I have just returned from Memphis where we had a ton of fun at the Ameripolitan Awards Last Night. i’m just getting over the high of my buddy O’l W.B. Walker winning the D.J. of the year award, and you’ll see me spend time with him in west Virginia this spring, for his fifth anniversary show. You WILL see more on that upcoming event on here very soon.

We have been promoting both new albums for some time now and earlier today I published the articles that Mr. Joshua Wallace wrote for Mr.Craig Gerdes AND Mr. Dallas Moore this morning. I would like to thank Mr. Brian over at Sol Records for inviting me here tonight.

We’re also here tonight to celebrate Mr. Jim Vest’s birthday tonight, Mr. Jim Vest was the original steel guitarist for Johnny Paycheck, who also recorded “Slide Off Your Satin Sheets” in 1977, AND ALSO for Mr. Craig Gerdes now. In 2014, Mr. Gene Watson covered the song on his album ‘My Heroes Have Always Been Country”. I study my history and I love my steel players for sure.

I have been long awaiting what Mr. Craig will bring to the table tonight here at the Palace, and the show is about to begin here tonight. He is playing the album in it’s entirety tonight, and with great anticipation from me as a music fan for sure! I didn’t catch the bass players last name but his name was Mr. Chris, now the band mind you played pretty damn good timing up there. A lot of work went into this project here, as you can easily ascertain at first glance.

First up was the song “Redneck Sonsabitches”, now the second song was called “Learned From The Best” and that was written by Mr Craig and Miss Sarah Gayle Meech, who I recently saw this weekend at the Ameripolitan Awards as well. That’s a really good shuffle song you can get up and dance to, and I can see the signature Sarah Gayle Meech style to it. He followed that by the song “Good Old days” which was also a self penned about his father. It truly was a great slow mover to get close up and dance to and Mr. Jake Baxter had some great guitar licks in there as well.

‘Slide Off Your Satin Sheets” was next which was placed really well to bring excitement to the middle of the show here, followed by  “Almost Takes my mind Off You”. His band is a damn well oiled machine for sure, especially his drummer Mr. Randy Joy as he throws his sticks around and keeps timing up. Mr. Jim Vest is making that steel guitar whine and cry during this song, I watch things and I NOTICE little details I am trained to notice. Media reporting is more than just pictures and writing, ANYBODY can write…is the kick drum in time with the bass man?

My personal favorite song off this album that Mr Craig wrote was called ‘Dead in A Box In Kentucky” and he followed that one up with a song Mr. Dallas Moore wrote called ‘You Saved Me from Me”. The final two songs he played were ‘Almost To Alabama” and then he closed with the title track called ‘Smokin Drinkin And Gamblin”. You know people this local music thing is going in circles of levels, I remember when Mr. Tyler Childers was playing small clubs and now he is playing the Ryman. Mr. Craig Gerdes will for sure be in contention for an Ameripolitan Award in the next few years. Every genre I cover does that with Jamgrass I remember when Horseshoes And Hand Grenades were playing house parties, now they play with the Infamous Stringdusters at the bigger venues!

Mr. Dallas Moore is up right now playing music off his latest release which came out today, Mr. Honky Tonk also on Sol Records. Mr. Dean Miller produced this album as well, and as he displays his guitar prowess during the intro to the song “Freeborn Man” he went back to his LIVE at the Bullitt County Jail with the song “One More Ride”.

He is playing the title track off the album right called “Mr. Honky Tonk”. Now as you may not know this song was originally on the album High On The Hog, but this version is totally different now. This album is defiantly TOP TEN material in every fashion, right now he is playing the song “Killing Me Nice And Slow”.

The song Somewhere Between Bridges was up next now thef irst time I heard that one was Muddy Roots Last Year, Also the song “Kisses From You” I  got to hear at the Spillway Recently.. They finished an absolute killer display of new music with songs like “You Know The Rest” , “Shoot Out The Lights,’ and a song that really fits him called “Home Is Where The Highway Is”. You know Mr. Dallas is one of the bands that play out over 320 shows a year, so he is always out keeping the roads hot. Speaking of hot he is now delving into some old songs like “Twisting Through Texas” and  my video from tonight is from “Bottle And A Bible”.

My personal favorite song is “Raising Hell And Slinging Gravel” and the played that one next followed by one he wrote at Altamont called “Up On That Mountain”.  Now this portion of his show is the instrumental break and a few nice covers like ‘Nightlife Ain’t No Good Life.”

King of bullshit mountain was next followed by more of the usual mid show festivities like Whiskey River before he closed up the evening and dismissed us from his commencing to render us. I want to THANK SO MANY people that make my adventures possible and if you want to read my LIVE BLOG from the wards it is HERE.

I have my full article coming later about the overall experience from Memphis and the places I ate at and where I stayed, what I did and didn’t like and who I dealt with. STAY TUNED FOLKS!

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