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Hey guys this week I am happy to bring you guys Mr. Jonathan Parker . He represents country music the way it should be, I enjoy it and I think you guys will to. Like always please like this page to ensure you never miss any upcoming interviews and please share this week’s interview to help spread JP’s music so others can hear it.

Round 1 – Being a traveling musciain I am sure you see and hear a lot while on tour, can you tell us about one of your favorite memories from the road?

JP – I find it hard to zero in on one memory. Honestly, I’ve been blessed to be able to meet and play shows with some cool cats and even a few heroes of mine. I look forward to doing more of that.

Round 2 – Do you come from a musical family or is music just something you grew to love doing?

JP – I actually do not come from a musical family. Meaning, no one in my family plays or writes music but me. Although, I totally credit my dad for my love for music. Traditional country music in particular.

Round 3 – How would you describe your perfect day?

JP – Man. My perfect day right now would be any day spent with my family. I have a wonderful wife and a first grader that’s a total miniature me. When I’m not on stage or recording, I try spend as much time with them as possible.

Round 4 – What are some of your upcoming goals and plans?

JP – My main goal at the time is to make another album and keep touring.

Round 5 – What are some of your favorite things/hobbies to do outside of the Music World?

JP – My favorite things to do outside of music are fishing, hunting, and spending time with my family. I also dabble in graphic design a bit.

Last Call – Open message to say anything you want to the your fans and the people reading this.

JP – First of all, I want to thank all my fans and all music lovers for giving folks like me a job. I’d also like to encourage all of my fans specifically, to show some love to one another. Maybe introduce this music to someone new. Take them to a show. Any show. Let’s try to encourage something that will unify us rather than create more negativity and evil. Shed some light!

Jonathan Parker

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