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This week I bring you all Mr. Jesse Kramer. Please share this interview to help spread Jesse’s music to others and remember to like this page if you like these interviews to ensure you don’t miss any upcoming musicians. Thanks I hope you enjoy.

Round 1 – If you were asked to describe your music to a group of people that had never heard it, how would you describe it?

Jesse – “It’s my own sound but I’d describe it as rock, roots, & alternative”

Round 2 – Can you tell us your favorite lyrics of all time and tell us why those lyrics made such an impact on you personally?

Jesse – “You want answers that time will only tell” from my original wasn’t meant to be- my favorite lyrics change all the time but for right now I’d say it’d be that. It fits and it reminds me that there’s so much left to learn and to keep working”

Round 3 – If you could chose anyone, who would you love to write a song with?

Jesse – “Foy Vance, because his songwriting is so in depth but understandable. He uses metaphors in a way that seems simple but hold more..if that makes sense lol…I feel like I relate to him and his writing”

Round 4 – Most people love pets so to step away from the music a little, do you have any pets and if so can you tell us about them?

Jesse – “I have a blue heeler mix with a dachshund. Her name is Opal and she is 6 months old”
Round 5 – What are your favorite hobbies outside of the music World?

Jesse – ” I like hanging with friends and I like pawn shops”

Last Call – This is an open question so you can say anything you want to the fans and people reading this.

Jesse – “I love my music and I love playing music. I think anyone who chases their dreams should be supported as much as possible- even being still calls for support, love, friendship, respect, and honesty..”

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