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Ameripolitan Awards LIVE Blog.

Folks this is the LIVE Blog, and as such I’ll not be able to tag people or correct everything as easily, Please bear with me. In one hour I’ll start this blog:

Right now they are all on the red carpet, and we got two rooms full of my heroes. It’s filling up quickly, and I am just trying my best to be observant and listen to the information…the stories.

Here starts the band, and the welcoming portion of the sixth annual awards show. Hosted by Mr. Dale Watson and Mr. Big Sandy themselves.

Mr. James Hand is performing right now.

Miss Brennan Leigh and Mr. Marcel Riesco present the winner for Honky Tonk Female.

Miss Whitney Rose.

My buddy Mr. Jimi Palacios is introducing Mr. Gary P. Nunn

Mr. Gary P. Nunn performed ‘What I Like About Texas”.

Miss Carolyn Sils And Mr. Steve Griggs present the honky tonk male.

Mr. Jesse Daniel wins!

Mr. Mustang Mitch is introducing The Reeves Brothers

The Reeves Brothers are performing “Old Number 7 Blues”.

The Reeves Brothers are presenting the Honky Tonk Group Award

The Honky Tonk Group are the Two Tons Of Steel.

Mr. Eddie White is introducing Mr. Roy Head.

Miss Whitney Rose And Mr. Pat Reedy announce the Outlaw Female award

Miss Summer Dean Wins Outlaw Female

Mr. Jesse Daniel And Miss Abby Girl present Outlaw Male

Ray Wylie Hubbard Wins Outlaw Male

Ray Wylie Hubbard is performing “Snake Farm”

Two Tons Of Steel And Miss Tommy Ash present the Outlaw Group

Mike And The Moonpies win outlaw Group

It’s now time for the Keeper Of The Key Award presented by Reverend Horton Heat. Presented to Mr. Larry Collins. Also, performing will be the Reverend Horton Heat.

Mr. Jim Heath is educating is about what Mr. Larry Collins means to music.

Mr. Chris Scruggs And Miss Rosie Flores present the Musician Of The Year award.

Mr. Deke Dickerson wins musician of the year award.

Mr. Dwane Hall and Miss Cheryl Deseree present the venue of the year award.

Robert’s Western World wins Venue Of the Year.

Mr. Wayne The Train Hancock is playing “Reefer Boogie” now.

Miss Beck Rustic and Mr. Shaun Young present the Festival Of The Year award.

The Rockin Race wins festival of the year.

Miss Cherry Rat and Mr. present the DJ of the year award.

The winner is Woody Adkins

Mr. Billy Mata is performing “Stay A Little Longer’.

Miss Sophia Johnson and Mr. Lawrence Peters present the Western Swing Female Nominees.

Miss Grace Adelle wins.

Miss Sophia Johnson and Miss Carolyn Sils performing right now.

Miss Rose Sinclair and Mr. Billy Mata present Western Swing Male Award

Mr. Zephaniah Ohora and Miss Wendy Newcomer present The Western Swing Group Nominee.

Big Cedar Fever Wins.

Ameripolitan Rockabilly Awards texas Hell Kitten introduces The Go Getters.

Miss Bailey Dee And Miss Lara Hope present the Rockabilly Female Nominees.

Miss Tammi Savoy wins Rockabilly Female

Mr. James Intveld and Miss Sarah Gayle Meech present Rockabilly Male Nominee

Mr. Jimmy Dale Richardson wins Rockabilly Male

Miss Kim Lenz and Mr. Peter Sandberg present the Rockabilly Group nominee

The Delta Bombers win

Big Sandy will perform tonight.


Album Feature – The Drugstore Gypsies – Easy Access

By Joshua Wallace

2019 is a banner year for southern rock.  The Drugstore Gypsies take southern rock influences and mix it with classic rock like The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin or AC/DC.  If you like your southern rock heavy, this band is for you. They have riffs for days and this album proves it. Easy Access is their sophomore effort following up their self titled 2017 debut.  I was very high on that record as well and if these two albums are any indication, this Texas band is one to keep an eye on.

“Never Settle” kicks the album off hot and heavy with a blazing solo that kicks off the track before settling into one of many thick riffs on the album.  This track is pure pedal to the metal rock n’ roll and I like it. Switching things up a bit, “End Of The Show” is more of a ballad track that proves the band is about more than just riffs.  This track is about a certain kind of connection fans can get with a band they see live, but probably not the connection you’re thinking of. It’s a fun track to switch things up a bit from the heavy rock throughout the rest of the album.

“Let The Night” opens up with another killer riff before the song goes into a Rolling Stones kind of groove.  This track is also a great showcase for Duke Ryan’s great vocals. Another favorite is “Take It From Me” which starts off with some awesome piano work before settling into a bluesey slow jam.  It’s a nice showcase for John Wilson on the keys.  Finally, “Lady Of The Night” kicks things off with some cowbell before settling into a thick rock riff. This band has riffs for days and this album shows it. I dig the solo on this one.

The Drugstore Gypsies have released one hell of a rock n’ roll album.  They pull from a lot of different influences including southern rock, classic rock and the blues.  I hope to check them out live some time soon, I missed them the last time they came through my area but I won’t make that mistake again.  Easy Access is available everywhere you can find good music as of Friday February 22, 2019.

Favorite Tracks : Never Settle, End Of The Show, Take It From Me, Let The Night,  Bat City, Lady Of The Night,

The Drugstore Gypsies – Easy Access (2019)

  1. Never Settle
  2. The Rapture
  3. End Of The Show
  4. Take It From Me
  5. Let The Night
  6. Bat City
  7. Lady Of The Night
  8. Comin’ Around
  9. Run And Hide
  10. Right On The Money

Legendary Country Music Producer Mr. Fred Foster Dies.

Many times I say this adamantly about Country Music as a genre, there are three building blocks or foundations to the formula that make it such a great genre. Those are the Songwriter, The Steel Guitarist and the Producer, when you have those three together you have a classic album the likes of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger.

Many of the producers that once adorned sixteenth avenue back in the glory days of Nashville are long since passed on. Alas, much like the historic buildings and places where the beloved Country Music was recorded, wrote and performed are also dust in the wind. Many of those figures are nothing more than something I can read about in my books, however this man I actually got to meet and enjoy while alive, Mr. Fred Foster. This man along with Monument Records worked music row miracles for many people, and brought us more classic Country and Rock And Roll along with others of his ilk.

In the early 1960’s, his success began to blossom as he became the producer of many of Mr. Roy Orbison’s singles such as “Oh Pretty Woman” and “Crying”..also “Only The Lonely”. Taking it’s name from the Washington Monument, this label was responsible for all of the hits from that time period. Mr. Roy recorded two singles with Sun Records and had little commercial success with anything before Mr. Fred took control of his music.

In 1965, he took a young 19 year old Miss Dolly Parton under his wing to record “Dumb Blonde” and others for this label before going on to her famous work with Mr. Porter Wagoner, and his television show. Her work for RCA records was equally amazing to me as a fan.

He co wrote “Me And Bobby McGee” with Mr. Kris Kristofferson, and signed him to writing work in the 1970’s. He is noted for starting Kristofferson’s career as well as others. Their publishing company, Combine Music paved the way for Mr. Kris to write songs like “Sunday Morning Coming Down” and ‘Help Me Make it Through The Night”, which Miss Sammi Smith made equally popular.


Miss Kim Lenz Stops By To Release New Album TONIGHT During Ameripolitan Showcase.

Here I am down in Memphis squirreled away in my hotel room, prepping for today’s activities and check in for my media credentials to cover Monday’s gala extravaganza at the Guesthouse In graceland. Now friends, this is a side article, so I’ll have two more MAIN ones that these will derive from. This is an article for Miss Kim Lenz all to herself, and upon delving further into this, you’ll ascertain just why I structured it this way.

We have all converged upon town today in this crappy weather to celebrate the 2019 Ameripolitan Awards created by Mr.Dale Watson a few years back, and to honor Country and Rockabilly Legend Mr. Larry Collins. Now mind you, I have a LOT of material to cover this weekend PLUS working on several other projects at the same time.

So, tonight I’ll be not only releasing this interview, but also I’m going to cover her record release party for her new album called “Slowly Speeding” . First here is our chat we had this past week, which talks about the album and more! I hope with all my heart you enjoy this interview as much as I did, and I look forward to meeting her tonight and watching her play.

GHC: How did you get started in music?

Miss Kim: Well, I grew up in a very abusive family that turned out to be family that adopted me. I tried to do music when I was a child, I wanted to play piano and they took the piano away. I always had music in me, but it was always not accorded.

It wasn’t really until I finished my college degree at University Of Texas when I met a lot of other musicians and getting into music there. But I had been a music fan, I was always seeing live shows ever since I could sneak out of the house at about fifteen, every night of my life for pretty much forever.

GHC: When did you start Kim Lenz And The Jaguars?

Miss Kim: So, that was about 1994. I was in school at the University Of North Texas, and I got a band together with some friends called Rocket Rocket. We played about two or three shows and it was really just a jam band, we played a couple coffee houses, and that was the first time I had played in front of a crowd.  I really realized this is what I want to do!

That’s when I started Kim Lenz And The Jaguars, I just wanted to play locally really, I wanted to get a gig at this place called Bar Of Soap which was a little bar in the front and a laundromat in the back. I started out of Dallas a little bit, and made a .45 with some friends, and did a few shows out on the road. Then Larry Sloven from Hi Tone Records called, and I was shocked. I hung up on him because I thought someone was playing a trick on me, but he called back. So, I put out a couple records for Hi Tone in the 1990’s before all the small labels went under…Those were good years!

GHC: Was that when you put out “Up To My old Tricks Again”, and “One And Only”?

Miss Kim: Yes, that was all in the 90’s with Hi Tone Records.

GHC: Who inspired you the most to start playing Rockabilly?

Miss Kim: Well, you know I’m a collector of records, and I have been for a long long time. I cannot really put my finger on one person, because there are all of the normal names you hear like for women it’s always Wanda Jackson and Janis Martin, who are amazing. I been lucky enough to play and sing with both of them. But, I love American music and all of the things that go into making Rockabilly and Rock And Roll. But I like old Blues, and old Country.

All of the music that has been created in the 1950’s in this country..I mean black people were making Rock and Roll in the 40’s and even in the 30’s but it was so segregated  back then so…they were making Rock And Roll but the lead instrument wasn’t guitar, it was in fact the piano. So really when Rockabilly started it was the Country folks picking up on what everyone was doing. Everyone really was picking up on what each other was doing, and then we had the lead guitar.

We had Scotty Moore down there at Sun Records. But also I think the thing that people don’t talk about is that Rockabilly at that time when it first started sprung up all over the United States, in all kinds of little record labels that nobody ever heard of. It was a…kind of a local music if you will.  It was before Rock And Roll before it got big, but Rockabilly got bigger, and it just turned into Rock And Roll. When the major labels got it, it was indeed Rock And Roll, It was more of a regional music then, but I’m affected by everything. I’m affected by something new everyday really that I find, like and old Blues or Do Whop record. The voices and history of America, I’m inspired by that.

GHC: I don’t get to feature Rockabilly and Bluegrass as much as I’d like to on my website, and that is why I became involved with the Ameripolitans. It gives me the chance to feature some of the West Coast bands that I don’t get to. I don’t get to see you or the Three Bad Jacks or the Pine Box Boys as much as I’d like to.

Miss Kim: The Ameripolitans have been great because they put a lot of us together that we never saw each other before. We were either on the road or in different bubbles. I have made so many wonderful friends doing this over the years. I love going to them, mostly just to meet people. Because it is one of the best places to meet people and find out about Roots Music in the country I think.

GHC: I have enjoyed your music for many many years, you have been to town once or twice but every time I had the opportunity I got sick and couldn’t make it.

Miss Kim: I’ll be back!

GHC: What about the new album your’e releasing during the Ameripolitans? Is it just you solo or is it with the Jaguars or what is it exactly? I heard the first two singles you put out.

Miss Kim: Slowly Speeding and Pine Me. Yes, you know Nick Curran was kind of in the original Jaguars, well he had a passed a number of years ago. Then Scotty Tecce who was the original drummer for the Jaguars passed away like a few weeks ago I think. So it was just a time to let go of the Jaguars name, because that was really in the 90’s.

It was myself and Nick Curran, and Jake Erwin who played on this record, and Scotty Tecce. So it was just time to put the Jaguars name away, and I just did that. But yeah I got Jake Erwin playing with me on this record, we been playing together a long time. He is one of the best upright bass players ever, he plays full time with Hot Club Of Cowtown.

GHC: Mr. Nick he gets mentioned by Hillbilly Casino a LOT

Miss KIm: Nick joined my band when he was 19. We were together a long time, then he branched off and had his own bands and had a wonderful career. Then just got sick with cancer, very poor. He passed away at 34, so it was tragic.

GHC: Are you playing any festivals this year?

Miss Kim: I’m playing Viva Las Vegas in April, then of course my record release party next weekend. I’ll be presenting at the awards as well, then I go to Spain for five weeks, come back and do Viva. I’m working on some crazy ideas for booking because I wanna do something different… STAY TUNED!

GHC: Excellent! Well I think this was pretty good chat here, and I thank you for your time.

Miss Kim: Thanks as well, Gary. Please let me know if I can help any other way.

You can order this album and listen to it HERE

Last night was TRULY FUN as I wrapped up the night with a return from downtown Memphis back to the Travelodge where once again at Dad’s Place Miss Kim Lenz hosted her party for the album. Many of the musicians she mentioned in the above interview, I got to see play live here.

Miss Andrea Colburn And Mr. Mud Moseley have become two really good friends along the road, and I got to meet their band last night. I also have some news on the new songs they played for an upcoming album yet to be named or have a release date on.

“Car Salesman” was in the fashion of their classic true to form trashy Country with comical grit and wit thrown into the mix. It mentions a two dollar whore who isn’t free. Their gutter humor and traditional approach to modern Country always enthralls me. Miss Andrea delivers  her vocals with authority and poignant grace, while Mr. Mud’s twang pushes the song forward..when she says PLAY IT it he shall.

“Garbageman” is off the new album “Easy Sleazy And Greasy” however they also included another new song called “Little Blue Truck”. Following that up with “Hellhounds”. They covered a Miss Kitty Wells song “Honky Tonk Angels” Then Miss Kim asked them to play one of my favorites as well, the ever popular “Bones”.

Their last two songs were “Sad Country Song” and one of the first songs she ever wrote, “Highway 9” from her first album.  The fiddle player Mr. Cory played some really fine songs in the middle portion like a song called “Cahoots” before playing some solos and a song called “Crazy As Me’.

Miss Kim dipped way back into her older albums with songs like “Zombie For Your Love” off the “It’s All True” album, as well as the song “That’s The Breaks”. This was truly a treat tonight as I got to see first hand some of the musicians she mentioned up above. She maintains her true Rockabilly sound on stage as she does on record, see Rockabilly isn’t a complicated structure of lyrics, it’s usually love gone wrong and that’s the breaks.

“Follow Me” was the album that boasts the songs “Deejay”, and another great song called “Cry Wolf”. Her lead vocals are featured the best on the song “Cry Wolf” , liars and fake lovers beware of this gal and her fury..

We were treated to a very good rendition of her “Slowly Speeding” from the album of the same name, before she went into two songs from the “Follow Me” album again called “Tumble And Fall” and she closed with “Follow Me”. This party was truly a wonderful way to wrap up an exciting day of music here in Memphis.


Complete List Of All Local Ky And Tn Shows.

If YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at I literally watch more than 40 venues in Nashville plus belong to many concert websites in order to bring you this coverage. NEW IN 2018, folks I am always looking for ways to enhance what I do for you. So this year I’ll be reporting on further Kentucky shows, and further Tennessee shows as well.

Mr. Joshua and I cover hundreds of shows a year, and many festivals in person. Online, we cover 200 festivals yearly and bring a LOT of news to the masses. Folks WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE support live venue music.

Eric Bolander
Album Release Party March 29th

Joey Allcorn
Nashville Palace March 29th

Joshua Ray Walker
The Southgate House March 31st

Reckless Kelly
Songbirds South March 31st

Molly Tuttle
City Winery April 5th

Reckless Kelly
Basement East April 5th

Chuck Mead And The Grassy Knoll Boys
Southgate House April 6th

Alex Williams
Southgate House April 7th

Jaime Wyatt
Basement East April 7th

Reckless Kelly
Lafeyette’s Music Room April 7th

The Wooks
Old Salt Union
Southgate House April 8th

Ward Davis
Justin Wells
Southgate House April 12th

Ward Davis
Warehouse Bowling Green April 13th

Ward Davis
Songbirds Chattanooga TN April 19th

Ward Davis
Capone’s Johnson City TN April 20th

Willie Watson
Station Inn May 2nd

Wade Bowen
3rd And Lindsley May 2nd

Joe Diffie
State Theater E town Ky May 10th

Rye Davis
Spillway Bar And Grill March 30th

The Reeves Brothers
American Legion post 82 April 2nd

Lucinda Williams
Ryman Auditorium April 2nd

David Ball
American Legion Post 82 April 2nd

Molly Tuttle
Basement East April 3rd

Sarah Gayle Meech
Robert’s April 3rd,4rth

Howlin Brothers
Station Inn April 4th

Reckless Kelly
Basement East April 5th

Sarah Gayle Meech
Layla’s April 5th,6th

Andrea Colburn And Mud Moseley
American Legion Post 82 April 6th

Tracey Byrd
Red Barn Convention Center April 6th

Oak Ridge Boys
Renfro Valley April 6th

Matt Woods
The Basement April 7th

Mandolin Orange
Minglewood Hall April 7th

Milk Carton Kids
Minglewood Hall April 10th

Reverend Horton Heat
Legendary Shack Shakers
Hooten Hallers
Southgate House Revival April 8th

Hayes Carll
The Basement East April 11th

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Hi Tone April 11th

Josh Ward
Minglewood Hall April 11th

Sierra Hull
Bluegrass Hall Of Fame April 12th

The Glade City Rounders
Station Inn April 12th

Allison Moorer
City Winery April 12th

Ward Davis
The Southgate House April 12th

Ward Davis
Justin Wells
Warehouse Bowling Green Ky April 13th

Allison Moorer
City Winery April 12th

Gene Watson
Renfro Valley April 13th

P And H Cafe Memphis Tn April 13th

Dale Watson
3rd And Lindsley April 14th

JJ Bohemia Chattanooga Tennessee April 16th

Erin Enderlin
Ashley McBryde
Kendell Marvel
Paul Cauthen
Exit In April 16th

Henhouse Prowlers
Basement East April 17th

Parker McCollum
Exit In April 17th

The Barnyard Stompers
The Cobra Nashville April 18th

Ward Davis
1884 Lounge Memphis April 18th

Chris Knight
Spillway Bar And Grill April 19th

Dale Watson
The Southgate House April 20th

Jamey Johnson
Renfro Valley April 19th and 20th

Ward Davis
Songbirds April 19th

Suzy Bogguss
Bluegrass hall Of Fame April 20th

Ward Davis
Capone’s April 20th

Flatland Cavalry
Basement East April 22nd

Flatland Cavalry
Minglewood Hall April 23rd

Steve Earle
Grimey’s In Store Show April 25th

Rory Feel
Paul Overstreet
Renfro Valley April 26th

Sunny Sweeney
Southgate House April 26th

Gatlin Boys
Renfro Valley April 27th

The Plott Hounds

True Music Room And Bar April 29th

The Grascals
Courthouse Square In Leitchfield Ky July 20th 2019

Tracy Lawrence
Plaza Theater Galsgow Ky May 3rd

Cody Johnson
Ryman Auditorium May 4rth

Gene Watson
Red Barn Convention Center May 4rth

John Anderson
Ryman Auditorium May 6th

Charley Pride
Carson Center Paducah Ky May 10th

Joe Diffie
State Theater Elizabethtown Ky May 10th

Railroad Earth
Basement East May 10th

Jerry Douglass
City Winery May 11th

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Dan Tyminski
Beaver Dam Ampitheater May 11th

Ruby Boots
The Burl May 12th

Tim Atwood
Two Rivers Campground May 5th, 12th, 19th,
June 2nd, 5th, 14th, 23rd, 30th
July 7th, 14th 21st, 28th
August 4th, 18th, 23rd 25th

Tyler Childers
Minglewood Hall May 15th

Jamey Johnson
KFC YUM Center Louisville Ky May 16th

Deer Tick
Ryman Auditorium May 17th

The Devil Makes Three
Headliner’s Music Hall May 17th

The Devila Makes Three
Bluegrass Underground May 18th

Dailey And Vincent
Renfro Valley May 18th

Cory Branan
The Burl May 22nd

Kristina Murray
The Basement May 23rd

Ian Noe
Eric Bolandere
The Basement June 1st

Emi Sunshine
The Southgate House June 1st

Old Crow Medicine Show
Ryman Auditorium June 1st

The Hardin Draw
The 5 Spot June 5th

Shooter Jennings
Cannery Ballroom June 8th

Dallas Moore
Barnyard Stompers
The Southgate House June 14th

Tracy Lawrence
Downtown Madisonville Kentucky June 14th

Old Crow Medicine Show
Beaver Dam Ampitheater June 15th

Billy Strings
June 20th

The Hardin Draw
Springwater Supper Club June 21st

Jimmy Fortune
Plaza Theater Glasgow Ky June 22nd

John R Miller
Pat Reedy And The Longtime Goners
The Southgate House June 27th

The Kentucky Headhunters
Basenet East June 28th

Steve Earle
Yellow Creek Park Owensboro KY June 29th

Jerry Douglass
Bluegrass Hall Of Fame July 12th

John Prine
Kelsey Waldon
Lu-Ray Park Ampitheater
Central City Ky July 13th

Russell Moore And III Tyme Out
Station Inn July 18th

Cory Branon
Basement East May 23rd

The Steel Woods
The Shed Maryville Tn July 27th

Kristina Murray
American Legion Post 82 July 30th

Ray Wylie Hubbard
#rd and Lindsley August 11th

Raelyn Nelson
The 5 Spot August 19th

Jimmy Fortune
Kentucky Opry August 24th

Tim Atwood
Two Rivers Campground September 1st

Whiskey Myers
Bourbon And Beyond September 22nd

Gene Watson
Kentucky Opry October 25th and 26th

Chris Stapleton
Fed ex Forum Memphis Tn October 5th

Trishia Yearwood
Schermerhorn Symphony Center October 5th

Chris Stapleton
KFC Yum Center November 2nd

Josh Abbott Band
William Clark Green
Marathon Music Works November 3rd

Chris Stapleton
Memphis Tn November 5th

Unknown Hinson
Exit Inn December 31st

Album Feature – Charles Wesley Godwin – Seneca

By Joshua Wallace

This does not feel like a debut record.  Charles Wesley Godwin’s Seneca is very deep and well thought out both in the lyrics and the music.  It’s a songwriter’s album, but at the same time the music is very layered. This album is a love letter to Godwin’s home state of West Virginia and the Appalachian region as a whole.  Let’s take a dive into some of these tracks.

The album kicks off with “(Windmill) Keep On Turning”.  This track tells a tale of the hard times and hard living in the the West Virginia countryside.  The track carries a nice beat and I love the harmonica work throughout. Another favorite track is “Hardwood Floors”.  It’s a simple story about two lovers going out on the town and tearing up the hardwood floors. The music is perfect for honky tonk dancing and I can see it playing well with live crowds.

The track “Shrinks & Pills” is about songwriters.  The deep songwriters that pour everything into every song.  They might not make much but they save a lot of shrinks and pills because of the songs they write.  I love the honky tonk piano in this track and the solo is something that has to be heard. “Seneca Creek” is another highlight.  It’s a story about a couple who builds a life by Seneca Creek in West Virginia. The song goes through the highs and lows of living in the region in the mid 20th Century.  It has a bittersweet ending and the story is well crafted. There is an acoustic version of this track that closes out the album in addition to the regular version.

Charles Wesley Godwin is one to keep your eye on.  His songwriting abilities are very impressive on this debut record and his singing sounds effortless.  I can’t wait to see him live at some point, hopefully in the near future. In the meantime, Seneca is currently out everywhere you can find good music.

Favorite Tracks : (Windmill) Keep On Turning, Hardwood Floors, Shinks & Pills, Seneca Creek

Charles Wesley Godwin – Seneca

  1. (Windmill) Keep On Turning
  2. Coal Country
  3. Hardwood Floors
  4. Seneca Creek
  5. Strawberry Queen
  6. Shrinks & Pills
  7. The Last Bite
  8. Sorry For The Wait
  9. Half A Heart
  10. Pour It On
  11. Here In Eden
  12. Seneca Creek (Acoustic Version)

Legendary Venue Joyland Re Opens In Florida.

I personally have a huge bucket list of iconic venues to go to nationwide, and when some of them close I always get excited when one re opens. This iconic Saratosa Florida venue closed it’s doors last spring, and released a press package last fall, that the venue was under new ownership. They plan to continue to book national touring acts, of many genres.

I just recently made my first jaunt down to Florida two weeks ago, and wasn’t in the state for very long, but I plan to return in the future. I learned a lot about the history of this venue but I am just going to share with you the press release, and plan future work there.

BRADENTON, Fla. – Jan. 22, 2019 – The landmark Sarasota area live country music night club re-opens February 9th, 2019. 7pm – 2am

Joyland Country Music Nightclub, the popular live music dance hall in Bradenton, is under new ownership and will be re-opening it’s doors to the public after being closed for nine months. For decades the venue was renown in Southwest Florida as a favorite place to enjoy western themes, line dancing, fun and friends. Joyland’s 15,000-square foot concert hall, located at 5520 14th St. W., hosted big names in country music, such as Florida Georgia Line, Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins, and many more.

The previous owner retired and closed the club May 12, 2018. Joyland was purchased by Scott Serbin and Peter Mendelsohn, two members of the Daisy Dukes Band, a local country band that had frequently performed at Joyland.

“Thanks to Rick and what he created with Joyland, we don’t need to re-invent the wheel, we just need to add some spokes,” says co-owner Scott Serbin. “We missed this place as much as the rest of the Joyland crowd and we want it to feel like home to them again. We can’t wait to bring it back along with some incredible entertainment from national and regional acts on a regular basis, up and coming super stars, and to support the best in local country music.”

The club will be having a soft opening on February 9th and a Grand Opening in April. February hours will be Friday and Saturday 7pm to 2am. Wednesdays and Thursdays hours will resume in March or April.

“I’m happy to see the club re-open and happy to see it stay country,” said former Joyland owner Rick Lambert. “Scott and Peter have great ideas and are the guys to bring Joyland into the future.”

To learn more about the re-opening of Joyland Country Music Night Club,
visit the website:

or the Facebook page:

About Joyland Country Music Nightclub

The venue began in 1958 as an event pavilion at Joyland Amusement Park in Pinellas Park. Previous owner Rick Lambert’s family purchased it in 1987. The Bradenton club changed it’s locations several times before settling on the 15,000-square foot facility at 5520 14th St. W., in 1994. Since then the club has become a regular concert hall stop for big name national country music acts. Prior to it’s closing in May, Joyland was arguably the favorite country music themed night club among Bradenton and Sarasota country music and line dancing fans, with over 20,000 Facebook likes.

Jimbo’s Honky Tonk Revival Is Here.

I need to tell you about this way cool Nashville residency happening right now in downtown Nashville. As far as I can tell, this will be a once a month residency and last month it featured my friends over at Porter Union.

Mr. James Carothers has been making some major waves around town here with his true traditional Country sound. And I have been told he has an exquisite backing band, which provides a great atmosphere.

Jimbo’s Honky Tonk Revival is a new downtown Nashville residency featuring local Honky Tonk Crooner, James Carothers. Once a month at The George Jones on 2nd Ave, Carothers (with full-band in tow) will be presenting original songs from previously released albums and from his forthcoming 2019 monthly singles projects, as well as a few well-chosen classics & gospel tunes from the greats like Haggard, Jennings, Jackson & of course Jones! Different from typical downtown slots, this is a ticketed concert, so there will be no tip bucket. Watch for opening act TBA.

“We decided to put together a monthly Saturday night show for all our friends and fans that we meet playing the bars here in Nashville,” says Carothers. “We’re looking forward to doing it at The George Jones, the place where we got our start and where we’ve met so many great people. It’ll be more akin to a true music show instead of just taking requests to sell beer and whiskey…but not to worry, you can still get beer and whiskey!” laughs Carothers. “We’ll be playing originals and a handful of good covers. There’ll also be twin fiddles so it’s going to be even more country-er than normal. We hope this will become a time where folks from all over make plans to gather for good community and real country music.”


Jimbo’s Honky Tonk Revival
(featuring The James Carothers Band w/ opening act TBA)

Saturday, March 16
Doors: 6:00 PM
Show: 7:00 PM

The George Jones (floor TBA)
128 2nd Ave N
Nashville, TN 37201

$10 in advance & at the door (if not sold out). General Admission. Bar service & food available. 21+ event only. Valid government-issued photo ID required for entry. No refunds or exchanges – no exceptions.

James has performed over a thousand shows at The George Jones & other venues throughout downtown Nashville since May 2015. George Jones’ own widow, Nancy, personally hired Carothers for the gig, giving him the opportunity to make a living playing music. In addition to supporting his young family and connecting with others musicians and songwriters, performing downtown has helped Carothers build a large fan base of fiercely supportive followers — fans who are drawn through the doors by the booming voice echoing down Broadway or 2nd Avenue and his spot-on impressions of several of country music’s greatest icons. Playing so many shows in a relatively short time-frame in a city where there’s an excess of raw talent forced him to sharpen his stage show quickly and continue to refine the thing he’s always enjoyed most — entertaining and interacting with folks in a way that leaves most people feeling like they’ve made a new friend. Over the past couple of years, James has enjoyed playing several opening slots, festivals, fairs, and private events in locations all across the United States and has even had the chance to travel to Canada, Japan, Scotland and Norway for shows.

“James Carothers sounds like a soundtrack for the grand tour that celebrates classic country’s history of rowdy crooners and sentimental outlaws.”— Will Hodge, Rolling Stone Country

Learn more:

The George Jones is located in the heart of Downtown Nashville just steps off Broadway on Second Avenue. The four-story complex offers live music, a Smokehouse BBQ restaurant, museum, rooftop, coffee shop, and gift shop honoring country music icon George Jones. Nashville Happens Here!

Learn more:

Mr. David Peterson Returns With 1946 Soon.

One day I went into the Nashville Palace to type up some stories and have a cheeseburger, and I happened to catch this man’s unique set in the front bar. Now, here you have this man up there belting out the most rare traditional Country Music one could possibly find in the honky tonk of Nashville.

I mean, we have SO MUCH rare and wonderful local talent here that every time I find a new person I just salivate over researching more them, so I can bring them to you. Mr. David Peterson is indeed one of those individuals. Let me tell you this..,.the man played Tarnished Angel by George Jones. NOT the Jones that these kids nowadays are idolizing THE JONES that recorded for Starday Records, and had a flat top haircut.

He dresses the part and entertains like a pro, and has more passion and revrance for real true Country Music than TWENTY of those packaged fools in the mainstream music community.

His latest edition of 1946 will feature Lincoln Hensley on banjo, Josh Gooding on mandolin, and Mike Bub on bass (when his schedule allows). David will play guitar and sing lead, with Josh taking the tenor. They will also use a number of different fiddlers when they go out.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for this man, and his music to feature the album in the best fashion I can in the upcoming months.

Dixie Dewdrop: The Uncle Dave Macon Story.


Many people that are Country Music history buffs like myself often argue one thing…just exactly WHO WAS Country Music’s First big star? Many quickly answer Hank Williams, or Roy Acuff..but I’ll be quite frank. In MY opinion it was a man from 1870 that graced the Opry stage in it’s total infancy, and his name was Mr. David Harrison Macon also known as Uncle Dave.

His charismatic stage shows and magnetic energy captivated audiences from the nation’s earliest beginnings when Country Music wasn’t even heard yet. His old time sound and authenticity rang true  befoe Hank was even born, and Mr. Roy Acuff arrived on the Opry doorstep.

During the 1880s his parents bought a hotel in Nashville Tennessee, that was frequently used by many artists that inspired him to play the banjo. His father was murdered, and his widowed mother sold the hotel and moved him. In the 1920s he began to perform professionally  and in 1927 he along with Mr. Sam and Mr. Kirk McGee formed the Fruit Jar Drinkers one of the Opry first bands.

Last year in the fall Mr. Michael Doubler from the University of Illinois became the author of this wonderful book that tells the tale of this gigantic man, and his music. From the liner notes:

One of the earliest performers on WSM in Nashville, Uncle Dave Macon became the Grand Ole Opry’s first superstar. His old-time music and energetic stage shows made him a national sensation and fueled a thirty-year run as one of America’s most beloved entertainers. Michael D. Doubler tells the amazing story of the Dixie Dewdrop, a country music icon.

Born in 1870, David Harrison Macon learned the banjo from musicians passing through his parents’ Nashville hotel. After playing local shows in Middle Tennessee for decades, a big break led Macon to Vaudeville, the earliest of his two hundred-plus recordings and eventually to national stardom.

Uncle Dave–clad in his trademark plug hat and gates-ajar collar–soon became the face of the Opry itself with his spirited singing, humor, and array of banjo picking styles. For the rest of his life, he defied age to tour and record prolifically, manage his business affairs, mentor up-and-comers like David “Stringbean” Akeman, and play with the Delmore Brothers, Roy Acuff, and Bill Monroe.

You can purchase this book Here

Honky Tonk Hotel Is Putting On A benefit Show For Mr. Kip Wilson.

I have been busier than a two pecker Billy Goat this spring here on the website, I JUST returned from a three day jaunt to Georgia and Florida for Mr. Cody Jinks and Miss Sunny Sweeney. And now I have to flip over to the Rockabilly community for the Ameripolitan Awards in Memphis Tennessee. I proudly sponsor that event on a corporate level, and it’s always nice to work with so many great people like Mr. Dale Watson, and Kettle One Vodka.

Sadly, for that reason I cannot attend this TRULY IMPORTANT EVENT in Lexington Kentucky…BUT YOU CAN. I feel it important to bring this event to your attention here, as my friends over at Honky Tonk Hotel and others like The Honky Tonk Heroes are throwing a really nice benefit show for our beloved radio show host Mr. Kip Wilson.

I stopped this past Sunday for a nice chat with Mr. Kip.

GHC: So when did you start hosting radio shows?

Mr. Kip: It was a couple years ago, I believe it was Halloween. My very first show would have been 2016.

GHC: Was there anybody that inspired you to do it, or did you do it on your own?

Mr. Kip: Well, the owner of WSKV out of Stanton were the people that came to me, and offered me a job.  It was really just kind of out of the blue, it wasn’t something that I had planned on doing. But it just seemed like a good fit, a lot of the musicians I was friends with kind of got me in there. He gave me the option that I could play anything I wanted if I took the show’s spot.

GHC: What did you start playing at first?

Mr. Kip: The first artists I played were Tyler Childers, The Wooks, the Jenkins Twins and Restless Leg String Band. Just trying to feature the local talent from the area here.

GHC: So, with this benefit here, you are going to start your own podcast? What are your plans for it?

Mr. Kip: The podcast I’m looking to start is going to be a live music podcast. So it will feature local and regional independent artists, trying to catch people going through the area going to shows. I’ll just have bands come in and sit down and talk about what they got going on, and play some live music for us.

GHC: Are you going to record out of your house, or a studio or what?

Mr. Kip: We’re going to be doing it out of a studio, yes.

GHC: What’s some of the stuff that you are enjoying now?

Mr. Kip: Chelsea Nolan for me is really making a name for herself. Still love the Wooks, their new album Glorybound is pretty awesome. There’s a lot of people that’s got new stuff that we need to look out for. The one person I’m excited about is Josh Nolan, he’s got a new album coming out soon and I cannot wait to hear it.

GHC: Are you going to go to W.B. Walker’s show?

Mr. Kip: I plan on it, yes.

GHC: Me too. I just put it out there two days ago, complete with some hotels and everything on it.

Mr. Kip: W.B. he’s a good fellow, and he always puts on a good show too, so I tune in as much as I can.

GHC: Are you based out of Kentucky?

Mr. Kip: Yeah, Kentucky. I live in Stanton, it’s on the edge of the Red River Gorge..not too far from Kickin’ It On The Creek.

GHC: what do you do on your personal time, when you’re not messing with music?

Mr. Kip: There really isn’t much personal time between work you know. I do like to get out in the Red River Gorge, I like four wheeling, I like to hike, that’s the reason I love living here. There is so much area out here to get out and enjoy.

GHC: What do you plan on doing at these benefit show? where are they and what are they going to accomplish?

Mr. Kip: One is Saturday Feb 23rd that’s at Mirror Twin Brewing company. From 4 to Midnight we have 8 acts coming in to play, and it’s about getting people together, and spreading the word. There are some new people I’m bringing in. I’m bringing in a girl out of West Virginia, that I really want some people to get familiar with.  It’s about love and community and having everybody together, and having a good time.

GHC: Will they both be in Lexington?

Mr. Kip: Yes they will. The following day Sunday the 24th we’ve got one at the Red Mile, and we actually have 14 acts coming out for that day. We’ll be doing a silent auction there as well, we had a bunch of different artists that donated merch that we will auction off. Alexis is going to be out taking photos, she is going to set up a photo booth.  She will take portraits, and we are just trying to get a lot of people involved.

GHC: Good deal, I’ll be in Memphis at the Ameripolitan Awards, otherwise I would come down for it. Well, thank you for your time and for stopping by to talk about this.

Mr. Kip: Thanks Gary if there is anything I can ever help with, you let me know.

Our friend Kip is working on starting a podcast project and needs some funding to be able to continue what he’s been doing for all of us — supporting and informing us on local music.

Join us at Mirror Twin Brewing Co on 2/23 for an afternoon then evening of good drinks, good company and good tunes.

$10 at the door
Music from 4-midnight.

Featuring music by:
Darrin Hacquard
Nic Allen of Nic Allen and The Troubled Minds
Bryan Minks of Bryan Minks and the Kentucky Sons
Jen Tackett
Chris and Jenn Shouse
Donnie Bowling
Darrell Bailey
KerryErin Coattails

Join us for night 2 of getting Kip‘s new endeavor off the ground! Help us support him and local music.

Come see us at Red Mile on 2/24 for a second FULL DAY of your favorite local music. $15 at the door!

The Jenkins Twins (Jinx Machine)
Aaron Boyd Music
Dan Conn Music
Ritch Henderson
Laid Back Country Picker (David and Teresa Prince duo)
Restless Leg String Band
Eric Bolander Music
Sean Whiting
Grayson Jenkins
Tony Harrah Music
Justin Wells



News On The New Stray Cats Album.

With the Ameripolitan Awards right around the corner, I have been in Rockabilly mode here for some time now. Now, what better time to announce this little tidbit of news to you then now? It seems that Rockabilly Legends The Stray Cats will record a whole album of brand new music in 2019, to mark their fourtieth anniversary together.

“We have an album’s worth of new songs that are classic rockabilly while keeping the music and style current and fresh, like always” promises Phantom. “In other words … [It’s] a Stray Cats album.”

All three original members Mr. Lee Rocker, Mr. Brian Setzer and Slim Jim Phantom will be on board at first touring, then returning to Nashville to record. This will be their first album of original material since 1993s Original Cool album. Now since these twenty five years have passed all three members have had their own success, but this year they will bombshell back with their classic Rockabilly sound.

“Forty years ago, us three teenagers started a little band to play a musical style that had long since passed and most folks had never heard of,” Setzer says in a statement. “Forty years later, we stand together and still get that same thrill and exhilaration from the music. That feeling is what makes the fireworks go off and the sparks fly. It makes the world go around.”

Mr. Dave Cobb Works Magic On Randy Rogers New Album “Hellbent”.

2016 the album from the Randy rogers Band called “Nothing Shines Like Neon” made a huge impact on my TOP 50 OF 2016 list, and attracted major attention from so many media sources there was no question he was a self made powerhouse. Since then he has been heavily touring with Mr. Wade Bowen and others, playing a TON of tour dates, so it’s no wonder that it has been a few years since we heard a new album from him. We will have a full review up in time.

This portion was taken from his Publicity Representative that sent us the press release:

NASHVILLE, Tenn.  (Jan. 21, 2019) — Randy Rogers Band announces the release of its new 11-track album Hellbent on April 26. Produced by four-time GRAMMY-winner Dave Cobb, Hellbent marks the band’s eighth studio album in almost 19 years, offering another dose of high-octane country music fueled by the group’s unique brotherhood, deep history, and fearless spirit.

The band’s first single “Crazy People”  — at radio on February 15 — reflects a unique aspect of Rogers’ life growing up.

“I used to be scared of neon signs at restaurants because it had been drilled in my head that people were drinking and therefore, they were crazy,” he says, recalling his strict upbringing. “We took the irony and had some fun with it.”

For nearly two decades, Randy Rogers Band has featured the same lineup. This makes the group an anomaly in a business where bandmates come and go. What’s even more rare is Randy Rogers Band’s homegrown success on the road, where the Texas-based musicians have built a diverse, loyal audience that stretches far beyond the limits of their home state.

Last year alone, the “perpetual live favorite” (Rolling Stone) played sold-out shows coast-to-coast in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Seattle and more, with more than 50 shows to over 60,000 fans outside of Texas, and earned more than 97 Million Pandora Spins in 2018.

Hellbent builds upon that remarkable growth, capturing the energy and collaborative chemistry of the band’s live performances over nearly a dozen studio tracks.

“The guarantee of good music and a good time is what keeps fans coming back,” writes the New York Times, noting the shared passion between Randy Rogers Band’s six members. Another longtime fan of the group is Cobb, (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell, “A Star Is Born”), who recorded Hellbent at RCA Studio A in Nashville.

Hellbent offers the full range of Randy Rogers Band’s countrified attack. On “You, Me and a Bottle,” Rogers delivers a love song to his wife. On “Hell Bent On a Heartache,” he tips his hat to songwriting idol Guy Clark, who wrote the track alongside Chris and Morgane Stapleton while “Wine in a Coffee Cup” paints a detailed picture of a high-powered woman taking on the business world. There’s humor, heartbreak, twang, and classic storytelling, all performed by a band of lifelong collaborators and co-writers whose chemistry has only deepened with time.

Hellbent also represents the latest chapter in Rogers’ multi-faceted career — a career that’s made good use of his musical and business skills. A college graduate with a degree in public relations, Rogers is also the co-owner of several Texas venues, including Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, Texas, where George Strait began building a fan base in his early career. Additionally, he’s a founding partner in Big Blind Management, steering the careers of Red Shahan and Parker McCollum along the way. A fan of collaboration both inside and out of his own band, Rogers has partnered with friend Wade Bowen on the infectious Hold My Beer projects and joined forces with Lone Star legend Robert Earl Keen as The Stryker Brothers. He recently joined Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson and Jerry Jeff Walker to sing on Michael Martin Murphey’s Austinology album.

With Hellbent, though, Rogers returns to his primary priority: the band’s own music.

“We’re in it for the long haul,” he says of his band. “We’re lifers. This is obviously our way of life. This isn’t some Johnny-come-lately group of guys. We’re like an oak tree. We’re not going anywhere. We’re not hinged on whether our next single will be a No.1. We’re not hinged on an album topping the charts. We have a great and loyal fan base and we do things right. When we play our shows, people expect to have a great night and to go home satisfied. As long as we keep doing that, no change in the industry, no record deal or anything like that can make or break this band.”


The full track list for Randy Rogers Band’s Hellbent:

1. “Drinking Money”
2. “I’ll Never Get Over You”
3. “Anchors Away”
4. “Comal County”
5. “Hell Bent on a Heartache”
6. “You, Me, and a Bottle”
7. “We Never Made It to Mexico”
8. “Crazy People”
9. “Fire in the Hole”
10. “Wine in a Coffee Cup”
11. “Good One Coming On”

Here are the Randy Rogers Band’s upcoming tour dates:

March 29 – Helotes, TX @ Floore’s Country Store
March 30 – Helotes, TX @ Floore’s Country Store
April 6 – Snook, TX @ Starlight Ballroom
April 12 – Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall
April 13 – Lubbock, TX @ The Blue Light
April 19 – Greenville, TX @ Hunt County Fair
April 25 – Stephenville, TX @ Melody Mountain Ranch
May 3 – Texarkana, TX @ Scottie’s Grill
May 10 – Lincoln, NE @ The Railyard
May 11 – Iowa City, IA @ First Avenue Club
May 24 – Biloxi, MS @ IP Casino Resort Spa – Studio A
May 31 – Ruidoso, NM @ Wingfield Park
June 1 – Graham, TX @ Young County Arena
June 29 – Durant, OK @ Choctaw Grand Theater

Mr. W.B.Walker Celebrates SIX Years!

Join me, as once again I go up to West Virginia to the V Club for my yearly trip to celebrate the OLD SOUL RADIO SHOW with me. Now for those of you that still do not know what that is let me tell you all about it. It is a podcast that began many years ago in Dingess West Virginia, by a young man who started his radio show in his living room!

I began reporting on his radio from the day he reached out to me to write up a report on his first year anniversary with Mr. Tyler Childers in his living room couch. I often visit his bar out there in West Virginia to listen to records and see his family sooooooo….owwww.

Well Hell, here she is! Do me a solid, don’t post no spoilers in the comments here. Let’s let em have some fun and find er out through a listening’. I’m so proud of this show. I’m beyond blessed to be able to do what I do. Enjoy, and thank ya friends! 5/11 is gonna be a hoot! 😉

‪Episode 237: The 6 Year Anniversary Show Lineup Announcement. With all of this being said instead of just getting on here and finding out the lineup, he want ed me to have you listen to the radio show and find out. HERE is where you can go listen to the podcast that introduces the bands involved.

Hey folks much like all my other article how about I share with you MY go to hotels for this event? I always enjoy posting all of my hotels that provide GREAT service and good breakfast, and GREAT places to eat too. You can damn sure bet I enjoy my road travels. So here are a few nice ones north and south of Huntington.

South of it off 64 you have The Days Inn Ashland

12700 State Route 180 Ashland Ky 41102 call them at 606 928-3600

North in Ohio I stayed here last year Comfort Suites 349

2940 Country Road 144 South Point Ohio 45680 call them at 740 894-1700


Album Feature: Mr. Pete Berwick: Island

This man in my opinion is a local music hero, and to be honest if local music had a Hall Of Fame, Mr.Ray Wylie Hubbard, Mr. Greg Garing, Mr. Chris Gantry, and this man from Chicago would be my first inductees. I mean honestly this man has been touring and playing shows longer than I have been alive. To have the opportunity  to feature him on here ( and those of his ilk) is a dream, because some of them raised me.

The very first line is poignant and declares that the streets and corners were his kingdom, but the song “I’m Getting Tired Of This Place” address the way the times have changed for men and songwriters as well. Complete with his signature cowpunk style harmonica he bashes today’s songwriters, and their soft powder puffed lyrics.

Men do really have to live in a world of apprehension now, in many ways. These movements have made it all too dangerous for a single man to be a decent man in today’s world. I been tired of this place for some time now. I enjoyed the flow of the song “Just Make It You And Me Tonight”, and I thought it complimented the other songs well. The line  “There’s nothing I can say, that you haven’t heard before, broken words and promises scattered cross your floor” was a sharp one, and his gritty vocals make it even more salty.

From his press release:

“Island” is Pete Berwick’s sixth studio album, with backing band The Mugshot Saints delivering the musical firepower, produced by Jason Botka at Skye Bleu Studios in Villa Park, Illinois, and according to his critics, his finest work and masterpiece, scraped from the trenches and ruins of the long, hard miles and highs and lows of his hard-fought battles in the music industry. 

The title track to this album was really good, and all of the songs were well written and featured some great vocals from Mr. Pete, and they have more relevance than 99 percent of the vile garbage on today’s radio. This man stands out as a visionary, and more folks in the industry need to pay attention to his music. “I Am Not Afraid” was a stand up song about self assurance in the midst of a world of false, packaged plastic music.

His signature strumming style shows first on the song “I’m Not That Kind”  which joins the last four songs on the album as being the longer songs well over the four minute mark, and contain more meat than any of them. This song is very dark and equally poignant as well, and I deem this album to be his finest work to date!

Produced and mixed by Jason Botka at Skye Bleu Studios, Villa Park, Illinois
All songs written by Pete Berwick, copyright Pete Berwick Publishing, BMI Nashville, Tennessee
Vocals and acoustic guitar: Pete Berwick
Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys: Jason Botka
Backing vocals: Jennifer McCleary Botka
Bass: Johnny Gadeikas
Drums: Luke Smith
Backing vocals on “I’m Gettin’ Tired of This Place”: Jeff Givens

  1. I’m Getting Tired Of This Place
  2. Anyway
  3. Just Make it You And me Tonight
  4. one Setback At A time
  5. Island
  6. I Am Not Afraid
  7. They Gave Love A Chance
  8. The Sooner I Let It Go
  9. I’m Really Not That kind
  10. Stories That Rhyme
  11. Nothing
  12. The Streets Of Pasadena

Mr. Steve Earle To Release New Album “Guy” To Tribute Mr. Guy Clark.

Just recently, I did a bunch of studying on this subject and came up with names like Mr. Rodney Crowell who played bass for Mr. Guy Clark before relinquishing his duties to Mr. Steve Earle in 1974. It’s amazing to me how this music scene is a big puzzle that all pieces together. Kind of like Miss Emmylou Harris had Mr. Sam Bush play for her at one time.

Last month the first single called “Dublin Blues” was released from the upcoming sixteen track album that pays homage to his late mentor Mr. Guy Clark. March 29th this album will be available on New West Records, “Guy” was produced by Earle and recorded by his longtime production partner Mr. Ray Kennedy. The project also includes the participation of fellow Guy Clark disciples and cohorts including Crowell, MissEmmylou Harris ( see how that pans out), Mr. Terry Allen, Mr. Jerry Jeff Walker, harmonica Legend Mr. Mickey Raphael, the GREAT Mr. Shawn Camp, Mr. Verlon Thompson, Mr. Gary Nicholson, and photographer Mr. Jim McGuire.

Even though it comes a full decade later, “Guy” is the natural follow-up to Earle’s Grammy-winning LP “Townes,” a tribute to his other chief songwriting mentor, Mr.Townes Van Zandt. Van Zandt died in 1997 while Clark succumbed to lymphoma in 2016. Earle previously appeared on the 2011 Grammy-nominated Clark tribute album, This One’s for Him.

2. L.A. Freeway
3. Texas 1947
4. Desperados Waiting For A Train
5. Rita Ballou
6. The Ballad Of Laverne And Captain Flint
7. The Randall Knife
8. Anyhow I Love You
9. That Old Time Feeling
10. Heartbroke
11. The Last Gunfighter Ballad
12. Out In The Parking Lot
13. She Ain’t Going Nowhere
14. Sis Draper
15. New Cut Road
16. Old Friends

Tour Dates

JAN 11 • City Winery • Boston, MA
JAN 14 • City Winery • Chicago, IL
JAN 15 • City Winery • Chicago, IL
JAN 17 • City Winery • Nashville, TN
JAN 18 • 30A Songwriters Festival • Santa Rosa Beach, FL
JAN 20 • City Winery • Atlanta, GA
JAN 22 • Sellersville Theater • Sellersville, PA
JAN 23 • City Winery • Boston, MA
JAN 24 • City Winery • New York, NY
JAN 25 • City Winery • Washington, DC
JAN 27 – FEB 1 • Outlaw Country Cruise • Tampa, FL
FEB 10 • City Winery • Boston, MA
FEB 11 • City Winery • New York, NY
FEB 12 • City Winery • Washington, DC
FEB 13 • City Winery • Washington, DC
FEB 15 • City Winery • Atlanta, GA
FEB 16 • City Winery • Nashville, TN
FEB 19 • Liberty Hall • Lawrence, KS
FEB 21 • The Kessler Theater • Dallas, TX
FEB 22 • The Heights Theater • Houston, TX
FEB 25 • City Winery • Chicago, IL
FEB 26 • City Winery • Chicago, IL
MAR 2 • Hangar Theatre • Ithaca, NY
JUL 18 • The KEE to Bala • Bala, Canada
JUL 19 • Kemptville Live Music Festival • Kemptville, Canada
SEP 3 – 6 • Camp Copperhead • Big Indian, NY

Mr. Chuck Mead To Release New Album Before Ameripolitan Awards.

OK Folks now that I have my technical issues taken care of, It’s time to regroup and focus on next week. As you already know I am preparing to converge upon Memphis Tennessee next weekend to cover the Ameripolitan Awards.This year I am sponsoring this event, and I shall be live blogging from this event.

I’m SUPER excited because I am getting to cover some West Coast Rockabilly bands that don’t get to my area very often, and I get to reconnect with many wonderful friends that don’t always get to see. I have MANY interviews upcoming and MANY pre events I’ll be trying to attend including this one.

Plowboy Records is a label that I REALLY LOVE because of what they have done for Country Legend Mr. Jim Ed Brown before he passed away, and also the other fine albums they have made with the Blackfoot Gypsies, Kentucky Headhunters and MORE!

So please join me as I enjoy some new music from Mr. Chuck Mead, who remains a local hero in my area as he still maintains traditional Country Music in Nashville and all around the country. NOT ONLY was he a founding member of one of my personal favorite bands BR5-49, he is STILL a damn fine entertainer. The last time I saw him was during the Nashville Boogie.

I truly look forward to hearing what he and The Grassy Knoll Boys bring to the table this time around, and I hope to get to chat with him. You can really learn a LOT from listening to these guys talk to others and when they start telling stories LISTEN UP! Mr. Chuck Mead inspired a terrific idea on this website, and here is how it came to be.

Mr. Chuck posted a statement once on social media that I used as a critical mark on my own persona to improve myself. He said “If your’e going to write about Country Music in Nashville, at least KNOW your steel guitar”. That sparked an idea on me, and it resulted in my ongoing GREAT HIT SERIES “Steel Guitarists Along The Road” which featured SO MANY great pickers interviews so far…and STILL ROLLING!

I have scoured the local bar scene to find the most obscure and young players carrying the torch of the Steel Guitar, learning tones and techniques. Many of the who’s and where’s are answered within my series, keep on here for more of them in the future. So keep an eye out for my report on this event if I indeed get to attend.

I really enjoy the history of Memphis, and the legacy Mr. Sam Phillips has left behind. I adore Sun Records and love to learn everything I can about the label, and the lifestyle of the whole generation of people that contributed to it. The Rockabilly scene and the names, people and what they all did. My brain is already just absolutely BUZZING with wonder at what I’ll get to learn and read. I want EVERY BOOK and EVERY record I can find.


The Florida Theater Welcomes Mr. Cody Jinks And Miss Sunny Sweeney.

By Gary Hayes

Photo Credit  : Joshua Wallace

I just had an absolutely astounding weekend on every front, and to be honest I don’t even know where to start. I wanted to make this more focused on the music, for the artists involved but I had SO MANY good meals, two great hotels…and one not so great problem in Atlanta.

I’m going to come right out and say it AGAIN, Miss Sunny Sweeney MUST BE inducted into the Opry as a member. This article is going to tell you how to write the Opry manager and pester the ever loving CRAP out of her to do so. If you don’t agree that Miss Sunny would play often enough for us to come enjoy her, you are SADLY mistaken! That young lady represents TRUE Country Music tradition, integrity and honor for the legends, I know this as FACT because I watch her comment on their posts, I notice things that most folks don’t.

So now my friends before we go any further I want you to write to the Opry president Miss Sally Williams and implore her to please seriously make Miss Sunny Sweeney a member of the Grand Old Opry. Look at it this way people…if WE LOVE Miss Sunny Sweeney as much as we say we do, don’t YOU WANT YOUR children and grandchildren to be able to attend the Opry, and regard her as a Legend of THEIR era? I know I do, my daughter is 22, and I want her to be 40 and regard Miss Sunny in the fashion we all regard Miss Loretta Lynn. MAKES SENSE doesn’t it?  Now that I have my personal music business politics aside, let me tell you ALL ABOUT where I stayed, where I ate, what’s good and what’s shit…and one of the BEST concerts BOTH artists put on in months.

Email miss Sally Williams at

The show itself was at The Florida Theater in downtown Jacksonville Florida. I literally drove around eight hours one way to come to this show with Mr. Joshua Wallace who also contributes a LOT to this page, and it has manifested into something I couldn’t maintain without him now. He does a lot of paperwork and PR work for me, while I am busy focusing on the 200 plus festivals we cover every year for you. He does all the album reviews and helps me with with travel plans, and more! Heck we are going to Atlanta soon for George Strait..NEVER did I EVER dream we would even be considered for an arena show, we haven’t been confirmed YET BUT we are being considered!

The actual tickets were a prize donated to us by the Flockers Facebook page on behalf of Mr. Cody Jinks, so on that note please allow me to thank Mr. William Higgins and the THOUSANDS of insane people that make up this group here. I KNOW for a FACT he couldn’t do that without every one of us. ( I am Flocker 2975).

I went to Atlanta first to visit my buddygirl Miss Tenishia Sylvester, and she took me around town. I got to eat chili coneys at The Varsity. Y’all KNOW ME and how I have my go to places to eat and stay in every city across the United States, you MUST GO get the fries and coneys WHAT’LL YA HAVE?

I’ll be back in Atlanta this spring to cover the King George Strait show in the dome. Now then, I want to tell you about the unacceptable treatment I got from the Comfort Inn And Suites Smyrna Georgia Ballpark Area  hotel.I’ll be honest before I go on, the room was not bad and the breakfast was VERY GOOD. The staff was friendly especially the lady that ran the breakfast bar, she was exceptionally pleasant.

However folks I’ll be blunt…the hotel charged my card before I even got there. Apparently the owner runs all cards every day. If you have no intention to use that card, and pay another way DO NOT USE THAT CARD HERE. In fact I myself will be moving my reservation to another hotel, I was forced to pay twice to check in. I was told that my money would be immediately refunded by the night clerk because she caught it early enough. Guess what? NOPE. I tried to clear this issue up with the day clerk, who told me the owner would be there shortly. I waited in the lobby, and was told by the day clerk to leave my email and bank’s phone number. Well it is Monday now, and I AM STILL OUT my money, and my efforts to contact them have been answered very weakly. DO NOT STAY HERE, you will not be treated well by the owner. The fact remains I did in fact have my money refunded, but TIME is money and I should have been paid cash instead. VERY POOR business ethics by that owner to make me go almost 5 days to wait for something he took from me instantly.

I got a mid morning start out of Atlanta an on to Valdosta Georgia where Mr. Joshua lives, and the plan was to check into my next hotel, then hop in his car where he drove us to Jacksonville Florida. I stayed at the Red roof Inn university located on North Ashley Street. NOW THIS was a better hotel, complete with a hot tub in my room. For a man with rheumatoid arthritis this was a GODSEND, and the bed was VERY NICE. The staff was equally friendly and the cleaning lady was quite a pleasure to talk with, and THAT OWNER knew how to treat guests. That shall be my GO TO hotel on future visits to Valdosta.

We went out for a nice pizza supper before the show Friday night, and he took me to V Pizza right on the beach in Jacksonville, and I had an all meat pizza. This was absolutely delicious, and his kitchen crew was throwing down back there. I saw them moving around each other and working together like ants. Damn fine crew bad there working, and everyone was nice there, also saw some very appealing wings coming out of their kitchen. The young man at the register was VERY cordial and well mannered, and his staff makes this a truly fine dining experience.

The Florida Theater was a breathtaking venue with a balcony, and tonight was a sold out packed house for Mr. Cody Jinks with Miss Sunny Sweeny supporting him. I’ll be honest here, later on in the show Mr. Cody reiterated to the audience the importance of those that work behind the scenes. How integral the sound crew was, the instrument techs, the security. The security was provided by S.A.F.E. security, and I myself thought they did a damn fine job of keeping things in order.

Miss Sunny Sweeney always does a damn fine job of entertaining me as a big fan of hers from day 1. See much like other media sources that cover her and those of her ilk, I actually was a fan from her early years coming out of finding her on Myspace, when she was pounding out “Heartbreaker’s Hall Of Fame”. She knew  early on that she was destined for I DID. I saw through her heart, she spoke to me, she covered “Sixteenth Avenue” with passion and dignity just as she does at the Opry.

Tonight was by far one of her finest performances yet, probably a top 2. She was comfortable, enthusiastically encouraging us to sing and cuss, and even dedicated “Pass The Pain” to me and those like me that eat breathe and sleep Country Music. I do not watch TV or movies, I read and study Country Music, I am a nerd.  However the most flattering thing for me was that she wrote this song with one of my heroes, and an overlooked Legend Mr. Monty Holmes. He produced and wrote some of Country Music’s greatest works, like “I know She Still Loves Me”, and produced a few of my favorite Barbara Mandrell albums.

“Tie Me Up, But Can’t Tie Me Down” was one of the newer songs she played tonight, there were a few which means a new album is already brewing in this young lady’s mind. And You can damn sure bet I’ll be keeping her on loop in hopes of a scoop on new stuff. Honestly the latest album Trophy is still pretty hot on playlists and fresh in our minds. “Pills” was one she didn’t write off that said album there, however the lyrics are quite ingenious. That song was written by Miss Brennen Leigh and Mr. Noel McKay. If you recall Miss Brennen Leigh often joins her on her Christmas acoustic tours like Hard Candy Christmas.

“Staying’s Worse Than Leaving” is a selection from the 2011 album Concrete that I like to hear live. Off the Trophy album she played the song “Better Bad Idea” that she wrote with Mr. Galen Griffin and Mr. Jason Lee Owens Jr.

One of the new songs I heard her play last year during a two day run I followed her on, was a song called “Body In A Boxcar”. This was in support of her Trophy album tour, and could be a possibility  on a new album. “Old Me” was included in tonight’s set, as was her most commercially successful songs she wrote with Mr Bob DePierro called “From A Table Away”. If you would like to read more about my two show run I wrote about her, please go HERE 1 and also HERE 2.

Now folks I want to touch on a really big piece of news here. Besides her Opry stuff I wanted to touch on a brand new song that I never heard before. I was given verbal permission to talk about it here,and you may have heard it here first. A brand new song she has called “Poets Prayer”, that she wrote about her industry friends.

I never realized how difficult the job was living on the road until I began following them around like I do to write about them. Suitcases, hotels, and new cities every weekend sounds fun. But the truth is they only get to see each other when they tour together. This song is full of lament for the lonely life they posses and the well wishes toward her fellow guys and gals she loves on the road.

She played “Drink Myself Single” and “Why People Change” until she got up to her song that required our help. I mean what better way to prepare an audience for Mr. Cody Jinks than raising glasses and yelling “Kiss My Ass”. I’m quite sure that theater was full of working class folks like myself, in fact part of this article was wrote on a forklift. Yes folks on third shift your trusty Mr. Gary works in a factory.  As she closed with “Bad Girl Phase”  she went outside to sign autographs with fans, , and I got to visit with her briefly. It’s always nice to see her smile and enjoy her fans, I’m telling you she really truly does love each and  every one of you that support her music.

Mr. Cody Jinks came out to the intro of The Ecstasy Of Gold, which is actually a long-standing Metallica intro. Cody Jinks often displays his affection for heavy metal music, as when he appeared on stage for the Steel Woods show he had a Judas priest shirt on. Read more about that HERE.

They went right into a song my buddy Mr.Josh Morningstar wrote called “Must Be The Whiskey”. This song is from his latest album called Lifers, which met good and bad critical acclaim. I thought it was a pretty good album myself.

“Momma’s Song” was next which talks of momma always worrying about her baby, I think many of us can truly relate to this song off the Adobe Sessions album. Also off that same album was the next song called “David”, which talks about an old school buddy of his.

He played one of my favorite songs called “Vampires”, followed by “Somewhere Between I Love You And I’m Leaving”. That title is pretty self-explanatory but it is a good song, along with “Been Around”.  I’ll be honest, this time around he played more obscure songs than his usual set.

“Big Last Name” was one of the newer songs off the Lifers album, the rabble rousing song with some great piano work in it. One thing I noticed about Mr.Cody is that now he is a LOT more comfortable playing to larger audiences, and has a TOP NOTCH BAND. Next song up was a song called “Head Case” also off the Lifers album.

“Somewhere In The Middle” is a neat song to me because driving a forklift on a loading dock is what I do all night, and I write about music all day. These songs were all off the Less Wise album, and then he got the entire crowd singing to his trademark song he wrote with Mr. Ward Davis called “I’m not The Devil”.

“No Words” was a song off the I’m Not The Devil album that is often played during his live set, and features some great Steel guitar work by Mr. Austin Tripp. He played “What Else Is New” before playing his only cover, which was a splendid version of Mr. Keith Whitley’s “I’m Over You”.  Then they broke into “Holy Water” which had a cocktail named after it at the theater. Basically it was Jack and Coke, and also included was “Chase That Song”.

Coming to the close of the show they played the title track of “Lifers” and also “Cast No Stones”. Another couple songs that got the crowd singing along with were Cast No Stones and he played his trademark song called “Hippies And Cowboys” from his early days of playing shows. I have heard Mr. Cody tell me time and time again he has played that song to 15 people more times than he played it for 500.

He is a humbled individual to every degree and he proclaimed “Y’all could have chosen to pay to go anywhere, and YOU chose ME. YOU gave ME the opportunity to do this for a living”. As he played “Loud And Heavy” I just sat back and closed my eyes and reminisced at the times I went to see him play gas stations and weird places.

This is NOT to say that he hasn’t worked to be on this next echelon of his career, he has burned up the roads and played sleepless shows too many times. I’m sure he and his band slept in cars and on floors more times than they slept in nice hotels. He deserves EVERY accolade he has been given.

My trip back home was splendid, and I wanted to touch on a truly great story of TERRIFIC service, and a super great waitress I had at St. Angelo’s Pizza In Smyrna Georgia.I had heard about this particular place, and that they actually served a Chicago style pizza. Now, this is really a tourist thing, the locals in Chicago really eat thin crust. But they did have one.

I got a waitress after waiting a bit long but she explained it was shift change so I was OK with that. I ordered my pizza and was waiting, and she finally brought me…the wrong pizza. Apparently she misunderstood me, and had no idea what I meant. I had to show her what a Chicago pizza was and she said YEAH we have that, but thought I wanted something else. Now MIND YOU the incorrect pizza was VERY delicious, and they comped it and I ate some.

I finally got my pizza I wanted in a box, because it took so long to get. I had to get back on the road, but I honestly saw that she was genuinely upset that I was upset. I want to THANK Miss Kaitlyn Hammond for her GREAT WORK toward me as a patron. She had NO IDEA I work for this website and she was under scrutiny here. I URGE YOU to go here for food if you are on I 75, and visit them.


Album Feature – Boo Ray – Tennessee Alabama Fireworks

By Joshua Wallace

Boo Ray is back with his first album since 2016’s Sea Of Lights.  That album saw him stretching out his country fried rock and roll sound a bit while this new one sees him landing more firmly in honky tonk territory.  There are plenty of rockin’ moments to be found here, but this album is in my opinion his most country leaning. Let’s take a deeper dive into this record.

The album kicks off with a barn burner of a track called “A Tune You Can Whistle”.  It may start off slow with some nice pedal steel but it builds to a barnburner of a tune you can whistle to.  I love the guitar solo work and steel guitar solo work that turn this opening track into a six minute tune. I also dig “Gone Back Down To Georgia”.  I have a confession to make here, I am personally biased towards any track that is about my home state. I count “Georgia On A Fast Train” among my personal favorite tunes.  “Gone Back Down To Georgia” is groovy and funky in a way that fits right in with other songs about the state. I love the funky horn section in this one.

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of posting about the debut of a new video for “20 Questions”.  It’s another track that makes use of the horn section found on this album and it has an appropriately funky groove that is sure to get dance floors moving.  Another favorite is “Honky Tonk Dream”. This is a slower honky tonk number about living the honky tonk dream. Even with this being a slower number, the track has a very nice groove to it.  Finally, “Outrun The Wind” is a nice true ballad for this record. This is a great tune about the hard times and how you can never outrun the wind.

Boo Ray has released one hell of a good album with Tennessee Alabama Fireworks.  In my opinion, it’s not only his most country record, it’s his best record to date.  This album is out everywhere on BRRB Music today (February 15th, 2019). Do yourself a favor and pick up this one.  You will be glad you did.

Favorite Tracks : A Tune You Can Whistle, Gone Back Down To Georgia, Honky Tonk Dream, 20 Questions, Outrun The Wind

Boo Ray – Tennessee Alabama Fireworks

  1. A Tune You Can Whistle
  2. Don’t Look Back
  3. Gone Back Down To Georgia
  4. Honky Tonk Dream
  5. 20 Questions
  6. She Wrote The Song
  7. Dee Elle
  8. We Ain’t Got The Good
  9. Outrun The Wind
  10. Skin & Ink

Final Lineup Announced For Suwannee Spring Reunion Festival

By Joshua Wallace

Gary Hayes and myself have a lot of things lined up for this year, however, I’m personally looking forward to this one.   This will be my first year going to the Suwannee Spring Reunion Festival and I hope it will be a good one.  I love that the festival is blending styles like country, Americana, folk and bluegrass.  The variety will be good here.

The festival just announced their final lineups and I’m looking forward to it even more.  I already had Steep Canyon Rangers, Jim Lauderdale, Billy Strings, Town Mountain and others to look forward too.  Now they have added Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives, Chatham County Line and Cicada Rhythm.  Needless to say, I’m looking forward to checking out everything on this bill and you should too if you’re in the North Florida area or close enough to travel.  Here is the full run down from the press release.


LIVE OAK, FL — As spring approaches, the excitement builds as folks of all ages make plans to gather at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida to continue a beloved festival tradition that features a range of music genres rooted in original music – Americana: Bluegrass, Newgrass, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Blues, and more. Literally something for everyone! The gorgeous park with its mossy live oak laden grounds host the 3rd Annual Suwannee Spring Reuniontaking place Thursday through Sunday, March 21-24, 2019.

The Suwannee Spring Reunion adds a batch of artists to round out the final lineup for 2019 including Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives, Chatham County Line, Joe Craven & Hattie Craven, Daddy (Will Kimbrough & Tommy Womack), Shawn Camp Band, Cicada Rhythm, Balkun Brothers, and Artists At Large: Brett Bass and Nicholas Edwards Williams.

They will join the stellar acts already announced which include Steep Canyon Rangers, Billy Strings, Donna The Buffalo, Larry Keel Experience, Jim Lauderdale, Verlon Thompson, The Grass Is Dead, Jon Stickley Trio, Town Mountain, Rev. Jeff Mosier, The Mammals, Roy Book Binder, Pigeon Kings, Nora Jane Struthers, Ralph Roddenbery, TKO featuring Duke Bardwell, Nikki Talley, The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn, Quartermoon, Sloppy Joe, Habanero Honeys, Jeff Bradley – Comedy + Cool Stuff, and Tania & Magic Moon Traveling Circus.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Peter Rowan will not be able to perform this year as previously announced.  He is sad to miss it, but excited to let you know that he will be performing at the sister festival, Suwannee Roots Revival, this October.

Most of these artists bring with them storied histories of epic Suwannee performances! “This festival truly is a reunion. Most of the artists have played here before and are part of our Festival Family,” says Festival Director Beth Judy. “It feels like coming home to the artists and the festival community. Even those attending for the first time, whether artist or festival patron, are welcomed into our community and feel a part of something special. Special and more fun than they’ve had lately – maybe ever! It truly is something you have to experience to believe.”

Matching the history on the stage, long time festival creators Beth Judy and Randy Judy, along with an amazing staff, are partnering with the Spirit of the Suwannee to make sure that every piece needed is in place to make an epic weekend of music and fun.
Once again the beloved tree-lined amphitheater is home to early morning sing-a-longs and night time musical pyrotechnics from the park’s stellar cast of alumni and new favorites. There will be music on four stages including the AmphitheaterPorchMusic Hall, and Music Farmers Stages. Suwannee Spring Reunion attendees will also enjoy music in the campground with jamming at Slopryland and the Bill Monroe Shrine as well as camp pickin’ parties.

Hands-on and performance workshops will be held throughout the weekend with a variety of artists set to perform. Expect to get professional instruction at the hands on workshops and some out of the ordinary intimate musical experience from the different presentations.

Placing a strong emphasis on embracing the traditions that have made the park a national treasure, there will be a wide array of arts & crafts as well as an array of culinary delights ranging from healthy to decadent in the Vending Village. The park itself is a place where kids of all ages can remember why they fell in love with the magic mixture of sights, sounds, and sensations that constitutes a weekend of paradise that is the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park.

Tickets are on sale now at Spring Reunion offers a multi-day Weekend Ticket that includes festival admission for four days of music, as well as primitive camping on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Current Tickets Rates are $145; Students and military with a valid ID are $130. Get your tickets now before they rise to the next pricing tier on Monday, February 25th. Children 12 and under are free if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Single Day Tickets will be available at the Gate only. Please note, Single Day Tickets do not include primitive camping.

SOSMP is located between Jacksonville, Florida & Tallahassee, Florida about 30 minutes south of the Georgia State line, about 45 minutes north of Gainesville and is host to a variety of events.

Album Feature – Dale Watson – Call Me Lucky

By Joshua Wallace

Call Me Lucky is Dale Watson’s first solo original album since 2015’s Call Me Insane.  He has done a live album, a cover album, a best of album and even a duet album with Asleep At The Wheel’s Ray Benson since then.  In this three and a half year absence, we have not been left wanting for more Dale Watson. That being said, this is a Dale Watson solo record and the three and a half years have been well worth the wait for this one.

The first single out with the album was titled “The Dumb Song”.  It’s about all of the dumb stuff we shouldn’t do in life but struggle with on a daily basis, even good southern fried chicken.  I love the harmonica accenting this track. The track almost reminds me of a Johnny Cash tune that was never released. Speaking of Cash, the next song on the album name drops him and June Carter.  “Johnny and June” is an amazing duet with Celine Lee who is also featured on the cover with Dale. I got to hear this song for the first time live at Tumbleweed last year, and was as blown away then as I am now hearing it on this record. This is a true highlight folks.

Another track that I heard live at Tumbleweed Country Music Festival is “Tupelo Mississippi & A 57 Fairlane”.  The horns and grove on this track take you straight back the rockabilly style of the 50’s. It’s a great throwback track.    Dale is great with ballads also and “Mamas Smile” is no exception. This one brings us back to another Johnny Cash type tune and I could just hear the Man In Black doing this one on one of his later albums.  Finally, “Who Needs This Man is another deep album favorite. This one goes to more of the honky tonk style that Dale is so good at. It starts off as a slow burn but builds into a foot stompin’ barn burner.

There really is not a bad track on this album and I could go on and on about every single one of them.  Just do yourself a favor and buy a copy. You won’t regret it. Dale Watson is one of my favorite artists going these days in any genre and this album is just another great chapter in what he does.  Call Me Lucky is available everywhere you get good music on February 15th. 2019. Gary Hayes Country will also have full coverage of the 2019 Ameripolitan Awards hosted by Dale Watson in Memphis, TN.    

Favorite Tracks : The Dumb Song, Johnny And June, Tupelo Mississippi & A 57 Fairlane, David Buxkemper, Inside View, Mamas Smile, Who Needs This Man

Dale Watson – Call Me Lucky – 2019

  1. Call Me Lucky
  2. The Dumb Song
  3. Johnny And June
  4. Tupelo Mississippi & A 57 Fairlane
  5. Haul Off and Do It
  6. Restless
  7. David Buxkemper
  8. Inside View
  9. You Weren’t Supposed To Feel This Good
  10. Mamas Smile
  11. Who Needs This Man
  12. Run Away

News On The GREAT Mr. Billy Strings…

HEY EVERYONE I recently caught up seeing Mr. billy Strings if you’ll remember in Nashville at 3rd And Lindsley and you can read about that HERE. He is going to be making an Opry appearance on March 2nd, and I am planning on taking a ride down to see him perform if I possibly can.  In addition to that, on June 20th he shall perform at the Ryman as part of Bluegrass Nights At The Ryman.

He obtained the nickname Billy Strings from his aunt who inspired him, and saw his potential in many traditonal  Bluegrass instruments. His stepfather, Terry Barber, was a picker in the Michigan bluegrass scene, although he never played professionally. Barber was a heavy influence on his son, introducing him to traditional bluegrass at a young age. He has been burning up the roads like he burns up guitar strings, and also releasing new videos, I wanted to take some time to share them with you from his official press release:


Back in September we promised to release a new video on YouTube when we hit a daunting 3,000 subscribers on the Tube. At the time, we were at 1,200 subscribers or so, and are overjoyed to report that we surpassed our goal of 3,000 subscribers today!

We’re so very grateful for your support in helping us achieve this milestone, and are happily posting not one, not two, but THREE new live videos as a token of our appreciation.

We have some big plans for 2019, and you can surely expect some more action on YouTube in the near future. So, thanks for being here. Thanks for sharing, liking, upvoting, retweeting, bleating and herding.

Billy Strings – Señor (Tales of Yankee Power) [Bob Dylan]
Live from Antone’s – 11/8/18
Video by Dal Davis
Billy Strings – Little Maggie (Stanley Brothers)
Live from YarmonyGrass – 8/11/18
Video by Anne Leocha Friant
Billy Strings – Black Clouds (String Cheese Incident)
Live from Antones – 11/8/18
Video by Dal Davis


  • 08FEB’19

    DETROIT, MIDoors at 7:00 pm

    VENUEThe Fillmore Detroit



  • 09FEB’19

    DETROIT, MIDoors at 7:00pm

    VENUEThe Fillmore Detroit



  • 13FEB’19

    RIDGEFIELD, CTSolo Performance

    VENUEThe Ridgefield Playhouse



  • 14FEB’19

    STORRS, CTSolo Performance

    VENUEJorgensen Auditorium



  • 15FEB’19

    BOSTON, MASolo Performance

    VENUEHouse of Blues Boston



  • 16FEB’19

    PRINCETON, NJSolo Performance

    VENUEMcCarter Theatre



  • 17FEB’19

    WILMINGTON, DESolo Performance

    VENUEThe Grand Opera House



  • 22FEB’19

    BELLEVUE, WAFebruary 21-24, 2019

    VENUEWintergrass Music Festival



  • 24FEB’19

    STEAMBOAT, COFebruary 22-24, 2019




  • 02MAR’19

    NASHVILLE, TNDoors at 7:00pm

    VENUEOpry House



  • 06MAR’19

    MEMPHIS, TNDoors at 7:00pm

    VENUE1884 Lounge at Minglewood Hall



  • 07MAR’19

    BIRMINGHAM, ALDoors at 8:00pm




  • 08MAR’19

    JACKSON, MSDoors at 7:00pm

    VENUEDuling Hall



  • 09MAR’19

    LAKE CHARLES, LADoors at 7:00pm

    VENUEBulber Auditorium



  • 14MAR’19

    SPICEWOOD, TXDoors at 11:00am

    VENUEWillie Nelson’s Luck Texas Ranch



  • 21MAR’19

    PENSACOLA, FLDoors at 7:00pm

    VENUEVinyl Music Hall



  • 22MAR’19

    LIVE OAK, FLMarch 21-24, 2019

    VENUESuwannee Spring Reunion



  • 30MAR’19

    SQUAW VALLEY, CAMarch 29-31, 2019




  • 11APR’19

    LAS VEGAS, NVApril 11-14, 2019

    VENUEBender Jamboree



  • 12APR’19

    LAS VEGAS, NVApril 11-14, 2019

    VENUEBender Jamboree



  • 13APR’19

    LAS VEGAS, NVApril 11-14, 2019

    VENUEBender Jamboree



  • 14APR’19

    LAS VEGAS, NVApril 11-14, 2019

    VENUEBender Jamboree



  • 19APR’19

    ATLANTA, GAApril 19-21, 2019

    VENUESweetWater 420 Festival



  • 20APR’19

    ATLANTA, GAApril 19-21, 2019

    VENUESweetWater 420 Festival



  • 26APR’19

    DENVER, CODoors at 8:00pm

    VENUECervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom



  • 01MAY’19

    NEW ORLEANS, LADoors at 8:00pm




  • 24MAY’19

    CUMBERLAND, MDMay 23-26, 2019




  • 25MAY’19

    THORNVILLE, OHMay 24-26, 2019

    VENUEDark Star Jubilee



  • 26MAY’19

    MARTINSVILLE, VAMay 23-26, 2019

    VENUERooster Walk



  • 15JUN’19

    EAU CLAIRE, WIJune 13-15, 2019

    VENUEBlue Ox Music Festival



  • 20JUN’19

    NASHVILLE, TNDoors at 7:30pm

    VENUERyman Auditorium



  • 22JUN’19

    BEND, ORJune 20-23, 2019

    VENUE4 Peaks Music Festival



  • 27JUN’19

    OWENSBORO, KYJune 26-29, 2019




  • 28JUN’19

    NEW MARTINSVILLE, WVJune 28-30, 2019

    VENUEBack Home Appalachian Arts & Music Festival



  • 18JUL’19

    OAK HILL, NYJuly 18-21, 2019

    VENUEGrey Fox Bluegrass Festival



  • 19JUL’19

    OAK HILL, NYJuly 18-21, 2019

    VENUEGrey Fox Bluegrass Festival



  • 20JUL’19

    OAK HILL, NYJuly 18-21, 2019

    VENUEGrey Fox Bluegrass Festival



  • 25JUL’19

    SCRANTON, PAJuly 25-28, 2019

    VENUEPeach Music Festival



  • 28JUL’19

    NEWPORT, RIJuly 26-28, 2019

    VENUENewport Folk Fest



  • 31AUG’19

    PAGOSA SPRINGS, COAugust 30 – September 1, 2019

    VENUEFour Corners Folk Festival



  • 15SEP’19

    MORRISON, CODoors at 5:00pm

    VENUERed Rocks Amphitheatre



Mr. Brandon Atwell Releases New Video.

My good buddy Mr. Brandon Atwell has released a new video filmed by another friend of mine Mr. Cody Meeks from Outhouse Etiquette.  He comes from Three Springs Kentucky, and has been a friend of mine personally for many years.

Filmed & Edited by Cody Meek. Original Song by myself. Video taken at my families farm. Opening (Spoken Portion) regarding Hart County taken from ‘On Homesickness’ written by my friend Jesse Donaldson. Thank you to everyone supporting independent music. Thank you for listening!

You know people this life is indeed hectic and FAST, as I write this I’m shacked up in a hotel in south Georgia, having worked for Mr. Cody Jinks in Florida last night. I got a nine hour drive, and I have to STOP and do a radio interview at 3PM. So YOU tell ME….are we truly hanging by a thread?

I JUST DO NOT get to see everyone as often as I’d like to, but I DO get to shoot him a Happy Birthday or a HELLO sometimes. I’m deeply sorry it took me so long to catch up to him, but I did, and YOU should check out his music. He is the REAL DEAL folks, he won’t sugarcoat a damn thing. He is a father, just like me and he is proud of his daughter just like I am, and he represents the working man better than any of those mainstream fools you see on T.V.

You can reach out to him on Facebook and social media for inquiries on booking shows or future show dates, as he is slowly re gaining steam to perform again.

2019 Music Festivals: Hoxeyville Music Festival.

Hoxeyville is the Midwest premier Americana and Roots festival. We boast two stages featuring national touring artists, and the best and brightest Michigan talent with an intimate capacity of three thousand. We are proud of our incredibly supportive community, safe, family friendly camping (and playground!), excellent kids’ tent programming, unbelievable food, and an easily traversable site.

Hoxeyville is strategically located near various mountain biking trails and the Pine River—a national wild and scenic river, world class blue-ribbon trout stream and a renowned paddle sports playground. Kestelwoods restaurant, party store and campground is a convenient five minute walk from the festival grounds


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Still time to lock in your Hoxeyville and Camp Greensky tickets at this price.

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Best Bear Lodge & Campground Baldwin/Irons Area


Low-key resort offering rustic cabins

Caberfae Peaks


Ski Resort
Open until 6:00 PM

Scully’s Manistee Outpost Motel


Casual pick with free breakfast & WiFi

Coyote Crossing Resort



The Forest Lodge


Big River Properties

Real Estate Agency
Closing soon: 2:00 PM

Black Bear Inn



Cozy Cottage on Big Bass Lake


Harper Lake Resort



Blue Lake Resort


 Free Wi-Fi

Lost Pines Lodge



Little River Casino Resort and Hotel


Gaming destination with low-key rooms
 Free Wi-Fi

Coho Center Resort



Inn at the Alpine


1-star hotel
Low-key hotel with a pool & a playground
 Free Wi-Fi
 Free breakfast

Steelhead Fishing Hunter Lodge


Indoor Lodging

Cabin Fever Resort



Portage Point Resort



The Rockwell Lake Lodge


3-star hotel

Crosswinds Resort



Manistee Crossing Family Resort



2019 Music Festivals: The Aiken Bluegrass Festival.



Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival
Suwanee Spring Reunion
ROMP Festival

I began including this particular Festival in my series two years ago, and it one of many I following South Carolina. Now in it’s fifteenth year He Aiken Bluegrass Festival proves to be one of my most responded to Bluegrass Festivals in the East.

The Aiken Bluegrass Festival announces lineup
for fifteenth annual festival
Featuring Del McCoury Band, Billy Strings, Keller Williams, and more
February 5, 2019 – Aiken, SC – Bluegrass royalty, Del McCoury Band, will headline the 15th Aiken Bluegrass Festival on May 10th & 11th in Aiken, SC. The two-time GRAMMY winner, celebrating his 80th birthday this year, is at the top of a bill that brings the three-stage festival back to the roots of bluegrass, while simultaneously celebrating the bright future of the genre. The full lineup includes red-hot Billy Strings, Keller Williams’ string band collaboration, Keller and the Keels, the 14th ABF appearance of Larry Keel Experience, hard-driving Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, groovy and soulful Cris Jacobs, the dynamic voice of Lindsay Lou, and rowdy North Carolinians, Town Mountain.  Brad Parsons & Starbird, Kitchen Dwellers, Tenth Mountain Division, Kyle Tuttle Band, Benny Galloway, Artist-at-large Zebulon Bowles, DJ Bontzilla, and Doug & The Henrys round out the lineup. In addition to performing, Benny Galloway will return as main stage emcee, along with new emcee, Kyle Tuttle.
The Aiken Bluegrass Festival is known for unique collaborations and this year is no exception as Billy Strings’ Psychedelic Circus returns with help from the Cris Jacobs Band. In addition, ABF will host Terrapin Mountain for the “Old and In The Way” tribute, a special-guest-loaded full band set from Kyle Tuttle, and the new and improved Campfire Stage, hosted by Benny Galloway, will host performances right in the campground.
The festival will be held at the Western Carolina State Fairgrounds (561 May Royal Drive in Aiken, SC) and is conveniently located close to many major cities; a less than 30-minute drive from Augusta, 2.5 hours from Atlanta and Charleston, and 3 hours from Asheville. On-site tent camping is available, as well as a deluxe RV area with power, water, and sewer. Primitive RV sites (no hookups) are also available. For those not wishing to camp, the city of Aiken has many lodging options at a variety of price points. For more information on camping, which is separately ticketed, please visit the ticketing tab on the ABF website.
The kid’s area, a festival favorite for many families last year, is back again with an expansion of the bouncy house playground, providing additional activity areas for music fans of all ages.
Stay tuned for a complete list of food and drink vendors, satisfying vegans to carnivores, and details on the craft vendors that will be on-site. Applications are now being accepted, click here for more information.
Gates to the fairground open at 10 am and main festival gates will open at 2 pm on Friday, May 10th.
Tickets are on sale now at and in the Aiken area at The Alley Downtown Taproom. Buy early to take advantage of Early Bird pricing on GA wristbands as pricing increases after Feb. 14th. A limited number of LOVE VIP packages are available, perks include early entry (Thursday) camping, 2 private cash bars, side stage viewing areas, a backstage Bloodys & Brunch event (with an acoustic performance and a catered meal/open bar), and a VIP-only screen printed festival poster.
More about the Aiken Bluegrass Festival:
The Aiken Bluegrass Festival was started 15 years ago by Steve and Jeannie Groat as a fundraiser for a local therapeutic horseback riding program, Star Riding. We are happy to continue that tradition this year with our partnership with Great Oak Therapeutic Riding. Since its inaugural year, the festival has twice outgrown its confines and now finds its home at the Western Carolina State Fairground. ABF has brought an array of bluegrass artists to Aiken through the years including Peter Rowan, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Infamous Stringdusters, and Greensky Bluegrass. Aiken Bluegrass Festival has its roots in traditional bluegrass and this year’s lineup boasts a bridge from bluegrass founder Bill Monroe to current and future superstars.

Trust me for the ticket price this is one of the more reasonable festivals of it’s kind. However when you buy tickets remember you MUST purchase a seperate primitave camping pass, but it’s only 5.00 per person. Coolers are NOT permitted in the stage areas only at your campsite, so you’ll have to buy beer at the vendor tents.
THIS LINK will take you to a nice list of local area hotels for staying for the festival if you are like me and cannot camp.

This festival is very special overall and in their community as well, because they benefit a great cause and bring in a lot of revenue for the state of South Carolina.

Album Feature – Jacob Bryant – Practice What I Preach

By Joshua Wallace

I first came across Jacob Bryant’s music with his 2016 Up In Smoke EP.  He impressed me then and has continued to impress me with every EP and single release since.  Fast forward to 2019 and Bryant is finally releasing his first full length album. While the Jasper, GA native might draw comparisons to more traditional mainstream vocalists like Eric Church, Brantley Gilbert and Luke Combs, Bryant takes things a step further with this album.  Let’s take a dive into some of these cuts.

The song “25 In Jail” first appeared on one of Jacob’s Unplugged EPs, however the version that appears here is full band.  I love how this tune pays tribute to Haggard and manages to keep things original. Bryant’s love and respect for Haggard really shines through in this tune.  Another favorite is the track “Pain Pain” which another hard driving country rock tune. This one is a break up tune with Bryant longing to ditch the pain caused by a hard break-up.  I really dig the vocals on this tune as Bryant gives the traditional country break up tune a bit of a harder edge with his southern tone.

An early favorite on this record is the long rocking track “Pour Whiskey On My Grave”.  This track makes a push to be a modern southern rock / country anthem with it’s killer riffs and even better solos.  Don’t sleep on this one if you like your country rockin’. On Another note, we have the slower ballad of “Hot Mess”. This tune is about the hard work and strife that a single mother is put through.  It’s a highlight of the excellent songwriting on the album with it’s great storytelling. Finally, a big favorite here for me is “When I Get On A Roll”. I really enjoyed this tune by Tony Stampley when Mickey Lamantia recorded it last year, however Jacob Bryant takes it to another level.  The tune is filled with pedal steel and heavy guitars that take you to your favorite honky tonk. This is also one of Jacob’s stronger vocal performances on a slower track for this record. If the right folks who make these decisions are reading this, this track should be a single.

2019 has come out of the gate hard with some strong music releases and this is just another one.  Jacob Bryant has a sound that can both get play on mainstream radio and find a home with traditional country music fans like myself.  Give this one a shot and you might just agree. Practice What I Preach is available everywhere you can find good music on Friday February 8th, 2019.

Favorite Tracks : 25 In Jail, Pain Pain, Pour Whiskey On My Grave, Hot Mess,  Practice What I Preach, When I Get On A Roll

Jacob Bryant – Practice What I Preach

  1. More Than One Year
  2. 25 In Jail
  3. Best Part Of Me Is You
  4. Bring You Back
  5. Pain Pain
  6. Pour Whiskey On My Grave
  7. Sometimes I Pray
  8. Wrong Way Home
  9. Hot Mess
  10. Practice What I Preach
  11. When I Get On A Roll
  12. One More Night With You