Album Feature – The Steel Woods – Old News

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Jan 222019

By Joshua Wallace

The Steel Woods have released their second album and it’s a banger.  Clocking in at 68 minutes, this 15 track epic features 9 originals and 6 covers.  It feels like two projects in one but the entire package works. In my opinion, this record is a southern rock tour de force.  It pays respects to those that came before and moves the genre solidly into 2019. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of this huge record.

Right off the bat, The Steel Woods come out swinging with “All Of These Years”.  It’s a blazing southern rock track that will get you on your feet in your living room, the back of your truck or wherever you happen to be listening to the album.  That blazing solo lets you know what you’re in for real quick. The track “Blind Lover” goes into more bluesey southern rock territory, but still southern rock at its core.  Just like “All Of These Years”, this track features some killer guitar work. “Compared To A Soul” continues the bluesey southern rock trend. I dig the riffs on this one and it’s another solid track worth checking out.

The song “Anna Lee” switches and takes the band into almost bluegrass and country territory.  The acoustic guitars are just as blazing fast as the electric and this track really showcases this band’s depth and range.  If you want to see some more of the band’s range, look no further than their second Black Sabbath cover in “Changes”. It’s a slower track, but they nail it just like every other cover on this record.

Digging more into the covers, I really like the Wayne Mills cover “One Of These Days”.  The world can never get enough Wayne Mills and while I’m waiting for someone to record a worthy cover of “Last Honky Tonk”, this will suffice.  The band also does a good turn of Tom Petty’s “Southern Accents” and Townes Van Zandt’s “The Catfish Song”. However, if you want the grade A prime cut of the album, look no further than “Whipping Post”.  Friends, this song blew me away the first time I heard it live. Those guitars had to be smoking. Does the recorded version live up to the live cut? While I will admit, it doesn’t pack the same punch as hearing the band do it live, it does inspire some serious headbanging.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Steel Woods have arrived and are here to stay.  This is one mammoth and epic album that is sure to satisfy any southern rock or traditional country fan.  If you want some more coverage of The Steel Woods, I know for a fact that my buddy Gary Hayes attended both nights of their shows in Nashville, TN with Josh Card as the opening act.  He will have a post up on that very soon. We will also be covering The Steel Woods as a part of this year’s Tumbleweed Country Music Festival. It’s gonna be a good time. Old News is available everywhere good music is sold or streamed.  Get yourself a copy and prepare to have your face melted.

Favorite Tracks : All These Years, Blind Lover, Compared To A Soul, Anna Lee, One Of These Days, Whipping Post, Southern Accents

The Steel Woods – Old News (2019)

  1. All These Years
  2. Without You
  3. Changes (Black Sabbath Cover)
  4. Wherever You Are
  5. Blind Lover
  6. Compared To A Soul
  7. Old News
  8. Anna Lee
  9. Red River (The Fall Of Jimmy Sutherland)
  10. The Catfish Song (Townes Van Zandt Cover)
  11. Rock That Says My Name
  12. One Of These Days (Wayne Mills Cover)
  13. Are The Good Times Really Over (I Wish A Buck Was Still Silver) (Merle Haggard Cover)
  14. Whipping Post (Allman Brothers Cover)
  15. Southern Accents (Tom Petty Cover)

Album Feature – Alice Wallace – Into The Blue

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Jan 222019

By Joshua Wallace

Alice Wallace has released her fourth album Into The Blue and her first for Rebelle Road Records.  This record finds Alice embracing the sound of California country throughout. It helps her paint a landscape with songs like “Echo Canyon” and “Santa Ana Winds” that puts you right into California as you listen to this amazing record.

One of my favorite tracks is the western twangy tune of “Desert Rose”.  The song sounds like it’s straight out of a spaghetti western and the storytelling on this track is top notch.  Highly recommended if you check out this album. Another favorite is the atmospheric “Echo Canyon”. The music on this track evokes the vastness and loneliness of the canyon.  I love the whine of the pedal steel guitar on this one and it compliments Alice’s vocals very well. If you’re a fan of good yodeling, check this one out. Finally, I really dig the track “Top Of The World”.  Here, Alice takes the listener to the top of the world lyrically and sonically. She is able to really stretch out her vocal ability on this track and I dig it.

Whether you’re new to Alice Wallace or a long time fan, this is a good record to pick up.  I look forward to the ability to catch her live at some point, but until then, this will suffice.  If you’re lucky enough to be out west, be sure to check her out on one of her current tour dates. Into The Blue is available now wherever you can find good music.

Favorite Tracks : Santa Ana Winds, Desert Rose, Echo Canyon, Motorcycle Ride, Top Of The World

Alice Wallace – Into The Blue (2019)

  1. The Lonely Talking
  2. Santa Ana Winds
  3. Elephants
  4. The Blue
  5. Desert Rose
  6. When She Cries
  7. Echo Canyon
  8. The Same Old Song
  9. Motorcycle Ride
  10. Top Of The World
  11. For Califa

Mr. Eric Bolander To Re Release The Album “The Wind” At the Burl.

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Jan 192019


I have talked a LOT about Mr. Eric Bolander, who is prominently part of the West Virginia community of artists, and I attend MANY festivals devoted to that particular group of people. But once you actually witness him on stage yourself, it won’t take you long to understand just why I do.  I myself am waiting for some new music from this young man, and this March, we are going to see the re release of his album “The Wind” complete with some NEW tracks added to the list.

My friends over at Eastwood Records have helped him with the release of this album, and I am hoping to be able to get up there to see this show myself. Last year I had the chance to chat with Mr. Eric about the Master Musicians Festival, and you can read that HERE.

On March 29th at The Burl in Lexington Kentucky you can witness for yourself the reason that Mr. Eric is growing in popularity and further developing his own unique style of showmanship. You can buy tickets for this event HERE.

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and playing a musical instrument

Photo property of Miss Alexis Faye.

If you would like to pre order the album you can click HERE to reserve YOUR COPY now:

PRE ORDER the re release of THE WIND with 2 new tracks and new artwork designed by Jimbo Valentine
– multi colored vinyl
– free digital download with vinyl
– orders shipped after March 29th
– colored vinyl pic is just an estimate; colors and shapes may vary; Red, Yellow, and Purple will be basis for the design

jan 11th – true music room – nashville, tn – 6pm *solo *with will p harrison
jan 12th – highland taproom – louisville, ky – 9pm *solo
jan 16th – Al’s bar – lexington, ky – 8pm *solo *with jeremy pinnell
jan 18th – Maiden city brewing – cynthiana, ky – 8pm *solo
jan 25th – the v club – huntington, wv – 8pm *trio
jan 26th – southgate house revival – 8pm *trio * with 500 miles to memphis
jan 27th – odeon – louisville, ky – 8pm *solo *with john clay and mercedes bell
feb 8th – the burl – lexington, ky – 8pm *trio *with 500 miles to memphis
feb 15th – country boy taproom – georgetown, ky – 7pm *solo
feb 16th – thatcher’s downtown – Jackson, ky – 8-10pm *trio
mar 2nd – odeon – louisville, ky – 8pm *trio
mar 9th – House Show – Lexington, KY – 8pm *trio (TICKETS HERE)
mar 16th – benefit show – olive hill, ky – Time tbd
Mar 29th – album re-release show – The Burl – lexington, ky – 8pm *trio
* with special Guests Laid Back country picker, Young heirlooms, and derek spencer
Mar 30th – jarfly brewing – somerset, ky – 8pm *trio
Mar 31st – TBD – Knoxville, tn – 6pm *trio
Apr 1st – blue plate special – knoxville, tn – noon *trio
apr 3rd – tidball’s – bowling green, ky – 9pm *Trio
apr 4th – private show – Columbia, MO – 7pm
apr 5th – Off broadway taproom – madison, IN – 9pm *trio
apr 6th – backroom lounge – riverton, il – 8pm *trio

Mr. Del McCoury Turns 80 At the Grand DEL Opry.

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Jan 182019

You know folks this past year I have indeed covered a LOT of things that Bluegrass Legend Mr. Del McCoury has been doing, simply because I appreciate his contributions to his craft SO MUCH. But honestly, let’s face it everyone..look what he does for the younger generation that are traveling the roads he paved. He literally has taken Mr. Billy Strings under his wings as well as other bands.

He and his entourage of masterminds have assembled one of the nation’s HOTTEST festivals in Maryland called DelFest, That has opened many doors for new artists and bands alike, and has turned MANY fans (including myself) onto some DARN GOOD bands in the Bluegrass community.

His career spans decades, and involves more people and places than I can even write in an article, but I always give it one hell of a college try. He has graced just about every Bluegrass festival I can think of including one of my favorite ( what I call) variety festivals….Muddy Roots. he played one heck of a memorable show there that year, and secured his place in Muddy history! I cover 200 festivals a year, and I can pretty much dictate what years he played what festivals.

The mighty Grand Ole Opry, I mean do I really need to elaborate on the significance of this name or this institution? I truly think that the Opry means just as much to Mr. Del as it does to all of us, and I think Mr. Del McCoury means a LOT to the Opry in return. Why, I’m almost adamant that standing inside that circle of wood means the world to Mr. Del….so now I suppose you ask WHAT is my point in this rambling?

February 13th, 2019 Mr. Del McCoury will be celebrating his 80th birthday at the Opry, and taking over the entire program, thusly it has been dubbed the Grand Del Opry! With special guests already announced being Mr. Sam Bush, Mr. Marty Stuart, The Del McCoury Band, Mr. Ricky Skaggs, The Travelin McCourys and Mr. Vince Gill. MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

Please go HERE to get your tickets for this event by going HERE and there will also be pre sales, you can get them by going HERE.

The Travelin’ McCourys In Nashville.

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Jan 132019

Sound wise the bustling and often sold out 3rd And Lindsley is one of my favorite venues to see a show. Now I had many shows from many music communities to choose from tonight, and I chose Bluegrass for a few reasons. Furthermore, I chose this show because their self titled debut album made my TOP 50 OF 2018 and I thought I had better enjoy one of those bands before the luster of it wore off. I have so much going on in 2019, that nothing lasts very long before the next endeavor overshadows it.

Standing room only here tonight for The Travelin’ McCourys which was totally understandable. In my humble opinion, they are one of the hottest new Bluegrass bands around. Not exactly “NEW” per say…just since they launched their debut album now. Later on in this article another one of my TOP 50 OF 2017 Bluegrass musicians came out to join them.

I decree “not exactly new”, because this band has existed for nine years prior to their debut album release. I remember many of my friends who attend DelFest saying that in 2016, they blew the entire festival away with their live show. They have accumulated an intense following without an official debut release, and THAT impressed me from the get go.

From the starting point of the show the band launched an attack upon the ears with insane instrumentals and many songs off their self titles debut album. They played a very nice cover of Steve young’s song “Lonesome Onry and Mean” that of course was made famous by Mr. Waylon, and that song was sung by the fiddle player Mr. Jason Carter.

As with many Bluegrass bands, the five members take turns singing lead vocals with terrific harmonies and breathtaking solos, like Mr. Ronnie’s mandolin solo on their song “The Hardest Heart” sung by the upright bass player Mr. Alan Bartram.

The song “Borderline” was next which showcased mighty fine musicianship tonight, and displayed the well oiled mechanics of this band here. Just by watching them up close I could easily tell that all five members know exactly what each other is doing time wise.  They followed that song up with “I live On A Battlefield” which also included some great instrumentals, and among the set of classics they covered was the 1972 Osborne Brothers song “Midnight Flyer” which the Eagles also recorded in 1974.

Before playing the Song “Let Her Go” they acknowledged their Grammy nomination, and once you witness their wonderful harmonies on this song, you’ll see why they were. Afterwards they went into a lengthy version of “Long black Veil” choked full of note after note of unique precision, that I enjoy most about Bluegrass. Also, when you hear those timeless classics like “Little Maggie” you know there is honor for the Legends who took the stage before these men.

The band took a short intermission break, since there was no opening act here tonight and that gave me a chance to catch up with notes and such. They brought out one of my 2017 TOP 50 albums Mr. Billy Strings, who came out with them to sing “Streamline Cannonball” a song made popular by Mr. Roy Acuff and also Mr. Doc Watson. Additionally tonight, they brought out Mr. Sam Bush who always the crowd with HELLO MUSIC LOVERS! They played his song called “Back To Ol Kentucky”.

Mr. Del McCourry, father of two of the members came out to front the band for a few songs. I’ll pretty much tell you this much…this show was well worth the twenty dollar door fee. I had more fun with this show than a few major arena shows I can remember! Mr. Del excitedly sang his “Prisoner’s Song” for us tonight, followed by on he recorded in 1963 with Mr. Bill Monroe called “Roll On Baby Roll On”.

The instrumentals continued to emanate forth from the stage tonight by every member of the band, as it pretty much turned into a big jam session. I remember hearing “White House Blues”, and I noted the Travelin McCouury’s song called “Loser”.  While I always enjoy shows here at 3rd And Lindsley, this was the first Bluegrass show I ever experienced here. The lights were TRULY wonderful and the sound was PERFECT for this type of setup, I’ll be returning next weekend for another band.

Country Music Songwriting Legend Mr. Whitey Shafer Dies.

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Jan 132019

Last night as I was watching the NFL playoffs and resting at home, a good friend of mine called me and sadly informed me that Country Music Songwriting Legend Mr. Sanger D. “Whitey” Shafer died at 85. At this time his family and publicists have not released any reasons for his death, however many people had posted recently that he had entered his final days.

Many many times I have proclaimed on this website that there exists THREE great pillars or foundations of Country Music in this order 1. Songwriters 2. Producers 3. Steel Guitarists. If you have an album that embellishes all three (like the Willie Nelson album Red Headed Stranger), you have a classic album time cannot falter.

Sadly in some form all three of these contributors are becoming few and far between, especially in mainstream Country music. With ( dare I say “OUR”) music communities there DOES exist a plethora of talented younger people that DO those three things, like my friend Mr. Josh Morningstar who recently garnered a cut with powerhouse act Mr. Cody Jinks. He further proved that the craft is still somewhat prevalent, as he nightly performs the song Mr. Whitey wrote with Mr. Lefty Frizzell called “I Never Go Around Mirrors”. Another fine example of a still active songwriter would be my friend Mr. Billy Don Burns, who still garners cuts from younger artists like Mr. Colter Wall.

He was born October 24th 1934 in Whitney Texas, and began playing in school bands before playing with national acts at a later age like Mr. Willie Nelson. In 1967, he moved here to write songs and signed with Blue Crest Music Publishing Company. Working there he wrote two cuts for Mr. George Jones called “I’m A new Man In Town” on the album called “My Country”, and he wrote “Between My House And Town” on the album “if my Heart Had Windows”. His first major cut was in 1969 by Mr. Charlie Walker, and the song was called ‘Rosie Bokay”

He did sign contracts with RCA to be promoted as a solo singer and released two albums called “I Never Go Around Mirrors” and also ‘So Good For So long”. However, commercially he achieved more success as a songwriter gathering many number one hits for Mr. Moe Bandy and Mr. Johnny Russell, as he wrote “The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor and “Bandy The Rodeo Clown” in 1975. Mr. Whitey was extremely instrumental in the continued success of Mr Moe Bandy having penned more than two dozen songs for him.

He had a longstanding friendship with the Frizzell family, having penned mnay songs with Mr. Lefty like ‘That’s The Way Love Goes” for Mr. Merle Haggard. Mr. Corey Frizzell named his son Ryman Shafer Frizzell after him, and if you see the little man around town your heart will melt as you see him. VERY adorable lad that plays a guitar with everyone. Just recently my friend Mr. Corey stopped by my inbox to send me this quote:

Everyone knows the talent of Whitey Shafer, or undoubtedly heard it. He was best friends with uncle Lefty Frizzell the last six years of his life, helping to revive his career and passion to write again. Ironically we became very close the last six years of his. He would always say, “I’ve got me another Frizzell”. I loved him. My wife and I made him the Godfather to our three year old son, Ryman Shafer Frizzell, whom bears his namesake. Whitey and Tracy came to the hospital when Ryman was born. I asked Whitey if he wanted to hold him. He said in Whitey style, “I didn’t even hold my own son”. But he went on and held Ryman anyway. He was honored we used Shafer as Ryman’s middle name. He said, “I’ve never had an offspring named after me”, we just laughed. We will miss him and carry his memory with us…Ryman will carry it further.

After Mr Lefty passed away Mr. Whitey wrote the song called “Lefty’s Gone” cut by Mr. George Strait on the 1985 album “Something Special”. Mr. George Strait took many more of his songs to the Country charts in the 1980’s, two of the most popular ones were “Does Forth Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” from the album of the same name, and “All My Exes live in Texas” off the “Ocean Front Property” album. In 1989, he was inducted into the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame”. Four songs from that particular Strait album were written by him.

In the 90’s and on he amassed over 500 recordings by Mr. John Michael Montgomery, Miss LeAnn Womack, and Mr. Kenny Chesney. One of my favorite songs he wrote was recorded by Johnny Bush, and was called “Rainbow In My Daddy’s Eyes”.


Album Feature – Coby Langham and The Citizen Band – Years On The Road

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Jan 102019

By Joshua Wallace

Coby Langham spent 2018 releasing a couple of  successful singles in “Heroin Girl” and “Sober Bible”, but now to kick off 2019, Coby Langham and The Citizen Band have finally released their debut EP.  This six song collection finds the band clicking on all cylinders and ready to take over the world. There is some good stuff on this record and it’s worth checking out.

The album opens up with a good truckin’ song in “Years On The Road (The Truckin’ Song)”.  The track is spearheaded by some killer guitar work and the strong songwriting that is showcased all throughout this album.  Another favorite is the track “5 x 7” which is takes it down a notch from “Years On The Road” and gives us a strong prison ballad.  The album wraps up with “Sally Anne The Coal Truck” which is a ballad about a coal truck. It’s a heartfelt ode the the titular coal truck with amazing story telling that must be heard as no words I could write would do it justice.

This album Years On The Road showcases Coby Langham’s strong songwriting.  With The Citizen Band behind him, the sky’s the limit from here. Pair this with some previously released non album singles of “Heroin Girl” and “Sober Bible” and you have the start of what will hopefully be a successful career.  I for one can’t wait to hear what is next. You can stream this album just about anywhere you can find good music. Be sure to check Coby out live if you get a chance to. I saw him last year at W.B. Walker’s 5th Anniversary show and his set was one of the highlights of that weekend for me.

Favorite Tracks : Years On The Road (The Truckin’ Song), 5×7, Sally Anne The Coal Truck

Coby Langham and The Citizen Band – Years On The Road (2019)

  1. Years On The Road (The Truckin’ Song)
  2. All American
  3. 5 x 7
  4. Skate N Bowl
  5. As The Crow Flies
  6. Sally Anne The Coal Truck

Country Music Legend Mr. Tom Brumley Captured On New Album.

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Jan 052019

This album did not exactly miss my radar, to be honest I have been very busy. Running this wonderful website is an arduous task sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Its very hard to keep up with all the many outlets of music I enjoy.

One of the things I enjoy most about Country Music as a whole is the steel guitar, and those who bring (or brought) it to light. I read books and web articles on the Legends of the instrument and the sound of it one name emanates and shines brighter than others for me. That name is Mr. Tom Brumley. Mr. Tom died in Texas in 2009, and left us with many memories of that classic Bakersfield lineup having recorded with Mr. Buck Owens during the most prominent time of his career.

He was featured on the Harlan Howard classic “I’ve Got A tiger By The Tail”, the Johnny Russel classic “Act Naturally”, but more importantly his solo revolutionized the song “Together Again”. His unique style was coined “The Brumley Touch” by many he helped bring the Buckaroos to the hallowed Carnegie Hall, and recorded one of the finest LIVE albums in history.

Recently, this past December Omnivore Records released a splendid seventeen track album from his tenure with the Buckaroos, 1964-1969. Now this album was indeed heavily considered for my TOP 50 OF 2018, and almost made the list. The above link will take you directly to their website, where you can purchase the album. Here is Omnivore’s website description of this album:

Buck Owens’ masterful pedal steel guitarist, “Tender” Tom Brumley

There are many reasons Buck Owens and his Buckaroos were the hottest band in the world in the 1960s, but one is certainly Tom Brumley’s magically graceful touch on the pedal steel guitar. And as you’ll hear on this album, he’s also a fine Dobro picker.

Steelin’ The Show showcases Brumley’s skill and innovative playing by collecting 17 tracks from 9 releases from Buck and The Buckaroos, including “Together Again” that features Tom’s peerless solo—one of the most famous pedal steel guitar breaks ever recorded.

Not just a perfect primer for the uninitiated, but also a fantastic aural journey for fans—Steelin’ The Show features an introduction from Tom’s family Rolene, Tommy, Todd, and Tracie Brumley as well as photos from their personal family collection. Randy Poe, the co-writer of Buck’s acclaimed autobiography Buck ’Em, contributed liner notes.


“Buck always had great players, but Brumley was a true craftsman. He wasn’t flashy or self-indulgent. He always knew exactly what to play. His tone, his control, and his restraint were only matched by his pure jaw-dropping talent.”

—Scott B. Bomar
author, Grammy® nominee, and Bakersfield sound historian


    CD / Digital Track List:
    1. Tom Cattin’
    2. Steel Guitar Rag
    3. Bud’s Bounce
    4. The Neosho Waltz
    5. Steel Guitar Polka
    6. Seven Come Eleven
    7. Free And Easy
    8. Tom’s Waltz
    9. Apple Jack
    10. The Waltz Of The Roses
    11. Pedal Patter
    12. Tracie’s Waltz
    13. Runnin’ Short
    14. Highland Fling
    15. Moonlight On The Desert
    16. March Of The McGregor
    17. Together Again

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Complete List Of 2019 Local Shows!

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Jan 052019

If YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at I literally watch more than 40 venues in Nashville plus belong to many concert websites in order to bring you this coverage. NEW IN 2018, folks I am always looking for ways to enhance what I do for you. So this year I’ll be reporting on further Kentucky shows, and further Tennessee shows as well.

Mr. Joshua and I cover hundreds of shows a year, and many festivals in person. Online, we cover 200 festivals yearly and bring a LOT of news to the masses. Folks WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE support live venue music

The Devil Makes Three
3Rd And Lindsley January 20th

The Lost Dog Street Band
3rd And Lindsley January 20th

Wayne Hancock
Joe’s Truck Stop
The Southgate House January 24th

Whiskey Myers
Cannery Ballroom January 25th

Wynonna Judd
State Theater Elizabethtown Ky Jan 26th

Rye Davis
Mike’s Bar And Grill Clarksville Tn January 25th, March 2nd and April 13th

Aaron Watson
the Ryman January 24th

The Po’ Ramblin
The Station Inn January 30th

Brent Cobb
Ryman Auditorium January 31st

Read Southall Band
The Basement Feb 1st

The Grascals
The Station Inn Feb 2nd 2019

Josh Card
The Steel Woods
The Warehouse Bowling Green Feb 2nd 2019

Dead Horses
The High Watt February 6th

The Royal Hounds
Scoreboard Grill Feb 7th

Johnny Fritz
Cannery Ballroom Feb 7th

Joshua Hedley
Southgate House Feb 7th

Dallas Moore
Craig Gerdes
Spillway Bar And Grill Feb 8th

Andrew Leahey And The Homestead
The Royal Hounds
Acme Feed And Seed Feb 9th

Ronnie Milsap
Plaza Theater Glasgow Ky Feb 9th

The Tillers Old time string Breakers Ball
Southgate House Feb 9th

Micky And The Motorcars
Exit Inn Feb 10th

Urban Pioneers
Springwater Super Clucb Feb 10th

The Royal Hounds
Acme Feed And Seed Feb 13th

The Wild Feathers
The Ryman Auditorium Feb 15th and 16th

James Carothers
Spillway Bar And Grill Feb 16th

Radney Foster
City Winery Feb 15th

The Lil Smokies
The High Watt Feb 9th

Sean K. Preston And The Loaded Pistols
Tennessee Brew Works Feb 21st 2019

Travis Tritt
Country music Hall Of Fame Feb 22nd and 23rd 2019

Ronnie Milsap
Glema Mahr Center Madisonville Ky Feb 22nd

Blackberry Smoke
The Ryman Auditorium Feb 22nd and 23rd

Tim Atwood
Country Music Hall Of Fame Feb 23rd

Travis Tritt
CMA Theater Feb 22nd, 23rd and 24th

Missy Raines And The New Hip
Nashville City Winery Feb 24th

Randy Rogers Band
Marathon Music Works Feb 23rd

Josh Abbott Band
Marathon Music Works Feb 23rd

Rhonda Vincent And The Rage
Bluegrass Hall Of Fame Feb 23rd

Jimmy Fortune
The Capitol Theater Feb 26th

Kacey Musgraves
Ryman Auditorium Feb 27th 2019

John Prine
Ryman Auditorium December 31st

Kasey Musgraves
Bridgestone Arena March 1 and 2nd 2019

Elizabeth Cook
Chris Shiflett
Kendell Marvel
The Basement East March 3rd

Emi Sunshine
War Memorial Auditorium March 7th

Sarah Shook And The Disarmers
The Basement East March 8th

Whitey Morgan And The 78s
Minglewood Hall Memphis Tn March 9th

Steep Canyon Rangers
Bluegrass HOF March 9th

The Supersuckers
Southgate House March 14th

Whitey Morgan And The 78’s
Capone’s Johnson City Tn

Whitey Morgan And The 78’s
Headliners Music Hall Louisville Ky March 15th

Hannah Aldridge
Wonky Tonk
Nellen Dryden
The Basement March 20th

Infamous Stringdusters
The Great Peacock
Marathon Music Works March 29th

Confederate Railroad
Cahoots Dancehall March 29th

Weston Harris Album Release Party
Matt Woods
The Basement March 28th

The Goddamn Gallows
Scott H Biram
Urban Pioneers
Basement East March 29th

Eric Bolander
The burl Lexington Ky March 29th

Rye Davis
Spillway Bar And Grill March 30th

The Reeves Brothers
American Legion post 82 April 2nd

Reckless Kelly
Basement East April 5th

Andrea Colburn And Mud Moseley
American Legion Post 82 April 6th

Reverend Horton Heat
Legendary Shack Shakers
Hooten Hallers
Southgate House Revival April 8th

Hayes Carll
The Basement East April 11th

Sierra Hull
Bluegrass Hall Of Fame April 12th

The Glade City Rounders
Station Inn April 12th

Ward Davis
The Warehouse Bowling Green April 13th

The Barnyard Stompers
The Cobra Nashville April 18th

The Grascals
Courthouse Square In Leitchfield Ky July 20th 2019

Cody Johnson
Ryman Auditorium May 4rth

Charley Pride
Carson Center Paducah Ky May 10th

Jerry Douglass
City Winery May 11th

Deer Tick
Ryman Auditorium May 17th

John Prine
Kelsey Waldon
Lu-Ray Park Ampitheater
Central City Ky July 13th

The Steel Woods
The Shed Maryville Tn July 27th

Unknown Hinson
Exit Inn December 31st

Album Feature – Snake Blood Remedy – The Duval Blues

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Jan 032019

By Joshua Wallace

Snake Blood Remedy have released the follow-up to their 2016 self titled album.  This album is more in the realm of honky tonk and The Duval Blues finds a band that has honed their sound and is tighter than ever.  Lets dig into some of the tracks on this album.

The title track, “The Duval Blues” quickly sets the pace for this record with a fiddle and dobro heavy honky tonk tune about big city blues.  The album features Brett Bass as a guest on the dobro. You might remember him as the front man for Grandpa’s Cough Medicine, but now he’s in a new band called Brett Bass and Melted Plectrum.  This album is a good feature for his musical abilities post Grandpa’s Cough Medicine. Further on the album, I really dig the dark and slower tune “Bitter Seed”. I love J.D. Cook’s vocals on this track as they fit the mood perfectly.  

Another favorite is the equally dark tune “3 To 5 Years” about the struggle of the outlaw life and how getting away from it for 3 to 5 years might not be so bad.  Finally, we come to the surprise of this track. There might not be many people familiar with the name Jake Cox, but he is a talented currently residing in St. Augustine, FL.  Snake Blood Remedy have done a fine job with one of his best tunes “Cruisin’ In The Left Lane” and it’s a high mark of the album for me. It also features Jake Cox in a guest spot on the track.

Snake Blood Remedy’s sophomore effort shows a band that is coming together nicely.  I highly recommend this album if you’re looking for a good honky tonk record to start off the new year.  You can even preview the entire album on the band’s website which is where you can also pre-order a copy.  I hear it will eventually find its way to places like Spotify as well. Be sure to check out this North Florida based band on the road somewhere if they come near you.        

Favorite Tracks : The Duval Blues, Bitter Seed, 3 To 5 Years, Cruisin’ In The Left Lane

Snake Blood Remedy – The Duval Blues (2019)

  1. The Duval Blues
  2. Money Can’t Buy Happiness
  3. Bitter Seed
  4. Lonely Road
  5. Life Like Mine
  6. 3 To 5 Years
  7. Cruisin’ In The Left Lane
  8. Dog Gone Dog
  9. Say You’ll Stay


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