Don Williams Tribute Album Ushers In A New Future For The Pistol Annies.

Don Williams Tribute Album Ushers In A New Future For The Pistol Annies.

I must admit folks I am a little bit late on this subject, but I have a valid reason why. Upon further reading of my hypothesis and analysis of this subject, you will discover why I say that. You see on May 27th just a short time after Country Legend Don Williams announced his retirement, and one day before his 78th birthday the album aptly called “Gentle Giants: The Songs Of Don Williams” was released.

It was produced by longtime producer Mr. Garth Fundis who has been his producer since the 1978 album “Expressions”, and includes many artists from several genres. The album has eleven tracks and more than six songs feature a female singer on vocals, and proceeds from the sales of the album were donated to MusiCares program.

When producer Garth Fundis was contacted and asked to produce this album he quickly said YES, and additionally offered his personal collection of thousands of notes and facts from working with Don Williams all these years. I thought they did a wonderful job on this album, it was well produced and the proper songs were chosen to compliment one another.

Gentle Giants: The Songs of Don Williams track listing:

1. “Tulsa Time” – Pistol Annies
2. “I Believe in You” – Brandy Clark
3. “We’ve Got a Good Fire Goin'” – Lady Antebellum
4. “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend” – Dierks Bentley
5. “Amanda” – Chris Stapleton feat. Morgane Stapleton
6. “Till The Rivers All Run Dry” – Alison Krauss
7. “Love Is On A Roll” – John Prine feat. Roger Cook
8. “If I Needed You” – Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires
9. “Maggie’s Dream” – Trisha Yearwood
10. “Lord I Hope This Day is Good” – Keb’ Mo’
11. “Good Ole Boys Like Me” – Garth Brooks

So now that brings me to this juncture in my studies and my question, could this album and other occurrences usher in the triumphant return of the trio “The Pistol Annies”? The Pistol Annies made their debut on April 4rth 2011 on an awards show, and quickly rose to the forefront with their snarky lyrics and their gorgeous harmony vocals.

However in 2013, they cancelled their tour dates and went on temporary hiatus. In the past all three members (which consist of Angaleena Presley,Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert AKA Lonestar Annie, Hippie Annie and Holler Annie) have positively stated the band is NOT DONE and will continue in the future. And trust me folks we have been eagerly awaiting that return.

You know this band shared success in both the real Country scene and the pop country scene as Miranada Lambert recorded several pop country albums that were selectively enjoyed by real Country fans. But Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe both released some truly fine REAL Country albums, that have garnished much success. Their first album “Hell on Heels” surprisingly generated much radio airplay.

Miranda Lambert was recently on a radio show I listen to from Texas and she said “We’ve been texting a lot and just trying to figure everything out,” she explained. When we get in a room it’s magic and so we just have to find time in our schedules… to just get in a room for a couple of days and I’m sure more magic will happen,” she said.

Just recently in July of 2016 at a show that Miranda Lambert was playing she brought out the other two gals to perform their title track of their first album “Hell On Heels”. And they hadn’t performed in over a year, it doesn’t look it. I mean that magnetism is still present along with their girly yet bitchy ambiance they portray on stage. They aren’t playing games and they mean it, their lyrics reflect the WANT for a man but not the NEED for one.

If you ask me aside from Sunny Sweeney these three gals are the BEST songwriters in their genre, complete with some truly inventive hooks and lines. It’s not hard to understand and it’s subjects everyone can relate to, and their album sales proved just that. When “Hell On Heals” went to vinyl it went gonzo nuts in sales, garnishing A positive and promising future for them.

We also have the recently released Sophomore album “Wrangled” from Angaleena Presley that contains the song “Dreams Don’t Come True” that joins them in the studio once again, and to be honest it was almost as good as their first album. It sounded FANTASTIC, was completely well written and produced.

They are completely on good terms with each other, and I suspect the only reason they aren’t performing together is scheduling issues or legal contract reasons. If indeed it is legal reasons I would surmise it’s none of our business, and sometime soon we will indeed witness a third Pistol Annies album, and when they do you can damn sure bet I’ll be in on it.

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News On The Barnyard Stompers.

News On The Barnyard Stompers.

Hi everybody I recently stopped for a moment to talk to those Barnyard Stompers that road dog relentlessly through the United States playing their gritty Honky Tonk, Heavy Rock all rolled into one big show. Miss Megan Wise on drums also plays a guitar (DON’T as k me how), and Mr. Casey Miller plays guitar. Mr. Casey had this to tell me tonight:

Its the first record I’ve written for us, doing just what I wanted to do without anybody’s  expectations but ours,  and we’re really proud of it. We’re on the road indefinitely, and will hit most of the country this year. We did a video for Outlaws with Chainsaws Part II that Bob Wayne directed (I have included that below).

OK so with the cover photo and others that were recently shot with their weight loss and ONE HELL of a photographer Mr. Chris Couture who was kind enough to provide my website with his wonderful promo shots.


     We’re getting great feedback on our new album Outlaws With Chainsaws part II! A lot of hard work went into the record and we’re glad to share it with y’all. It is available at our shows as well as online/iTunes. If you know of a podcast/radio station/blogger that would like a copy, let us know!
Myrtle Beach bike week was a blast and Oklahoma was a great time too! We are so lucky to know so many cool folks we can spend our time with before and after the shows! We’re moving onward to the Southwest and West coast before we head to Sturgis!
We just approved our vinyl test pressing so we will have Outlaws With Chainsaws part II on vinyl next month! Casey has been waiting his whole life to hear his voice on an actual record! You can order the CD or vinyl HERE. Keep in touch with us on Facebook if ya can, we always have a lot going on from the road.
In honor of us losing a combined total of 80 pounds, we’ll be taking lots of new promo pictures this month. We’re over halfway to our goal and we appreciate everyone’s love and support in our journey! Thank God whiskey is still on the menu 😉
We can’t thank y’all enough for the support whether it’s coming to our shows, posting about us online, buying our merch, giving us fresh local food when we come to town, bringing drinks to the stage, or requesting our songs…YOU are what keeps us going and gives us a reason to drive town to town year after year!

See ya down the road,
Casey & Megan




In honor of us losing a combined total of 80 pounds, we’ll be taking lots of new promo pictures this month. We’re over halfway to our goal and we appreciate everyone’s love and support in our journey! Thank God whiskey is still on the menu 😉
We can’t thank y’all enough for the support whether it’s coming to our shows, posting about us online, buying our merch, giving us fresh local food when we come to town, bringing drinks to the stage, or requesting our songs…YOU are what keeps us going and gives us a reason to drive town to town year after year!
Pick your poison and listen to Barnyard Stompers on Spotify,iTunesAmazon, Take a look at our full schedule on Bandsintownor Reverbnation. Also check out the store on our website for all your Outlaw needs! We have shirts, hoodies, koozies, patches, handmade leather items, hats, baby bibs, and a 2 CD combo special!
Follow us on Instagram @Barnyardstomper, Facebook, Twitter, or Reverbnation for the latest news, videos, and stories from the road!







So now let’s talk about this new album called Outlaws With Chainsaws Part 2: The Payback. This album was a sequel to the 2013 album aptly called Outlaws With Chainsaws, and it has three songs that were re-cut and mastered, mixed, and played differently. Those songs were “Outlaws With Chainsaws”, “Corn Liquor” and “truck Drivin SOB”.

The song called “Roll On” was truly funny shit folks, this man gets invited to a pop country party and there’s a line in there about them taking selfies that made me spit out my coffee! You know basically this album is pretty much just an all out JAM, that needs no major analysis, but at the same time it does have hidden links to the first album. It’s not a bunch of complex hard to understand stuff, these two pretty much play straight up your ass Honky Tonk Redneck Rock music! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE elaborate acoustic songs, but sometimes I LOVE to rip off beer caps and tear into a few cold long necks with loud balls to the wall Barnyard Stompers music.

“California Kicker” was funny to me too, I don’t mind the punk rock guys either really, they DAMN WELL DO keep Johnny Cash and Hank alive! Many of the scenes involved with Roots Music have all been really nice to me in the past years,because they KNOW that I’m there to embellish their scene with my articles.

And dammit it wouldn’t be a Barnyard Stompers album without that hallowed saw, I mean that thing is family AND the law. If you love crazy horror laced Outlaw music then THIS BAND is right up your alley folks. Because they are truly gifted musicians and truly nice people, don’t be afraid to stop by and drop them a HELLO, and tell them I sent you.


1. Corn Liquor
2.Pay Back
3.Roll On
4.California Kicker
5.Bad Man
6. Devil On My Shoulder
7.Big Long Train
8.Saw Is The Law
9.Truck Drivin SOB
10. Pipe Hittin Daddy
11.Outlaws With Chainsaws Part 2

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2017 Music Festivals: The Great Blue Heron Music Festival.

2017 Music Festivals: The Great Blue Heron Music Festival.

Folks I already released another JULY Bluegrass festival on the east coast, not far from this one. This is the twenty sixth annual Great Blue Heron Music Festival in Western New York….Sherman N.Y. to be exact!  In 1992 Miss Julie Rockcastle’s father founded the festival and I found this little bit on their official website:

The Heron property has many water spigots that supply Health Department approved chlorinated drinking water. The Heron’s Merch Booth sells bottled water and ice. At The Heron’s Cafe in the Woods you can get water, coffee, soft drinks, pizza, baked goods & more. The festival midway offers an exotic variety of fresh-cooked fare & beverages. Southern Tier Brewery will be offering a selection of their award winning brews and Willow Creek Winery will be featuring their very popular Wine Slushies. Please stay hydrated and well nourished.

THIS IS A RULE NATIONWIDE THAT YOU CANNOT TRANSPORT YOUR OWN FIREWOOD FOLKS. As you know cover 175 nationwide festivals like this one. They ALL have that rule, and HERE are a few more small ones.

Attendees under the age of 18 must arrive with a parent or guardian.

• The drinking age is 21 in New York, please obey the law.

• NO PETS! Service animals MUST have paperwork with proof of what the animal is trained for and you may be asked to buy a wristband for the animal.

• Please, please, NO FIREWORKS. Go see them nearby in Mayville or Findley Lake.

• GLASS is not banned, but HIGHLY discouraged.

• FIREWOOD cannot be brought to the festival.

• The BEACH is only open when a guard is on duty.

• Going topless is allowed for male patrons only.

• Respect the peace & privacy of fellow campers.

• Leave the land as you found it, or better, because you were here.

Patrons or families with children under the age of 18

will be directed through Security Check-In at the gate. A parent or guardian will be asked to sign in & assume responsibility for all young people. This helps us facilitate “lost child” or “lost parent” situations or deal with inappropriate behavior.

The Heron community is friendly and cooperative, but since we have all age groups here, some camping areas are quieter than others! (See the camping details page).

How are emergences & first aid handled?

Familiarize yourself with the locations of the HQ Barn, Security Hole, & the First Aid Building, but know that anyone with a radio or golf cart can help you. Many volunteer crews have coverage around the clock, including security, first aid, HQ, & tickets. We also have professional security & first aid staff on-duty at all times. Radio communication links them all. We have good relations with law enforcement & fire department emergency services and can ask for assistance, if needed. HQ can call our on-site auto & towing serviceman for auto emergencies. Don’t hesitate to report problems and we will do our best to solve them!

Lost & Found People & Things:

The meeting place for lost children or lost parents is the First Aid Building. The HQ crew keeps a log of lost & found items. We recommend you don’t bring valuables to the festival or if you do, lock them in your car when not in use. Better safe than sorry!


Please, please no fireworks!!
They are dangerous to children, adults, tents, campers & our trees. There are local fireworks displays nearby in Mayville & Findley Lake NY.

No Pets – No Exceptions!

The owners of the Heron board their animals, you need to also! Google: kennels Chautauqua or Jamestown.

Please, no glass containers!!

We do not ban glass, but we hope that you will continue to reduce the glass you bring and especially what you leave for our recyclers to handle. It’s heavy, breakable & can cause injuries.

The festival ends Sunday evening when the music stops.

All patrons must be packed up before dark and ready to go home (it’s so sad, we know). Those that remain are crew chiefs, sound & tech support, and volunteers with schedules for Monday clean-up. Our security will be making sure all others leave. There are other local camping & lodging options here:

Also I have included a HUGE LIST of local area hotels and things below!


Best Western Plus Downtown Jamestown


3-star hotel
Modest hotel with free Internet & a pool
Free Wi-Fi

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Erie


3-star hotel
All-suites hotel with free WiFi & a pool
Free Wi-Fi

Cobblestone Inn & Suites

2-star hotel
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Americas Best Value Inn – Jamestown / West Ellicot

2-star hotel
Budget option with an outdoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Fairway Suites at Peek’n Peak

2-star hotel
Modern units on a ski/golf resort
Free Wi-Fi

Hotel Lenhart

Free breakfast

Pine Hill Cottages & Motel

Relaxed lakefront lodgings

The Spencer Hotel & Spa

3-star hotel
Elegant hotel with author-themed rooms
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Gleason Hotel


The Inn at the Peak

4-star hotel
Luxe resort with golf courses & a spa

Carey Cottage Inn


Peek’n Peak Resort

3-star hotel
Golf & ski lodging with modern rooms
Free Wi-Fi

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Jamestown

2-star hotel
Modern budget hotel with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 16% less than usual

Heather’s Inn


Comfort Inn Jamestown – Falconer

2-star hotel
Budget hotel with free WiFi & breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Findley Lake (I-86 Exit 4)

2-star hotel
Modern hotel with pool & free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Chautauqua Suites

2-star hotel
Relaxed hotel with a conference center
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Best Western Plus Downtown Jamestown

3-star hotel
Modest hotel with free Internet & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Lakeview Hotel


Webbs Resort

2-star hotel
Homey hotel with a lake-view restaurant
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Lily Dale Assembly: Leolyn Inn


Indoor Lodging 2 East St
Lodging at a hot spot for spiritualists

Red Carpet Inn

2-star hotel
Free Wi-Fi

As you can see here there is TONS TO DO for children and like many Bluegrass festivals this one is VERY family friendly.


Here is a video from last year to kind of show off the area and some of the folks involved in that scene up there. And after I print the lineup links I’ll post their 2017 video for you to see the acts next week!

Donna the Buffalo
Rusted Root
Jim Lauderdale
The Suitcase Junket
Sim Redmond Band
Big Mean Sound Machine
The Probables
Jim Donovan & Sun King Warriors
Urban Pioneers
Western Centuries
Funktional Flow
Cats On Holiday
Preach Freedom and Connect
Sunny Weather
Tiger Maple String Band
Mount Pleasant String Band
Laila Belle
Stewed Mulligan
Max Garcia Conover
Charlie Wheeler Band
Dirt Track Racing
Derek Davis Band
Bess Greenberg Music
Uncle Ben’s Remedy
Addison Moon
PA Line
The Bogarts Fan Page
Ken Hardley Music & the Moose Club
The Stan Barton Trio
John Merino
Buffalo Zydeco
Jeb & Tara
Glabicki & Miller
Ezekiel’s Wheel
Tyler Smilo


Click up there and get up there folks!

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2017 Music Festivals: The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival.

2017 Music Festivals: The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival.

It’s time once again to write my article about The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival 2017 in the gorgeous mountains of New York State. Now folks, this is one of the more larger festivals that I cover on my website. This festival has many sponsors and workshops involved, and it is an outdoor festival that consists of six stages. As most of you already know THIS WEBSITE HERE includes pretty much every piece of needed information to attend and enjoy over 175 festivals yearly from many different genres.

Bluegrass has and always will be one of my most prominent genres I write about and this festival is truly one of the better East Coast ones. This festival has a smaller lineup of many BIG names in the Bluegrass world, and although my physical presence has been weaker on the east coast to write articles about festivals there, I have always supported them by making these and sharing the information.

I’m going to include their stages descriptions directly from their website:

Grey Fox Stages & Venues

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
The High Meadow Stage presents a “Who’s Who of Bluegrass” from Thursday through Sunday at Grey Fox. A gently sloping outdoor amphitheater, the High Meadow Stage runs Thursday from 1pm to midnight; Friday and Saturday from 11am to after midnight; and Sunday from 10am to 3pm. Bring your own lawn chair, blanket or snubbers. Two large shade tents are also provided. Food vendors, beverages, artist merchandise and festival wear are available for sale. Lineup tba.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Possibly our most varied stage, begin your day in healthful yoga and meditation sessions, then be expertly led through invigorating square and contra dances by internationally acclaimed dance instructors, John Kirk and Trish Miller. Later the Catskill Stage presents some of your favorite main stage bands in concert, and finishes late each night with the best dance bands in the business. Bring your dancin’ shoes. You won’t want to sit still. And, oh! We kick of the festival here with an Open Mic Night for early campers and a bluegrass film on Wednesday night! Much fun!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
The  Creekside Stage is an intimate tented concert venue that begins each day with our popular Grey Fox Emerging Artist Showcase, followed by unique combinations of award-winning artists, and informative workshops in conjunction with the International Bluegrass Music Association and Berklee College of Music. You’ll want to check the schedule for everything that’s happening here. Folding chairs are provided under this 300+ person tent.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 

This venue offers a mix of hands-on workshops, mini-concerts, and Q&A sessions with bluegrass music’s top instructors and performers. Bring your instrument (and seating) and expect to learn a thing or two that just might take your playing and singing to the next level. Or just come and enjoy! Everyone at every level is welcome.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
If you’re a beginning player, this is the place for you. You’ll find beginning instrumental classes, vocal workshops, and slow jams which will definitely get you started! It’s all taught by patient, knowledgable mentors who’ll lead you through the basics. The Slow Jams are sessions with bluegrass favorites slowed down so that everyone can keep up. Jump in. This is the way to learn!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Grey Fox “kits” of all ages — from toddlers to teens — find a home away from home here at the Family Stage. Activities include tie dying, instrument making, nature crafts, yoga for kids, and more. Family concerts, dances, sing-alongs, storytelling, puppetry, ventriloquism, movies and more pack this venue all weekend long. And it’s here that Gary the Silent Clown (formerly with Ringling Brothers Circus) heads up the Grey Fox Clown College for 6th graders and up. All really fun. All really kid friendly.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Since 1999, Grey Fox has been teaching kids to play, sing and perform traditional bluegrass music for four days during the festival. Our program, which has served as a model for academies by other festivals, serves more than 100 kids aged 8 to 17 each summer. Click for complete program info and registration.


Sarah Jarosz

Billy Strings

The Infamous Stringdusters

Mark O’Connor

Molly Tuttle

Jerry Douglas

The Del McCoury Band

Jeff Austin

The Lil Smokies

Ricky Skaggs

Della Mae

Bill and the Belles

Bryan Sutton

Kruger Brothers

Della Mae

The Gibson Brothers

The Del McCoury Band

Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge

The Dry Branch Fire Squad

Steep Canyon Rangers

The Steeldrivers

Grateful Ball

Balsam Range


Lonely Heartstring Band

Trout Steak Revival

Dirty Kitchen

David Parmley

Bluegrass Workshop

Compton And Newberry

Lindsay Lou And The Flatbellys

Jordan Tice And Horse Country

The Mammals

Tricky Britches

Bill And The Belles

Mark Gamsjager And The Luster Kings

Mo Mojo

John Kirk And Trish Miller

Beg Steal Or Borrow

The meadows Brothers

The Grey Fox Way


As a camper, I agree to these guidelines:

  • My campsite will not be more than 20×25 feet. Allowances for RVs.
  • I will save NO MORE THAN TWO CAMPSITES besides my own up to noon Thursday. After that, I will welcome new folks to camp there.
  • Park vehicles perpendicular to the roads to conserve space.
  • Park all unnecessary vehicles in the Car Corral and earn raffle tickets.
  • Use only camp stoves or grills for cooking. Make no ground fires. Leave no fire unattended. Have fire extinguisher handy.
  • Use only local firewood purchased within 50 miles of Oak Hill.
  • No luminaries! Landing on a tent could start a fire.
  • Keep my campsite clean. Use trash and recycling barrels properly.
  • Leave no debris on the ground. This is a working farm!
  • Use no amplifiers. Play no loud recorded music at my campsite.
  • Be super quiet from 10pm to 7am if camped in Quiet Camping.
  • Drive only when necessary to reduce my impact on the land.
  • Be considerate of my fellow campers. Follow the Golden Rule.
  • Be patient and tolerant and even perform random acts of kindness.
  • If I have a legitimate concern for anyone’s health or safety, I will seek assistance from Security or Medical personnel.


  • No glass. Broken glass, barefoot children and hay farms just don’t mix.
  • No pets. Sorry, we do not allow pets at Grey Fox. Call ahead. Most kennels require up to date shots, so be sure to bring documentation and food with you.
    Al-Ann Grooming & Boarding, Catskill, NY  518-945-1087
    Bed & Chow Pet Lodge, 11289 Rt 9W, Coxsackie, NY  518-731-6859 (3 mi from Coxsackie Exit off I-87)
    Carriage House, East Durham, NY  518-634-7009 (very close to festival)
    Hannacroix Kennels, Hannacroix, NY  518-756-2391
    Mainstay Kennels, 461 Route 385, Catskill, NY  518-943-7900 (Very close to NYS Thruway exit 21)
    Oak Hill Groom and Board, Route 81, Oak Hill, NY  518-239-6051 (very close to the festival)
    Pet Express Inn at the Albany Airport  518-785-0575
    Siam Kennels, Windham, NY  518-734-3168
    Valkin Kennels, Route 9, Valatie, NY  518-758-6195 (7 miles from I-90 exit 12)
  • Use only locally purchased firewood!! Bringing in firewood from more than 50 miles away is strictly illegal in New York State. Moving firewood long distances can spread tree-killing pests like the emerald ash borer. Please purchase firewood in towns such as Greenville, Catskill, Cairo, Middleburgh or at The Milk Run on Rt 145 a mile from the site. To learn why using locally purchased firewood is so important, visit Don’
  • Use garbage and recycling bins as marked and please keep your campsite clean. Remember, we’re on a farm that produces hay for dairy cows to munch.
  • Dispose of anything that might make animals sick such as cigarette butts, instrument strings, plastic bags, paper, etc. Be sure your area is clean before leaving. Thank you.
  • Field dress all smoking materials. No butts on the ground.
  • Smoking is prohibited in concert areas. If you wish to smoke, move beyond the outside edge of the crowd. This applies to all performance tents and food service areas.


  • Seating in concert areas is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In the High Meadow concert area only, you may leave your chair in place all weekend. Bring your own chairs or blankets. If you leave the concert area for a while, it’s the ‘Grey Fox Way’ to share your chair/blanket until you return.
  • Do not block the view of others. See map for high chair, low chair and blanket sections. A high chair is one that a basketball can fit under.
  • Sunbrellas may be set up along the perimeter of the High Meadow seating area. Staff can direct you.
  • We provide two large shade tents in the High Meadow Concert Area. Bring your own chairs.
  • For handicapped attendees, a tent is provided. Staff will assist.
  • The Creekside Stage is tented, with about 300 chairs provided.
  • For all other performance areas, please provide your own seating.
  • Keep your area litter-free. When you leave, take trash & recycling with you.
  • Last but not least, during any performance, please refrain from talking. Others are trying to hear and enjoy the music.

We wish you a wonderful festival experience.

Copper Kettle Motel

Cozy lodging with a restaurant & a bar
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Winwood Inn

3-star hotel
Modest lodging with a Mexican restaurant
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Albergo Allegria Bed & Breakfast Hotel

4-star hotel
Homey B&B with a fireside lounge
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Hotel Vienna

4-star hotel
Mountainside lodge with free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
The Country Place Resort

3-star hotel
Casual all-inclusive resort & water park
Gavin’s Irish Country Inn

2-star hotel
Country inn with inclusive meals & shows
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
The Shamrock House

Baumann’s Brookside Resort

Laid-back rooms, plus a pool & lake
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Blackthorne Resort

Woodland retreat with an amusement park
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Ruby’s Hotel

Hotel · 3689 Co Rd 67
Artsy bistro with retro furnishings
Captain’s Inn Point Lookout

3-star hotel
Casual country lodging with dining
Free Wi-Fi
Greenville Arms 1889 Inn

Bed & Breakfast
Free breakfast
Evergreen at The Thompson House

Hotel · 20 NY-296
Windham Mountain Inn
Hotel · 139 Co Rd 12
Antique Rose Inn Windham

3-star hotel
Cuomo’s Cove

4-star hotel
Upscale suites with kitchens & hot tubs
Acra Manor Resort

4-star hotel
All-inclusive resort with sports
Free Wi-Fi
Windham Mountain Resort

Ski Resort · 19 Resort Dr
1,600 vertical ft. of skiing & 12 lifts
Free Wi-Fi
Christman’s Windham House

3-star hotel
Historic inn with golf & 2 bars
Sunny Hill Resort

Old-school lodging, golf & a pool
Free breakfast


Dancin’ Dave’s Festival Camping  is once again offering advanced camping accommodations for this festival. I have heard some truly great feedback from my “Spies” that go to some of the festivals I haven’t yet been to. This basically lets you pay a set price up front, and EVERYTHING IS SET UP AND READY upon arrival.

There’s NO NEED to have tent poles laying all over and strings everywhere, no instructions blowing in the wind or tent stakes to pound into the hard dirt. It might be a little more expensive but if convenience is your deal then THIS IS the package for you!

Advance Tickets Now Available:

Full Festival Advance: $215
Includes Camping 7am Wednesday thru 7pm Sunday

Day Tickets: $80
Thursday, Friday, or Saturday

Kids 12 and under, FREE with ticketed adult.
Senior Discount: $5 off day tickets at gate with ID.

Get Tickets Now

How to Transfer Grey Fox Tickets

  • LOG IN (upper right) to your account by clicking here, using your e-mail address and password.
  • Click “MY ACCOUNT” (on the upper left)
  • Click “Details” (center right)
  • Scroll to bottom in “TICKETS” section
  • Click on “Edit” (right side)
  • Change name of ticket holder and click “SAVE”
  • Click on “TICKETS” (top of page ticket icon)
  • Scroll and click “PRINT” (on right side)
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Heart Of Texas Roadshow Visits Nashville In July.

Heart Of Texas Roadshow Visits Nashville In July.


My friend Mr. Tracey Pitcox runs a truly fine organization out there in Brady Texas, called Heart Of Texas Records which is a label that features so many outstanding Country music artists I couldn’t possibly name them all on here. They also do the Heart Of Texas Music Festival which showcases the finest Traditional Country Music in the Texas local scene.

They also publish a darn fine Calendar every year, and many other fine things that embellish and benefit Country Music in their area. Many of his artists don’t always get out to my area as much as I’d like to see them, because let’s face it, I just cannot keep up with as many artists as I do. I cover so many genres and scenes that there is no possible way for me to cover them in person all the time, like they deserve.

On July 15th please join ME as I cover The Heart of Texas Roadshow at the Texas Troubador Theater
2416 Music Valley Drive
Nashville, TN

Guests: Darrell McCall Tony Booth,Landon Dodd, Mona McCall, Margie Singleton, Rance Norton and Bobby Lewis.

$ 15.00 Advance
$ 20.00 At the Door

You can stop HERE and buy tickets.

Mr. Darrell McCall has been recording Country Music for decades, he also was a disc jockey, and performed as a duo with Johnny Paycheck. He wrote Hank Williams Jr’s hit song “Eleven Roses in 1971 that became a number one hit for him. He has released eleven albums total, three of them for Heart Of Texas Records.

Mr. Tony Booth is a member of the Bakersfield Era of Country Music the likes of Buck Owens, and in fact did a lot of work with Buck Owens before the untimely death of Don Rich in 1972.  He was doing some trio work with Country Legends Mr. Curtis Potter and Mr. Darrell McCall before the death of Curtis Potter.

Landon Dodd hit my 2016 Top 50 of the year with his latest album “What Comes Natural To A Fool” because it had some truly fine steel guitar solos in it. He plays a lot of Texas Swing and two step Country.

Mona McCall s Darrell McCall’s wife and contributes a lot to his act, as well as her own music.

Margie Singleton had a duet hit in 1964 with Faron Young called “Keeping Up With The Joneses”. She originally signed to Starday Records in 1959 but in 1961 she switched over to Mercury and released her first album in 1962. She also originally recorded the Tom T Hall hit song “Harper Valley PTA” that Jeannie C Riley had more commercial success with.

Rance Norton put out one heck of a new album in 2017, and is one of the newer artists on this label. Watch for this young man and his band because they are growing fast.

Bobby Lewis is known as the man with lute, and is a member of the Grand Ole Opry. He is one of the many overlooked Legends of Country Music, and continues to record music today.

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New Music From Tyller Gummersall.

New Music From Tyller Gummersall.


Hey everybody it’s time to feature some NEW MUSIC from one of my Colorado friends, young Mr. Tyller Gummersall. This song was sent to me via email a few weeks ago, and dog gone it I have been SO insanely busy over here, it just took me a little while to get around to it.

However being involved in so many scenes and factions it is indeed my onus to let you all in on new music from old friends when it is presented to me. Whether it be any of the more mainstream traditional country acts that are within the upper echelon of the spectrum, or the younger and smaller local acts on the shorter end, I will certainly feature ALL of the music exactly the same.

Download or Stream Tyller’s new Up-Tempo, Uplifting tune “I’m Not Dead” on your favorite digital music service!

This song is the latest from Tyller that’s been produced by Grammy award winner Lloyd Maines. Their previous collaborations (Ty’s album Long Ride Home, singles Turned Around world and Love Me When I’m Down) have had much success:
– Over 120,000 Spotify/Pandora streams
– Positive reviews in Cowboys and Indians Magazine, American Cowboy, The Daily Country and more.
– Top 10 on the Texas Music Chart

He recently stopped by my email inbox and turned in some DARN FINE MUSIC wrote by him and Devon O’Day, a broadcaster at WSM (Nashville) and hit songwriter (recorded by Lee Ann Womack, Hank Williams Jr., Pam Tillis, Neal McCoy, Trace Adkins, and George Strait). The two met last fall while Gummersall was helping a friend deliver hay to O’Day’s place near Nashville. “The song puts to words the importance and emotion of the father-son relationship.” said Cowboys And Indians Magazine last month.

So you see folks this young man has been busy with his traditional REAL Country Music, and all of you festival dogs should be keeping an eye out for him because EVERY TIME the directors ask me for input he IS ON MY LIST. I’m out there foot soldiering for him and MANY other artists.

I like to drink a few beers and put his album on my player and write articles about other artists. When I’m in my Honky Tonk mood you can darn sure bet he’s on my rotation in the truck AND in the house here. I have LOTS of Colorado contacts in many genres and he’s one of them in this genre I love to hear play.

This picture is from his show I covered in Nashville at Two Old Hippies and you can read more about that show HERE. I went out and covered a BUNCH of shows that day, and he was one of them, man was I wore out after three shows in one day in Nashville.

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