May 202018

I cover about 175 festivals yearly in this fashion mostly Americana, Roots Music, Bluegrass and now Red Dirt Texas Country is included into my agenda, so you can be assured I will feature quality REAL MUSIC from many genres all over the United States! As always you can buy tickets to all of the festivals I feature from direct links to their own website HERE I make NO MONEY off featuring ANY festival, this is ALL done on my expense.

This festival began in 2008 and by 2013 it grew to a two day festival as the Texas and Oklahoma music scene began to flourish and present day Red Dirt scene is booming to a HUGE margin. Many websites are featuring more of it as mine started about three years ago to mix it in with what I feature on a regular basis, and with good response from my readers.

Hotels,I found an abundance of them HERE is a page of over 40 of them for you to choose from in Austin. There will be a parking fee of 10.00 per day and it clearly states if you park in an adjacent lot you will be towed away. Obviously this is NOT a camping type festival so you’ll need a hotel if you don’t live in this area.

Also, upon talking with frequent festival attendees of Lone Star Jam they are attempting to fix the problem of very little shade for the time of year there. Before I go on to add my usual maps and lineups for the bands involved I would like to add the ticket prices and links here.



May 202018

Not long ago I went over to the Warehouse In Bowling Green to see this band open up for the steel woods there, and they absolutely astounded me with their unique sound, juxtaposing honky tonk Country with a dark almost doom metal sound. I’ll be completely honest about this band I couldn’t describe them to any genre at all, and I cover thousands of bands on here.

The Josephines just go nuts on stage, with harmonies that now display a well oiled machine that emanates a  barrage of boot stomping music with lyrics that would make mom cringe. This ain’t no tent revival here folks, this is an absolute ride through hell complete with all the bells and whistles of a almost Ryman Auditorium ready band.

Mr. Brad Tabor – vocals, acoustic guitar, Mr. Zach Lindsey – electric guitar, vocals, Mr. Josh London – bass, vocals
Mr. Alex Lindsey – lap steel, vocals and Mr. David Page – drums make up this band of guys from Bowling Green Kentucky that play all over area. they are indeed a hard working bunch of guys!

I wanted to take some time out here to dwell on their set as well as one other last weekend as I was out and about watching music all over. Mr. Kyle Daniel and the Josephines both played the 20th anniversary for The Spillway Bar And Grill. Now, mind you there were other bands as well, but I opted to hit Rib Lickers For High Fidelity, so I could cover both shows.

Mr. Kyle Daniel was a really good band and he had some truly well written songs as well, I’ll admit I was wrapped up writing some other things while they were performing but I did stop at several times to watch them. Some of the lyrics really caught my attention, like the song  “Halfway To Your Heart”.

He has a very gritty Americana type voice and his songs were upbeat and easy to understand. I liked the style of this man and his band very much. As I said I pretty much walked in halfway into his set, so I’m not totally sure if he played covers or not.

‘God Bless America Damn Rock And Roll” was another good upbeat song followed by a song he wrote with Mr. Brent Cobb called “Ain’t No Difference.Now the song of his that really grabbed my attention was called “That Somebody Ain’t Me”, that song was a masterpiece of a breakup song. It can be related to by so many genres of music fans it was uncanny!

Another good song was called “A Friend With Weed” and he closed with a song called ‘Hangover Town”. I’m going to be keeping this man on my radar for DAMN SURE. What an energetic set he played here, this man had a wonderful stage presence and poured his heart into his music.

The Josephines tore the roof off the Spillway last weekend as they opened with one of their songs from their 2017 EP called “Coal Mine Gone”, followed by one of my favorite and more poignant songs they do called ‘So Much Blood”. Now folks, their 2017 EP made my TOP 50 OF 2017 last year.

They played a few songs I have never heard them play live before like ‘Satan’s Field” and they also played a new song called ‘Boxes”. I was very excited to hear some unfamiliar music from them, and I may to catch up with them in the future to chat about THEIR FUTURE as a unit, and where they have opted to head musically.

Their set included songs like “Never Ends” and another called “Brother John”. Another one of my favorite songs that they play from their EP was called ‘Trucker’s Song”, which displays some damn fine writing skills. THIS IS one of those bands that I can tell will be growing immensely, and I’ll be watching them move up to another echelon very soon…I’ll be featuring them every step of the way!

“Cocaine” was up next followed by “Sober Up” and my two favorite songs they do here,  “Maggie’s Bones” and they closed their set with a song that the crowd had been yelling for all night (me included) called “Fireball”. If you don’t have their album you need to go over to their website and pick up a copy of it, TRUST ME this band will be making bigger waves in their local circuit and it won’t be long until a larger market gets a hold of them!

May 192018

By Joshua Wallace

Shooter Jennings has announced his next studio album simply titled Shooter is coming out on August 10th, 2018.  This is a follow up to 2016’s largely electronic inspired Countach (For Giorgio) and is his first true country album since 2013’s amazing The Other Life record.

Shooter released the second single from the album today titled “Fast Horses and Good Hideouts”.  It’s a follow up to the first single which was released last year titled “Do You Love Texas?” which featured a chorus of Texas country music singers.  All of the proceeds from that single went to Hurricane Harvey relief funds.

This new single is released with Episode 1 of a variety show which hearkens back to the old Hee Haw variety show complete with a number of guests joining shooter on a cornfield set to tell corny jokes.  This variety show also includes an in studio performance of the new song “Fast Horses and Good Hideouts”. It is hard to tell, but it sounds like the audio here is different from the single so they probably went with the recording they made for the video.  The song is an amazing track and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. After the performance, the video serves as an album trailer with clips from some of the rest of the songs.

Shooter is out everywhere on August 11th, 2018.  Shooter is hitting the road this summer and fall to promote the record and I will be seeing him at Tumbleweed on June 16th and hopefully again in Tallahassee, FL on June 29th.  I’m looking forward to hearing this new stuff live.

Shooter – Shooter (2018)

  1. Bound Ta Git Down
  2. Do You Love Texas?
  3. Living In A Minor Key
  4. D.R.U.N.K.
  5. Shades & Hues
  6. I’m Wild & My Woman Is Crazy
  7. Fast Horses & Good Hideouts
  8. Rhinestone Eyes
  9. Denim & Diamonds

May 18 – Ben Wheeler, TX @ Moore’s Store
May 19 – Rockwall, TX @ Rockwall Founders Day
June 2 – Brighton, CO @ Summerfest
June 8 – Austin, TX @ Republic of Texas Biker Rally
June 15 – Wappapello, MO @ The Camp at Lake Wappapello
June 16 – Kansas City, KS @ Tumbleweed
June 21 – Belton, TX @ Schoepf’s Backyard
June 22 – Splendora, TX @ Coals Smokehouse
June 23 – Pilot Point, TX @ Western Son Distillery
June 24 – Dallas, TX @ Taste of Dallas @ Gas Monkey Garage
June 27 – Bonita Springs, FL @ Southwest Florida Event Center
June 28 – Tampa, FL @ The Attic
June 29 – Tallahassee, FL @ Fifth and Thomas
June 30 – Blairsville, GA @ Granddaddy Mimm’s Distillery *
July 4 – Wayne, NE @ The Beaumont
July 5 – Lincoln, NE @The Royal Grove
July 6 – Tulsa, OK @ The Shrine
July 7 – Amarillo, TX @ Will Rogers Riders Rodeo
July 12 – Milwaukee, WI @ Shank Hall
July 13 – La Crosse, WI @ Cavalier Theater
July 14 – Mankato, MN @ Vetter Stone Amphitheater †
July 27 – Houston, TX @ Lawn at White Oak Music Hall †
July 28 – New Braunfels, TX @ Whitewater Amphitheater †
August 2 – Sacramento, CA @ Sofia Tsakopoulos Center
August 4 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Moe’s Alley
August 8 – Solana Beach, CA @ Belly Up Tavern
August 10 – Pioneertown, CA @ Pappy & Harriet’s
August 11 – Hollywood, CA @Troubadour
August 22 – Washington, DC @ City Winery
August 23 – Milton, WV @ Milton Performing Arts Center
August 24 – Winston-Salem, NC @ The Ramkat
August 25 – Black Mountain, NC @ Jam In The Trees
August 31 – Columbia, MO @ 9th Street Summerfest †
September 2 – Beaver Dam, KY @ Beaver Dam Amphitheater †
September 6 – Lexington, KY @ The Burl
September 7 – Bristol, TN –@ Maddie & Hall
September 8 – Atlanta, GA @ Harley Davidson of Atlanta
September 9 – Columbia, SC @ The Senate
September 14 – Springfield, MO @ The Riff
September 15 – Lee’s Summit, MO @ Legacy Park Amphitheater
September 22 – Tahlequah, OK @ Medicine Stone Festival †
September 27 – St Paul, MN @ Turf Club
September 28 – Wisconsin Dells, WI @ Kilbourn City Live
September 29 – Ferndale, MI @ Magic Bag
October 4 – Saskatoon, SK @ Broadway Theatre
October 5 – Cadillac, SK @ Cadillac Hall
October 6 – Edmonton, AB @ River Cree Casino ‡
October 13 – Ashland, KY @ Ashland Riverfront
October 20 – Fort Worth, TX @ KFWR Annual Ranch Bash
November 8 – Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn
November 11 – Portland, ME @ Port City Music Hall

* w/ Waymore’s Outlaws
† w/ Turnpike Troubadours
‡ w/ Jessi Colter   

May 182018


This website not only ended up benefiting bands and record labels, I often talk about the MANY venues and hotels I use across America. I’ll be honest about another thing I love about the road life….EATING. Yeah, folks I could tell you about different places to eat in every city from Florida to Washington to be honest. I been around in the years since I started this website.

When I do run into horrible service, mediocre food, or rude waitstaff I usually NEVER totally slam ANY establishment. I DO contact the owners and alert them to my dilemma, and many times they are quite sympathetic to was the case here.  I attended this restaurant last year for another band and was VERY displeased with their service, but NOT the food. Additionally I have always thought the stage was a NICE setup, and the sound man was top notch. This establishment GREATLY SUPPORTS local live music and has featured ALL of my favorite local bands from the Bowling Green area that I feature on this website.

I was there last weekend to eat and watch a NEW BAND that has birthed in the area called High Fidelity now my dear readers they are relatively new here, in fact this was only their second live show. I was told to go easy on them while I ate, and I did. In fact I didn’t think they were bad at all, in time with some original music and comfort, this band WILL become a viable peer to the other bands in the area.

Needless to say their three sets included all cover songs (that I was there for) but I’ll be honest their take on “Hard To Handle” from the Black Crowes was pretty damn good for the second time live! Even the solo that I waited to be highly critical of was not bad at all!  Their choices of songs complimented one another quite well, which created a viable show here. From “Born To Be Wild” a song which clearly is identified by a mutual crowd of customers like these to “Dark Necessities” which may not be, I thought their catalogue was quite eclectic. I’ll give them some time to evolve, develop their own sound and acquire some original music and I’ll feature this band more often for sure.

Mr.Adrian Heil – Keys (multiple)
Mr.Quentin Farris – Drums (multiple)
Mr.Andy Wells – Guitar / Vocals (Multiple)
Mr.Christian Turner – Lead Vocals (Multiple)
Mr.Rob Wray – Bass / Vocals (Multiple)

I wanted to take a few moments to talk about what an absolute TOTAL IMPROVEMENT Rib Lickers has made since I last visited them. They have acquired a new manager  Mr. Bob Hundley, who is absolutely what this restaurant needed to improve. As I previously stated THE FOOD wasn’t the issue THE SERVICE WAS, NOW fast forward to this year they HAVE indeed moved up to a whole new echelon of quality.

I buy their sauce RELIGIOUSLY and their rubs equally the same at IGA in Russellville Kentucky (Also locally owned). I DO GET Big Macs but you know I TRY to keep it local if I can. Now the new manager shared many future ideas with me that I cannot tell you about yet, but I CAN SAY that he has changed the gift shop around to better serve guests with more bar area, which from a business aspect was a smart idea to me. EVERY SQUARE FOOT should generate income, if it only generates fluctuating income….it’s dead space. I can walk into ANY establishment and tell you whether or not I’ll walk into it next year, if the stools are not generating 10g a year (in my opinion) it won’t last.

This manager PERSONALLY escorted us to a table for the show and it wasn’t only me, I SAW HIM go to EVERY table and greet guests as an engaged manager. I saw him fill drinks and take trays, I watched him open the door for people. The Kitchen Manager also came to us, and was enthusiastic about the future of Rib Lickers!

The price to me was also fair for the ribs, I usually expect 1.50 a rib, 6 bones and 8 ribs..12.00 usual done deal to me. A half rack with sides is a little more but SO WHAT, I tell you it’s well worth the price to go there to eat because you get live music. PAY A LITTLE MORE FOR FOOD THAT PAYS THE BAND PEOPLE. See how this works, they are up there working for you.


May 182018

By Joshua Wallace

You might be familiar with Bobby Mackey as the owner of Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, KY which is listed as one of America’s most haunted locations and has been featured on shows such as Ghost Adventures.  Aside from owning one of the afterlife’s biggest night clubs, Mackey makes some great country music himself. If you’re familiar with the Ghost Adventures episodes which featured his establishment, you might also know that his biggest hit was a haunting tune called “Johanna” which was featured on an album by the same name.  Mackey is back with his latest release titled I’ll Go Down Swinging which is a follow-up to 2013’s Country Music Lives On. This new record continues Mackey’s tradition of making straight forward classic sounding country records. Let’s dig a bit deeper into this one.

The album kicks off with a rocking tune called “I’ll Go Down Swinging” that puts you right back into the days of the country music outlaws and sounds like it would have fit with the best of Waylon or Merle any day.  I love the honky tonk piano throughout this track. Another favorite is “What They Call Country”. This song takes current country radio to task for not playing real country music anymore claiming that current “country” singers stole the name of country music.  It’s a song that longs for the days of classic country music.

Continuing on with the theme of longing for classic country music is the tune “ The Great Haggard Songs”.  Bobby Mackey takes the style of a slower Merle Haggard tune to reminisce on his passing and the music he left us.  It’s a another great tribute in the line of great Haggard tribute songs. Finally, “The Barnyard Song” is a fun love song that uses barnyard animals for a play on words.  I love the moment where the song even breaks the fourth wall. You get a sense that the song is very aware of itself and how cheesy it is.

Bobby Mackey proves that classic country music is not dead with this release I’ll Go Down Swinging.  He makes some good traditional country music while at the same time reminiscing on days past. This album is available everywhere digitally and CDs are available at Bobby Mackey’s Music World.     

Favorite Tracks : I’ll Go Down Swinging, What they Call Country, The Great Haggard Songs, The Barnyard Song, Lucille


Bobby Mackey – I’ll Go Down Swinging (2018)

  1. I’ll Go Down Swinging
  2. This Day Was Made For us
  3. Mohair Sam
  4. What They Call Country
  5. You’re Not Lisa
  6. A Couple More Years
  7. The Great Haggard Songs
  8. The Barnyard Song
  9. You Ought To Hear Me Cry
  10. Lucille
May 182018

By Joshua Wallace

Jason Boland & The Stragglers are releasing their 9th studio album in Hard Times Are Relative.  It’s the follow-up to 2015’s Squelch and this one gives fans more of the traditional Texas country music they have come to expect from Boland and company.  This album is yet another great addition to a growing catalog of great red dirt and Texas country.

The album opens with a killer duet with Sunny Sweeney titled “I Don’t Deserve You”.  It’s one of my favorite tracks on the album and lets you know that you’re in for some good hard country music from the moment you press play.  Another favorite is the slower reminiscent track titled “Do You Remember When?” which reflects on better times in country music like when three quarter time was still a thing.  It’s one of the more creative approaches to this kind of track and I dig it.

Another favorite is “Tattoo Of A Bruise”.  This is one of the faster tracks on the album and I dig the fiddle playing by Nick Worley on this one.  Finally, “Grandfather’s Theme” gives you a sense of the album’s overall theme of looking back in the face of change.  It’s a good sentimental tune that is a highlight of the record.

Jason Boland & The Stragglers have put out another fine red dirt record in Hard Times Are Relative.  You can’t go wrong with this album if you’re a fan and this record is a good starting point for people who might not be as familiar with Jason Boland’s music.  At 9 albums in I believe it is safe to call Jason Boland a traditional country and red dirt legend as he just gets better with every release. Hard Times Are Relative is available everywhere on May 18th, 2018.

Favorite Tracks : I Don’t Deserve You, Do You Remember When?, Tattoo Of A Bruise, Grandfather’s Theme, Bulbs


Jason Boland & The Stragglers – Hard Times Are Relative (2018)

  1. I Don’t Deserve You
  2. Hard Times Are Relative
  3. Right Where I Began
  4. Searching For You
  5. Do You Remember When?
  6. Dee Dee OD’d
  7. Going Going Gone
  8. Tattoo Of A Bruise
  9. Predestined
  10. Grandfather’s Theme
  11. Bulbs
May 122018



From day one they have initially been the source of the for the HOME of THE Bluegrass Hall Of Fame, so it’s about time that their name reflects that aspect of the institution. This museum also proudly hosts the annual ROMP Festival in Owensboro and does many great things for their community on a grand scale.

In 1991 this is what their core statement was “The International Bluegrass Music Museum is the world center for the presentation of the history, culture, and future of bluegrass music. We develop and maintain an environment in which people of all ages can discover the richness of bluegrass music through an exciting and educational experience.”

Fast forward to 2018 the museum will re launch calling itself ‘The Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame And Museum”. On the weekend of October 18-20th 2018, the institution will do just that…re open with  a new name and attitude, same mission.

Executive Director Chris Joslin stated, “We have been the home of the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame since day one, so it’s time our name reflects that. Much like the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, we are the worldwide destination for our genre, bluegrass music.”

Joslin added, “It’s more than a name change. This new branding sets the stage for the October grand opening of our new facility.”

May 112018

By Joshua Wallace

Last month I had the opportunity to see Brent Cobb perform live at the Due South Music Festival in Thomasville, GA.  At this show, I heard a lot of this new album for the first time and it blew me away in a live setting. I’m here to tell you that this music is just as good recorded as it is live.  Brent Cobb has produced an album of country funk and swamp music at it’s finest. This is a big departure from his previous album Shine On Rainy Day which was mostly an acoustic storyteller affair.  The stories are still here and Brent can spin a yarn or two about the small town southern life, but there is a new sonic direction on this album that takes it to the next level.

One of the album’s pre-release singles was “Mornin’s Gonna Come” which is a catchy tune about getting drunk and the morning after.  It has a swampy funk riff that will have dance floors moving for sure. Another favorite is the more mellow “Come Home Soon” which is a southern rock ballad about missing home in small town Georgia.  Another favorite is the acoustic track “High In The Country”. This track would have fit in on Shine On Rainy Day as it is avery strong southern rock inspired singer-songwriter track.

One of my favorites when I saw Brent live was the killer rock track “30-06”.  It combines swampy funky riffs with some great guitar soloing by guest instrumentalist Charlie Worsham.  Finally, another favorite is Brent Cobb’s tribute to fallen country music troubadour Wayne Mills. It’s a touching tribute that doesn’t touch much on the violence that took Wayne’s life, but instead chooses to celebrate how he lived.  I fully believe that the little bit of Wayne’s music that we have in recorded form can stand next to country legends like Merle Haggard or Waylon Jennings and the more ears we get listening to his music the better.

Brent Cobb has released a monster of an album with Providence Canyon.  The new sonic direction of this record and the live performances that will go with it solidify Cobb as a master of country funk.  If you dig you’re country music with a psychedelic 70’s funky swamp music theme to it, get this record. I can see nothing but big things for Brent Cobb if he can maintain this kind of sound with the quality of songwriting he offers on this record.  I look forward to hearing more and I highly recommend checking Brent out live if you get a chance to this year. Providence Canyon is out everywhere music is sold on May 11th, 2018.

Favorite Tracks : Mornin’s Gonna Come, Come Home Soon, High In The Country, 30-06, If I don’t See Ya, King Of Alabama


Brent Cobb – Providence Canyon (2018)

  1. Providence Canyon
  2. King Of Alabama
  3. Mornin’s Gonna Come
  4. Come Home Soon
  5. Sucker For A Good Time
  6. High In The Country
  7. If I Don’t See Ya
  8. 30-06
  9. Lorene
  10. When The Dust Settles
  11. Ain’t A Road Too Long
May 082018


Mr. Joshua Wallace wrote a damn fine review of her new album entitled “Girl Going Nowhere” which was proclaimed the biggest debut by a solo Country artist this year. Also she is the most added female artist, most added new artist with a debut single and her video for the song “A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega premiered very high on CMT.

In early April the album debuted at number 3 on the Emerging Artists Chart on Billboard Charts and arrived at number 7 on the charts in total.

The launch is powered by her debut album Girl Going Nowhere, which arrives at No. 7 on the Top Country Albums chart and No. 49 on the Billboard 200 with 11,000 equivalent album units, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 9,000 were in traditional album sales, as the set starts at No. 7 on Top Album Sales.

Concurrently, McBryde’s breakout single “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” reaches new peaks on the Hot Country Songs (No. 30) and Country Airplay charts (No. 32). The track earned 6 million radio audience impressions (up 12 percent), 1.6 million U.S. streams (up 10 percent) and 3,000 downloads sold (up 45 percent) in the tracking week.

I relate to her hard working ethic and the way she is building her fanbase, because her methods are much like mine in every way. Fan by fan, show by show, and venue by venue. I have a strong feeling you will be seeing and hearing more of her on this website.

May 062018

You know folks I do a LOT of these festival articles, A LOT… for those that do not follow me as much I write 175 of these per year, and this one of them at the TOP of my radar list I haven’t physically been to…yet. Up there in Northeastern Ohio you have my fine friends at Duck Creek Log Jam are at it again for some early summer camping fun.

From their website:

The Duck Creek Log Jam is part amazing music festival and part classic camping trip, set in the Midwest’s most scenic region, Ohio’s Hocking Hills! Get ready for a genuine, family-owned, off-the-beaten-path music festival where you can stomp your feet, holler out loud, meet new friends, party the night away and enjoy a truly great outdoor festival experience.

What Makes Duck Creek special?
We are dedicated to providing you with a stripped down and authentic music festival experience in a beautiful natural setting. Our “small-by-design” approach ensures that you have room to spread out a bit and won’t have to deal with the long lines and overcrowding you find at other fests. We focus on keeping things simple, creating a respectful (yet fun) party atmosphere, and providing a soundtrack that will get you Yee-hawing!

Duck Creek ain’t your Grandpappy’s Bluegrass Festival!
Yes, we focus on Bluegrass, Americana, Folk, Roots, Rock and what have you, but our acts tend to be more of a modern interpretation of the classic genres. Expect some high energy and fast moving performances.

We hope to see you at Duck Creek…Yip! Yip!

Giving Tree Band



jon stickley



Doc Robinson

Slippery Creekwonderfool

Tripped Up String Band

Coal Cave Hollow Boys



Baymont Inn & Suites Logan


2-star hotel
Low-key hotel with pool & free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi

Holiday Inn Express Hocking Hills-Logan


2-star hotel
Standard hotel offering free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi

Holiday Inn Express Hocking Hills-Logan

2-star hotel
Standard hotel offering free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Baymont Inn & Suites Logan

2-star hotel
Low-key hotel with pool & free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Glenlaurel A Scottish Inn & Cottages

Posh, romantic quarters with fireplaces
Free breakfast

Crockett’s Run

Group lodging & event site with hot tubs

Old Man’s Cave Chalets Inc

3-star hotel
Free Wi-Fi

Lotus Lake Lodge


Lodge 10010 Stage Rd

Inn Towner Motel

Humble rooms & complimentary parking

Mokas Management Inc

Hotel 23095 Buena Vista Rd

Vanderbuilt Lodge


Hotel 18689 Webster Rd

Webbpointe Lodge


Luxury Hotel 18127 OH-374

Redwood Lodge


Hotel 11921 Woodland Ridge Rd,

Rush Resort Luxury Lodging


Lodge 20393 Webster Rd

Ponderosa Cabin


Hocking hills

Hotel 12521 Jack Run Rd

Baymont Inn & Suites Lancaster

2-star hotel
Modest budget lodging with a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Black Bear Hideaway


Hotel 11786 Woodland Ridge Rd

Red Pine Cabin

Hotel 16236 Collison Rd

Old Man’s Cave – Aspen

Hotel 29879 Blosser Rd


Hotel 13548 Hildebrandt Rd

Relax Inn

May 062018

This weekend I traveled down to Murfresboro Tennessee to a local bar called Handlebars to see Mr. Josh Morningstar and Mr. Billy Don Burns play sets tonight, as they kick off their tour together of several stops across the United States. I haven’t caught up with either of these rascals lately, so maybe we will hear some new songs from them as well as old classics.

Both of these artists have achieved many accolades on this website through the five years I have been operating, and trust you me, I fully plan to continue my coverage of their music. I’m about to try some of the food here, and get settled into my work area to write. As I continued to write and eat I’ll tell you what, the menu was large and the food was GREAT. Handlebars is a 24 hour bar in Rutherford County that serves some wonderful breakfast, however they also have a “brown bag” rule. Meaning you can bring in your own liquor, and I think that was part of the problem of later on in the evening. The patrons were BEYOND inebriated and unruly and (I’ll mention this several times)….THEY WERE….BARKING AT ME….next time I will bring Milk Bones treats.

Handlebars is the oldest established biker bar in the city of Murfresboro that has a spacious outdoor area and an outdoor stage however tonight they had the guys perform inside. This bar DOES allow smoking,so if that’s a problem for you this may not be your place to see live music as you WILL get smoke blown in your face as you eat. I’ll be honest with you, it didn’t bother me as much as it would some however there were indeed s few things that did bother me.

The bar itself is laid out good and has a nice stage area, however I would not come back for another band or songwriter even if the drive wasn’t really too bad. If the show is truly good, and the stage is nice by God you know I’ll drive it up or down any state. But this establishment has patrons that are so unruly and savage that it just kills the positives of this evening…I mean THEY WERE BARKING AT ME…ALL NIGHT they sat there and barked LOUDLY. I do NOT expect a bar to be library but come on people, for crying out loud drink your beer and listen to the songs!

This will be an acoustic set from the both of them with Mr. Josh being up first for a set, however with the outside area and bar games in full swing the music area is a little off on it’s own. But when it gets full it can get incredibly loud beyond what I’m accustomed to, and I had to write down my food order because the bartender couldn’t hear me yell my order out. Did I mention the patrons BARK LOUDLY ALL NIGHT, THEY DO not communicate like people they YELL ALL NIGHT….

Mr. Josh Morningstar opened with a pretty cool intro to set the mood before going into the title song from his latest album called “Whole Lotta Crazy”.  He included covers on this set tonight, as he went into “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” and then continued to play more from his latest album like ‘Damn These Birds”.

Mr. Josh shows his true reverence for Traditional Country Music in every set he plays, as he included Hank Williams Sr. “Your Cheat’n Heart”…and he introduced Mr. Billy Don Burns, who opened with ‘That’s Alright”. Mr. Billy was ON POINT all night, and told us he has been feeling the best he has in quite some time. He also included “Rock On”, and “Lonesome 77203” . He pretty much played selections from all four albums and many of his older hits that were cuts.

Tonight Mr. Billy played his most poignant song he has, called ‘Dark Side of The Spoon” which haunts me to this day, being a recovered addict myself of many years. I swear I hate those lyrics but at the same time I love them so much, and as he bellows out the lyrics to “Hank Williams Lonesome And Keith Whitley Blue” , he raised the roof off this place…..despite their barking. In case you missed that….THEY WERE BARKING…LIKE WOOF WOOF BARKING. Grown men….barking.

He played the song that Cody Jinks cut on his last album called “Gaylor Creek Church” and followed that up with ‘Desperate Men”. The sound in this little stage area was really good, and I could hear really well.  Now I’ll tell you a little tidbit of news here, Mr. Billy Don played a new song called “The Stranger Is Getting Stranger”. Now, this album is going to be on the new Cody Jinks album called ‘Lifers” , and it will be out in June.

Mr. Josh then continued his portion of the set with his song that will also be on the Cody Jinks album called ‘Must Be The Whiskey”. So make sure you run out and grab that album when it drops!  Billy Don Burns got to play the song Johnny Paycheck cut called ‘outlaws At The Cross”, and beforehand told us all a story of Paycheck and Mr. Pat Robertson. Despite the utter chaos that later on ensued in the bar area I still heard some great stories.

“Dead Or Alive” was written at the grave of Billy The Kid and I did indeed get to hear him perform this one at many shows.  Also, he did the song that Willie Nelson cut called “don’t Have A Reason To Go To California Anymore”. Now, on the next set he sang ‘Talk About Crazy”, and one of the songs on “Night In Room 8” Which was number one album of 2016 and from that album he also played”I Was Playing Hank”. Because that album was recorded in the same hotel room that Mr. Gram Parsons died in he played that song, as Mr. Gram died he was at Opryland playing Hank Williams for a job.

Mr. Josh began a second set here tonight with his song “Somewhere Soft To Fall”, and included “Hey Good Lookin” as he always fills his sets up with terrific covers the crowd enjoys! The level of songwriting we are witnessing here tonight is amazing, as he once again plays a Roger Miller song called ‘Dang Me”.

Mr. Billy’s latest album on Rusty Knuckles called Graveyard In Montgomery” boasted his next song here called ‘Graveyard In Montgomery”.  As well as “Running Drugs Out Of Mexico”, and “Outskirts Of Desperate” before he got a request to play ‘Wild Dogs”. He and Mr. Josh played “Honky Tonk Singer On The Highway Of Life”, as they took turns on the verses and told us the story on how they met.

Mr. Josh is now playing ‘The Day Merle Haggard Died Today”  while Mr. Billy returned back with what he said was Shooter’s favorite song called ‘Is He The Writer”, and also played “Born To Ride” and ‘When Lonesome Comes Around”. He told us the story of the time he first heard Mr. Whitey Morgan sing his version of “Memories Cost A Lot” in a cab in Germany. The endless amount of stories you hear during a Billy Don Burns show is beyond amazing in every sense of the word,and I do not think anybody would digress here tonight.

From his “Night In Room 8” album he played “Where Was Love” and Mr. Josh played one off his “Songs For Fools With Broken Hearts” called “Motel Madness” and closed his set with “All That I Been Living For is Gone”. Mr. Billy closed with a few more songs like “Trying To get To Memphis”, and as he appreciated our admiration for him he played one of my favorites called “I Was there”…because he WAS. Mr. Billy lived and breathed in an era many of us only read about in books. He WAS instrumental in ushering in the Outlaw Movement and assisted in the proliferation of it’s tenure in American History.

Did I mention the bar patrons were BARKING at me?

May 052018

Collin Raye to Release New Album in Celebration of 25 Years in Music

On Tuesday May 16th Mr. Collin Raye will be releasing a (sort of) new album, where he will re record 25 of his all time greatest hits and release them again. Sixteen of the songs are currently past number one hits from his 25 year history as an artist..see the pattern here?

We haven’t heard from him as far as any new music since 2009 on an album called “Never Going Back”, however he has released several gospel albums since then. Many of the songs he dedicates to little Haley his granddaughter, who died of a severe brain disorder. he also released a biography in 2014, that was a pretty interesting read.

In 2004 he added to the Live At Billy Bob’s collection with a live album that was pretty good and contained many of these hits on it, but he never had much chart success after 2007. Nonetheless he does remain a prominent fixture of 90’s Country performers who were singing more traditional country type upbeats songs, and more pop country ballads.

Collin Raye — 25 Years, 25 Hits Track Listing:
1. I Can Still Feel You
2. On The Verge
3. Little Rock
4. My Kinda Girl
5. In This Life
6. All I Can Be (Is A Sweet Memory)
7. Every Second
8. Little Red Rodeo
9. Not That Different
10. I Think About You
11. If I Were You
12. That’s My Story
13. I Want You Bad (And That Ain’t Good)
14. Somebody Else’s Moon
15. That Was A River
16. What The Heart Wants
17. One Boy, One Girl
18. Someone You Used To Know
19. Couldn’t Last A Moment
20. A Man Of My Word
21. Anyone Else
22. The Gift
23. What If Jesus Comes Back Like That
24. Love Remains
25. Love, Me
26. Undefeated (Bonus track)
27. She’s With Me (Bonus track)
28. Shall We Gather At The River (Bonus track)

May 052018

This week I got the chance to ask my buddy Colter Wall a couple questions and I am happy to share that with you guys now. Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy it. If you do or you’re just a fan of Colter’s music please share this so that more people may hear about him.

Round 1 – You’re from Canada, how does the music scene differ there from what it’s like here in the U.S.?

Mr. Colter – “Music scenes are sort’ve regional I’d say. From what I can tell each city or town has a “scene” of its own. Obviously, the states is a bigger market to play to but I’m partial to playing back home.”

Round 2 – You have a song called Motorcycle so I have to ask do you ride and if so what kind of bike do you have?

Mr. Colter – “No right now my only set of wheels is the the band van.”

Round 3 – I know you have a new album coming out soon, is there anything you can tell us about what to expect or when it may be released?

Mr. Colter – “It’s a collection of songs concerning the plains and western culture I figure. Being a northwesterner myself, I’m pretty excited about this one. I’m hoping to have it out sometime this fall.”

Round 4 – I love pets so I always love to hear about people’s pets, do you have any if so can you tell us about them?

Mr. Colter – “I don’t have any pets at the moment.”

Round 5 – What hobbies do you have, what do you enjoy doing outside of the music World?

Mr. Colter – “I enjoy going fishing whenever I can.”

Last Call – This is a final open question so you can say what ever you want to the fans reading this

Mr.Colter – I just want to say thank you all for listening!”

May 042018

By Joshua Wallace

If you’re looking for an early 90’s country throwback with a smooth voice look no further than Randall King.  This name might not be familiar folks outside of Texas and that is okay, this album is a good introduction. If Garth Brooks can recommend his music on his Inside Studio G Facebook program, it can’t hurt to check it out, right?  Let’s dive into this self titled debut full length LP from Randall King.

We kick things off with a foot stomper that fully displays Randall King’s skillful crooning right off the bat.  It’s a track that lets you know you’re in for a record that is similar to the George Strait inspired country of Aaron Watson but with a early 90’s Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson influence.   One of my favorites on the album is a slower number called “Mirror Mirror”. This song showcases King’s vocal range and if you listen hard enough it sounds like an early Garth Brooks tune. It’s that good.

Another favorite is “Break It”.  You always hear country singers lamenting about country music using the old line “if it ain’t broke, don’t break it”.  This turns that on it’s head and gives you a completely different message of “if it ain’t broke, break it”. It tells you to not be afraid to step out of the box and do your own thing.  Another favorite track is “Dent In It” which takes the phrase “I put a dent in it” and uses it in several ways across the song. It’s another fun track that highlights King’s vocal and songwriting ability.  Finally, “Reason To Quit” is a nice slower song to end the album on with King going with a more subdued singing style on a track that parallels addictions and heartache.

Randall King’s self titled debut is very promising and I look forward to hearing more from him.  He’s got an amazing voice and a refreshing style that harkens back to good early 90’s country. We all need a little variety and while I love the 70’s outlaw country sound, a lot of folks are doing that.  I think we’re starting to see traditionalists start to think outside that box and do real country their own way. Randall King’s self titled debut album is available everywhere digitally as of April 27th, 2018 and you can get a cd copy through his website.  

Favorite Tracks : Freightline, Mirror Mirror, Break It, Tuggin’ On My Heartstrings, Dent In It, Reason To Quit

Randall King – Randall King (2018)


  1. Freightline
  2. Takin’ Me A Heartbreak
  3. Mirror, Mirror
  4. Break It
  5. Cool Under Pressure
  6. One Goodbye
  7. Tuggin’ On My Heartstrings
  8. When He Knows Me
  9. Dent In It
  10. Keep Her On The Line
  11. Her Miss Me Days Are Gone
  12. One More Won’t Hurt
  13. Reason To Quit
May 012018


Unites​ ​performers​ ​and​ ​fans​ ​of​ ​roots​ ​influenced​ ​music​ ​in​ ​Kansas​ ​City’s historic​ ​Westport​ ​neighborhood.​ ​ ​From​ ​Bluegrass​ ​to​ ​Southern​ ​Metal,​ ​Honky​ ​Tonk​ ​to​ ​Folk,​ ​this music​ ​festival​ ​offers​ ​a​ ​unique​ ​lineup​ ​in​ ​an​ urban​ ​setting.​ ​Enjoy​ ​65​ ​acts​ ​on​ ​2​ ​stages​ ​Memorial​ ​Day weekend,​ ​May​ ​25th​ ​through​ ​27th,​ ​2018.

Westport Roots Festival is back and better than ever. Located in the heart of the historic Westport Neighborhood and now in it’s 5th year, Westport Roots will showcase 65 bands on 2 stages over Memorial Day Weekend. It all kicks off with the official Pre-Party at Westport Saloon Friday, May 25th. Saturday and Sunday, we kick things into high gear with 2 stages, both within a stones throw of one another. Best of all, you will be able to see each and every band and take your Four Roses Bourbon with you as you bounce from stage to stage with your friends. Bluegrass, Honky-Tonk, Rock and Roll, and everything in between!

Please Keep in mind, The Friday Night Pre-Party is held at The Westport Saloon and is only a 200 person venue. A seperate Pre-party ticket is required for this night.

How much do tickets cost?

  • Saturday/Sunday passes are $70
  • Single day passes are $40
  • Pre-party passes are $10
  • Early Bird passes are for all 3 days and cost $50 while supplies last
Can kids come to this event?Unfortunately no, this is a 21 and over event.
Where do we stay?AC Hotel is the official sponsor. There are several hotels in the immediate Westport area, but be sure to book in advance!
Where do I check in?Tickets, and Will-Call, will be located at the East entrance of The Westport Saloon for the pre-party on Friday, May 25th. Saturday and Sunday the Will-Call tickets, and check in, will be at the North entrance of The Westport Saloon.
Can I buy tickets the day of?Yes. Visit us at the Will-Call and ticket booths. It will be $10 more.
Can I pay to just visit one stage?No. No you cannot.
Where can I find an exact schedule?A working schedule is posted on the website, however set times are subject to change. There will be an exact downloadable/screenshot version available before the Festival and printed copies at the ticket booth.
What time does the music start?Music starts at 7pm Friday, May 25th, Noon on Saturday, May 26th, and Noon on Sunday, May 27th.
Does my ticket guarantee that I can see every show?Not in entirety, but yes. You can get to see every band this year. We have slimmed down our stages to three, all within a stones throw from each other.
Where do we eat?Westport is home to many delicious restaurants. Visit If you are looking for 24-hour/late night food, we suggest Town Topic or Chubby’s on Broadway. If you are looking for the best BBQ in town, try Arthur Bryant’s or Slaps.


Westport Roots Festival is back and better than ever. Located in the heart of the historic Westport Neighborhood and now in it’s 5th year, Westport Roots will showcase 65 bands on 2 stages over Memorial Day Weekend. It all kicks off with the official Pre-Party at Westport Saloon Friday, May 25th. Saturday and Sunday, we kick things into high gear with 2 stages, both within a stones throw of one another. Best of all, you will be able to see each and every band and take your Four Roses Bourbon with you as you bounce from stage to stage with your friends. Bluegrass, Honky-Tonk, Rock and Roll, and everything in between!

Please Keep in mind, The Friday Night Pre-Party is held at The Westport Saloon and is only a 200 person venue. A seperate Pre-party ticket is required for this night.


Chris Rodrigues And Abby The Spoon Lady
Hillbilly Casino
Joseph Huber
Porter Union
Shawn James And The Shapeshifters
Possessed By Paul James
The Dead South
White Ghost Shivers
Abraham And The Old Gods
Black Irish Texas
Blackgrass Gospel
Caleb Ryan Martin
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
Dead Man String Band
Eric Sommer
Dig Deep
Dusty Rust
Frankie Banjo
Hangman’s Hymnal
Granny Tweed
Jimmy Swope
Jocephus And The George Jonestown Massacre
Keil And The Coyote Boys
Rachel Kate
Randall Conrad Orlinger
Rock Bottom String Band
Saddle Of Southern Darkness
Saint Christopher
Tail light Rebellion
The Big Sky
Tejon Street Corner Thieves
The Bastard Children Of Booker Noe
The Dirty mugs
The Breakfast Sides
The Dirty Beet Brothers
The Ford Theater Reunion
Truckstop Honeymoon
The Urban Pioneers
The Underhill Family Orchestra
The Well
Tyler Gregory
Tyler Giles
Whiskey For The Lady
Willi Carlisle

This festival is located in downtown Kansas City in what they call the Westport District, and there are two hotels within walking distance of the Westport Saloon here are the links:

There are just so many little nook and crannies to eat at I still find new places each year I go to this one.

AC Marriott
816 Hotel
Embassy Suites
Best Western Plus Seville Plaza Hotel
Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza

And as always I will be researching this festival immensely and adding any I find, and after going in person for the year I’ll find even more. I FULLY intend on helping them grow through a multiple area media campaign I will introduce to you here. I have talked with the owner of the Westport Saloon and he told me the AC Mariott sponsors this event and offers reduced rates to the attendees.

Keep your eye on as we announce lots of special party hosts, add-ons, special guests and more sponsors!

80 acts for $40 if you buy now. $50 at the gate. This festival is cheap because of our CORPORATE SPONSORS! We’ve gone out of our way to find companies that support live music and are relevant to your interests!

Drink Four Roses Bourbon, Beer from Lagunitas Brewing Co and wine from Barefoot Wine & Bubbly! These guys truly support independent roots music without question.

And don’t forget WRF is Ameripolitan Music Official approved!

May 012018

By Joshua Wallace

I first came across Joe’s Truck Stop with the 2014 EP release called Free Showers.  It came out around the height of the punk fueled string band craze and it fit in well with that genre.  It felt like a bajo fueled country record with some attitude. Fast Forward to 2018 and the band are finally releasing their first full length album called American Dreams.  There have been many lineup changes since the EP, but they’re still very much a banjo fueled country band. The music is calmer and more country with a western swing feel to it this time around.  This is a good change as the scene has changed since 2014 and more traditional country is more popular than the punk fueled country that was featured on the EP.

One of my favorites on this record is “Banjo Pickin’ Tobacco Spittin’ Gal”.  It’s a bluegrass fueled country song that has humor and is just plain fun. This one will have toes tappin’ at live shows for sure.  “Don’t Go To College” is a cautionary tale about learning more about the world before diving headfirst into it. It’s a lesson we could all learn eventually.

“The High Road” is another fast country tune that is a fun toe tapper.  I love the duel solo by Andrew McPheter’s banjo and Ben Sweeney’s lead guitar on this one.  “(Don’t) Put A Nickel In The Jukebox” goes into full on honky tonk territory with a sad country song about not being able to stand hearing sad country songs.  It doesn’t get sadder than that. “Knockin’ Boots” is a good dancing song, however you like to dance. Finally, “American Dreams” showcases Joe Macheret’s songwriting abilities.  I love the reference to Hank Snow’s “I’ve Been Everywhere”. It seems like something the band could have fun with live.

American Dreams shows what could be a promising future for Joe’s Truck Stop.  Hopefully we won’t have to wait another 4 years for the next release because I look forward to hearing more.  I highly recommend this album to anyone looking for a good traditional country record with some killer banjo playing that really sets this band apart.  American Dreams is out now on Joe’s Truck Stop’s bandcamp and is available on CD May 11th.


Favorite Tracks : Banjo Pickin’ Tobacco Spittin’ Gal, Don’t Go To College, The High Road, (Don’t) Put A Nickel In The Jukebox, Knockin’ Boots, American Dreams


Joe’s Truck Stop – American Dreams (2018)

  1. Blues For Two
  2. Banjo Pickin’ Tobacco Spittin’ Gal
  3. Don’t Go To College
  4. When I Say
  5. Dreamin’
  6. The High Road
  7. (Don’t) Put A Nickel In The Jukebox
  8. Moon Sang
  9. Knockin’ Boots
  10. One More Night
  11. American Dreams
  12. Peace Of Mind
Apr 292018

Country Legend Bill Anderson Joined the Opry in 198, and is one of the Legends that has never slowed down. He is one of the oldest active Opry members and I recently caught up with what he is doing lately from his newsletters.  Just recently he announced that he is releasing his 44rth ALL NEW studio album in September and will be called “Anderson”. This forthcoming album will have eleven new songs all written by him, or co written by him and many other guests.

Whispering Bill is a whopping 80 years old however he has not showed any signs of slowing down on any fronts, as he continues to maintain the Opry integrity as a weekly mainstay there. Week after week EVERYONE can just go see him host segments, as he revels in the glory of the Opry where his peers all once stood. Alas, Bill Anderson is one of the last of his ilk having been an Opry member for 57 years.

As a solo artist he has had 81 singles and 7 number ones, and wrote so many songs I bet you never knew he wrote! From the very beginning in 1960 he wrote ‘Tips Of My Fingers” which Roy Clark also cut in 1963 and charted with. In the 200’s Mr. Jon Randall had recently divorced Lorrie Morgan, and was slipping into drinking a lot. His manager inspired the line of “put the bottle to your head and pull the trigger” , which he wrote down.

He and Bill Anderson co wrote the powerful duet called “Whiskey Lullaby” which Mr. Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss recorded in 2004. He’s been a game show host and a host on TNN programs, he is the host of the successful TV series “Country’s Family Reunion”.

In 2018 he was finally inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame and has accumulated more awards than almost any male entertainer in history of Country Music as a whole. HERE is the link for his recently released book about his very life in Country Music that spans 6 decades.

When he releases the new album you can darn sure bet that Gary Hayes Country will have a bead on it for you my dear readers! Here is his future road schedule go see him in concert soon!

May 05
Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, TN
May 08
Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, TN
May 11
Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, TN
May 12
Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, TN
Jun 01
Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, TN
Jun 09
Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, TN
Jun 15
Opry City Stage
New York, NY
Jun 23
Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, TN
Jun 26
Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, TN
Jun 29
Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, TN
Jul 14
Sugar Creek Casino with Bobby Bare
Hinton, OK
Aug 18
Midwest Country Music Theater
Sandstone, MN
Aug 18
Midwest Country Music Theater
Sandstone, MN
Aug 19
Midwest Country Music Theater
Sandstone, MN
Aug 20
Marion Ross Performing Arts Center
Albert Lea, MN
Aug 25
Grand Ole Opry Legends
Lancaster, PA
Sep 21
Ross Country Jamboree
Scottsburg, IN
Oct 11
Blue Gate Theatre
Shipshewana, IN
Oct 12
Blue Gate Theater
Shipshewana, IN
Oct 20
Meramec Music Theatre
Steelville, MO
Dec 09
Beacon Theatre
Hopewell, VA
Apr 292018

Once again I have traveled down to east Nashville to one of my favorite neighborhood bars, that is quickly become a mecca of local music. Miss Amy Dee and Mr. Daniel have turned Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge into of the greatest retro throwback bars in the Nashville area.

I have gleefully written many articles from this particular venue, and tonight was perhaps some of the greatest sets I have witnessed there, by all means. I’m telling you that every act was amazing tonight and I had ONE HELL of a good time last night watching this show as I wrote this for you.

You can read about all of the artists and get tons more information about them all right HERE I also featured one of the videos from Mr. James album Full Tilt Boogie called “Jesus Jail Or Texas”, and you can see that HERE.
Also Outlaw Resurgence hosted the first listen party and you can listen to the album there.

The Traveling Ones played many Americana type songs like “When It Rains” and other songs that featured  their combined duet abilities well like “You Only Have To break My Heart”.  Mr. Justin and Miss Emily met at an open mic in Texas, and now reside in Nashville where they are a prominent part of my local scene here.

They have a special sound to their harmonies here, and if I HAD to compare them to another band I couldn’ have MANY combo harmony bands, Shovels And Rope, Porter Union, Barnyard Stompers…and these two aren’t like any of those.

The songs were well written and flowed well together on their set choices, like the song ‘I’m a woman” however the next song called “Wildfire Heart” was my favorite out of their offering last night.another outstanding thing about their set was it featured some damn fine slide guitar from the lead player, and when you pair it up with Miss Emily’s powerful vocal range, you have a damn fine show.

” Midnight Calling” was next and they followed that up with  a song called “Red Light” but like I mentioned about their set and how well it was placed..the set closed with a song called “Let’s Go Get Stoned”. It was a furious and powerful climax to the set and featured some powerful finishing vocals from her.

Mr. Allen Thompson is another local favorite we had here tonight, I first discovered him on Music City Roots. He writes with Mr. Don a lot and  one of his first songs was a song he wrote with him called “Dirt to Dust”. He brought a great acoustic portion to the lineup tonight which was also really nice.

“While I’m Young” was another song he played before he played his final song called ‘Trouble”. He later joined Mr. Don Gallardo for the closing portion of the entire show. He told a terrific story about how he was misplaced at a songwriter competition with kids once that the song “Trouble” won an opportunity to meet John rich..which he opted to give away.

Mr. James Scott Bullard is dropping his new album tonight called Full Tilt Boogie and you can read more about that HERE. Several websites have given Mr. James a lot of attention lately in the local scenes, and he has been out on the road working relentlessly.

He opened with “Lord Have Mercy” from the new album, along with the next song “Heartless Woman”. Mr. James has self admittedly proclaimed most of his songs are of the jaded type of love gone wrong, like the song “Warpath”. Now mind you, acoustic they sound a little different than on the album with a full band..but that’s alright.

Both times I went to see him play here he did a truly fine job up there, especially on songs like “Wicked Ways” tonight, hell it got an applause two separate times. More heavier tunes like “Evil Lovin” that had the different guitar tones made them sound different just acoustic.

“Voo Doo” was one I never heard live before and after that he played “The Next Tear” and “Hey hey Mama” both offerings from Full Tilt Boogie, I thought his set list here tonight promoted the album well.  He played a few more before playing “Back To You”. I particularly enjoyed his closing of the set when he played my favorite song called “Jesus,Jail Or Texas”. I have a pretty good feeling you’ll be hearing many more great things to come from this man.

Mr. BOO RAY was absolutely amazing tonight and it’s been quite a while since I have had the chance to cover his set live, so tonight was truly a great opportunity.  He has a new album dropping this fall and he played a brand new song from this forthcoming album called “Don’t Look Back”…I’ll have more on that on later articles.

His latest album called “Sea Of lights” was one of the focal points of his set tonight, choked full of bad assed guitar licks and steel guitar solos. This man and his band was absolutely mind blowing tonight in just about every way, his opening song was called ‘4 Letters And A Heart”, one of his older songs from the “Bad News Travels Fast” album.

“Johnny’s Tavern” is an absolute bad assed in your face foot thumping song about just what it’s named…for..Johnny’s Tavern.  His set also included “Bricks And Mortar” and “Emmaline”. This man goes absolutely full blown ballistic on stage, just because he is lanky in stature doesn’t mean he isn’t a juggernaut on sound. He blows the rooftops off of the venue!

“One More Round” was included in the set and my personal favorite from “Sea of lights” was called ‘Redneck Rock And Roll” which is just a plain out simple jam song. After playing two new songs, one being called “Don’t Look Back”  he closed with the song called “Bad News Travels Fast”.

Mr. Taylor Kropp was up next with some great twang guitar music here as he opened with an old Waylon Jennings song and went into an original off of his album ” Coming Up For Air” called “I’ll Forget In Time”.

He played his song for millennial called ‘Stereotypical Three Dimensional 21st Century Troubadour” , but the best song of his set was the title track of his album ‘Coming Up For Air”. His set featured some ABSOLUTELY amazing guitar wizardry, rivaling Rory Kelly and Sean K Preston on local stage levels.

Mr. Don Gallardo is one that I have been following for some time now and his new album is garnering huge accolades around town, as it also drops tonight here in town.  I have been a fan of his for some time now, and I finally got to catch his show here on the now.  I’m quite excited to see this man’s set tonight, he is a big local draw in my area believe you me.

He opened his set with the first single off the new album called “Stay Awhile”, and followed that up with other songs off from his album “Hickory”. “Diamonds And Gold” and my absolute favorite ‘The North Dakota Blues”, that’s just a terrific song that paints such a vivid picture in my mind. In fact I would go so far as to say it’s one of my top 20 favorite songs of all time, my interpenetration of a good song is that a writer and singer paints a picture on your brain, which is a canvas. That song just reminded me of being a young man and reading those old Louis L’amour books.

“Golden Rule” is another positive song about…well the golden rule, he followed that with the fifth studio album title from Van Morrison called ‘Tupelo Honey” Now I’ll be honest I’m not the biggest Van Morrison fan (I don’t hate his music, but I can take it or leave it) BUT I DID enjoy his cover of it. He does a fantastic job presenting the song as his own, and if you aren’t observant you could construe it as his own song.

“Time Pass By’ is a song he renamed “The Song That Made Mick Jagger Dance’, because well…it did once. That was a really cool opening story to a song, we had quite a few cool intro stories here tonight. He played “Banks Of The Mississippi” before closing with Grateful Dead covers like “Casey Jones”.

I want to thank Miss Emily and Miss Kim Grant for inviting me out to write about this event here and for Dee’s for always hosting great local music for my website to write about, and that DAMN FINE jukebox they have there.


Apr 282018

If YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at I literally watch more than 40 venues in Nashville plus belong to many concert websites in order to bring you this coverage. NEW IN 2018, folks I am always looking for ways to enhance what I do for you. So this year I’ll be reporting on further Kentucky shows, and further Tennessee shows as well.

Folks WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE support live venue music.

Parker Milsap
3rd And Lindsley May 20th

Margo Price
Ryman Auditorium May 20, 21 and 23rd

Kristiana Murray
The  Basement Nashville Tn May 20th

Parker Milsap
3rd And Lindsley May 20th

Raul Malo SOLO
City Winery May 21st

John Moreland
Manchester Music Hall Lexington Ky

Dailey And Vincent April 28th

Colter Wall
Grand Theater May 18th

Trampled By Turtles
Ryman Auditorium May 18th

Ricky Skaggs
The SKYPAC Bowling Green Ky May 24rth

The Josephines
The Basement East May 25th

Ray Wylie Hubbard
Stoddart Family Farm Crawford Tn May 26th

Justin Wells
Nikki Lane
Carl Anderson
The Burl Lexington Ky May 27th

Urban Pioneers
Nirvana Louisville Ky May 30th

The Oak Ridge Boys
Beaver Dam Amphitheater June 1st

The Oak Ridge Boys
Renfro Valley June 2nd

Justin Townes Earle
Headliner’s Louisville Ky June 2nd

Blackfoot gypsies
Exit In June 2nd

American Aquarium and Cory Branon
The Basement East June 5th

Drew Holcomb
Brown Theater Louisville Ky July 5th

Marty Stuarts Late Night Jam
Ryman Auditorium June 6th

Terri Clark
Wildhorse Saloon June 7th

Colter Wall
The Burl June 7th

Colter Wall
Louisville Palace Ky June 8th

Colter wall
The Burl June 9th

Josh Card And The Restless Souls
David Allan Coe
Bourbon Hall Louisville Ky June 8th

The Josephines
The A frame Bowling Green Ky June 8th

William Matheny
The Basement June 9th

Josh Card And The Restless Souls
Harley Davidson Bowling Green Ky June 9th

Michigan Rattlers
The Basement June 12th

Kacey Musgraves
The Bridgestone June 12th

The Reverend Horton Heat
Big Sandy And The Fly Rite Boys
Lara Hope And The Ark Tones
Southgate House June 13th

Hillbilly Casino
Mercy lounge June 14th

Jeremy Pinnell
The Basement East June 14th

Dalton Domino
Exit In June 14th

Pat Green
Exit In June 13th

John Anderson
Palace Theater Crossville Tn June 22nd

Paul Cauthen
The Warehouse June 22nd

Jamey Johnson
Renfro Valley June 23rd

John Anderson
State theater June 23rd

Lavender Country
The Basement June 23rd

Jeremy Pinnell
Biley’s Taproom June 23rd

Kristina Murray
Honky Tonk Tuesday June 26th

Urban Pioneers
Nashville Palace June 26th

Sarah Shook And The Disarmers
Little Bandit
Basement East June 27th

Lilly Hiatt
Basement East June 28th

The Del McCourry Band
Ryman Auditorium June 28th

Jamey Johnson
The Shed June 29th and 30th.

Russell Moore And IIIrd Tyme Out
Yellow Creek Park Owensboro Ky June 29th

The Po Ramblin Boys
Station Inn June 29th

The Reverend Horton Heat
Exit Inn June 30th

The Blasters
Exit Inn July 1st

Goddamn Gallows
Gallows Bound
Days N Daze
Basement East July 1st

Cecil Allen Moore
American Legion Post 82 July 3rd

Old Salt Union
Friday After 5 Owensboro Ky July 6th

Shooter Jennings and Turnpike Troubadors
Beaver Dam Ampitheater August 4rth

Josh Card
Highlands Taproom Louisville Ky July 5th

Vince Gill
Ryman Auditorium July 5th

Josh Card
Spillway Bowling Green Ky July 6th

Tanya Tucker
SKY PAC Bowling Green Ky July 7th

Del McCoury Band
Ryman July 12th

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Miller Plaza Chattanooga Tn July 13th

Charley Pride
Renfro Valley July 14th

Josh Card
Dee’s Country Lounge Nashville Tn July 18th

Aaron Raitiere
The Basement July 18th

Rhonda Vincent And The Rage
Ryman Auditorium July July 19th

Colter Wall
First United Bank Plaza Madisonville Ky July 20th

JD wilkes And The legendary Shack Shakers Unplugged
Exit Inn July 25th

Anderson East
Ryman Auditorium July 28th

Josh Card
Southgate House July 29th

LSD Tour (Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam)
Ascend Ampitheater Nashville August 12th

Sammy Brue
Basement August 13th

Confederate Railroad
Wilson County Fair August 21st

Howlin Brothers
Basement East August 23rd

Jimmy Fortune
Kentucky Opry August 25th

Shooter Jennings
Beaver Dam Ampitheater September 2nd

Janie Frickie
Renfro Valley September 7th

The Reeves Brothers
American Legion Post 82
Sept 7th

Ryman Auditorium September 7th

Flatland Cavalry
The Basement East September 7th

Cecil Allen Moore
American Legion Post 82
Sept 25th

Anderson East And Brent Cobb
Ryman Auditorium Sept 28th

John Prine
Ryman Auditorium October 5 and 6th

Dwight Yoakam
Owensboro Convention Center october 26th

Marty Stuart
Rupp Arena Ky Oct 27th

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Cosmic Charlie’s Lexington Ky November 15th

Apr 272018

By Joshua Wallace

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much of James Scott Bullard before Gary premiered his single “Jesus, Jail Or Texas” right here on the website.  That one song was good enough for me and I knew I wanted to review the album when it was released. Before I got the CD, I went to Spotify to hear what I could from James Scott Bullard.  The only thing there was a previous single called “Wicked Ways” and a compilation album called The Rise and Fall Of… which compiles tracks from his previous releases. From what I can gather, Full Tilt Boogie marks his 9th release overall and 6th full length.  This feels like a good jumping on point for new fans of James Scott Bullard as it is his best sounding material that I could find and it marks a sonic shift to a more southern rock leaning sound.

This album starts off on a slower note with the opening track “Lord, Have Mercy”.  It’s a great way to kick off the proceedings before James Scott Bullard kicks things into high gear.  “Wicked Ways” was the first single from the album and sets things off with a killer southern rock country tune that recalls the early days of Skynyrd with ease.  Another early track was “Jesus, Jail or Texas” which was premiered right here on Gary Hayes Country. This goes more into the country side of Bullard’s sound and it’s a very catchy tune.  This is one of my favorites on the album.

Another favorite has another killer opening riff on the track with “Leavin’ On My Mind”.  It’s a great drifting song if you like songs like Willie’s “On The Road Again” or Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere”.  The album closes out with “Back To You” which is more of a southern rock ballad. In true southern rock ballad fashion, this track closes the album out with some great solo work.

Full Tilt Boogie is an appropriate name for this album.  The boogie is certainly turned to full tilt throughout this record and James Scott Bullard has the Waylon meets Skynyrd southern rock influenced country sound down to a science.  I look forward to being able to see him live with a full band sometime in the future. Full Tilt Boogie is available everywhere on April 27th and signed copies are available at James Scott Bullard’s store.

Favorite Tracks : Lord, Have Mercy, Wicked Ways, Jesus, Jail Or Texas, Leavin’ On My Mind, Back To You


James Scott Bullard – Full Tilt Boogie (2018)


  1. Lord, Have Mercy
  2. Wicked Ways
  3. All To Pieces
  4. Hey, Hey Mama
  5. Warpath
  6. Jesus, Jail Or Texas
  7. Evil Lovin’
  8. Leavin’ On My Mind
  9. The Next Tear
  10. Back To You
Apr 252018
Magnolia Roads presents Third Annual American Roots Hoedown in Nashville  
Night One at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge, Madison, TN 
Featuring Don Gallardo, Boo Ray, Allen Thompson, James Scott Bullard,
Taylor Kropp, The Traveling Ones, and Daniel Lawrence Walker   
Night Two at The 5 Spot, East Nashville, TN 
Featuring Bonnie Blue, Ben Sparao & The New Effect, Rich Mahan,
Mike Younger, Jason Daniels Band, and Arkansas Dave   
NASHVILLE, TN March 9, 2018 – Magnolia Roads presents the third annual American Roots Hoedown. A showcase of the Magnolia Roads family of artists and friends. Twelve bands over two nights at two of Nashville’s hippest live music venues. Returning for the third year are Mike Younger, Rich Mahan, and the Jason Daniels Band. New this year are Bonnie Blue, Ben Sparaco & The New Effect, Arkansas Dave, Don Gallardo, Boo Ray, Allen Thompson, Daniel Lawrence Walker, The Traveling One, Taylor Kropp and James Scott Bullard.
American Roots Hoedown III Pre-Party
6pm-2am Friday, April 27, 2018
Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge, 102 E. Palestine Ave., Madison, TN 37115 
Lineup: Taylor Kropp, Boo Ray, Allen Thompson, James Scott Bullard, 
The Traveling Ones, and Daniel Lawrence Walker
American Roots Hoedown III 
6pm -2am Saturday, April 28, 2018 
The 5 Spot, 1006 Forrest Ave., Nashville, TN 37206 
Lineup: Bonnie Blue, Ben Sparaco & The New Effect, Mike Younger, 
Rich Mahan, Jason Daniels Band, and Arkansas Dave
What is American Roots? Exactly what the moniker sounds like, music that grew from the roots of America. The Magnolia Roads family of artists epitomize American Roots music through their blend of Blues, Country, Funk, Jazz, and a whole lotta Rock and Roll, flavored with the deep grooves of the South and an occasional West Coast psychedelic twirl. 

Allen Thompson (Nashville, TN) East Nashville Hippy Folk/Americana singer/songwriter and local Nashville favorite.
Arkansas Dave (Austin, TX) His sound is rooted in the influences of blues, rock and indie blended with the sounds of the South. Arkansas Dave’s self-titled debut album, recorded in 8 days at Muscle Shoals’ infamous Fame Studios, will be released April 20. 
Ben Sparaco and The New Effect (Nashville, TN) Blends elements of Americana, Blues, Folk, Funk and Rock with jazz-inspired improvisation drawing on inspirations ranging from the Derek Trucks Band to the Grateful Dead to Bob Dylan to John Coltrane. Following up on Ben’s 2017 solo debut album, “Wooden,” the group’s upcoming self-titled album will be released June 8. 
  • Ben Sparaco (Ben Sparaco and The New Effect) interview questions &
    answers April 2018
     What is the most person song you have? What makes it so personal?
    My song “Soul Miner” is probably the most personal to me because it’s
    about the struggles of getting through to somebody that was close to me
    and getting them to open up.
    Favorite topic to write about? Why?
    I generally like to write stories that may or may not be loosely based on
    my own life. I think writing using characters and fictional scenarios
    helps to make the songs less specific and makes it easier for people to
    connect with them in different ways. It also gives me the ability to kind
    of create another world in our songs.
    Craziest thing that’s ever happened while on stage (issues, crazy fans,
    losing power, etc.?)
    When I was touring with Butch Trucks (founding member and
    drummer of the Allman Brothers Band) I turned around during
    “Mountain Jam” to see him smiling bigger than I’ve ever seen. That
    was surreal.
    Who are your musical influences? Why?
    Jerry Garcia, Derek Trucks, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, and David
    Byrne. They all went against the grain and carved their own path.
    5) First album you ever bought?
    Probably American Idiot by Green Day or Ocean Avenue by
    First live concert you ever attended?
    Van Halen and Ziggy Marley, 2008.
    Are you a “superfan” of any band?
    I grew up as an Allman Brothers superfan and eventually because a
    superfan of the Grateful Dead. I wouldn’t consider myself a current
    “superfan” of anybody.
    What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a musicion? Who
    taught it to you?
    It’s all about your intention, no matter what you play. Thank you
    Colonel Bruce Hampton.
    If you had to bring two albums with you to listen to for the rest of your
    life–what would they be?
    A Love Supreme by John Coltrane and The Times They Are A-
    Changing by Bob Dylan.
    What’s your dream venue to play?
    Red Rocks or the Beacon Theatre.
    What’s your favorite food on the road? (Why?)
    I pound back Clif bars all the time on the road because they’re cheap,
    fill you up, and have quality ingredients! We don’t always have time for
    a full meal.
    Why didn’t you become a banker? Or, if you weren’t a musician what
    would you be?
    Bonus?! What makes you most excited about playing the MagRds
    American Roots III weekend shows?
    Lots of friends on the lineup and a lot of opportunities to play with
    different people.
Bonnie Blue (Jacksonville, FL) Bluesy Southern/Roots Rock Jam Band known for their organic live shows they live up to their mantra “the music never stops.” They’ve been touring in support of their 2017 debut studio album, “No Lookin’ Back.”
Boo Ray (Nashville, TN) Americana Outlaw with a pure Muscle Shoals Southern Country Rock sound. Following up on his Americana Music chart Top 40 album “Sea of Lights,” he has been in the studio recording a singles duet project. 
Daniel Lawrence Walker (Nashville, TN) A soothing voice and soulful songwriting, the Americana artist is tapping into genre bending music. 
Don Gallardo (Nashville, TN)  “Artist You Need To Know. ​A singer-songwriter that is one of the Country and Americana scene’s true journeymen.” – Rolling Stone. His new album “Still Here” will be released April 27, night one of Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown III.

Don Gallardo interview questions & answers April 2018
Don Gallardo interview questions & answers April 2018

Who are your musical influences? The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Otis Redding, Elton John, CCR, The Grateful Dead, Stevie Wonder, Queen, The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly

First live concert you ever attended? Guns n Roses

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a musician? Just be you. You write great songs so don’t try to imitate anyone else. Just play how you feel and play every show like you are playing to the biggest crowd you’ve ever played to. Who taught it to you? Chuck Day (musician from my hometown. He’s the one who wrote the riff on the song “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers. He also played Bass with the Mamas & the Papas and he also played second guitar on “Monday, Monday” and “California Dreamin’”

If you had to bring two albums with you to listen to for the rest of your life–what would they be? Cephas & Wiggins – Cool Down and The Beatles – Revolver

What’s your dream venue to play? Ryman

James Scott Bullard (Mullins, SC) Outlaw Country Southern rocker. ‘If Waylon Jennings had a pet eagle named Evel Knievel that liked to stand on furniture with a guitar, had a homemade Smokey & The Bandit tattoo on it’s chest, a Skynyrd tattoo on it’s middle talon, Keith Richards’ blood in it’s veins, Johnny Rotten’s cocked eye and John Oates’ mustache, that MIGHT come close’ to describing JSB’s music. His new album, “Full Tilt Boogie” will be released April 27, night one of Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown III.
  • James Scott Bullard interview questions & answers April 2018
     What is the most person song you have? What makes it so personal?
    Definitely “Back to You.” Because it’s about my son, and how he’s so
    amazing despite my bad decisions in life.
    Favorite topic to write about? Why?
    My bad decisions…i.e.: Women, my self-destructive nature, etc. It’s such
    good source material!
     Craziest thing that’s ever happened while on stage (issues, crazy fans,
    losing power, etc.?)
    I got electrocuted! My hand was on my guitar, my mouth was on the mic
    and my boots were standing in a beer the opening act spilled. I didn’t know
    there was a hole in my boot. The soundman figured it out quickly and
    Gorilla taped my boots…On with the show!
    Who are your musical influences? Why?
    Hank Williams Sr., Waylon Jennings, Lightnin’ Hopkins. Because they
    understood that keeping the formula simple, to the point and telling the truth
    was how you get to folks.
    First album you ever bought?
     First live concert you ever attended?
     Are you a “superfan” of any band?
    W.A.S.P. or Pantera
    What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a musician? Who
    taught it to you?
    “The entertainment industry is a lot like following an elephant with a
    shovel”-Actual advice from David Allan Coe.
    “If everybody likes you, you’re doin’ it wrong!” and “Learn to bum cigarettes
    or quit smoking.”-Actual advice from Butch Walker.
    If you had to bring two albums with you to listen to for the rest of
    your life–what would they be?
    Waylon Jennings-“Honky-Tonk Heroes” and The Rolling Stones-“Sticky
     What’s your dream venue to play?
    The Ryman.
    11) What’s your favorite food on the road? (Why?)
    Welches Fruit Snacks-My Road manager got me addicted and they’re an
    easy, quick go to.
    Why didn’t you become a banker? Or, if you weren’t a musician
    what would you be?
    I can not do safe. Tom Waits once said: “Normal, well adjusted people don’
    get written about.”…I don’t read about bankers a lot. If I wasn’t a musician I’d be
    a grave digger because the clients are easy to deal with I hear.
     Bonus?! What makes you most excited about playing the MagRds
    American Roots III weekend shows?
    The opportunity to share the stage with so many great artists. Plus, I never
    have a bad time in Nashville.

Jason Daniels Band (Jackson, MS) American Roots Music, which seamlessly blurs the lines between Country, Blues and Funk. He returns to the studio in May to record the follow up to his debut album, “Dashboard Visions and Rearview Reflections.” 
Mike Younger (Nashville, TN) Americana rocker and reclusive veteran of the music business, he rose out of the streets to record with artists like Rodney Crowell, Jim Dickinson, and Levon Helm. His most recent album, “Little Folks Like You And Me” debuted last July in the Top 5 Most Added Albums to Americana Radio.
Rich Mahan (Nashville, TN) Roots music Buddha, his music conjures a similar vibe to Delbert McClinton, Warren Zevon, Hayes Carll, Little Feat, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, and his favorite, The Grateful Dead, with influences from 70’s FM Rock and Pop radio, as well as Outlaw Country from that same era. He is recording a follow up his to highly acclaimed debut solo release “Blame Bobby Bare.” His new album, “Hot Chicken Wisdom” is slated to be released late 2018.
  • Rich Mahan interview questions & answers April 2018
    What is the most person song you have? What makes it so personal?
    a lot of my songs are about true stories, so in a sense they are all personal.
    Momma Found My bong is an honest to God true story. Doesn’t get much
    more personal than getting busted by your parents
     Favorite topic to write about? Why?
    Life and love. I love to share the universal qualities of the human existence
    in a song.
     Craziest thing that’s ever happened while on stage (issues, crazy fans,
    losing power, etc.?)
    I think every musicians has had their share of bad gigs where the sound
    sucked, etc… I just remember the gigs where everything clicked and the line
    bewteen the audience and the stage / band just dissolved. that’s magical
    when that happens
     Who are your musical influences? Why?
    Whatever moves me and makes me take notice. It could be the way
    someone talks, or the way a woman moves her hips when she walks, or Leo
    Nocentelli’s guitar solo in Dr. John’s Right place wrong time.
     First album you ever bought?
    45rpm single of Van Halen’s Dance The Night Away
    First live concert you ever attended?
    Rolling Stones
    Are you a “superfan” of any band?
    Grateful Dead
     What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a musician? Who
    taught it to you? Stick up for yourself and don’t let club owners push you around. Merl
    If you had to bring two albums with you to listen to for the rest of your life–what would they be?
    The Who – Quadrophenia and Grateful Dead Europe 72
     What’s your dream venue to play?
    Royal Albert Hall
     What’s your favorite food on the road? (Why?)
    BBQ or Mexican food. Because when they are done right, they are as good
    and any haute cuise anywhere
     Why didn’t you become a banker? Or, if you weren’t a musician
    what would you be?
    Music is a calling. when you are called it won’t stop until you answer.
    Bonus?! What makes you most excited about playing the MagRds
    American Roots III weekend shows?
    Getting to hang with a ton of good friends I haven’t seen in a while and
    playing for an appreciative crowd!
Taylor Kropp (Nashville, TN) Americana/Roots Rock singer/songwriter/guitarist influenced by the melting pot of American music, including The Allman Brothers Band, Dwight Yoakam, and Tom Petty, and the imagery of the old west and desert. He has been touring in support of his debut album “Coming Up For Air,” released last September. 
  • Taylor Kropp interview questions & answers April 2018
     What is the most person song you have? What makes it so personal? –
    Even If You’re Wrong. I was just so frustrated by how people were treating
    each other in the post 2016 Trump election that I had to put it to paper.
     Favorite topic to write about? Why? – Heartbreak. You can’t ever have
    too many love songs right?
    Craziest thing that’s ever happened while on stage (issues, crazy fans,
    losing power, etc.?)
    – One time while playing in Cheyenne, Wyoming the  doors flew open and
    the club flooded with cops and drug dogs. Turns out
    there was a Meth dealer selling out of the bathroom stall. He had kidnapped
    a client who owed him money and the cops were searching for him. When
    they found the prisoner he alerted the cops to the dealer was selling down at
    the club we were playing. I remember they found a gun in the trash and they
    escorted him out in handcuffs.
     Who are your musical influences? Why?
    Allman Brothers Band. Pure musicianship of the highest caliber. And they were so
    young as well. Dwight Yoakam cause he doesn’t take shit. Tom Petty. See answer for Dwight
    Yoakam. Jackson Browne. A true American Poet. My guitar teacher John
    Garcia. One of the best men I’ve known. Pure class and musicianship.
     First album you ever bought? – Steven Curtis Chapman. Christian artist
     First live concert you ever attended? ^ See above.
     Are you a “superfan” of any band? – Allman Brothers. I can hang with
    any trivia.
     What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a musician? Who
    taught it to you? – Take every gig cause you never know where it will lead.
    Also take any gig for any amount of money because it’s more important to
    see what you’ve earned at the end of the month then at the end of the day.
     If you had to bring two albums with you to listen to for the rest of
    your life–what would they be? – Layla and other Assorted Love Songs by
    Derek and the Dominos and Dwight Yoakam’s A Long Way Home.
     What’s your dream venue to play?
    Fox Theatre in Oakland.
     What’s your favorite food on the road? (Why?) Chipotle. If you do it
    right you can get two meals out of one.
     Why didn’t you become a banker? Or, if you weren’t a musician
    what would you be?
    I would open my own coffee shop in the middle of
    Montana. And play Jazz guitar there in between making coffee.
     Bonus?! What makes you most excited about playing the MagRds
    American Roots III weekend shows? – Jamming and hanging with so many
    great musicians. And seeing Don Gallardo sing. He’s a great artist.
The Traveling Ones (Nashville, TN) Americana duo known for their soulful harmonies, bluesy slide guitar, and heart-felt lyrics. They’ve been touring in support of their 2017 debut album, “Meet Me There,” as they prepare for their for their new album.
American Roots Hoedown III Pre-Party 4/27 Facebook event
5:30 Daniel Lawrence Walker (Nashville, TN)
7:15 The Traveling Ones (band –  Nashville, TN)
7:55 Allen Thompson (solo –  Nashville, TN)
8:45 James Scott Bullard (solo – Mullins, SC)
9:45 Taylor Kropp (band)  Nashville, TN)
10:45 Boo Ray (band –  Nashville, TN)
11:45 Don Gallardo (band –  Nashville, TN)
American Roots Hoedown III 4/28 Facebook event
6 Arkansas Dave (Austin)
7 Jason Daniels Band (Jackson, MS)
8:05 Rich Mahan (Nashville)
9:20 Mike Younger (Nashville)
10:25 Ben Sparaco and The New Effect (Nashville)
11:40 Bonnie Blue (Jacksonville, FL)
12:45 All-star super jam*

Apr 232018

I am really happy that I got the chance to meet Sarah and bring you all this interview with Sarah Shook & The Disarmers. I love her sound and believe in her vision, she is going to do big things and I will be right there smiling from the crowd, singing every word and enjoying her rise. You guys should really check out her new album called ‘Years’ it’s get. I hope you all enjoy this interview and her music as much as I do.

Round 1 – For anyone that has never heard your music how would you describe it to them?

Sarah ~ “Real, raw, undiluted. The spirit of punk rock meets traditional country stylings. Rolling Stone referred to us as “sneering country-punk” and I’d say that sums it up well.”

Round 2 – Can you tell us about your band?

Sarah ~ “We’re a total band of freaks. The music industry is constantly churning out these young, good lookin, well dressed bands because it’s not about the music anymore, it’s an image based business. But, as with most everything else, I make my own rules when it comes to building a band. Chops and personality always come first. I’ve played in bands with difficult people in the past and boy howdy it’s just not worth the headache. So yeah, we’re a rag tag bunch of folks, we’re scrappy and tough in our own respective ways, but I’d be lyin’ if I said we also weren’t some pretty laid back, friendly, and compassionate humans. We look out for each other hardcore and we always have each other’s backs. One of the things I appreciate most about my bandmates is that it’s ALWAYS about the music. Music comes first. Always.

My electric guitarist, Eric Peterson, has been playing music with me in one form or another for almost 8 years now and he is one of the only true guitar lords in existence right now haha. Our pedal steel player, Phil Sullivan, played lap steel in my old band, Sarah Shook & the Devil, then took a hiatus to master pedal steel; the press often remarks on the brilliance of his and Eric’s interplay, those two truly have a special musical connection. Aaron Oliva is my upright bassist, he spent years in Nashville gigging around lower Broadway before moving back to central North Carolina and it’s evident in his playing. Dude knows his way around a dang bass! Kevin McClain is our new drummer and it’s been a blast getting to know him and work together musically. He’s a super talented drummer and avid cyclist. We’ll be working with a few subs due to increased touring demands, Adam Kurtz will be with us on pedal steel with some frequency, wicked talented and instant partner in crime status.”

Round 3 – I know you just released a new album, what can you tell us about it?

Sarah ~” “Years” is so cool. Ten songs featuring the same suspects, doomed relationships, late nights, alcohol, drugs, heartache, but presented with a warmth and fullness to the sound that softens the edges just enough to make it golden. We’ve evolved a shit ton as a band and as individuals since we independently released “Sidelong” in 2015 and it really shines through on this new record. Couldn’t be prouder of my boys.”

Round 4 – As an animal lover I enjoy hearing about other people’s pets, so I always ask do you have any pets and if so can you tell us about them?

Sarah ~ “Man, I wish I did. I live vicariously through pet owners. I would love nothing more than to adopt a rescue (or three cough cough) but we’re touring relentlessly this year and I just wouldn’t have the time to give them all the love, attention, time, and affection that dogs deserve. Serious retirement goals, my friend.”

Round 5 – What hobbies do you have, what do you enjoy doing when you’re not making great music?

Sarah ~ “I love cooking. I’ve been vegan for over 4 years now and when we’re not on the road I’m constantly in the kitchen inventing recipes and making stuff up on the fly. It’s really relaxing and satisfying, especially when I have friends over to help me eat everything! I’m also a big fan of the outdoors and any chance I get to snag a hike or a long walk I’ll take in a heartbeat.”

Last Call – This is a final open question so you can say what ever you would like to your fans and the people reading this.

Sarah ~ “Always put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you judge ‘em. Nobody is perfect and we’re all in this mess together so love hard and be kind.”

Apr 232018

By Joshua Wallace

Brent Cobb rocking out at Due South Music Festival in Thomasville, GA.


This past November, I made plans to catch Chris Stapleton’s All American Road Show in Jacksonville, FL with Brent Cobb and Marty Stuart supporting him.  Due to heavy traffic getting to the show, I missed all of Brent Cobb’s set and most of Marty Stuart’s set. I was finally able to see Brent Cobb live this past Saturday at the Due South Music Festival in Thomasville, GA.  

This was the seventh running of the festival which hosts multiple events around the community and ends in a concert at the Thomasville Amphitheater.  The concert is a community affair with most attendees bringing their entire family out to enjoy a day of good food and music. The Thomasville Center For the Arts organizes the entire event and made sure everyone was happy with plenty of good options for food ranging from local BBQ to food trucks. There was an amazing lineup of music set for the day featuring Jon Bellamy & The Rebels, Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters and Brent Cobb & Them.  Texas country singer Charlie Robinson was originally scheduled to be the headliner, however he had to cancel due to recovering from vocal cord surgery. The venue had a good sound setup for being a small amphitheater and the entire experience was quite enjoyable.

The show opened up with Jon Bellamy & the Rebels who are a 4 piece country rock outfit out of Tallahassee, FL.  Their set consisted of mostly covers and a few originals. They covered songs like The Allman Brothers “Ramblin’ Man”, David Allan Coe’s “The Ride” and Merle Haggard’s “I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink”.   The only original tune I caught the name of was “White Trash Dad” which closed out their set.

Next up was Amanda Anne Platt and The Honeycutters from Asheville, NC.  I was more familiar with their music through their stellar self titled album which was released last year.  The Honeycutters are a very well rounded Americana band featuring Amanda Anne Platte on lead guitar and vocals and she is supported by a keyboard player, a pedal steel / electric guitar player and a drummer and bass guitar.  They played original music from across their discography including newer stuff like “Long Ride” and older stuff like “Irene” from the very first album they released as The Honeycutters back in 2009. They closed the set out with a newer tune that is not on any albums called “18 Wheels”.

The main event of the evening was Brent Cobb & Them.  As I already mentioned, this was my first time seeing Brent Cobb and I left very impressed with Brent and his band.  He played a lot of the first album Shine On Rainy Day and also heavily featured new music from his upcoming release Providence Canyon.  The music from Providence Canyon represents a sonic shift from Brent Cobb. While Shine On Rainy Day was a more acoustic album, this new music leans more to southern rock and provides some good variety in his set.  There were plenty of extended jams which I did not expect and his lead guitar player did not disappoint. Brent did do a couple of covers in his set with a great rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Swamp Music” and a equally good version of Dwight Yoakam’s “Guitars, Cadillacs”.

Of the newer music, I quite enjoyed the performances of “30-06”, “Providence Canyon” and “Mornin’ Gonna Come”.  He also played “King Of Alabama”, “Ain’t A Road Too Long”, “If I Don’t See Ya”, “Sucker For A Good Time” and “When The Dust Settles” from the new record.  After hearing this new material live, I am really looking forward to getting this album in my hands and reviewing it when it releases in May. As for older music in this set, Brent touched on nearly everything from Shine On Rainy Day.  I think the only song he didn’t play was “The World”. He also played “Down Home” which was his contribution to his cousin Dave Cobb’s Southern Family compilation.

I know Brent Cobb is touring with Chris Stapleton’s All American Road show tour a lot this year, but if you get a chance to see him headline, do it.  He puts on an amazing show and the variety in sound between his first album and his new album makes for an exciting full set.  You can check out his future touring dates and see if he is coming near you here. Finally, I want to thank Due South Music Festival in Thomasville, GA for allowing me to come out and cover their event.  Check out for more information on the festival and follow them on Facebook for information on their 2019 festival when it becomes available. 

Apr 222018

As you know, I cover 175 festivals a year and many on the east coast including this festival Charm City Bluegrass which I have covered for two years now on here previous to this one. This is the sixth annual event of this particular event which is being held in the Druid Hill Park area of Baltimore Md. Here is part of their story line about the creation of this event:

Awarded the 2016 IBMA “Momentum Event of the Year,” “Best Festival” in 2015 and “Best Music Festival” in 2014 by Baltimore Magazine, the Charm City Folk and Bluegrass Festival (CCFBF) is simply the best party in Baltimore. By combining music that gets you grooving, regional craft beers and ciders, unique and familiar foods, independent vendors, and thousands of the best people you’ll ever meet, the festival, located in one of America’s oldest landscaped public parks, simply brings out the best Baltimore has to offer.

The Baltimore Magazine and IBMA award-winning Charm City Bluegrass Festival is back in Baltimore for its 6th year! Featuring the best in national and regional talent along with a day full of world-class music, food and drinks. We’re proud to welcome back many familiar vendors including Union Craft Brewing as our exclusive beer sponsor. Join us on Friday, April 27th, 2018 and Saturday, April 28, 2018 for another amazing weekend of music and festivities in Baltimore!

We’re going to have an awesome time Saturday, but we do need lay down some ground rules. The following items will not be allowed into the festival grounds: pets, fireworks, weapons of any kind, outside food or beverages, coolers, illegal drugs. You can bring in: two unopened water bottles per person, low back chairs (in sections where allowed), small snacks for kids and baby food. Re-entry is allowed for those 21 and over. Children under 10 will be admitted free, all others need tickets. The festival is rain or shine. Finally, please use common sense. If it seems like a bad idea, then don’t do it. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, who’s ready for some bluegrass?

Parking Info: Here’s the lowdown on parking. There will be parking on-site provided by the city for $10 per car.

Low back chairs will be allowed, but only in sections where permitted on the festival grounds.

Children under the age of 10 will be admitted to the event with no charge. Tickets are required for all attendees over the age of 10.

The festival is a rain or shine event,so if you already convinced to attend please click HEREfor ticket options and purchases. so now let’s dwell on the whereabouts and what hotels are nearby?

Wilson House Bed & Breakfast
Ad 4.5

3-star hotel
Refined lodging in a Victorian-era home
Inn at The Colonnade Baltimore – A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Ad 4.1

3-star hotel
Elegant option with American bistro
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel Indigo Baltimore Downtown

3-star hotel
Chic, literary-themed rooms & a bar
DEAL 25% less than usual
Motel 6 Baltimore City MD

Unpretentious motor inn with free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi
Biltmore Suites

2-star hotel
Quaint hotel in a Victorian home
Free Wi-Fi
Inn at The Colonnade Baltimore – A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

3-star hotel
Elegant option with American bistro
Free Wi-Fi
La Quinta Inn & Suites Baltimore Downtown

3-star hotel
Casual hotel with a gym & free breakfast
Baltimore Plaza Hotel

Unfussy lodging offering free breakfast
Hotel Brexton

3-star hotel
Upmarket hotel in a storied residence
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Embassy Suites by Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor

3-star hotel
Upscale hotel with free breakfast
Free breakfast
Hotel Revival Baltimore

3-star hotel
Upscale hotel with a restaurant/bar
Free Wi-Fi
Downtown Hotel

The Ivy Hotel

Luxe lodging with dining & a spa
Free breakfast
Crowne Plaza Baltimore Dwntn Inner Harbor
Radisson Hotel Baltimore Downtown-Inner Harbor

3-star hotel
Upscale option with a rooftop pool
Free breakfast
Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore Inner Harbor

4-star hotel
Plush lodging in a storied building
Lord Baltimore Hotel

Luxury Hotel
Upscale lodging in a historic building
SpringHill Suites by Marriott Baltimore Downtown/Inner Harbor

3-star hotel
All-suites hotel with free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Delta Hotels
Hotel · E Redwood St
Brookshire Suites Inner Harbor, BW Premier Collection

3-star hotel
Sleek all-suite hotel with a lobby bar
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 23% less than usual
Baltimore hotel
Hotel · 100 Hopkins Plaza
Holiday Inn Baltimore-Inner Harbor

3-star hotel

So now my dear friends here is the official Charm City Lineup for 2018. This is one hell of a lineup for this area, and I fully plan to bring the website out there one day in the future.

The Devil Makes Three
The Travelin’ Mccourys
The Steeldrivers
Jeff Austin Band
Billy Strings
Larry Keel Experience
Caleb Stine
Trout Steak Revival
The Special Consensus
Front Country
Lonely Heartstring Band
Circa Blue
The Honey Dewdrops
Country Current (U.S. Navy Bluegrass Band)
Mile Twelve
Mountain Ride
Haint Blue
Colebrook Road
The High And Wides
A Man About A Horse

Apr 202018

By Joshua Wallace


If you are looking for the perfect retro country throwback album that sounds like it could have either come from the 1960’s or the 2010’s, look no further than Joshua Hedley’s debut LP Mr. Jukebox.  I have known about Joshua Hedley for years and waited with anticipation for when he would finally release a full album of songs. This does not disappoint and it will put Mr. Hedley at the top of the traditional country music scene.  I’ve you haven’t been around east Nashville or heard of Joshua Hedley before, prepare to be blown away.

The first single from the album is the title track “Mr. Jukebox”.  It’s an ode to both the actual jukebox that you still find in proper dive bars and Waffle House establishments across the country and the bar bands who play all the classic country hits like they’re a jukebox.  It’s a catchy number that is sure to have heads nodding and toes tapping everywhere it is heard.

Another favorite track is “Weird Thought Thinker”.  It’s about traveling musicians and ramblers who are at home on the road and march to the beat of their own drum.  It’s another catchy track that pairs well with the previous “Mr. Jukebox.” I also dig “Let’s Take A Vacation” which looks to change the pace a bit with a ballad about falling in love all over again.  Finally, “Let Them Talk” is a great song about secret love affairs and the gossip they tend to brew.

I could literally talk about every track on the album, it is that good.  Before I go on though, I have to mention the amazing pedal steel talent of Eddie Lange all over this record.  He is just one of many great Nashville musicians spread throughout the album. Mr. Jukebox find’s itself as a forward thinking album that sounds like it came straight from the 1960’s.  You can hear the Ray Price and Ernest Tubb influence throughout the album. Joshua Hedley’s voice remains front and center even with all of the amazing musicians on the record. It’s a voice you want to highlight with his silky smooth vibrato.  This album will surely be high on my end of the year Top 50 albums list. Be sure you check out Mr. Jukebox which is released on Third Man Records on April 20th everywhere music is sold.


Favorite Tracks : Mr. Jukebox, Weird Thought Thinker, Let’s Take A Vacation, Don’t Waste Your Tears, Let Them Talk


Joshua Hedley – Mr. Jukebox (2018)


  1. Counting All My Tears
  2. Mr. Jukebox
  3. Weird Thought Thinker
  4. Let’s Take A Vacation
  5. If These Walls Could Talk
  6. I Never Shed A Tear For You
  7. This Time
  8. Don’t Waste Your Tears
  9. Let Them Talk
  10. When You Wish Upon A Star
Apr 202018

By Joshua Wallace


Charley Crockett is back with his fourth album following 2017’s Lil G.L.’s Honky Tonk Jubilee which consisted classic honky tonk covers.  Lonesome As A Shadow finds Crockett stepping out on his own and recording his own songs again with great skill and flexibility. While Lil G.L.’s Honky Tonk Jubilee was a pure country record, Lonesome As A Shadow finds Crockett playing with blues, soul, cajun and even rockabilly influences.  It should be no surprise that there is a strong Memphis influence as the album was even recorded at Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis.

One of the early pre-release tracks is a rockabilly inspired tune called “Lil’ Girl’s Name”.  This track is just one part of the melting pot of influences that make up this album. It fits within the context of an album that finds Charley exploring many sounds to find his own.  Another interesting track is “Goin’ Back To Texas” which has notes of Texas country music and cajun influences. I enjoy when an artist plays with different influences and does so successfully.

Another favorite is the slower tune “Help Me Georgia”.  This is almost a smooth jazzy tune with some smooth keyboard and sax work.  The title track “Lonesome As A Shadow” finds Crockett returning to a more country sound with some nice honky tonk piano work.  I find myself going back to this track more than others.

Lonesome As A Shadow is all about Crockett stepping out into his own sound and exploring what that sound is.  After doing an entire record of classic country covers, Crockett finds himself doing his own tunes with country, blues, soul, jazz and cajun influences.  While I enjoy an album that represents a melting pot of influences that is done well, I hope he can find his sound within this wide range of influences. Look for Lonesome As A Shadow out everywhere on April 20th.


Favorite Tracks : The Sky’d Become Teardrops, How Long Will I Last, Help Me Georgia, Lonesome As A Shadow, Lil Girl’s Name, Goin’ Back To Texas


Charley Crockett – Lonesome As A Shadow (2018)


  1. I Wanna Cry
  2. The Sky’d Become Teardrops
  3. Ain’t Gotta Worry Child
  4. How Long Will I Last
  5. If Not The Fool
  6. Help Me Georgia
  7. Lonesome As A Shadow
  8. Sad & Blue
  9. Lil’ Girl’s Name
  10. Oh So Shaky
  11. Goin’ Back To Texas
  12. Change Yo’ Mind
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