Folks I wanted to take a moment to interject here about Mr. Channing Wilson, I recently covered his show
that Mr. Josh Fairbanks met him. This is where he approached Mr. Channing about doing this, as we were BOTH blown away at his performance. You can read the article HERE from 3rd And Lindsley.

Scott Ashworth

I first saw this weeks featured artist Channing Wilson on December 23rd 2017 at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville. I was really impressed and asked him if he would be interested in doing an interview for my page and he was so I am happy to share that with you guys now. Please remember to like this page in orders to ensure you don’t miss any of the musician interviews coming up in 2018 and also please share this post cause the simple act of clicking share helps spread and strengthen the music that we all love.

Round 1 – How long have you been a touring musician and on average about how many shows do you play each year?

Channing – “I have been playing music for a living for 18 years. I’m playing somewhere between 150 and 200 shows a year right now.”

Round 2 – Do you have plans to release a new album anytime soon and if so is there any details you can tell us about it?

Channing – “I just released a live acoustic solo album called “Live from Eddie’s Attic” back in September. I have played solo/singer songwriter kind of shows for so long I wanted to put a solo record out. I will be going into the studio in 2018 to record my actual “debut album.“ all I really know right now about it is it will probably have a lot of new songs that I’m not playing right now.”

Round 3 – I know it’s hard, hell almost impossible but if you could pick one song to listen to before you die, what song would you choose and why does that song and those lyrics mean so much to you?

Channing – “You’re right. That’s almost an impossible question to answer, but I’ll give it a try. I would have to say “Desperados Waiting On A Train” – Guy Clark would probably be the one for me. It reminds me of my entire life. My childhood, my grandfather, and was the song I heard that really made me want to be a better songwriter. Not to mention it’s one of the most well written songs of all time.
Reading your question again, I could assume I was going to die as soon as the song was over. With that being said, I would like to change my answer to “one trillion bottles of beer on the wall.”

Round 4 – I love animals so I ask everyone this question but do you have any pets, if so can you tell us about them?

Channing – “Absolutely! I have a six month old Basset Hound named Hank JR. He’s a lovable stubborn little shit just like his daddy. He also has just started his own Instagram page. @hankwilsonjr ”

Round 5 – What is your favorite thing to do outside of the music World?

Channing – “I am always getting into something, but to answer your question I would say …
Hanging out with my kids, fishing, hunting, Netflix, coffee, cooking, driving, whiskey, good cigars, traveling, and more. ”

Last Call – This is an open question so tell your fans and the people reading this whatever you would like them to know.

Channing – “First of all I am a fan of country music. I love country music. I actually love all kinds of music but when I open my mouth to sing the genre pretty much chose itself. Second, please follow me on social media. It is so important nowadays. Reach out and say hi. Y’all help me spread the word that it’s a great time for country music again and we don’t have to be force-fed generic music that we don’t want. I also love turning people on to my talented friends and other artists they may not know so, here goes…
Brent Cobb, Dave Kennedy, Kendell Marvel, Chris Canterbury, Adam Hood, Tommy Ash, Eric Dylan. Thanks for your time see y’all on the road.”

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