the genre. The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) accorded her its Female Vocalist of the Year award for the years 2000 – 2006, plus IBMA Entertainer of the Year in 2001. The Society for Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America (SPBGMA) designated her its Entertainer of the Year for 2002 – 2006 inclusive. She also performs with her band, Rhonda Vincent & the Rage.

Personal golf carts are NOT permitted.
Due to the unique location of this festival parking is apparently VERY limited.
Parking on the actual island (which is 27 acres) is reserved for handicapped and shuttle
services ONLY.
Shuttle service is included in your ticket price for a 5.00 additional fee.
Rain or shine event no refunds.

From North Carolina

Follow U.S. 64 East to Manteo. After crossing the Virginia Dare Bridge, turn left at the first stoplight. Follow this into the town of Manteo. Turn right at the stoplight on Budleigh Street. Go to the end of Budleigh and at the stop sign, turn left. When you come to the stop sign turn right and cross over the short bridge. You are now on the 27- acre site of Roanoke Island Festival Park.

From Points North- Richmond, VA / Washington, DC

Follow I-64 to Hampton, Virginia. Go South on I-664 through the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel. Take I-64 towards Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Nags Head. Take the Nags Head Exit. This will lead you to a toll road- $2.00 per car. This will empty into Highway 158 South, which will take you to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

From Nags Head, North Carolina

Follow 158 By-pass to Highway 64 towards Manteo. You will cross over the smaller Melvin Daniels Bridge and then the Washington-Baum Bridge. After crossing, stay in your right lane. Take a right at the fork – a blue and green sign will say- Roanoke Island and Attractions. Follow this into the Town of Manteo. Turn right at the stoplight at Budleigh Street and follow it to the end. Turn left at the stop sign. When the road ends turn right and cross over the short bridge, which will bring you to the site of Roanoke Island Festival Park.

You can buy tickets HERE but you better HURRY
because VIP is already GONE!
And THESE ARE FIRST ROUND PRICES! After Christmas day they go up (ALL festivals are that way).
I think I pretty much covered everything now GO HAVE FUN!

Artist Feature: The Howling Brothers.


Folks I really should do MORE of these artist features because I so greatly enjoy
researching all these bands I discover.
Others turn the bands on to me as well, I literally get thousands of inbox messages
a week with new music…new to me.

Now as I previously stated these are NOT new bands they are just ones I have never featured on here
or just did not know about.
The Howling Brothersare a Nashville based three piece string band
They play old time blues and bluegrass and tonight they are playing the Exit In and sadly due to
health problems tonight I couldn’t go.

They have three full length albums out “Howl” “Trouble” and “The Sun Studio Session”
which is an EP.
They describe themselves as Appalachian punk rockers formed a jug band.
I’m going to post a few videos on here so you can check out their music as well.
I LOVE their harmonies and how they sing..I could listen to them ALL NIGHT!

You can damn sure bet that I’ll be covering one of their shows sometime in the near
future. I’m really sorry I missed it tonight.

The Exit In Welcomes Whitey Morgan And The 78’s.


Yeah I know…I know..I write a lot of articles for The Exit In but heck
I can’t help myself. They have such good shows and honestly it is one of my favorite venues
to see a show in Nashville.

Fresh off his release of his LIVE album AND an all acoustic album,
Whitey Morgan who like a small handful of others is burning up the highways playing a WHOPPING
amount of shows yearly.

His live shows are ALWAYS a good time full of whiskey soaked table thumping
Honky Tonk music, and his band the 78’s are no exception to the rule.
He’s one of my top acts I enjoy going out to support live.

On Saturday December 13th he stops in Nashville at the Exit In and I’m sure
this will be a GREAT NIGHT of music.
There will a small door cover and make sure you hit the merch booth when you go
he has a FULL LINE of great merch items for you.
So go out and support this great show in Nashville!

Dallas Moore Album Release Party.



Last October at Outlaw Fest the main act for Saturday night was Dallas Moore and he did one of the top three
shows of the weekend. He’s always been a definite crowd please and his show is full
of great songs.
My first encounter with him was last October in Altamont Tn at the Outlaw benefit
and I have been a fan ever since.

He is based in the Ohio area prominently but he is a regular road warrior
touring effortlessly and does a whopping amount of shows!
And TRUST ME his live show is absolute CHAOS.
I been researching and supporting roots music and independent music for many
many years and I’ll say this..the top three guitarists of it all in my opinion
is Rory Kelly, James Hunnicutt and this man Dallas Moore.
He has training in every genre of music from Heavy Metal to Classical.

On January 31st Dallas Moore will unleash his newest fury at Bobby Mackey’s
Haunted Honky Tonk in Wilder Kentucky.
This place is TRULY one of America’s finest venues in EVERY form.

Bobby Mackey is a true Country Music Legend in his own right.
He’s been running his venue and playing Country Music there for over
30 years. The place is like my home…a museum and every time I go there
I have to soak in the walls and all that hang there.

His new album will be called “Dark Horse Rider” and will
be available that night.

Nashville Flipside Outlaw Music Review: Billie Gant, Tom Ghent And MORE.


The folks from Nashville Flipside are hosting another great local event on January 22nd
at The 5 Spot with some really great songwriting Legends.
Chris Gantry hosts this ongoing series that features some great talent on a regular basis.
And this particular show he is featuring Tom Ghent and Billie Gant and two more I’m not as familiar with
Genevive Allen and Garrett Walker.

Billie Gant has just released a new acoustic album at Outlaw Fest that includes a song that is becoming
an Underground phenomenon in the last few months.
He’s been hard at his work doing shows and events all over the country but the Ohio area is
his primary stomping grounds.

This series recently Held A Tribute Show for Country Legend Glen Campbell at Douglass Corner Cafe last week.
That featured some songs the participants wrote that Glen cut on his albums.

Tom Ghent is one of my personal favorite Legendary songwriters that I have ever met.
He has a long history of Nashville songwriting credits and if I listed them all here you would be still
reading on sunday!
His more well known cut (at least to me) is “Easy As Dreaming” recorded by Bobby Bare and it
is on the album “Sleep Wherever I Fall” from 1978 on Legacy recordings.

Chris Gantry was is hosting the show is well know for his Glen Campbell hit “Dreams Of The Everyday
Housewife” from the 1968 Wichita Lineman album.
He has also contributed a lot to country music and doers shows with Tom Ghent and Billie Gant
on many occasions.

This promises to be a really good show and trust me the venue is Really nice. I enjoy going to the 5 Spot
every chance I get!

2015 Music Festivals: Muddy Roots Music Festival.


Well folks it’s time once again to write about one of my personal favorite music festivals
Muddy Roots Music Festival main festival in Cookeville Tn.
Now then, let me tell you more about the who the what and the where of the Muddy Roots Empire and how it runs. What they do is feature music of different genres and most of the time it’s underground or independent music. They also feature the Legends of music in different genres too. There are FOUR yearly events they hold throughout the year and THIS IS the article for the MAIN FESTIVAL in Cookeville at The June Bug Ranch and it’s always the weekend of Labor Day.

This year will be the sixth annual Muddy Roots Music Festival and it is an outdoor event.
Now this article will be updated OFTEN and include more hotel information and travel info
as time passes.
I enjoy staying at the La Qunita Inn and Mr. Jason ALWAYS gets me a GREAT DEAL on my room.
And I want to say this..He and his staff ALWAYS makes me feel very I’m
a valued guest. Medically I’m really well taken care of out there. I know I can ask for
anything I need (within reason) and It’s done.
The first two years I was pretty shy and did not know the music much or the people.
Muddy Roots is also a record label and features many artists and they just formed
Roots Union Records which is a division of them.

There are (or at least has been) three stages the past few years. There were four at one time
and for different reasons it was changed to three.
Last year they announced a sponsor for stage three and this year it is once again sponsored
by the GREAT folks at Cracker Swamp Productions another independent label from Florida.
I spoke to Mr. Nix several times and got a lot of great info and previews and was given the
green light to announce their stage lineup of bands.

Mind you now, these articles are not meant to step on ANY toes and I’m NOT trying to rush
exclusive info out before the festival even announces it!
I’m here to help not to create problems so I usually wait until I’m either told I can OR
it’s already announced by whomever runs the show.

Last night it was announced these following acts will be performing on the Cracker Swamp Stage

Butcher Knives
Cannibal Ramblers
Clem McGillicutty And The Burnouts
County Graves
Dead Eye Zack
Jeff Shepherd And The Jailhouse Poets
Lone Wolf OMB
Los Duggans
Lost Dog Street Band
Lou Shields
Shawn James And The Shapeshifters
Snake Blood Remedy
Swamp Rats
Ten foot Polecats
The Dead South
The Tosspints
White Trash Blues Revival

Now normally what Mr. Jason does (much like all other festivals) he announces bands and
headliners slowly through the year and the ticket prices go in tiers.
Honestly I like to wait until it gets higher to give more for my ticket. I KNOW it sounds
goofy but I like to contribute as much as I possibly can. This isn’t JUST spending money
it’s INVESTING in what you enjoy. YOUR support in EVERY WAY is what keeps Muddy Roots rolling.

Recently for 2015 main festival:
Margo Price And The Pricetags
Cale Tyson
Matt Woods
Dad Horse Experience
Dr. Ralph Stanley
Ray Wylie Hubbard
Jimmy Duck Holmes
Peter Rowan
L.C. Ulmer
Bobby Bare
Southern Culture On The Skids
Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers
Dom Flemons
Dale Watson
The Good Luck Thrift Store Outlet
Chuck Mead
The Tillers
Possesed By Paul James
Joseph Huber
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
The Howlin Brothers
Woody Pines
JP Harris And The Tough Choices
Sean Wheeler And Zander Schloss
Munly Munly
Hillbilly Casino
JD Wilkes (solo set)
Left Lane Cruiser
whiskey Shivers
Denver Broncos UK
East Cameron Folkcore
Hooten Hallers
Sarah Gayle Meech
Dylan Walshe
Harlis Sweetwater
James Hunnicutt
Urban Pioneers
AJ Gaither
The Calamity Cubes
Barnyard Stompers
The Freeborn Brothers
Dead Soldiers
The Hardin Draw
The Glade City Rounders
Bradford lee Folk
Mikey Classic And His Lonesome Spur

The Big Nasty
Joshua Morningstar

Now folks I’ll tell you what Matt Woods was one of my TOP 5 sets of Muddy Roots 2014
you can read my review HERE. I’m VERY excited to know I’ll see him again in the field I look forward to reporting on what he does.

And NOW folks I have been given the OK to announce the ALMOST complete lineup for 2015 Muddy Roots. I was contacted this morning and told to release it as soon as his premiere website announced it and I saw that they have so I can pretty safely tell you now.


A bunch of these bands if you’ll remember I covered last year and some I have gone to their shows throughout 2014 and 2015 and some I missed. Festivals give me a perfect opportunity to see and hear a bunch of bands at one time. And I’m VERY eager to check out a few of these bands. What a lineup for 2015 Cookeville show….now tickets have already gone up considerably since Muddy Roots has done their job.

Well I’m not sure when the tickets go up in price again BUT they HAVE announced the addition of NONE OTHER than
Bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder! His newest album
“Music To My Ears” is available on Skaggs Family Records NOW! Folks I tell you WHAT THIS is a show to NOT MISS!


2015 Music Festivals: Nelsonville Music Festival


Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender

WOW FOLKS this festival in Ohio has JUST ANNOUNCED a few acts but ALREADY has announced
Merle Haggard and Trampled By Turtles, and they haven’t even announced if he’s
headlining yet!

The Nelsonville Music Festival takes us to Ohio to the Hocking College area
Now there are several more in this area I report on so please do not get them confused.
It’s about three hours from Cincinnati so that means if I want to go it’s about 6 hours.
Which isn’t really bad.

This is the 11th annual event they have hosted and I learned about it last year
and will be supporting them for sure.
YOU CAN buy a one day pass however a four day pass is cheaper. I’ll be posting some
info RIGHT FROM their website in just a minute.
One thing I notice here NO UMBRELLAS…that is unusual but a rule here.

This event appears to have so many different genres performing on two stages
A main stage and a porch stage. At this time I have no information on how the
performance schedule runs.

Merle Haggard
Trampled By Turtles
St. Vincent
Moon Hooch
Hurray For Riff Raff
My Bubba

East of Cincinnati Ohio off Hwy 70 The Nelsonville Music Festival is held at Robbins Crossing
historic village on the campus of Hocking College. Hocking College is located at:

3301 Hocking Parkway
Nelsonville, OH 45764

I’ll post some information from their website..
– Raingear (no umbrellas)
– Clothing with a hood
– Extra pair of shoes/sneakers
– Blanket for seating
– Sunscreen
– A hat
– A bandanna
– Sunglasses
– Aluminum or stainless steel containers for water
– Camera WITHOUT a detachable lens
– Extra set of keys to keep with you at all times (Avoid keeping keys in your car!)
– Vehicle Key Code (this will cut down on the time it takes for the locksmith to duplicate your key if you lose it)

If you’re camping, also bring:
– Biodegradable plastic bags for trash
– Extra toilet paper (just in case)
– Lantern/Flashlight/Headlamp with extra batteries
– Portable radio
– Flag or balloon to identify your campsite
– Small luggage lock for your tent (please don’t bring any valuables – if you must, keep them locked in your vehicle out of view)
– Phosphate and sulfate free soaps detergents and shampoos

– No weapons of any kind
– No fireworks
– No illegal substances
– No vending will be allowed
– No bicycles or scooters or personal motorized vehicles will be permitted into the festival grounds.
– No glass containers of any kind! All glass containers will be confiscated upon entry to the festival.
-NO PETS! Pets will be picked up and placed with the local humane society. Please use the local kennels if you are traveling with your pet. If a pet is found in the car you will be turned away -regardless how long you have waited in line or if you have wristband or not. Service animals, trained to assist an individual with a disability, are allowed, of course

– Drinking water on the festival grounds
– Medical assistance
– Handwash stations
– Showers (on a limited basis)
– Portable toilets with toilet paper and hand sanitizer
– Vendors will be selling a variety of foods, beverages, and snacks

– Factory sealed bottled water (non-glass containers)
– Empty water bottles (non-glass containers)
– Non-framed backpacks (they will be subject to inspection at the gate)
– Blankets

– No glass or cans
– No food or drinks – other than factory sealed water bottles and small snacks
– Please note that absolutely no glass containers will be allowed into the event. All glass containers will be confiscated upon entry to the festival and no exceptions will be made.


The 11th annual Nelsonville Music Festival will take place Thursday, May 28 – Sunday, May 31, 2015 at Robbins Crossing on the campus of Hocking College.

Where is the closest airport to the venue?
The Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) is about an hour by car and an hour and forty minutes by bus.

Will you be providing any shuttles to/from the airports?
No, but the Go Bus leaves Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) twice a day. You want to disembark at the Nelsonville Hocking College Bookstore stop.

Where is the closest bus station to the event?
The Go Bus stops at the Nelsonville Hocking College Bookstore stop.

What is your re-entry policy?
Vehicles are permitted to leave and re-enter the site.

Can I leave on foot and return?
Patrons will be allowed to leave and re-enter the event grounds on foot at their leisure while the gates are open.

If I am staying off site, can I leave and come back?

Does the festival off-set its consumption?
The Festival offsets a portion of its carbon footprint.

What do vendors on-site do to help?
Concession food is required to be served with biodegradable wraps, plates, cups, and cutlery manufactured from a renewable resource. We encourage food vendors to source their produce and meat from local farmers.

Can I bring my kids? Do they have to pay?
We love kids! The more, the better. That’s why all children under 12 and under are free (when accompanied by an adult with a ticket)! Children 13 and older will be required to have a ticket and are eligible for a discounted ticket when purchased with adult tickets, please bring legal proof of age to the festival along with your teen.

Will you send my tickets to me?
Yes, for a $2 fee. E-tickets are offered free of charge. There will be no will call this year.

Will tickets be available for purchase at the front gate?
If the event is not sold out, tickets will be available for purchase at the gate. Prices will be higher, though, so buy now!

Can you tell me where I can check the status of my ticket(s)?
For customer service, contact Ellie via e-mail at

Can I get a day pass?
Yes, they go on sale by April 1, 2015. But a four-day pass is cheaper on a per-day basis.

Will the entrance to the campgrounds be open 24 hours?
No. Campground closes to vehicular traffic an hour after the last band finishes and opens as soon as our camping coordinator’s kids wake him up in the morning. You can get in and out on foot at any time.

What will you be providing at the campgrounds?
There will be portable toilets and hand wash stations. Make sure you bring drinking water with you! Ice and firewood and other sundry items will be available at the main camping gate. A vendor or two will be selling food, beverages and snacks in the campground as well as in the festival grounds. Access to ATMs is very limited, so we recommend that you bring enough cash for your stay. Please bring enough money for any additional expenses you may have.

What emergency services will be available on site? What should I do if I need emergency assistance (medical, police, towing, locksmith, etc.)?
There will be emergency medical personnel and security personnel onsite around the clock. If you need EMERGENCY medical or police attention, call 911 and tell the dispatcher you’re at the Nelsonville Music Festival, find a uniformed officer, staff person, go to the admissions tent, or medical tent.

Where should I go if I lose my keys, my wallet or my friends?
Lost and found will be located at the admission tent at the main entrance. If you lose something, or someone, check there. If it or they are not there the first time, check again later. If you find something that needs to be returned to its owner, please drop it off there. It is a good idea to bring an extra set of keys. Obtain your key code before you leave home and bring it with you. This will cut down on the time it takes for the locksmith to duplicate your key if you lose it.

What will I be allowed to bring into the campgrounds?
You can bring coolers with a consumable amount of provisions into the camping area; however, they cannot be brought into the festival grounds. Small grills and camping stoves will be allowed and fires within fire rings (not provided-bring one!). No kegs, no funeral pyres, no 55-gallon drums!

PLEASE follow these instructions if you are planning on using a grill. You can use gas/propane fuel sources, charcoal, or firewood bought onsite(cheap!), but scavenging for wood on-site or bringing in outside firewood will NOT be permitted (we have an Emerald Ash Borer problem). No more than 40 pounds of charcoal per grill per car will be allowed. The fire must be entirely contained. Air quality is a concern. Please keep the fires as small as possible and extinguish them as soon as you are finished. When you are done cooking with charcoal, put it out with water before going into the show or going to sleep or leaving your camp, rather than letting it burn out over time. In any case, DO NOT DUMP COALS ON THE GROUND (ever) or in the trash until they are entirely cool. After the coals are COMPLETELY DEAD, dispose of them properly as garbage.

What are the restrictions on bringing alcohol?
Our alcohol and beverage policy in the campgrounds are as follows: no glass containers whatsoever are allowed into the campgrounds or concert areas. Furthermore, no kegs are allowed into the festival either. We will seize ALL ‘excessive’ amounts of alcohol. “Excessive” means more than 2 cases of beer per person per car, 1 1.75 liter of hard liquor per person per car, and 2 boxes of wine per person (i.e. amounts that are clearly for sale). No outside alcohol is allowed onto the festival grounds.

Will there be a quiet camping area for families and such?
Yes, there will be a quiet camping area for families and such.

Will small campfires be allowed in the camping areas?
Yes, if kept contained within a fire ring. Bring one with you, we don’t have any! You will be asked to extinguish any fire not properly contained.

Will there be any electricity in the camping area?
In the RV camping area there is electricity but not in tent/primitive camping. NO GENERATORS ARE ALLOWED IN CAMPGROUND.

Are service animals allowed in the campsite?
Service animals that are trained to assist an individual with a disability are allowed. Other types of animals and pets are NOT allowed.

Is there cell phone service available throughout the festival grounds?
Yes, although due to expected high calling volume, service may not be consistent.

Can I set up a large pavilion tent?
There will be no pavilion tents allowed.

Will pets be allowed in the venue / campground?

Where will we be camping / parking? Can we to camp next to our cars?
Camping space will be provided in front of or behind each vehicle. Each vehicle will have a camping area of approximately 10 feet by the width of your car. You will not be able to save spots. If you plan on parking/camping with your party you must arrive together.

What’s considered an RV?
An RV is defined as any vehicle larger either in length, width or height than a normal 15 passenger van. This includes all towed campers, pop up campers, motor homes, and as well as buses and all other oversized vehicles that will fit inside a 20’ X 50’ spot. This does not include vans (i.e. VW vans) smaller than any 15-passenger van.

Can my friends park their cars next to my RV?
If you can fit it in the spot, go for it.

Can I buy a RV pass for my car or truck to enter the RV campground?
No, only RVs or other vehicles considered as RVs will be allowed to enter the RV campground. All oversized vehicles, trailers, and campers that are towed and busses are considered RV’s and must fit into a 20’ X 50’ space to be allowed in.

Can we park RVs in the same group next to one another?
Yes, as long as the RVs arrive at the same time together in line. You will not be able to reserve spaces or hold spaces for later arrivals in your group.

Where are the RV campgrounds located?
All camping is in the same campground. There is one entrance for both.

Can I park an RV in the Accessible Parking area?
Yes, you will need a RV pass and handicapped placard to access the area as well.

Will we be allowed to move our RV once it is parked?
No, all RVs must remain parked until they exit the festival for good. By moving your RV you will forfeit your spot.

Will there be any gas onsite in case we run out?
No, there will not be gas available onsite. You should be sure to fill the RV before entering.

What can I bring into the show?
Non-frame backpacks are okay. We encourage you to be prepared with sunscreen, a hat, and a water container. Please be aware that your belongings will be searched each time you enter the festival grounds, so you may wish to leave non- essential items at your camp or secure your valuables in your car to speed this process.

The following items will NOT be permitted into the festival grounds(we reserve the right to add items to this list if necessary):
Cans, bottles (other than sealed or empty clear plastic water bottles), food (with the exception of small snacks), beverages, alcohol, video recording devices, professional cameras with detachable lenses (anything other than small personal or disposable cameras), laser pens or similar focused-light devices, beach umbrellas or any other items that might impair the sight of other spectators. There is NO check-in area for prohibited items. All patrons and vendors will be subject to a search by security personnel. Please be advised that the security company, facility, promoters, and performers will not be responsible for any items confiscated during search procedures.

Can we bring water / CamelBaks into the festival grounds?
Factory sealed clear bottled water (non-glass containers) and empty water bottles will be allowed. If you are using a CamelBak, or other personal hydration system, it must be emptied before entering.

Will we be allowed to leave the show and come back?
Yes, your wristband will allow you to go back and forth between the festival grounds and the parking and camping areas during scheduled performance times.

What is the taping policy going to be?
The Nelsonville Music Festival reserves the right to prevent and forbid taping of performances.

Will cameras be allowed in the festival grounds?
Small personal and disposable cameras without additional/detachable lenses will be allowed in the festival grounds. Professional cameras will NOT be allowed.

Will chairs be allowed in the festival grounds?
Yes! We ask that you keep them in the designated areas, and the Nelsonville Music Festival is not responsible if your chair is left and gets moved.

What types of vendors will be on hand? Will they be reasonably priced?
There will be a variety of vendors in the festival grounds and the campground that will provide a variety of interesting, diverse, and reasonably priced food. For health and quality reasons, unauthorized food vendors pose a risk to festival goers. Unauthorized food vendors are not permitted and will be shut down to alleviate that risk.

What types of other vendors will be on-site?
There will be a variety of artisans and vendors selling high quality crafts, merchandise and Nelsonville Music Festival memorabilia. Each year the Nelsonville Music Festival is committed to selecting quality craft and merchandise vendors. The unauthorized sale of merchandise in the camping area is not permitted, and we are committed to ensuring a successful event for the authorized vendors of the festival.

To get info on becoming a vendor at Nelsonville 2015, please go to the contacts section of the NMF website. There, you will be able to download an application form and read all vendor related info. Applications will be accepted until all booth spaces have been filled.

Due to our happy working relationships with vendors from previous years, all food vending spots are filled.

What is the security going to be like at the festival?
Uniformed police officers will be at the main gate area and occasionally patrolling the grounds. If you have an EMERGENCY, find a staff person, go to the main gate admission tent, medical tent, or dial 911 and tell the dispatcher you are at the Nelsonville Music Festival and find the nearest identifiable landmark.

Is there anything else I should know?
Eat enough and drink enough water. Use your common sense. If it’s sunny, wear sunscreen, or you will be miserable the next day. Sunburn is no fun. Also, if you find yourself being annoyed by someone, just stay calm, be friendly, and ask them to stop or tone down whatever is bothering you and they probably will. If they don’t, please see a staff member.

2015 Music Festivals: Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender.


Moonrunners Music Festival

So folks as promised and I have been releasing the teaser ads on Facebook for ALL the 2015
festival lineups I have this early spring event brought to you by the Galaz brothers
AKA Muddy Roots Music.

It all started back in 2010 in a field in Cookeville Tennessee and I remember there was only about 40 people there, and since then this event and organization has SKYROCKETED and helped propel SO MUCH music into a more larger gathering.

Now I will tell you this NO OTHER festival does what this one breaks barriers and
goes out of it’s way TO REMOVE ITSELF from ANY “label” or “Scene” or “Genre”.
Hell they book and feature EVERYONE from Little Jimmy Dickens to string bands (Like The Tillers) to punk based roots bands like Last False Hope and bands that really cannot be placed anywhere like Hangdog Hearts…he’s just a good musician.

Early spring Mr. Jason contacted me and told me some ideas he was tossing around
about an INDOOR event featuring ONLY 40’s and 50’s style Rockabilly music.
Well, he has made this idea come to life and frankly I’m absolutely beyond excited
to see this happen for TWO reasons.
ONE, he is a great example of how hard work and being a dreamer and a risk taker can
pan out. It’s an example of American Dreams and ANYONE can achieve their dreams if
they try and work hard at it.
TWO, THIS EVENT will bring some REALLY good music to a MUCH larger scale and quite
frankly I cannot wait to see a Muddy Roots Music banner hanging at Opryland!

Your’e damn right I said it…this event will come to you LIVE May 1st and 2nd
at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel And Convention Center RIGHT HERE in Nashville Tennessee.
And THIS my dear readers…THIS IS the official article for this event on my website.
Now there WILL be other “side articles” and side coverage after I figure out my game plan.
I’ll be adding some REALLY helpful information to this article almost weekly so KEEP READING IT.

So if you click on the above purple link it will take you to the Opryland hotel
for room booking and of course you can book a room there at a reduced rate
considering there are any left. I’m not informed of availability of the remaining
rooms at the hotel at this time.
Rooms are generally $269 a night in this fancy pants joint but they are giving our attendees HALF OFF!
Only $139 plus fees. Book them through our website to get the deal.
So hey how about a list of OTHER hotels within a ten minute drive to the Convention Center
so you can enjoy this event?

Club Hotel Nashville Inn And Suites
Country Inn And Suites Opryland North
Best Western Opryland
Holiday Inn Express Opryland
Airport Super 8 Opryland
Courtyard Nashville

And hey I’m finding out more hotels daily cause I personally live really close
so I’ll be OUT IN THE AREA digging up MORE information for you!
I PROMISE YOU I WILL BEAT any other website’s coverage of this event, I’ll be HARD AT IT.

So now that you know WHERE and WHAT this is…let’s take a look at WHO is performing
and then I’ll link you to HOW to get tickets.
Here’s a list of performers that WILL HAVE full links to their names by this week.
Like I said I’ll be working on this coverage A LONG TIME!

The Paladins
Big Sandy And His Fly Rite Boys
James Intveld
Don Maddox Of The Maddox Brothers And Rose
Johnny Powers
Hillbilly Casino
Nikki Hill
The Bellfuries
Art Adams
Chris Scruggs
Sonny Burgess And The Pacers
Greg Garing
Chris Casello
Pearls Mahone
The Frantic Rockers
The Rhythm Shakers
Rosie Flores
The Buzz Jumpers
Danny B. Harvey
The B Stars
DJ Junior Of Rockabilly Radio
Col. Paco Chaos
DJ Stuart Sanders
James Riley
Woody Pines
Bloodshot Bill
Molly Sue Gonzales

The Opryland Hotel, home to the Grand Ole Opry and WSM 650 am broadcasting station has opened their arms wide to the people of Muddy Roots. It is the largest non gaming resort in the country with 3 massive atriums, multiple indoor pools, many ballrooms, an Irish pub and a Jack Daniel’s bar. Let’s not forget about the General Jackson paddle boat that heads up the Cumberland to downtown Nashville with live music!

Here’s how to buy tickets CLICK HERE.

ALSO like I said there WILL BE some “Side Articles” I used this plan of attack in October at
another festival and it worked and was received rather well…so..right now I got THREE
side articles planned for you guys! TWO OF THEM will be announced on my FACEBOOK PAGE Friday night November 21st.

Folks right now there’s SO MUCH MORE to come on this event I cannot even BEGIN to tell
you how BIG this event will be.
As a fan of music I’m excited and eager, as a Muddy Roots fan I’m grateful it’s FINALLY
getting recognition from the Opry.
Muddy Roots has always supported my little website here so it’s our time once again to
support them.

I’ll be honest folks a lot of these bands and artists I have run into before. Some I
missed like the Buzz Jmupers and Greg Garing. Greg has had Andy Gibson playing steel guitar for him several times. Andy has left Hank 3 and has been producing some really good albums right now in Nashville.


Folks the schedule has been announced and I have my plans made to cover things. I have side articles planned to cover and I have my bands all planned out. This will be a really FUN TIME on the website and new opportunities
for me. Stay tuned fore MORE updates on here.!

Hillbilly Casino and Three Bad Jacks At The 5 Spot.


Well folks I always try my best to bring you coverage of the shows as they happen.
I do write things down and cover shows and festivals with notes but I prefer to
be online and do it live.

Right now there’s a wonderful band of locals playing traditional bluegrass songs
like “Roses in the Snow” which is one of the greatest albums ever recorded.
Emmylou Harris released it in the 1970’s.
They played “Midnight Train’ and many more, they play here EVERY Saturday night
usually before the featured acts of the night. Heck I could watch them all night.
I missed a lot of their set while getting connected but I did enjoy them.

The 5 Spot is a wonderful venue to see live music and enjoy drinks.
I’m only drinking cokes though since I’m driving…the only drawback was parking.
There’s not enough of it and I had to park in a pay lot. I would rather spend that
money on the bands.
I do not see any food choices here so I ate before the show, but it’s a really nice
atmosphere here. I’m having FUN.

Jane Rose And The Deadend Boys are on stage
tearing it up right now.
“Wrong Kind Of Guy” is one of her originals and it was her second song they played.
This is my first time ever seeing this band, however I have heard of her before.
They are based in the Nashville area and play Kentucky too.

“Hot Rod Daddy” was a really good song that I enjoyed a lot she has a really cool
throwback style and has some really good songs.
This is defiantly a top notch rockabilly show, and Nashville needs more of this type of
band. I’ll be doing an artist feature on this band REALLY SOON!
Right now, she’s doing a Wanda Jackson song. And she also covers “Hound Dog’ in her own
unique style. I’ll have to delve into this band further for sure!
She closed her set with “Love Me like A Man”.

Next up are The Three Bad Jacks from California.
THEY ARE one of the nation’s hardest working bands playing over 300 shows a year.
And they are another band that I have never featured on the website yet.
They are a rockabilly band as well and I found out about them through the Reverend Horton Heat.

I mean the lead singer’s name REALLY IS Elvis..How much more Rockabilly can you get?
They played just about every song off their album “Crazy In The Head”..but they opened
with some cover songs which was way cool cause I was hoping they would play their cover of
“Ace Of Spades” by Motorhead.

Their first original was Gone Gone Gone Goodbye and it was followed by “Thrill Me”.
“It’s Forever” and basically the band was asking us for requests since they never really
get to Nashville.
TRUST ME when bands like this FINALLY come to town I MUST GO because a lot of the west coast
bands do not get out here frequently. And as busy as this band stays I HAD TO GO!

AND YES they played my personal favorite song “Hell bound Train” and it was followed by
‘Crazy In The Head” and “It’s A Cadillac”.
They played another Elvis cover and ‘Remember The Nights” and closed with the cover
of “Ace Of Spades”.

 photo 100_8360_zpsc7099acd.jpg

Well now the MAIN ACT of the night (And A band I will ALWAYS LOVE) was Hillbilly Casino.
These guys just flat out kick major butt. THEY ARE one of my top 3 acts of 2014 Muddy Roots Music Festival.
Their lead singer Nic Roulette always puts on a great performance and when you
combine the rest of the band they play like well oiled machine and flat out
rock your face off!

They recently recorded a LIVE album at the Exit In this past year and announced
that it WILL be available before the holiday season.
Their intro was WAY COOL as they came onstage to the theme song from “Hogan’s Hero’s”.
They got so many damn good songs they could just play all three albums and keep going.

They too opened with some covers before playing their first original which I believe
was ‘I’m getting ready to give”.
Another usual song they play that I really enjoy is “PBR”. It’s just a downright jam
and honestly one of the fun things about their shows are watching all these people
dance…I can play guitar and sing really good. I can NOT dance, I have the rhythm of
a tree stump.

“Debt With The Devil” is a good one that I always enjoy hearing along with
‘Shoe Leather”. I HAD to buy their album “Three Step Windup” cause it has “Big Dan’
and that’s my favorite song they do.
That was followed by ‘I’m A Train Wreck Baby” and another one I like a lot ‘The Hole”.

They played several more and played “Violets In May” which showcases Ronnie Crutcher’s
playing abilities well.
As usual Mr. Nic was ALL OVER the place, dancing on tables and hanging on rooftop
boards. I WOULD STRONGLY suggest any of you go see this band live. You WILL NOT BE
Tell them guys I sent you! You will NEVER EVER meet a band of nicer fellows than Geoff
Firebaugh and the gang. They keep the roads lit up and going strong.

JD Myers With Joshua Morningstar In Virginia.


Folks I have featured Joshua Morningstar on this website a lot…because he is a busy individual!
Hell I talked to him briefly on Friday as I missed his show in Nashville with Jesco White
and he was turning around and traveling to Chicago to play Reggies with David Allan Coe.

Now Joshua will be back at Reggies in November and he will be there in 2015 for Moonrunners Music Festival.
He is also on tour in December on through 2015 with Shooter Jennings and Waymore’s Outlaws.

We have a long history together in a short time. We have only known each other
a little over a year and have become quite close from our back history. We have a lot
in common and have a certain “brotherhood” not many others have.
I’m proud to feature his work and know him as a man.


So on Friday December 12th he will be the opening act for J.D.Myers.
This show will take place in Roanoke Virginia at The Coffee Pot Restaurant.
I have placed a link to their menu HERE.
This looks like a really good place to see a show, I’ll have to put it on my “to do” list.

J.D.Myers is someone I haven’t featured on the site yet but he has been on my “radar” for
some time now. He has released several independent albums and one live album.
I am currently listening to his newest album “Legacy” and honestly it’s pretty damn good.
I am enjoying what I hear…I think you will too.
I’m more into an older sound of country music however I get the 70’s and early 80’s
sound-itch sometimes. And his sound is certainly along those lines and it’s good.
He’s also a lefty (like me) so he can’t be all that bad..Ha
I’m going to be searching for his original music and I’ll feature him more later.

He has had a history with Asylum Records and has released some of his out of print albums
through them in the 1990’s.
He has had some songwriting deals with publishing houses in Nashville through his career here.
Independent releases with original music infatuate me and it’s hard to impress me but I
eagerly await anyone to try..and honestly I HOPE they succeed doing so.
It means I found a kick ass album that seldom leaves the player.

Local Oprys: Truman Lake Opry.


Kentucky Opry.
Red Barn Convention Center
Boot City Opry

Folks this edition of my local opry series takes us to the Truman Lake Opry.
This local Opry is located in Tightwad Mo and it’s not too far Branson. In fact they run a
Branson style show every weekend. They are located on 7 Hwy about 10 miles west of Warsaw
Mo and 14 miles east of Clinton Mo.

At the Truman Lake Opry you can come hungry because they sell food there AND YOU CAN eat while
the show is going on. Hot dogs Polish Sausages and other grill items and more simple snack items are
available to you.
They have comfortable seating, best sound in the area and there is not a “bad seat in the house”.
They are a 550 seat capacity theater and recently built a HUGE stage for the show in fact they
have the largest stage in middle Missouri.

They have a family friendly Friday night Opry at 7PM weekly.
Each show lasts two hours and features different guests from time to time, and they have
a regular cast of singers and entertainers too.
Johnny Spaugh-Guitar, vocals.
Denise Cunningham-Vocals, Comedy.
Bob Duncan-Steel Guitar, Harmonica.
DD Snider-Vocals, Comedy.
Chuck Downs-Drums, vocals.
Jim Hayes- Bass Guitar, fiddle, Banjo, Vocals.
Anna Herod-Vocals, Comedy.
Randy Polson-Vocals, comedy.
Darlene Hayes-Keyboard, Vocals.

Now Friday nights are general admission and 10.00 at the door.
5.00 for kids under 12.

Saturday nights they have national acts performing there!
November 15th at 7 they have Connie Smith and the Sundowners.
May 9th 2015 they have Ronnie McDowell at 7PM.
July 25th they have Moe Bandy at 7PM.

And HEY all the prices I saw were only 20.00-35.00 PER SHOW!
WHERE can you go for a Country Music show for UNDER 50 BUCKS?

You can contact them by clicking on the link above OR call them at
You’ll be GLAD you came by.

ALL NEW Boxcar Willie DVD On The Way.


Folks I spoke via social media with the family of Lecil Travis Martin AKA Boxcar Willie
this past week about a REALLY cool project that I think you will LOVE.
He became the 60th member of the Grand Ole Opry and performed MORE than his required dates.
I want to say this about him..I know he struggled to play “Country’s Family Reunion” that last
time. He was very very sick and he went out and NAILED IT giving glory to his Savior all the way.
Boxcar Willie was more than just our beloved hobo..he was part of our hearts..writing this is making
me cry I loved him very much.

Originally Boxcar Willie was a person in a song he wrote but later on in life he brought
that man out on stage and the public became in love with him.
He was the master of the self made train whistle moan and NOBODY…I mean NOBODY could
copy it. It is copied today by Outlaw Country artist Bob Wayne and was used
by a few others I could name.

He was born September 1st 1933 in Texas and in 1949 he joined the Air Force as a pilot and an engineer.
He was sitting at a train crossroad and saw a man sitting in a boxcar and someone said ‘There Goes Willie”
and he wrote a song about Boxcar Willie the singing hobo.
It eventually became Lecil’s nickname and I never found out what year he actually BECAME Boxcar Willie but
he won a talent show in California bearing the name and outfit.
His son told me that he painted on his beard with grease because of his service at the time.
He donned the overalls adorned with buttons and the flop hat that he often tipped by flipping three times
to the audience.

He became introduced into the mainstream public through a time life record collection on television
and the public absolutely adored this loveable tramp from the trainyard.
I remember Roy Acuff introducing him as the “Tramp From The Trainyard” on the Opry..he was
a truly beautiful man. And on March 1st 1981 he became the 60th member of our beloved Opry.
He went on to topple the sales in albums and tapes and showed the industry that an old
hobo was wanted.

In 1985 he moved to Branson and became one of the first torchbearers of the Branson growth.
He performed there until April of 1999 when he was called home to Heaven from a long battle with

His son has been working on an ALL NEW never before seen footage DVD and include a CD
This from his Facebook Page:
I want to tell all my Facebook friends that I’m working on a brand new DVD of my dad that will
feature never before seen footage and songs of dad in concert from around the world as well as
pictures and stories. I’ve been working on this for the past six months and am very excited and
cannot wait to unveil this. I am also including a CD to accompany this DVD and it will be available
to my FB friends FIRST before it is released to the general public. ( even though FB is the general public)
you get the idea though.

This will feature performances with the grease paint for his beard, and will include
everyone from Roy Acuff to Garth Brooks and even the President Of The United States.
Now I havent found out the date or the price yet as it’s still being made so you’ll
have to wait on that. But THIS is news NO OTHER WEBSITE has, I promise you that.
Boxcar Willie died with more dignity and love for Jesus than any other Legend PERIOD.
And he showed the world an overlooked underdog was a true HERO.

The Basement Nashville Welcomes The Tillers And Woody Pines.


On November 19th The Basement Nashville welcomes a band
I wanted to feature during Muddy Roots Music Festival but couldn’t make it.
Muddy Roots is an organization I have supported on this website for years now and they have done
some really awesome things for me on a personal level. When I was in some really bad health issues
last year Mr. Jason sent me some love in the mail to help me feel better.
One of the albums was The Tillers “Hand On The Plow”.

They are one of the bands under the coverage of Muddy Roots Records label along with
Joseph Huber (formerly of .357 String Band), Country Legend Wanda Jackson and many more.
I see Muddy Roots expanding their label AND their festival programs for 2015 and I FULLY
intend to tell you ALL ABOUT them..after I research them.
Right now it looks like they just got off a tour with Pokey LaFarge another set I missed during
the mud fest.

They are a three piece string band that started in 2007 and they are based in Cincinnati Ohio.
They describe themselves as recovering punk rockers with roots in the city’s west side hardcore
scene. It also says they have a very percussive and hard strum and stomp.

Honestly I enjoyed their harmonies on the album and I think it was a damn fine recording
(So was Hanging Road from Huber) but they have several albums out now and THIS ONE
was VERY well produced and recorded.
They are damn fine stroytellers…the music is supposed to paint a picture on your brain
like a canvas and they do just that.
I also think their live album Live:From The Southgate House is their best work so far too.

This from their website:
The Tillers have since won over Cincinnati’s bar and festival scene, and launching tours with
tireless momentum. They were awarded CityBeat Magazine’s Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best
Folk and Americana act in 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014. Their relentless gigging has taken them
throughout the East coast, the Midwest and West, the Appalachian south and to the UK and Ireland
opening for the St.Louis crooner, Pokey LaFarge. In the summer of 2009, veteran NBC news anchor
Tom Brokaw featured the Tillers on a documentary about US Route 50. Brokaw showcased the group’s
song “There is Road (Route 50)” as a testimony to the highway’s role as a connective tissue of the nation.

So trust me when I say that this is a show NOT TO MISS in this area people.
I cannot make this one but that shouldn’t stop you from going!
Somebody needs to go for me and give them some goodie bags for me..I need to hire help.

You can find all the information about it HERE

Now we are going to talk about Woody Pines another band I have
never got to feature on here.
They are based in the Nashville area and they are Roots Music, Ragtime, Blues and some other
stuff all mixed together.
Brad Tucker plays a vintage electric guitar and has a very unique style all his own, they are
quite a unique band. I have seen them once before but I was not operating the website at the time.

They announced a brand new album at the Thursday night Muddy Roots Pre Party that marked
the end of the current lineup of Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band.
And their entire catalog was released under the Muddy Roots label that night.
Their latest release was Feb of this year and was called “Rabbit’s Motel”.

Like I said I’ll miss this show BUT I promise I’ll feature BOTH of these bands shows
sometime in the future….PROMISE!

The Carson Center Welcomes The Oak Ridge Boys.

oak ridge boys

This past year the Oak Ridge Boys released their VERY FIRST Live Album.
They have been active for over 40 years and have had the same four man lineup
since 1973 accept for an 8 year lapse when William Golden left and came back.

One of their greatest hits was “Elvira” that my friend Dallas Frazier wrote and
it was on the album “Fancy Free”.
And Bobby Sue was another hot single which was penned by Wood Newton.
They have recorded 27 studio albums and 4 greatest hits albums and have had
40 charted singles. They have 5 Grammys, 2 ACM, 4 CMA awards 8 GMA Dove awards.
AND NOW they are coming to The Carson Centerin Paducah Ky December 5th.

You can purchase tickets HERE. Folks I’ll be honest this a REALLY NICE place to see a show.
Their album American Made, released in January 1983, created controversy when the title track became the source of a TV ad for Miller Beer. The original opening lines say:

My baby is American made
Born and bred in the USA

Miller’s ads used slightly different words:

Miller’s made the American way
Born and brewed in the USA

The Oak Ridge Boys did not want the song used in the ads, but had no part in the decision. The group would not sing it during the commercial’s run.

They became Grand Ole Opry members in 2011 and play their required dates.
In 2007 the group appeared on Shooter Jennings album “The Wolf” and in 2009 they released “The Boys Are Back”
which was named for the title song written by Shooter.

Exit In Welcomes Reverend Horton Heat, Dale Watson And Rosie Flores.


Those fine folks over at The Exit In are once again heating up the winter show season in Nashville.
They always seem to keep the GREAT SHOWS coming and doggone it I usually check their website for
shows once a week for GREAT stuff.
They are one of the only venues without full food menus that I enjoy going to see shows at.
I don’t mind going out to dinner before a show, but I just like to support the venue by spending
all the money I can there. However I don’t really want to tell them how to run their’s
not my place to.

So now on January 9th Friday at 9:00 PM they welcome The Reverend Horton Heat and Dale Watson and Rosie Flores.
Reverend Horton Heat is highly regarded as one the most popular Rockabilly acts of all time.
They had a short jaunt on major labels and around 1998 went back to recording albums
on independent labels. Their live shows are energetic, crazy and often include a mock southern
evangelical sermon.

Through constant touring and word of mouth in the 90’s they built a huge and loyal following
the likes of Hank 3 and Wayne Hancock.
I have only got to see them live one time in the past and honestly I really enjoyed the show.
I ask you..WHERE the heck can you possibly get this much good music for 20 bucks?


Dale Watson has been doing his thing for two decades now with his band the Lone Stars.
He plays REAL country music that he has dubbed “Ameripolitan” and he is responsible for
a surge of traditional country music from Texas.

He recently finally got featured on Austin City Limits with Kasey Musgraves and blew the roof
off of the place. Wherever he goes he never fails to not leave an audience feeling let down.
He also recently purchased a Honky Tonk in Texas called the Big T Roadhouse.
He has always had a really awesome set at Muddy Roots Music Festival when I saw him
and I would go out of my way to go see him anytime.

In Austin Texas August 31st was declared “Rosie Flores Day” by the city council in 2006.
She will be performing at Muddy Roots Nashville Boogie which I’ll tell you about as soon
as I can release the lineup for you.
She is one of the only people I know that has built a following in California, Texas AND
Nashville and is a rockabilly queen in all three areas.
She is the only female Latina country artist to ever enter the Billboard Charts.

Dawn Sears Benefit Concert Features Reba McEntire.


On Sunday November 30th at 6:30 Country Legend Dawn Sears will help The Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center
research cancer by helping host a benefit.
I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about it.
It will take place in Gallatin Tn at The Depot Square Event Center.

Dawn Sears has been a long time member of Vince Gill’s touring band and also
a member of the Time Jumpers. She has been recently diagnosed with lung cancer
and battling the disease for a year now and is still performing despite her battle.

She got her first break in Nashville when TV personality Ralph Emery asked her to sing on his
morning show. That led to a contract with Warner Bros. Records in 1991, and the release of
three well-received singles. In 1992, Vince Gill invited her to go on the road as a backup singer,
a role she still occupies.

She began working for Vince Gill by singing background vocals on “Say Hello” on the album
“I Still Believe In You”.
She also sings with the acclaimed super band The Time Jumpers which is made up of so
many Country Music Legends. It has had revolving members but most of them have remained staple
fixtures like Ranger Doug Green from The Riders In The Sky.
Riders In The Sky and The Time Jumpers have both been announced to be playing on this show
as well.
Scott Hamilton will be the guest emcee of the event.
You can reserve your tickets to this event HERE.

Nashville Songwriters Hold Tribute For Glen Campbell.


Country Legend Glen Campbell recently released his Last Song Ever which is an emotional ballad.
It was met with much critical acclaim recently along with his movie
that is in select theaters.

On November 21st Douglass Corner Cafe will host a
songwriter’s benefit show for Glen Campbell at 9PM.
Nashville Flipside A Musical Tribute To The Norm has
arranged this event and has scheduled a pretty good lineup.

Mila Mason
Jimmy Payne
Chris Gantry
Jamie Hartford

A portion of the funds are going to the Alzheimer’s Association Mid South Chapter Middle Tennessee Region
And the door fee is 20 dollars CASH ONLY however I have played at this venue and they DO ACCEPT
charge cards behind the bar. This venue ONLY has snack foods it’s not really a meal venue.
However the sound system is great.

There has been ALOT of doings around town to honor this man and his contributions to
Country Music and I think he deserves every bit of it.
This is one of the videos when he was first diagnosed with the disease and now
he has been moved to a care facility here in Gallatin.

Jimmy Payne wrote “Woman Woman” on the album “Hey Little One” that Glen released in 1968
on the label Capitol Records.
And Chris Gantry wrote “dreams of The Everyday Housewife” in july of 1968 on Capitol Records
too and it was on the album “Wichita Lineman”.
It was also on my favorite double album LIVE album he did in Vegas.
Jamie Hartford’s father John Hartford wrote “Gentle On My Mind”.

2015 Music Festivals: Moonrunners Music Festival.


Well folks IT’S TIME to start getting all the lineups in and ready for 2015.
You KNOW I have been researching all the different festivals all over the
United States. And a few in Europe I will soon be paying some attention to too.
Will I ever go global? Well folks honestly I’m still wanting to do more in Texas
and Illinois and Alabama and Georgia first.
Will I ever hire help? Yes I might do that someday as I grow bigger yet still.
There’s SO MANY people that need my help out there and need to become promoted.
This website doesn’t charge ANY fees to be reported on or take ANY income other
than my Google ads so if you click on them you make me income I then in turn invest
in band merchandise and travel fees.

So folks here we go….Moonrunners Music Festival takes us to the “Windy City” of Chicago Illinois.
It takes place May 8th and 9th 2015 at Reggie’s Chicago.
This installment will not have hotel accommodations included just yet, I’ll add that later.
HOWEVER I DO have the ENTIRE LINEUP minus a few small bonus additions.

Reggies is one of the most popular live music venues in the Chicago area!
Hell it has a complete record store upstairs and a big rooftop deck.
It has two rooms and two stages and I understand they run simultaneously during this event.
Time Travel Magazine has rated Reggies one of the top ten things to do in Chicago
in 24 hours.

I have been researching the food (as I ALWAYS DO) when I check out venues and they
have a really good selection of plates and their wings are highly rated for the area.
They have HOMEMADE TV DINERS…I would have to check that out! They serve food from 11AM-Midnight.
And they have over 17 big screen televisions for sports while this music is going on?
I’d be content as all getout on that right there.
Wingfest 2012 has proclaimed their wings BEST in the Chicago area.

So DRUMROLL PLEASE………..The Lineup for 2015……………..
The Unseen
Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies
roger Alan Wade
Lucky Tubb And The Modern Day Troubadors
Joseph Huber
Jayke Orvis
Joe Buck Yourself
Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
Last False Hope
The Jailhouse Poets
Carmen Lee And The Tomorrow River Two
The Imperial Rooster
Lone Wolf OMB
The Drunken Cuddle
Sean K Preston
Utah Country Swillers
Barnyard Stompers
Lou Shields
The Calamity Cubes
Matt Woods with Adam Lee Special Set!
The Dead Soldiers
Call Me Bronco
Still Alive
Neverland:A Michael Jackson Fiasco
The Urban Pioneers
Aran Buzzas
Joshua Morningstar
The Smokestack Relics
The Ghost Bandits
Green Room Rockers
Psycho Bitches Outta Chicago

Honestly a TON of these bands and artists have all been prominently featured on this
website. And some will be the focus of my “Artist Feature” series. They are new to the website
but not new to the industry.
I literally have a HUGE list of features for you in the coming months and I got a good
sized list of other festivals for you too!
WHERE will I focus on next?…..